Dodgers v Superstars 11.05.11


Superstars 169 for 2 (Cousins 4-0-22-0, Cooper 4-0-38-1, McBarron 2-0-20-1) beat Dodgers 96 for 3 (Dollin 37, Taylor 14)

MoM: Dollin - 9, Bennett - 1, Fox - 1

Match Report

Dodgers winning ways were put to the severest of tests last night against a strong Superstars line-up in no mood for taking prisoners.

Dodgers started strongly with Gaught beaten three times in Cousins's first over, and Mr Bennett also getting excellent movement in the air but Dodgers fielding was not up to its recent high standard. Steve had two catches put down in two balls (Walker at Gully and Gaught a diving effort by the keeper that popped out as I hit the ground) and the outfielding was pushed and found wanting. Most hits to the deep led to an easy two and there were overthrows and other pleasantries offered to a grateful opposition.

Reprieved, the usually staid Gaught turned into the dancing axe man stepping down the track to Cousins, Cooper and Fox planting the ball down to long on with abandon off each. He survived a difficult inside edge chance (which put me off the stumping) to get a well deserved 50. Cooper had his man when Paul popped a catch to Fox at square leg (59). Will carried on as Will tends to do, pushing the ones into twos and helping himself to the odd boundary as neither Fox nor Smith could halt the flow. Phil beat the bat and induced an inside edge from Will (ct wicket and walked as Will is also want to do for a well made 69) but the Superstars middle order pushed the score total to an intimidating 169-2. Special mention to Matt Taylor who was a stand out in the field, and he certainly stood out with our fielding...

Any hopes of a serious challenge were heavily dented when Sandeep opened and bowled a maiden to Taylor. Judicious carving to the other opening bowler yielded 7 but another maiden from Sandeep (mainly back of a length unplayables) meant we were well behind the rate and as the other opening bowler [also some new and useful bloke if in traditional grumpy fast bowler mold] honed his length from always too short to just frequently too short the chance of victory was slipping away all the time. When Sandeep got one to hold its line to Matt (b 14) the rate was away in the zone when you start asking "where is Yuvraj Singh when you need him" territory.

Superstars were offering not a sniff, their short-of-off line protected by deep point and 3rd man, ensuring no boundaries, and Gundry replaced Sandeep for the usual gentle off-breaks of which he is so fond. Indications of team morale in the Dodgers dugout (bunker?) were clear when they stopped updating the scoreboard after 6 overs and though there was a slight flurry of boundaries off Superstar stalwart Mike Taylor, he got his revenge by bowling Radcliffe off an attempted pull to cow (b 13). Dollin fell in a belated attempt at the target (following a 4 tried another leg side heave and had my leg stump knocked back for the temerity - b Gundry 37) but it was too late to go for the win, and Neil and Phil didn't make the school boy error of trying J

Dodgers succumbed with a whimper not a bang to deserving winners, finishing up on 96-3.



Innings of Superstars
Gaught     c Fox     b Cooper J   59
Walker     c Dollin  b McBarron   63
Ratcliffe  not out                29
Thornton   not out                 7
Sub-total                        159
Extras (9W, 1LB)                  10
Total (for 2 wickets)            169
DNB: Davey, Gigg, Gundry, Coleman, Kumar, Taylor, Marchant
Cousins   4-0-22-0
Bennett   4-0-24-0
Cooper J  4-0-38-1
Smith     2-0-22-0
Fox       4-0-42-0
McBarron  2-0-20-1
Innings of Dodgers
Taylor              b Kumar S     14 (20m, 26b)
Dollin              b Gundry      37 (51m, 33b)
Radcliffe           b Taylor      12 (25m, 24b)
Priest     not out                 6 (15b)
McBarron   not out                13 (18b)
Sub-total                         82
Extras (2NB, 22W, 2B, 6LB)        14
Total (for 3 wickets)             96
DNB: Smith, Cousins, Fox, Cooper J, Bennett, Carr
FoW: 1-30 (1-14, 19:55, 6.4 ovs)
     2-65 (3-12, 20:20, 13.1 ovs)
     3-71 (2-37, 20:26, 14.4 ovs)
Kumar S   4-2-10-1
Coleman   4-0-19-0
Gundry    4-0-15-1
Taylor    4-1-25-1
Marchant  2-0-8-0
?         2-0-11-0

Dodgers v Superstars 11.05.11

Dodgers v Superstars 11.05.11