Dodgers vs. Kensington Wanderers, 27.05.15

20 Overs

Dodgers 132-3 (Taylor 36*, Dollin 25*, Vijay 25*) beat Kensington Wanderers 107 all out (Vijay 5 wickets, JH 2 wickets)

Scorecard with opposition.
Match report: Matt Taylor
MoM: Vijay 6, Taylor 1

Dodgers with seven men triumphed against the odds for a second time in just over a week.

Playing on the difficult far pitch at Chiswick, Dodgers batted first. Wanderers' rapid opener bowled a series of Jaffas and it looked like it was going to be a short and painful night.

But Dollin and Taylor saw it through to halfway and both retired with 25. With 43 from the first ten, IPL it was not. And when Westhead had fallen first ball and the opener uprooted McBarron's stumps, things looked dicey. But with pace came edges and boundaries, notably when Vijay smashed a full toss for six.

A series of wides, no-balls and some good batting later, the score started to rack up and when Vijay retired, Taylor got another go, Dodgers reaching an unlikely 132.

Suddenly a defendable total, albeit with seven fielders and two kindly loaned from the oppo.

Vijay proved his worth early with wickets and few runs in his first two. Hilary bowled five straight overs and picked up two wickets, with McB and Taylor keeping things tight too. But it was Vijay's second spell that did for the Wanderers, as he notched up a 5-wicket haul in the gloaming. Dodgers won with room to spare against a thoroughly decent opposition, who overlooked our shortage of players most graciously.