Dodgers v Fleet Street Strollers, 22 June 2023

Sometimes the fates are merciful. Dodgers faced a new opposition in the Fleet Street Strollers, who had brought along a team that turned out to be of a significantly higher standard than we are used to. Suffice it to say that, in the ten overs that we managed to play before a heavy summer downpour spared us further embarrassment, they had already notched up well over 100 runs. Charlie bowled their opening bat off his third ball, Mike Mc took a good catch on the long-off boundary and our first change bowlers, Matt and Gary, staunched the flow of runs somewhat, but it was still a drubbing. The match was abandoned after a quarter of an hour's rain had made the surface unplayable, and we retired to the pavilion to count our blessings.


Soggy Dodgers sheltering from the rain...