Dodgers vs Agricola 24.8.11


Agricola 108 for 6 (Taylor 4-0-26-2, Carr 4-0-18-1) beat Dodgers 88 all out (Taylor 25, Gigg 16)

MoM votes: Taylor 8, Carr 2.

Match Report by Matt Taylor

Some despondency hung over the Dodgers following recent defeats, but they competed strongly until the final third of this tie.

Losing the toss and taking to the field, Dodgers had only nine, but were soon boosted by a wandering Gigg.

Shimoga and Zaheer opened effectively despite bombastic batting from Agricola's opener/wicketkeeper/captain - restricting the oppo to five an over and taking a wicket apiece. NJ bowled the same as he heaved and Zaheer had his replacement, a dangerous saffer, caught by Taylor in the deep.

Carr and Taylor stepped in to the bowling breach.  The latter had batsmen caught at point by Fox from his first ball, lbw to his third and dropped by a diving Westhead off his fourth. Neil Benn and his Poisson Distribution breathed a sigh of relief.

Economical and backed up by good fielding, Fox and Carr stood out off the last ten as Dodgers restricted the oppo to 108. Five-and-a-bit an over. Straightforward, surely?

Sadly, it wasn't, as a steady stream of Dodgers couldn't adapt to the pitch and accurate bowling. Hatteea was caught at long on just as he was imposing himself, Dollin snicked to the chuntering keeper and Gigg chopped on after some choice strokes. Taylor was more adhesive but watched Westhead caught at mid-off and Zaheer, Shimoga and Fox bowled by Yorkers.

Even as Carr strode to the crease with 34 required off 4 overs, the Dodgers were in the game. But acceleration was beyond them. Carr nurdled but was caught, The Cat was beaten outside off stump, Taylor was dropped three times.

Dreams of 22 off the last over were quickly extinguished and your reporter was finally caught off the last ball, heaving to long off. A galling defeat - but a strong performance in the field gave the Dodgers hope for the season's last two fixtures, where the batting will surely come good.

The beer still tasted good, although senior members were seen drinking lager in a shocking break with orthodoxy.

Gaddafi was nowhere to be seen.


Agricola innings

Peters                 b Shimoga   23
Hussain     retired not out        25
Lamprecht   c Taylor   b Zaheer     5
Robson      c Fox      b Taylor     2
Eva         lbw        b Taylor     0
Roberts                b Carr       1
Hicks                  b Fox        2
Cottee      retd                   24
Norledge    not out                11
Johnson     not out                12
Sub-total                         105
Extras                              5
Total (6 wkts, 20 overs)          110

Dodgers bowling

Shimoga     4-0-21-1
Zaheer      4-0-23-1
Carr        4-0-15-1
Taylor      4-0-24-2
Fox         4-0-19-1

Dodgers innings

Hatteea    c Johnson   b Dugdale      9
Dollin     c Peters    b Dugdale      7
Gigg                   b Johnson     16
Westhead   c Johnson   b Lamprecht    2
Taylor             c & b Hussain     25
Shimoga                b Eva         13
Zaheer                 b Eva          0
Fox                    b Hussain      5
Carr               c & b Eva          2
Matthews   not out                    0
Sub-total                            79
Extras                                9
Total (9 wkts, 20 overs)             88

FoW: 14, 20, 34, 39, 53, 63, 74, 77

Agricola bowling

Dugdale     4-0-20-2
Johnson     4-0-17-1
Norledge    2-0-6-0
Lamprecht   2-0-9-1
Eva         4-0-17-3
Roberts     1-0-9-0
Hussain     3-0-8-1


Anonymous said…
Excellent report matt but I was caught at mid off rather than yorked on this particular occasion!
Anonymous said…
"Never let the truth get in the way of a good story".

Apologies, I will get our webmasters to amend, thus rendering this exchange puzzling to future readers.

Anonymous said…
"A diving Westhead". Surely some mistake. YMBTS
Anonymous said…
I'm glad my generosity at the boundary was left out =D

Matt said…
Yes, for posterity let Mohammad's over-zealous sportsmanship be noted. Possibly the only fielder I've ever seen chase and stop a ball 20 yards inside the boundary then signal four to the umpires.