19 August 1999

Dodgers v Superstars

19 AUGUST 1999

Superstars 220 for 3 off 40 overs, Dodgers 201 for 3 off 40 overs.

Superstars won by 19 runs

Dodgers were looking for another win to make it two on the trot against Superstars - a first in two ways - two victories in a row and two in the same season. But it was not to be, although two wins in a season is still possible if we win on 2 September.

Dodgers won the toss and, on a drying wicket with sunshine interspersed with light clouds, Captain Carr elected to field. Things started well. With the ball swinging all over the place for both opening bowlers, Kevin Roper and Andrew Crawford, the wicket of Matt Conway caught and bowled by Roper for 0 in the first over was just reward, even for a batsman of Conway's standing. The outlook was even more promising when Crawford bowled Barry Gigg for 20, but things then went downhill with the arrival of Conway at the crease again - this time to umpire.

With Tony Whitrod still in single figures he was trapped LBW by Roper but Conway (obviously blinded by the sun shining on his back) didn't see it and gave Whitrod “the benefit of the doubt”. With the wicket doing very little for the bowlers Crawford managed a tight over spell with no further success. Matt Leach, David Pope and Neil Benn, having exchanged wicketkeeping pads for the ball, fared no better and Whitrod and Barraclough built up the total consistently until Priest came on and took Barraclough, caught Leach for 37. A chance to catch Whitrod also went begging because Roper was not standing on boundary as intended. Mike Taylor then came in and scored 25 not out before the end of the innings closed at 220 for 3 off the allotted 40 overs. A large but gettable total, which included a magnificent 108 not out by Whitrod - a fine performance even if he should not have got the opportunity to get it.

After the tea break, Dodgers Neil Benn and Phil McBarron opened the batting and set about getting the Superstars total, which all (bar Phil!) agreed was gettable at 5.5 runs an over; Phil was heard to say we could not get 221 and he was going for his average. As a result his running (or non-running!) between the wickets came in for much flack from one and all. With Benn at the wicket we looked like we could get the runs, his first two scoring shots were 4s, but he soon went for 13. Neil Priest was in next and together he and Phil put on 85 before Phil went for 46 - so still no 50!

From 6 runs an over when Priest went in, this had gone up to 7.5 an over at 114 for 2 making the task a lot more difficult, but still very achievable considering the state of the wicket. However, notwithstanding a steady 20 from John Carr and 21 not out from Kevin Roper we failed by 19 runs to get home.

Dodgers Man of the Match: Neil Priest


Superstars Innings

Gigg b Crawford 20
Conway c&b Roper 0
Whitrod Not out 108
Barraclough c Leach b Priest 37
Taylor Not out 25
Extras 34
Total (40 overs) 220 for 3

Dodgers Bowling

Roper 8 0 34 1
Crawford 8 0 31 1
Leach 7 0 42 0
Pope 2 0 23 0
Benn 4 0 19 0
Priest 5 0 28 1
McBarron 6 0 36 0

Dodgers Innings

Benn Run out 13
McBarron c&b Marchant 46
Priest Not out 74
Carr b Siva 20
Roper Not out 21
Extras 27
Total (off 40 overs) 201 for 3 wickets

Did not bat: Crawford, Brown, Leach, Hewitt, Pope

Superstars bowling

Siva 8 0 38 1
Ledger 8 0 36 0
Taylor 8 0 45 0
Marchant 8 0 38 1
Conway 8 1 42 0

03 August 1999

Dodgers v BSI

Dodgers v BSI
3 August
Lost by nine wickets.

This is probably a game most of us will wish to forget. Our innings started promisingly with one of BSI's opening bowlers being forced to retire after the first over. Unfortunately his replacment was much better, taking four for 18. After Guy's dismissal Phil and Neil Priest proceeded steadily, with the former playing well but the rest of us did not add much. Handy runs from Kevin took us to 117 which we felt might be defensible.

Our illusions were shattered by BSI's opening pair of Lovell and Hyde, who took 50 off the first five overs with some positive shots and hard hitting. Matt Leach sustained three fractures of his forearm in a valiant attempt to stop a boundary off his own bowling but is fit enough to enter Gladiators this weekend. We missed the control of the Hilary brothers and my attempt at a hat trick ball ended up in the vicinity of Windsor.

We never really looked like defending our total but did not help our chances by dropping four catches. It became increasingly difficult to see the ball against the trees as the light deteriorated.

Lovell and Hyde retired after taking the score to 100 but their replacments were just as assertive. We avoided the ignominy of a ten-wicket defeat when Harland heaved once too often and Neil Benn made a sharp stumping.

Man of the match - Phil McBarron (I don't recall the usual survey being taken but I can't see who else it would be, unless we vote for one of the opposition).


McBarron c someone b Lovell 51
Westhead c b Lovell 0
Priest lbw b Bannister 16
Carr c & b Bannister 9
Ring run out 0
Crawford c someone b Bannister 3
Roper c b Harland 19
Benn c & b Lovell 0
Adey not out 0
Pope b Lovell 0
Leach not out 4
Extras (nb 2, wides 10, byes 2) 14
Total 116*

(*the scorebook says 117 but the figures add up to 116).


Lovell retired 42
Hyde 53
Stinchcomb not out 5
Harland st Benn b Pope 10
Terry not out 4
Extras (w6) 6
Total 120 for 1

Crawford 2 0 21 0
Leach 3 0 21 0
Roper 3 0 28 0
Adey 3 0 25 0
Pope 2 0 25 1

I know the bowling figures and extras don't add up but we were reliant on someone from BSI to keep score.