Dodgers v Green Sox, 18 July 2023

There are performances which are worth savouring and there are those over which it is better to draw a discreet veil. This evening's v Green Sox was definitely one of the latter variety, and the match report will be merciful in its brevity. We managed no more than 84 all out in just 15 overs, thus committing the cardinal sin of failing to make use of our allotted 20, with only some excellent hitting from Jatinder (including three consecutive boundaries) and a towering six from Dan to brighten our innings. Without a helpful 31 from the Extras (including a penalty 5 courtesy of the wicket keeper's helmet) we would have faced an even more embarrassing total.

Thanks to some disciplined Dodgers bowling Green Sox also failed to score as quickly as they might, reaching the required 85 with only 4 overs and 4 wickets remaining. Special mention should be made of Matt's two wickets in two balls, which we were sadly unable to convert into a hat-trick, and some smart catching in the field (including a memorable under-edge to Mike D behind the stumps). Overall, however, the positive to take from this evening's game is that we rarely put in such an unconvincing team effort. Let us chalk it up to the one blip every team is allowed per season and move on. 

Man of the Match votes: Jatinder 8, Matt 1, Mike D 1, John 1