Dodgers v Green Sox, 22 July 2021

A mixed Dodgers and South Bank team (aka Dodgers Bank) assembled at Turney Road to face the Green Sox on a lovely July evening, the heatwave having abated somewhat. Green Sox won the toss and elected to bat on what looked a decent track.

The Dodgers bowling attack of Theo and Sohail opened strongly, the former proving particularly economical (4-0-13-1). The pitch actually proved more of a challenge than it had appeared, with full-length balls rearing up suddenly and flying over the batsmen's shoulders. Sachin (4-0-22-3) came on as first change with Tushar (4-0-14-0), both keeping up the pressure nicely, and we were soon clocking up the wickets. John and Ralph each contributed a couple of overs, so that at the end of their 20 the Green Sox had made 117 for 5. Credit to Dan for some fine keeping behind the stumps, and to Sachin for some excellent diving stops at square leg. 

The Dodgers response got off to a brisk start, although Sachin was unlucky to be caught at long on early in his innings. Mike and Jatinder found the pitch to their liking, with Mike in particular taking advantage of the short third-man boundary to put away his favourite late cut time and again - despite there eventually being seven fielders behind square on the off side trying to frustrate him! Once both had retired on 25*, they were replaced by Simon and Damian, but sadly neither managed to find any rhythm and the scoring rate began to stall. Dan and Theo hit out nicely, the former registering a wonderful straight six over the bowler's head, but by this time we were well behind the curve. A flurry of boundaries in the 18th over swung the victory predictor back in our favour, but a series of dot balls followed to seal our fate. We lost by three runs in what was an exciting game played in the best of spirits, with honours (almost) even.

Man of the Match votes: Sachin 4, Dan 2, Jatinder 2, Tushar 1, Mike 1, Theo 1


Dodgers may have lost, but we still look wonderful