Fixtures and Results 2016

Played 18, Won 6 and Lost 12


24th SUN Away Afternoon vs Buckhurst Hill @BH high ground 2pm start CANCELLED


3 TUE Home T20 vs TfL Pirates @Chiswick 6pm start CANCELLED
9 MON Away T20 vs Ad Hoc @Regents park 6pm start CANCELLED
17 TUE Home T20 vs MOJ @Chiswick 6pm start LOST
25 WED Home T20 vs OSD @Chiswick 6pm start WON
29 SUN Away Afternoon vs Marauders @TBC 2pm start WON
31 TUE away T20 vs South Bank @Turney Rd 6pm start CANCELLED


7 TUE Away T20 vs Kai Dragons @Chiswick 6pm start LOST
14 TUE Home T20 vs English Heritage @Chiswick 6pm start CANCELLED
23 THU Home T20 vs National Archives @Chiswick 6pm start CANCELLED
28 TUE Home T20 vs OSD @TBC 6pm start CANCELLED


7 THU Home T20 vs Kensington Wanderers @Chiswick 6pm start WON
10 SUN Away Afternoon vs Green Sox @Belair 2pm start WON
14 THU Away T20 vs HMT @Chiswick 6pm start LOST
19 TUE Away T20 vs Carib Beer XI @Greenwich 6pm start WON
20 WED Away T20 vs Marauders @Earls field 6pm start LOST
25 MON TBC T20 vs RSSB Stingers @Chiswick available 6pm start LOST


5 FRI Away Afternoon vs OSD and Dodgers Legends match @Chiswick 2pm start LOST
7 SUN away Afternoon vs Roehampton @Roehampton 2pm start LOST
9 TUE Away T20 vs LT dinos @Chiswick 6pm start LOST
18 THU Home T20 vs Marauders @Chiswick 6pm start LOST
24 WED Away T20 vs Tilberg Regents @TBC 6pm start LOST
28 SUN Away Afternoon vs Buckhurst Hill @TBC 2pm start LOST


1 THU Away Afternoon vs OSD @TBC 2pm start WON