Dodgers v Superstars @ Chiswick 08.07.10

40 overs
No retirement rule

Dodgers 189 for 2 (Dollin 44, Hatteea 43*, Taylor 42, Lindsey 38*) beat Superstars 187 all out (Cooper J 8-0-46-4) by 8 wickets

Man of the Match: Cooper J - 7.5, Hatteea - 2.5, Cousins - 1

Dodgers lost the toss and were sent into the scorched earth of Chiswick. At the halfway point Superstars were cruising with no wickets down and a hundred runs on the board. However, a well-timed drinks break and the return of McBarron from the Pavilion End saw the demise of Conway thanks to the sharp reflexes of the standing-up Hatteea (in for the Cat behind the stumps). A fierce rising drive by Conway had previously been dropped by Cooper J at cover so it was a relief that this mistake was not too costly.

Change bowlers John Cooper and Rob Fox took up the challenge and it wasn't long until the next wicket fell. JC2 made amends for his earlier drop by neatly taking a low straight caught and bowled to get Gaught for 53. Then, after accidentally slinging one down the leg side to the incoming Crabtree, JC2 was surprised to see it dollied up to Simon Cousins at square leg. Walker at four proved to slightly more dangerous and was scoring freely when he fell to the old legside longhop trick by JC2 and was snagged by a marvellous deep mid-wicket boundary catch by the ever-reliable Radcliffe. Davey at five was then caught by Lindsey at point, again off JC2 and suddenly Superstars weren't looking so good at 148 for 4. Steve Meyler and the behelmeted Mountain were then both run out thanks to good work by Radcliffe and keeper Hatteea (the second one being a direct hit). JC2 was denied a five-for by a JC drop on the long-off boundary but returned a season best 8-0-46-4. Mike Taylor defended stoutly whilst Hughes was lbw to Fox (thank you Umpire Gaught) and a final run-out of Kumar by Hilary/McBarron sealed the deal and the old enemy was all out for 186. A remarkable fielding effort and some generous umpiring on wides meant that there were zero extras in the innings, which is probably the first time this has ever happened in a Dodgers game.

In reply, the in-form Taylor and Dollin opening partnership reply put on 95 before Mike D was neatly stumped for 44 as he charged and missed. Taylor followed soon after (caught Taylor) for 42 soon after but the foundations had been laid. Lindsey (38*) and Hatteea (43*) saw Dodgers home in style for a convincing victory with loads of time to spare.

Innings of Superstars

Gaught c & b Cooper J 53
Conway c Hatteea b McBarron 66
Crabtree c Cousins b Cooper J 0
Walker c Radcliffe b Cooper J 30
Davey c Lindsey b Cooper J 7
Meyler run out (DR/SH) 13
Mountain run out (SH) 0
Taylor not out 4
Hughes lbw b Fox 4
Kumar H run out (JH/McB) 6
Sub-total 186
Extras 0
Total (all out - 9 wkts) 186

FoW: 1-108 [2], 2-113 [3], 3-136 [1], 4-148 [5]
5-162 [4], 5-166 [7], 7-173 [6], 8-180 [9]
9-186 [10]

Note: Zero extras!

Bowling of Dodgers

Cousins 8-2-28-0
Hilary 8-1-37-0
Fox 6-0-40-1
Cooper J 8-0-46-4
McBarron 6.4-0-35-1

Innings of Dodgers

Taylor c Taylor b Hughes 42 (61m, 52b)
Dollin st Walker b Meyler 44 (71m, 54b)
Lindsey not out 38 (62m, 56b)
Hatteea not out 43 (48m, 30b)
Sub-total 167
Extras (13wd, 6b, 3lb) 22
Total 189

DNB: Radcliffe, McBarron, Carr, Fox, Hilary, Cousins, Cooper J

FoW: 1-95 [1-42, 18:00, 16.4 ovs]
2-104 [2-44, 18:10, 19.3 ovs]

Bowling of Superstars

Mountain 7-0-49-0
Kumar 6-0-41-0
Taylor 5.2-0-35-0
Hughes 8-2-18-1
Meyler 4-0-21-1
Conway 2-0-16-0