Minutes of Committee Meeting held 25 April 2013


Those Present

Guy Westhead (Chair), Neil Priest (Secretary), Ralph Palmer (Finance), John Carr (Team Captain), Sacha Hatteea (Committee member without specific portfolio), Mike Dollin (Fixtures Secretary).


1. Ralph noted that there was £178 cash at hand in bank. With monies owed for pitches (including £200 to South Park) we would be approx £100 in deficit but monies should flow in from matches soon. Timing of refund to Mike Dollin for monies owed would need to wait until sufficient cash was available. Mike Dollin had already received a cheque to repay him for trophies and Ralph Palmer had similarly received one in respect of pitches booked.

2. It was noted that so far only 11 players had signed up for membership for the 2013 season and paid their £20 for the privilege of being a member. It was agreed that any player playing at least 3 fixtures in the 2013 season would need to sign up as a member. It was further agreed (AP1) that Guy W would email all individuals who were on the Dodgers emailing list and ask them if they want to be members this year and if so to please pay their subscription. It would be important to include Rob Cooper who had indicated an interest to play again for Dodgers this year although he was likely to be unavailable for the first few matches. It was noted that the Priest family had paid £20 for Sian’s membership even though it was unlikely she would turn out for Dodgers. Dodgers were duly grateful for this magnanimous gesture.

3. Phil McBarron had collected monies at the first fixture of the season (Buckhurst Hill) and these would need to be paid to Ralph – AP2: Ralph to get in touch with Phil and remind him.

4. Mike Dollin/Ralph noted that there was a cheque from Energy Exiles in respect of a fixture last season that couldn’t now be paid in to the bank because the cheque was more than 6 months old. Mike Dollin would be in contact with Energy Exiles to request a new cheque (AP3).

5. Finance would be reviewed at the mid-season Committee meeting in July.


6. Mike Dollin was complimented again by Committee members for the good balance of fixtures for the 2013 season (available to read in full on Dodgers’ website). A fixture with Blue Marlands had been added for 19 June which meant there was now no week in the core season without at least one fixture.

7. There was further discussion – to add to the recent one at the last AGM – about the cost of pitches. Mike Dollin would begin to explore the options for relatively cheaper pitches for 2014. Without cheaper pitches cost to members of where we play currently is likely to need to increase and we would seek to avoid that if we possibly could (given austerity impacts etc).

8. It was noted that there would be an on-going need for drivers to move equipment from one match venue to another between games now that, in particular, Dodgers would no longer be using the lockers at Chiswick given their exorbitant cost. Phil Mc Barron and Guy Westhead were two members who had transported equipment regularly in the past few seasons but we should look for others to contribute in this way too.


9. Now that the equipment had been recovered from Kim’s garage it was felt that there was sufficient equipment for the 2013 season, at least for initial stages. Sacha had sourced some good but cheap cricket balls at £5 each. We will review the position on equipment in July.


10. Trophies had been engraved re 2012 season and presented to winners at Buckhurst Hill fixture.

Outstanding Action Points:

- Guy re purchasing a KM memorial trophy;
- PM/MT/JC2/NJ – re earlier offers to update player profiles
- JC2/MT/JG/NS – re accessing electronic application scorecard

Next meeting

11. Chairman proposed a mid-season meeting in the first half of July followed by an end of season meeting in September and with a view to ensuring that the 2013 AGM happens within the calendar year rather than delayed as for 2012. This was agreed.


12. The meeting ended at 7pm. Secretary/Chair will be in touch re the timing of the next meeting in July.