Dodgers v Marauders, 23 June 2022

Slightly later than planned and two down as a result of industrial action on the railways, a brave Dodgers IX took to the field against a strong-looking Marauders in hope of revenge for our defeat at their hands earlier in the season. In view of our lack of players at kick-off time, we batted first.

Mike Mc was unlucky to fall LBW on his first ball, but Christian and Diago were soon finding the boundary on a fast outfield, as well as running excellently between the wickets. Both retired swiftly for 25*, as did Mike, Jack and Niket after them, each one displaying a range of cracking shots. We ended with the grand total of 171 off our 20 overs but were in no way complacent, knowing that we had lost to the Marauders from such positions in the past.

The Dodgers bowling attack proved just as good as our batting, however. Jack and Christian opened strongly but the champagne moment came when Charlie, keeping wicket, flung himself to his left to retrieve a leg bye, pirouetted on one knee and three down the stumps with his gloves still on, thus claiming the first Marauders wicket (and a Malins to boot). Repeating their earlier performance for Dodgers, the Patel brothers Niket and Savan came on as first change and bowled excellently, keeping the run rate down and taking three wickets between them before Diago arrived as our fifth bowler to put the game beyond the opposition's reach. Committed fielding in the deep helped our cause and we ended victorious by almost 50 runs, extending the Dodgers winning streak to four in a row. Transport problems melted into a distant memory in what was a very pleasant celebration of midsummer.

Man of the Match votes: Christian 3, Niket 3, Diago 1, Jack 1, Mike D 1

A selection of Dodgers at the half way mark

The excellent Patel brothers