Dodgers v Superstars @ Abbey Rec 31 August 2017

Our stunning victory by 135 runs over Superstars yesterday (captured live on Twitter) means that Dodgers have won the Ken Block Trophy once again.

Highlights from our innings were a powerful half century (ret'd) for Jatinder, excellent knocks from James Arnold (opening with NJ) and Dan Malins, and some bold hitting from Khalid.

Up the Dodgers!

- micro-match report by John Hilary (more to follow no doubt) [now we just need to find the Ken Block Trophy itself. Ed.]

Superstars innings
Gaught    c Dollin  b Adbol    2
Bishop              b Hilary   0
Conway    c Duncan  b Hilary   0
Anand     run out (Malins)     1
Gigg      c Malins  b Adbol    4
Player              b Adbol    2
Duggan    not out             18
Singh               b Harris   1
Forman    c Duncan  b Palmer  11
Varghese  c & b       Palmer   8
Konrad    c Dollin  b Palmer   6
Extras                         4
TOTAL                         57
Dodgers bowling
Milind Adbol   7-4-5-3
John Hilary    7-4-5-2
James Duncan   6-1-7-0
Khalid Harris  5-2-9-1
John Carr      3-0-14-0
Ralph Palmer   3-0-15-3