Dodgers AGM and Awards 2021

Dodgers returned to the upstairs room of the Royal Oak in Tabard Street on 25 March 2022 for the 2021 AGM, held slightly later than planned due to the upsurge in covid cases at the end of last year. It was a welcome return to in-person meetings after the enforced online AGM of 2020, and a very pleasant evening spent in excellent company (the pub has even spruced up the room at last). While the full minutes of the meeting may or may not be circulated at some point [STOP PRESS: MINUTES NOW BELOW], the all-important awards for the 2021 season were announced as follows:

Bowler of the Year: Jack Pethick
Batter of the Year: Jack Pethick
Fielder of the Year: Niranjan Shimoga
Newcomer of the Year: David Barnes
Most Improved Player: Adam Secret
Kim & Jude Award: Jatinder Mohan
Player of the Season: Jack Pethick

We did not omit to mention, of course, that we regained the Ken Block Trophy after having tied our first two games with Superstars.

With thanks to Matz for the group selfie!

* * * * *

Dodgers Cricket Club

Minutes of AGM 25/03/2022

Venue: Royal Oak, Tabard St, London



John Hilary (Chair)

Ralph Palmer (Captain, Treasurer)

Mike Dollin (Fixtures Secretary)

Matz Lukmani

Charlie Smulian (Committee)

Jatinder Mohan (Committee)

Tawhid Qureshi (Committee)

Tim Laken (Secretary)

John Carr

Komal Singh – by video


Item 1 – Chairman’s welcome and introductions

John Hilary welcomed attendees


Item 2 – Minutes of previous AGM

It was noted for the record that the minutes of the previous AGM had been lost.


Item 3 – Chairman’s overview (John Hilary)

Thank you to Mike for his work in arranging a good fixture list for the previous and coming seasons.

Thank you to Ralph for all his work over the previous season as captain and treasurer and in advance for his work for the coming season.

2021 season:
o   Won 9, lost 6, drew 1, tied 2
o   Remarkably we tied two matches with Superstars and won the third to regain the Ken Block trophy

Noted the marvellous curry at the Lahore Kebab House.

Unfortunate injury and absence in the season to Mike Dollin, Charlie, Komal and Mike McIntyre.

Depleted squad and thanks to South Bank CC players for filling in. It will be nice if we can have a full squad this coming year.

Thank you to everyone for playing the game in the right spirit.


Item 3a – Caps

There followed the traditional ceremony of the mention of caps with no expectation of resolution.


Item 4 – Captain's Report (Ralph Palmer)

Echo John’s comments on the previous season

Enjoyed a winning season even though that isn’t why we play the game

Strange season with all the occasional players who helped fill gaps and we greatly appreciate all those who turn out for us

Appreciate Mike for arranging the fixtures

Welcomed David to the club and thanked JT for bringing Ad Hoc players as we needed them

Looking forward to a season of good weather

Follow up discussion:
o   Questions were raised on recruitment
o   Attendees were grateful to Ralph for the work he does in the season but questioned the fairness and his capacity to do everything that was asked of him, even though he gave his time generously
o   The meeting unanimously agreed that Ralph should play himself more
o   Charlie noted that curry at Buckhurst Hill should ideally be standard at all games

Item 5 – Fixtures (Mike Dollin)

Fixtures were largely all arranged with just 2–3 weeks left to fill

One game per week, with one additional weekend game per month

A mix of home and away

Chairman agreed that 20-23 games is a good number for the season


Item 6 – Finance (Ralph Palmer)

Ralph read the finance report

We started the previous year with a bank balance of £1,357.61 and finished with £1,233.88, a reduction of £123.73

With subs owed of £62 and other unreceived debts of £50 this results in a loss of approximately £11 for the season

The number of fully paid up members was down from 16 in 2020 to 14 in 2021

It was proposed and agreed to keep membership fees at £6 per match (midweek), £10 (weekend) and annual subs at £25


Item 7 – Membership

Action to contact Tom Blanchard to see if he wants to play for the coming season

All to check at work to see if there are potential new members

Agreed we should tap into increasing interest in women’s cricket to invite keen players to join


Item 8 – Website

It was agreed that the current use of Twitter and WhatsApp was helpful in keeping club members up to date

Thank you to those who maintain the website


Item 9 – Committee

 All committee members stood unopposed and were reappointed for the coming year:

John Hilary (Chairman)

Ralph Palmer (Captain and Treasurer)

Mike Dollin (Fixtures Secretary and Vice Captain)

Jatinder Mohan (Vice Captain)

Tim Laken (Secretary and Social Secretary)

Charlie Smulian (member without portfolio)

Tawhid Qureshi (member without portfolio)


Item 10 – Miscellaneous

Tim to arrange a social in mid April

Mike invited Dodgers to join Southbank CC nets in Dulwich