Player Profile - Pete Lee

Pete Lee JrPeter William Lee (no, not that one) was recruited for the 2009 Season and another product of the burgeoning Dodgers Youth Policy. Pete's swashbuckling techneeq saw him put together a few spectacular innings including a notable 40 not out down at Barnes Common early in the season. He scored over 200 runs at just over 20 and his safe hands took 5 catches in the field (second only to The Cat).

A man with a Facebook photo album called "Drinking" has to be admired but what's that strange yellow coloured liquid in Pete's glass in this photo? Apparently it is ale. However, Pete's true beer drinking preferences are really yet to be seen as he is normally the first to disappear after the match and never has any money!

When he's playing for Dodgers in his fifties he will be glad we finally decided to call him Lee (P Jr).

Batting 2010

M  I   R NO    Avg  HS  50 100 Ct St
8  8  64  2  10.67  26*  0   0  4  0


Anonymous said…
I think you'll find that's a light ale, Mr Cooper (J), and not a laaaaager. I'm an aley through and through (I can produce my CAMRA membership card on request!.

Lee (P Jr)
cerysmatic said…
As Mr McBarron would say "that looks far too golden!" (if you were drinking mild or an old ale this confusion wouldn't have arisen), but we're happy to have another CAMRA-card-carrying member on board.