4DAs Sports Day 2008

With trepidation, a hardy half dozen Dodgers set out for Chiswick to take part in the 4DAs 6-A-Side Cricket Tournament on Friday 5 September. Much to everyone's amazement it wasn't already tipping it down when we arrived at the ground. However, at 10:30 play still hadn't started, despite the 10am start time so our first game v Night Riders didn't start until gone 11:30.

Dodgers' batting line-up of Taylor, Hilary, Priest, Fox, Cooper (10*) and Matthews put on 54. I don't know anyone else's scores because apparently only the total runs were being recorded. Rumours that the Science Museum were in the scorer's hut were unfounded.

Given that Agricola also scored around 54 v Night Riders we thought that this was a pretty good score and set out to defend it. Unfortunately it was all over within 2.5 overs as Night Riders overhauled the target with ease, mainly due to some erratic no-balling by Mr Taylor. He was not totally disgraced though and didn't manage to break the 34 in one over conceded by Matt Leach at SPARTA Sports Day in the dim and distant past.

With our total surpassed the umpires decided that as it was raining that the match was complete enough. And that turned out to be the last action of the day. The Tournament was called off for good a couple of hours later.