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Game tomorrow evening vs the Dodgers at South Park is very much on. Let's hope the weather is better than it has been today (forecast is reasonable)

We have 9 players and we probably won't get any more - just a possibility that one more talented Dodger may be able to play for us.

It is 20:20, start at 6PM, try to be there by 545pm. Some of us may aim for even earlier to have a practice on the outfield

The rough batting order for our 9 is as follows

Mc Barron

With the possible exception of Steve Bennett (for which I apologise I am unable to promote you higher up our batting order despite your recent allrounder potential shown) we are pretty much entirely a team of batsmen and a few of whom can bowl as well.

I am intending to ask Messrs Bennett and Beggs to open the bowling. At the death I will have Lowe and Mc Barron. We will have to fiddle through the middle overs with 2 overs from most of us. (David will probably only bowl 2 because he will be wicketkeeping for most of the time - I will take over the pads when he starts his spell)

Batsmen will need to retire at either 25 or 30 (I will be negotiating that with Dodgers captain Carr). But you can go in again if everyone else has batted.

The Dodgers side is as follows:

Lee Senior
Smith S

A few notes that might be useful:

Cousins is a very good opening bowler with a nagging line just outside off stump. He is not express quick but very difficult to get away. Probably best not to sacrifice too many of our wickets to him. 0-15 would represent a good outcome so try to get singles where you can. None
of the other Dodgers bowlers are anything particularly special. Fox is slowish but accurate, Lee Senior gets wickets but is eminently tonkable if you know what I mean.

On the batting front Priest is a high quality player - average of about 50 for Dodgers - but can be vulnerable early on. Lee is a fine striker of the ball and will hit it a long way if you serve it up too nicely too him. Can be vulnerable to a Yorker though. Mc Dollin - Aussie and likely to be one of the openers - has admitted himself to have made a career out of a legside hoik. Querishi can easily get bogged down with good line and length bowling.

Let's have fun. I will be bringing some beers for consumption before, during and after though we will also go to a pub at Parsons Green afterwards for those that can spare the time.

If you need to contact me urgently tomorrow best to ring on the mobile number below



jhilary said…
Hilarious! I love it! The unexpurgated view of the Dodgers attack force, as seen from the highest echelons of the civil service.