Dodgers v Superstars 11.05.10

Weather: Overcast, cold then torrential rain

Superstars won the toss and elected to field

Dodgers 154 for 8 (Dollin 67, Lee P Sr 43) bt Superstars 136 (full bowling figures to follow; Lee P Sr took a hat-trick) by 18 runs

Man of the Match: Lee P Sr - 7, Dollin - 2

Match report

It was a very good win for Dodgers last night by 18 runs in the wind and rain at Chiswick. Inserted by Gigg, an immpromptu Dodgers batting order with Hatteea and Dollin opening looked to get off to a good start but there was an early setback when Hatteea was clean bowled whilst looking to get over-expansive. However, Dollin (who just gets better and better) hit a brilliant 67 and found strong support from Lee the Elder (43) and Lee The Younger (16).

In return, Superstars managed 136 for 9 and needed 18 off the last ball which was a dot having always been just behind the challenging run rate. The highlight was a cleaned bowled hat-trick (including Mountain for a golden duck) by Lee the Elder. McBarron clean bowled Gigg for 60 and Conway for 1. Other highlights were a good catch by Taylor to dismiss Gaught and a stupendous catch by Marr to get rid of Will Walker.

The torrential rain later on and general grey grimness of the weather failed to take the shine off another splendid Dodgers win.

Innings of Dodgers

Hatteea b Kumar 4
Dollin b Keates 67
Lee P Jr c ? b Conway 16
Lee P Sr run out (Crabtree) 43
Taylor b Keates 1
Marr b Keates 1
Hilary run out (Walker) 2
McBarron not out 2
Cousins lbw b Conway 0
Bennett not out 1
Sub-total 137
Extras 17
Total 154

Bowling of Superstars

Kumar 4-0-30-1
Keates 4-0-34-3
Conway 4-0-24-2
Mountain 4-0-17-0
Williams 4-0-44-0

Innings of Superstars

Gaught c Taylor b Cousins 7
Crabtree c sub b Hilary 22
Gigg b McBarron 60
Walker c Marr b Hilary 10
Abigail run out 2
Conway b McBarron 1
Kumar not out 15
Keates b Lee 0
Mountain b Lee 0
Williams b Lee 0
Davey not out 7
Sub-total 122
Extras 15
Total 137

FoW: 1-12 (1-7), 2-60 (2-22), 3-79, 4-87, 5-92, 6-126, 7-127, 8-127, 9-127

Bowling of Dodgers

Cousins 4-0-21-0
Bennett 4-0-19-0
Hilary 4-0-20-2
Hatteea 3-0-38-0
McBarron 4-0-27-2
Lee P Sr 1-0-5-3


jhilary said…
Who said the rain was torrential? It was no more than a passing summer shower...
mdollin said…
It was a passing summer shower- with hail