Dodgers v KAI Dragons 31.05.12

Cloudy but bright

Dodgers 101 for 7 (Marsh 25*, Matthews 13*) lost to KAI Dragons 148 for 2 by 47 runs

MoM votes = Marsh 6, Matthews 5

Match report: JH

The season's second defeat came hot on the heels of the first, and in even more comprehensive fashion. Having been put in to bat, the Dragons set about the Dodgers bowling with murderous intent from the start, smacking anything wide to the boundary and taking singles off every other delivery. Worse still was their contemptuous habit of regularly running two when the ball went straight to a Dodgers fielder - and not just those in the deep. This was an object lesson in how to set a competitive total from the outset, and even if a couple of plumb LBW calls had gone our way, it would have done little to stem the flow of runs.

The Dodgers response was strangled at birth, largely due to the exceptional bowling of the Dragons opener Kotecha (4-2-13-6). New blood Dawes showed exemplary sportsmanship by walking to a fine edge, while TQ stood immobile in disbelief at being bowled off his own box. McB and Prem came and went, leaving Marsh, Gray and Hilary to restore some Dodgers pride with a bout of hard hitting. The best was left til last, however, as the Cat posted an unbeaten 13 to close out our innings in style, if not in victory.


KAI Dragons innings

Mayo            retd                     28
Whitehead       retd                     26
Jones           b           Hilary       13
Johal           retd                     26
Sampat          retd                     25
Collis          not out                   6
Hilson          b           Shimoga       7
Kotecha         not out                   0
Sub-total                               131
Extras                                   17
Total (2 wkts, 20 overs)                148

Dodgers bowling

Gray         4-0-20-0
Naidu        4-0-40-0
Marsh        4-0-28-0
Hilary       4-0-26-1
Shimoga      4-0-22-1

Dodgers innings

Dawes          c          Kotecha         2
Dollin         c          Hill           12
Qureshi        b          Kotecha         1
McBarron       c          Kotecha         0
Shimoga        b          Kotecha         9
Marsh          retd                      25
Gray           b          Kotecha        12
Hilary         not out                   16
Naidu          lbw        Kotecha         0
Matthews (w)   not out                   13
Sub-total                                90
Extras                                   11
Total (7 wkts, 20 overs)                101

dnb = Carr (c)

English Heritage bowling

Kotecha        4-2-13-6
Darmi          3-0-18-0
Hill           4-0-23-1
Hilton         4-0-21-0
Southworth     3-0-10-0
Collis         2-0-7-0


Doylee said…
Well done Cat!