Dodgers v English Heritage 27.05.10

Weather: Dry, sunny

Dodgers 108 for 3 (Cooper R 26*, Lee P Jr 26*) beat English Heritage 104 for 6 (Cousins 4-0-11-1) by 7 wickets

Man of the Match: Cooper R - 4, Cousins - 3, Lee P Jr - 1

Match report

At a sun-kissed Chiswick, Dodgers faced up to the task of demolishing a piece of our Heritage with unusual sang froid, encouraged by unprecedented good form and another strong line-up. Captain Carr lost the toss and was asked to take the field. Normally, this would be a cause for trepidation but with a bowling line up reminiscent of 2005 Ashes England for its consistency, strength in depth and lack of a decent spinner, the boys donned their baggy blues with confidence and headed out onto the sacred sward.

Their confidence initially looked misplaced as Cooper (R) served up a first over of total dross but both he and human metronome Cousins were soon into their groove. Frankham was snaffled by Lee (Minor) off Cooper, rapidly followed by unsuccessful dairy farmer Cowburn who lost patience with the nagging line and length from Cousins. The Cat plundered a fabulous run out and once Hilary had shown his turn of speed over one yard to snag Mozart’s rival Saleri, Heritage were virtually history at 41-4. A strong and ear-splitting showing by the middle order pushed the batting total towards respectability but late wickets from the unplayable Hilary and Cooper (J) pegged back the charge, with Lowe also excellent and unlucky to stay wicketless. 104 represented recovery of sorts but for a Dodgers batting side who had been dealing in 150+ totals, it always looked a bit short on a great wicket.

Dodgers kicked off the reply with extra helpings of P W Lee as two generations of that name accelerated towards a 25 run opening partnership. Then Lee (Snr) was adjudged caught from a chest high full toss and Radcliffe followed shortly afterwards. The good ship Dodgers appeared slightly adrift but, like the Ancient Mariner, skipper Carr arrived at the crease to place a firm hand on the tiller and turn his weather-beaten features toward the golden horizon of victory. A dogged 21 not out helped Lee (Jnr) to his 26 not out retirement and provided the base for some quality thrashing from Cooper (R). An unfortunate run out of Hilary kept the crowd on the edge of their seats but late biffage from Lowe ensured victory with a handful of balls (fnarr) to spare.

So yet another strong performance from Dodgers, comfortably dispatching a team who it had previously struggled to beat.

Innings of English Heritage

Cowburn    c Cooper R    b Cousins  19
Frankham   c Lee P Jr    b Cooper R  4
Hashmi     run out                   4
Saleri     c Hilary      b Cousins   9
Ireson     retired not out          26
Cromack    not out                  26
Gould      c Cooper R    b Hilary    5
Griffiths  c Hilary      b Cooper J  7
Sub-total                          100
Extras (1nb, 3lb)                    4
Total (for 6 wickets)              104

FoW: 1-23 (2), 2-24 (1), 3-32 (3), 4-41 (4), 5-80 (7)

DNB: Hindle, Memon, Smith

Bowling of Dodgers

Cooper R  4-0-27-1
Cousins   4-0-13-2
Lowe      4-0-22-0
Hilary    4-1-12-1
Cooper J  4-0-24-1

Innings of Dodgers

Lee P Sr   c ?       b Smith        14
Lee P Jr   retired not out          26
Radcliffe  c ?       b Hindle        1
Carr       not out                  21
Cooper R   retired not out          26
Hilary     run out                   6
Lowe       not out                   8
Sub-total                          102
Extras (5b, 1lb)                     6
Total (for 6 wickets)              108

FoW: 1-25 (1-14, 19:50)
2-26 (3-1, 19:56)
3-96 (6-6, 20:35)

DNB: Cooper J, Cousins, Matthews

Bowling of English Heritage

Memon     4-0-21-0
Smith     4-0-13-1
Hindle    4-1-9-2
Griffith  4-0-33-0
Gould     2.2-0-19-0
Saleri    1-0-7-0

Photo gallery

Dodgers v English Heritage 27 May 2010

Dodgers v English Heritage 27 May 2010

Dodgers v English Heritage 27 May 2010

Dodgers v English Heritage 27 May 2010

Dodgers v English Heritage 27 May 2010

Dodgers v English Heritage 27 May 2010

Dodgers v English Heritage 27 May 2010

Dodgers v English Heritage 27 May 2010

Dodgers v English Heritage 27 May 2010