Dodgers v HMT, 9 May 2024

The first really warm day of summer saw Dodgers back down at Chiswick for a T20 against a combined Treasury / Cabinet Office team. Problems on the trains meant that the game could not start until quite a bit past 6pm, but the abundance of sunshine ensured we had no problems with the light.

Chairman John, deputising as captain, lost the toss and HMT elected to bat first. Jack and Abhi (on debut for Dodgers) launched our attack with pace and accuracy, Jack bagging a wicket off the first ball of his season and proceeding to take two further wickets in a fine opening spell of 3-2-5-3. In addition to his bowling, Abhi excelled himself during the match with a series of outstanding catches at long-off, one of which would have been good enough, but three of which were nothing short of miraculous. Satya and John came on as first change and kept the run rate down, after which Mike Mc and Matt Scarborough (guesting from South Bank) pitched in nicely. By the end of their 18 overs, HMT had notched up just 86 for 5, and Dodgers were full of hope at the turn.

Komal and Charlie opened our innings in reply and were soon finding the boundary with some glorious strokes both sides of the wicket; each eventually retired unbeaten, the speed of their scoring having put us well ahead of the game within the first few overs. Harry was unlucky to be bowled by a vicious inswinger, while Matt suffered the same fate thanks to some devilish wrist spin. Brendan and Jack looked to be steering us home until Jack fell to a spectacular flying catch in the covers, whereupon Jatinder delivered the coup de grĂ¢ce with a deft cut to the boundary. Dodgers had secured a comfortable victory, banishing any memory of the previous week's humiliation and setting the season back on track.

Man of the Match votes: Abhi 4, Jack 4, Charlie 2, Satya 1