Dodgers v Nomura

Barnes Common
Retire at 25

Dodgers 140 (Lee 29*, Dollin 26*, Radcliffe 21) beat Nomura 133 (Lowe 4-0-28-2, Cousins 4-0-12-1) by 7 runs

Match report by Neil Priest

"Good win for Dodgers last night against investment bankers Nomura. Dodgers posted 141 after some good batting from Dollin, Radcliffe and Lee (PS). Nomura ended up around 10 short after fine opening spells from Cousins and Paterson. Lowe chipped in with a couple of wickets and Lee (PS) and Cousins (R) bowled a tight last couple of overs to seal the win. Champagne moment came when Guy van der Westhead made a welcome return to the side with a direct hit run out from mid-on. WG Grace moments provided by the opposition Captain who refused to accept an LBW decision against him and carried on batting and later told the umpire he was "in" when run out by about a yard. Scorecard to follow idc."


Innings of Dodgers

Priest b Nishant 5
Dollin retired not out 26
Lee (RAIL) c wkt b Cousins M 2
Westhead b Relf 5
Radcliffe c Relf b Cousins M 21
Cooper R c Relf b Cousins M 4
Lee (PS) retired not out 29
Cousins S not out 9
Paterson not out 4
Sub-total 105
Extras 35
Total 140

FoW: 1-50, 2-55, 3-69, 4-73, 5-122


Relf 4-0-33-1
Anil 3-0-17-0
Rupam S 3-0-22-0
Nishant 4-0-22-1
Cousins M 4-0-24-3
Arun 1-0-6-0
Nicholas 1-0-8-0

Innings of Nomura

Arun run out (Westhead) 2
Nicholas A b Cousins 0
Shyam c Priest b Lowe 17
Relf retired not out 27
Spears c Matthews b Lowe 1
Nishant retired not out 26
Mark b Lee (PS) 4
Anil not out 22
Rupan run out (Paterson/Matthews) 14
Sub-total 113
Extras 23
Total 133


Paterson 4-0-27-0
Cousins S 4-0-12-1
Lowe 4-0-28-2
Cooper R 4-0-38-0
Lee (PS) 4-0-26-1

Note: Dodgers bowling figures adjusted from those
recorded in scorebook in order to make it balance


Peter Lee said…
But what was really impressive was the way you rose above it all, Neil