Dodgers v LT Dinos, 2 May 2023

In a Dodgers first, this match report has been contributed by an artificial intelligence chatbot, with help from Charlie Smulian, who instructed it to write up the game in Shakespearean iambic pentameters. Suffice it to say that the bard is not in danger of being upstaged as yet.

In fair Chiswick, where sun meets the cold,

Dodgers and Dinos, two teams so bold,

Take to the pitch to play a match of cricket,

With a victory sought, no one will quit it.

LT Dinos, with toss on their side,

Chose to bat and gave it a ride,

But Dodgers, with their excellent bowling,

Left Dinos with a score not so glowing.

66 for 8 in just 18 overs,

Not a score to cherish or to cover,

Baron's 15 runs was the best they could do,

As Charlie's bowling cut through them like dew.

Neil, with two catches, was the star,

Matt and Mike D, run out, didn't go far,

Charlie's 2 wickets for 2 runs,

Left Dinos with a score that wasn't much fun.

Dodgers, with a target of 67 to chase,

Started their innings at a steady pace,

But Bricknell's bowling, it was so great,

Took 3 wickets for only 10 runs to elate.

The middle order wobbled, in some strife,

But JT and Charlie held on for their life,

Neil's 25 not out from 24 balls, with 3 sixes,

Made Dodgers victorious, with no glitches.

Dodgers won by 6 wickets, what a sight,

On a sunny, cold evening, they won the fight,

Dinos' batting, it didn't quite gel,

Dodgers' bowling, it rang like a bell.


Photo courtesy of Matt Stockbridge