Dodgers v DfE 14.06.12

T20 - Changed to 15 overs with 8 ball an over
Overcast, drizzle

Dodgers (51 all out) lost to DfE (52 no loss) by a full innings

MOM votes: Priest 4, Wahi 3 and Hilary 2

Match report: Mike Dollin

"Our season continues to implode" quoted from a senior Dodgers player (though am not sure anyone thanks them for being called senior).

A spate of comms traffic on the emails revealed a clear desire from Dodgers to back the weather forecasts and call off the game, saving our time if not our cash. However, this general desire was frustrated by the keenness of the oppo and NJ's more generally irrepressible desire to have a game. The oppo had 9 but were keen to play their first game of the season. TQ promised to fight off jet lag, NJ said he'd make it back from the 40 over game he had at Imber Court v Superstars, and he promised to bring Prem with him. The oppo got 9 and we got Sourabh, but that was the extent of our reinforcements.

Watching the small but well drilled DfE team do continuous knock downs from 5.30 till match start, Dodgers eventually mustered enough to bat first on a too-short-of-numbers-to-do-a-toss basis. The rain had started with us but this did not impact the DfE's opening bowler, who made me regret agreeing to 8 ball overs as he sent me packing with a peach that seamed off middle and clipped the top of off, 8th ball in. Spared me playing and missing another over. Pete Lee senior more judiciously left outside off to said bowler, and Neil got past some miscued shots that landed safe to get his head down and the innings seemed on safe if opening morning of the test levels of run scoring. But Pete tried to force the pace and could only miscue a drive to mid off. McB joined Priest and fell soon after having seen off the new ball pair - but then miscuing a depressingly simple catch this time to point off DfE's aged leggie. Neil played the shot of the innings, a straight drive past mid on, but fell to another tweak merchant - miscuing a pull from a rank leg side long hop to top edge in refreshingly hilarious fashion by 6 feet in the air and plop into the keeper's gloves. If anyone recalls the Peanuts cartoon where Charlie Brown tells Lucy to go out into the outfield to catch a monstrous fly ball he's going to give her for practice and she doesn't move despite all his promises, and he hits it and it plinks into her hand six feet away, you'll appreciate the shot. But as you probably don't then let's just say Sourabh had trouble to not laugh too much as Priesty departed (and he gave him his MoM vote so NP must be ok).

The other item of email banter during the day was about Dodgers lowest score, and at 28-4 with only 8 in attendance this chat looked scarily prescient. Sourabh played some classy shots but was thwarted by a heavy outfield and gave the ancient leggie another wicket as an attempted off smash was tickled to the keeper for a good low catch. JH was showing the steely determination that must serve the war on want so well with his continued march via the Rob Fox route to possible batsman of the season. He was supported by Captain Carr in an unusual "not last to the pitch" role, and whose stalwart defence yielded to ill judged adventure - bowled leg stump off an on drive against the more inexplicably successful slow bowler.

Which unleashed the Cat - in a rich seam of form - his swashbuckling innings against Kai Dragons a rare bright spot in that schemozzle. Well, he would have been unleashed if he hadn't been in the lav when Cap'n Carr departed. Analysis of mode of dismissal had also been on the email that afternoon, but Cat avoided being timed out by dint of neither Pete nor myself having a watch on us and the oppo not minding hugely as we had only tottered to 40 odd for 6 at this point.

But triumphantly returning to the crease he'd set alight scarce a week ago, he no more enjoyed this far stodgier version than anyone else, and after some edges for runs an expansive drive left the stumps' equilibrium disrupted.

Guy, last but never least, arrived in the unusual position of last man in, but with the usual intent and played the latest slow bowler (skipper Malleson) in the usual Westhead idiom - advances down the pitch most usually followed by immediate retreats into his ground to play a back footed sort of shot from more or less where he started. He fell lbw perplexed that where he'd finished (in this magnificent dance across the crease) wasn't where he was struck - bang in front of middle. This left steel haired JH stranded on an innings-best-equalling score of 11 - well played but still left hungry. Dodgers all out for 55 and avoiding our lowest score. Just.

One is never sure how a team will cope chasing a small total on a sticky pitch with a heavy outfield in the dark. In DfE's case, the answer was "easily". JH bowled well but without reward and getting enough tap to not impede the run rate, nor so much that it undid his work with the bat in the minds of the voters. Sourabh bowled the usual mix of too good leg breaks and four balls that accompany every leggie from Warne on down. His best over saw one of the DfE openers beaten 5 times in a row and ended with an overpitched 8th hoicked through mid wicket. Such is life.

Our best weapons fired and DfE careering to victory, Pete Lee tried to find the answer (and the pitch), and was spared too many wides as one suspected DfE preferred the extra runs to the averages. The fist pump at the end of the over was more related to relief than anything more usually associated with fist pumps.

With the Ireland game looming (they had their own date with humiliation) Sergei was given an over. But it only lasted a ball as an unprotected cow corner was pummelled for the winning runs - home by 8 wickets and only prevented from the better sounding ten wicket win by having 9 players.

Despite the drubbing, DfE were a more than amiable lot and we look forward to a bit of revenge in the return at Belair later in the season. Mind you, respectability would do.

Dodgers CC batting
                                                 R   B 4s 6s    SR
Dollin         Bowled          B: Prez           4   9  1  0  44.44
Priest         C: WK           B: Hoyale        11  22  1  0  50.00
Lee Sr.        C: ?            B: Dehal          0   8  0  0   0.00
McBarron       C: ?            B: Strickley      2   7  0  0  28.57
Wahi           C: WK           B: Strickley      7   6  1  0 116.67
Carr           Bowled          B: Hogle          2   8  0  0  25.00
Hilary                         Not out          11  13  1  0  84.62
Matthews       Bowled          B: Mali           4  11  0  0  36.36
Westhead       LBW             B: Mali           0   7  0  0   0.00
Sub total                                       41
Extras                                          10
Total          (8 wickets; 11.7 overs)          51 (4.29 runs per over)

DFE CC bowling
                  O  M   R  W     SR  Econ
Prez              3  1   5  1   5.00  1.67
Dehal             2  1   7  1   7.00  3.50
Strickley         2  0  11  2   5.50  5.50
Hoyce             2  0  10  2   5.00  5.00
Mali            1.7  0   8  2   4.00  4.27
Hood              1  0   7  0   0.00  7.00      

DFE CC batting
                                                 R   B 4s 6s     SR
Hood                           Not out          28
Hubbard                        Not out          15          
Sub total                                       43
Extras                                           9
Total          (0 wickets; 9.1 overs)           52 (5.55 runs per over)

Dodgers CC bowling
                  O  M   R  W     SR  Econ
Hilary            4  0  15  0   0.00  3.75
Wahi              4  0  19  0   0.00  4.75
Lee Sr.           1  0   7  0   0.00  7.00
Westhead        0.1  0   4  0   0.00 32.00