Dodgers v RSSB Stingers 04.08.11

Hampstead Heath extension
T20 reduced to 16 overs
Wettish start, then brighter

Dodgers 123 for 2 (Ford 27no, Howe 26no, Priest 24) beat RSSB Stingers 65 for 9 (Hilary 4-1-12-4, Howe 3-0-6-2, Cousins 1-0-4-2) by 58 runs

MoM votes = Howe 3, Ford 2, Hilary 2, Priest 2

Match report: JH

After considerable rain during the day, many had felt that the pitch would be unplayable. Instead it was a pleasant evening in the sunshine, as Dodgers notched up a much needed win against a scratch Stingers side which featured no fewer than three members of the fairer sex (at least one of whom had never played before).

Dodgers batting first, Ford and Smith set about the bowling swiftly until Sean (who had just hit a glorious four to the long on boundary the previous ball) was skittled out by a good 'un. After taking 10 balls for his first run, Priest then began to help himself as first Ford and then Howe each lashed out to retire beyond the 25 mark. Sergei and Tawhid helped the total along to 123 for 2, which seemed it would be too great an ask for the comparatively under-strength Stingers side.

And so it proved. Cousins was cruelly denied his 100th Dodgers wicket by being taken off after just one over (in which he had already picked up 2 for 4). Hilary narrowly missed out on a 5-wicket haul, while Howe bowled tightly for his brace. Tawhid threatened with three overs of varied length, and it was left to Bennett to capture the final wicket. The Stingers had been bowled out well inside their 16 overs and a long way short of the target.

Dodgers innings
Ford          retd                      27
Smith                   b Zach           7
Priest                  b Dave Reed     24
Howe          retired not out           26
Westhead      not out                   13
Qureshi       not out                    1
Sub-total                               98
Extras                                  25
Total (2 wkts, 16 overs)               123
DNB: Cousins, Hilary, Bennett
RSSB bowling
Zach        4-0-25-1
Will        3-0-18-0
Dave Reed   3-0-24-1
William     1-0-10-0
Dave G      1-0-10-0
Ricardo     2-0-13-0
Layla       1-0-9-0
RSSB innings
Will S                   b Hilary       0
Zach          c Bennett  b Cousins      4
Anita                    b Cousins      0
Wayne                    b Hilary       7
Layla         c Smith    b Hilary       0
Will C        not out                  28
Ricardo                  b Hilary       4
Mishal        c Hilary   b Bennett      3
Dave G        c Priest   b Howe         0
Dave Reed                b Howe         0
Sub-total                              46
Extras                                 19
Total (9 wkts, 13.1 overs)             65
Dodgers bowling
Cousins     1-0-4-2
Hilary      4-1-12-4
Qureshi     3-0-19-0
Howe        3-0-6-2
Bennett     2.1-0-14-1