Dodgers v RSSB Stingers 22.05.12

Hampstead Heath

Dodgers 126 for 0 (Dollin 26*, Marsh 26*, McBarron 25*) beat RSSB Stingers 88 for 8 (Shimoga 2 for 10, Hilary 2 for 13, Naidu 2 for 21) by 38 runs

MoM: Matthews 6, Dollin 3, Marsh 2

Match report: JH

Dodgers win again! Great batting from Mike Dollin and star signing Tom Marsh made light work of the Stingers attack until both retired with their 25s safely under their respective belts, leaving the field to McBarron and the OBE. The run rate dropped somewhat, but McB was swift to register his own 25 and leave the field to NJ, who rounded off the Dodgers innings with a couple of big hits to boundary.

The Stingers had a couple of promising batsmen, but Hassan and Naidu pinned them down throughout the first eight overs. Only one (the Antipodean who had reportedly played international indoor cricket) made it to retirement at 25, leaving Fox and Hilary a gentle bowl at some neophyte batsmen (and one batswoman). NJ and Captain Carr finished off neatly, but no report would be complete without due mention of the TWO stumpings bagged by the Cat. Matt Prior, beware!


Dodgers innings

Dollin        retd                        26
Marsh         retd                        26
McBarron      retd                        25
Westhead      not out                     11
Shimoga       not out                     24
Sub-total                                112
Extras                                    14
Total (0 wkts, 20 overs)                 126

dnb = Carr (c), Hassan, Hilary, Naidu, Fox, Matthews (wkt)

RSSB bowling

Will        4-0-26-0
Glen        4-1-5-0
Aiden       4-0-27-0
Aqeel       4-1-19-0
Griffin     2-0-21-0
Wayne       2-0-19-0

RSSB innings

Glen           retd                        27
Rob            b               Naidu        1
Tim            b               Naidu        2
Aiden          st Matthews     Fox         13
Michael        c Marsh         Hilary       1
Steve          b               Hilary       5
Aqeel          c Hilary        Shimoga      7
Migell         lbw             Shimoga      3
Will           st Matthews     Carr         8
Wayne          not out                      1
Dave           not out                      1
Sub-total                                  69
Extras                                     19
Total (8 wkts, 20 overs)                   88

Dodgers bowling

Hassan   4-0-15-0
Naidu    4-0-21-2
Hilary   4-0-13-2
Fox      4-0-14-1
Shimoga  2-0-10-2
Carr     2-0-6-1