Dodgers v Science Museum 02.08.11

Barnes Common
Weather sunny, humid

Match report (such as it is) by John Hilary

Dodgers 105 for 9 (McBarron 30, Shimoga 21) lost to Science Museum 106 for 2 off 16.3 (Cousins 4-1-10-1) by 7 wickets

MoM votes = McB (9), Cousins (1)

A second Dodgers defeat to the Science Museum in the space of a week is not for dwelling over. We failed to register enough runs on a docile pitch with short boundaries; in fact, we did not lose a single ball in the bushes during the Dodgers innings, which must surely be a first for Barnes Common. Only McBarron pushed on as others stalled or departed around him. The Science Museum then proceeded to do what we should have done, hitting out boldly and scoring freely. Cousins and Shimoga were economical, the other bowlers not so much. We were beaten by a margin.

The only other noteworthy feature of the game was the presence of a vocal Green Woodpecker, whose laughing yaffle seemed to mock us from the trees. (For those unsure what this refers to, the yaffle can be heard here.)

Dodgers innings
Hatteea                b Phil         0
Priest      c wkt      b Phil        18
Lee Snr                b Herbert      9
Lindsey                b Herbert      3
McBarron           c & b Herbert     30
Shimoga                b Underwood   21
Hilary      c ?        b Rye          9
Fox                    b Rye          0
Cousins     not out                   3
Matthews    run out                   1
Sub-total                            84
Extras                               11
Total (9 wkts, 20 overs)            105
FoW: 8, 37, 40, 53, 63, 78, 87, 104, 105
Science Museum bowling
Van Halen   3-0-19-0
Phil        4-1-12-2
Axten       4-1-15-0
Herbert     3-0-11-3
Rye         3-0-14-2
Underwood   3-1-7-1
Science Museum innings
Batsman 1              b Cousins    ??
Batsman 2   not out                 ??
Batsman 3   c Priest   b Hilary     ??
Batsman 4              b Shimoga    ??
Batsman 5   not out                 ??
Total (3 wkts, 16.3 overs)         106
Dodgers bowling
Cousins     4-1-10-1
Shimoga     4-0-19-1
Hilary      4-0-32-1
Fox         2.3-0-20-0
McBarron    2-0-15-0