Dodgers v LSE 27.07.11

Mini match report by Mike Dollin:

Gentleman's agreement for LSE to bat 1st. They started fast but were gradually pegged back - about 100 for 5 at 20. No one let them get away after that and we restricted them to 183. Pick of the bowlers was Fox with 3 including a stunningly improbable caught and bowled. Also Taylor got a fantastic c and b smashing straight drive flicked off boot into hand. Chris Ford also bowled well claiming a wicket, a burst mouth (ret hurt) and an lb that was parlayed into a run out (direct hit Shimoga to end innings).

Dodgers reply stalled (me ct 1st slip 2, Lindsey b same ball as got Westhead last year 7, Taylor ct gully 3 off 30 odd balls, Abbas playing for us ct and b 8. We were 40-5 just like that and no hope but Ford and Carr put on 48 and when JC fell we needed 9.5 an over (an improvement). Ford got 56 off 56 but holed out at mid on going for the win, Cousins got out lb to a very useful ball, Fox played on off his pad to leave us about 50 short.

A cracking game and between Chris buying jugs and 1.99 for a pint at the Berry (beery?) all were quite merry.

LSE innings
Twigg     c Fox     b Cousins    6
Mikshu              b Cousins   10
K Patel             b Fox       32
R Patel         c & b Fox       26
Mitraj              b Fox        8
Harsh     c Taylor  b Taylor     9
Rohit               b Shimoga   22
Chandir             b Ford      34
Das       run out                5
Richard   not out                6
Total (8 wkts, 33.5 overs)     183
Dodgers bowling
Cousins  7-0-38-2
Shimoga  7-0-25-1
Fox      7-0-22-3
Taylor   7-1-48-1
Ford     5.5–0-26-1
Dodgers innings
Taylor      c ?        b Harsh       3
Dollin      c Das      b Chandir     2
Lindsey                b Harsh       7
Abbas              c & b Harsh       8
Shimoga     lbw        b Harsh      14
Carr        c Richard  b Mikshu     13
Ford        c Harsh    b Patel R    56
Fox                    b Patel K    19
Cousins     lbw        b Patel K     2
Matthews    not out                  1
Sub-total                          125
Extras                               7
Total (9 wkts, 32 overs)           132
FoW: 5, 16, 23, 23, 40, 78, 122, 128, 132
LSE bowling
Harsh     7-5-8-4
Chandir   5-2-11-1
Richard   6-0-22-0
Mikshu    6-0-31-1
Patel K   5-0-20-2
Patel R   3-0-25-1