2015 Results

2015 Fixtures and Results

PLAYED 18, WON 12, TIED 0 and LOST 6


26 SUN Away Afternoon vs Buckhurst Hill @Buckhurst Hill 2:00PM - WON


5 TUE Home Twenty20 vs MOJ @Belair 6:00PM - WON
17 SUN Home Afternoon vs Green Sox @Chiswick 2:00PM - LOST
21 THU Home Twenty20 vs OSD@Abbey 6:00PM - WON
27 WED Home Twenty20 vs Kensington Wanderers @Chiswick 6:00PM- WON


3 WED Away Afternoon vs LSE @Berrylands 2:00PM - CANCELLED
9 TUE Away Twenty20 vs Carib @Greenwich Park 6:00PM - WON
11 THU Away Afternoon Twenty20 Tournament @Caterham 2:00PM - CANCELLED
14 SUN Away Afternoon vs Roehampton @Roehampton 2:00PM - LOST
16 TUE Away Twenty20 vs Kai Dragons @Chiswick 6:00PM - LOST
25 THU Home Twenty20 vs Morey's Maruaders @Chiswick 6:00PM - WON


2 THU Away Twenty20 vs SBCC @Turney Road 6:00PM - WON
8 WED Away Twenty20 vs OSD @Abbey Rec 6:00PM - LOST
12 SUN Home Afternoon vs Blue Marlins @Imber court 2:00PM - LOST
15 WED Away Afternoon vs OSD @Imber Court 2:00PM - CANCELLED
16 THU Home Twenty20 vs Sergi Westhead XI @Chiswick 6:00PM - WON
20 MON Away Twenty20 vs Green sox @Belair park 6:00PM - WON
23 THU Away Twenty20 vs LT Dinos @Chiswick 6:00PM - WON
29 WED Away Twenty20 vs Nomura @Belair park 6:00PM - WON


6 TUE Home Twenty20 vs OSD @Chiswick 6:00PM - CANCELLED
10 MON Away Twenty20 vs ATOC @Regents Park 6:00PM - LOST
18 TUE Away Twenty20 vs Tilberg @Belair 6:00PM - WON
30 SUN Away Afternoon vs Buckhurst Hill @Buckhurst Hill 2:00PM - WON


6 SUN Away Afternoon vs Bengal Troopers @TBC 2:00PM - CANCELLED