08 September 2002


8 September 2002

Dodgers won the toss and elected to bat

Dodgers: 196/8 dec off 48.5 overs (Gundry 67, Priest 29, Carr 26, Ball 3-61)
Buchurst Hill: 156/5 off 47 overs (Anthony 40, Cooper 2-13, Gundry 2-34)


Dodgers Man of the Match: Simon Gundry

The final game of the season petered out into a tame draw. It was however notable for the Captain winning the toss for the first time since about May, although this was academic as he was forced to bat first due to the tardy arrival of several players...

Although the weather forecast for plenty of rain proved incorrect the prediction that we would need to bat second to win did not. For the second year running against BH we posted a good total only to be unable bowl them out. This was not helped by BH making absolutely no attempt to chase the win despite getting 47 overs bowled at them to attacking fields and having wickets in hand, but they were always going to be able to control the game batting second.

Gundry opened the bowling at a lively pace and was well supported by Benn who bowled another tight spell but without picking up his usual quota of wickets. They were ably supported by Leach and Marchant, who bowled tidily without much luck. Cooper also bowled another good spell picking up two good wickets and the aggressive Rockalls comment about getting out to a c*nt like that was a bit over the top. Gundry returned for a second spell that none of the BH batsman fancied much apart from the youngster Beckett, who looked a very good player. Dodgers attempts to win were hampered by our usual case of Dropsy, one disease that unfortunately isnt catching...

Earlier Dodgers had set a good target of 196. The innings saw a reappearance of the Priest-McBarron opening partnership which just failed to put on 50 for the first wicket, Priest falling LBW to Cooper with the score on 47. McBarron dug in to grind out a patient, deliberate, measured and unhurried crease occupying innings, taking roughly 6 overs (some sources say 10 overs) to get off the mark before decelerating rapidly to finish with 18 from 30 overs. At the other end Carr played a quick cameo before Benn was unluckily to play down a rising ball only to see it spin back onto the stumps. This started a mini collapse with three wickets falling with the total on 100. The situation was rescued by a superb effort from Gundry who put the BH bowling to the sword, well supported by Marchant and then Matthews, who finished not out in double figures yet again read it and weep Doylee!

Despite the disappointing result this was an enjoyable game to finish a good season on and it was good to play another timed game which in my view we dont play enough of. Thanks again to Simon, Tony and Jason for turning out for us, and for showing us how to catch, although I still think Tony would have caught the last ball of the game if he hadnt been sat down with his boots off! Roll on next year when hopefully well get to bat second against BH.

Neil Priest

High Road Ground

Toss: Dodgers


Priest lbw b Rockall 29
McBarron c. WK b Ball 18
Carr * c. ? b Janjua 26
Whitrod c. ? b Ball 7
Benn b Janjua 0
Gundry c. ? b Rockall 67
Cooper c&b Ball 0
Marchant Run Out 5
Matthews + Not Out 11
Extras (b12, lb7, w11, Nb3) 33
Total (48.5 overs) 196 for 8 dec

DNB: Leach, Pope

147 (Priest)
287 (Carr)
399 (McBarron)
4100 (Benn)
5100 (Whitrod)
6100 (Cooper)
7127 (Marchant)
8196 (Gundry)

Osborne 13 3 43 0
Rockall 13.5 3 46 2
Ball 13 3 61 3
Janjua 6 1 14 2
Slisz 3 0 13 0


Atkinson b. Cooper 29
Seeberan c. Gundry b. Leach 19
Anthony b. Gundry 40
Rockall c. Marchant b. Cooper 9
Blogg b. Gundry 21
Beckett Not Out 22
Osborne Not Out 3
Extras (b2, lb1, w8, nb2) 13
Total (47 overs) 156 for 5

DNB: Slisz, Janjua, Ball, ?

Gundry 11 2 34 2
Benn 12 4 26 0
Leach 8 1 29 1
Marchant 6 2 11 0
Cooper 4 0 13 2
Pope 3 0 23 0
Whitrod 1 0 4 0
Carr 1 0 2 0
Priest 1 0 10 0

Man of the Match: Simon Gundry

Match Drawn

03 September 2002

Dodgers v DCMS

Thursday 3 September 2002

Dodgers batted first. Ringer Conway opened with Westhead and took advantage of the pace of Towers to score 8 from the first over. Westhead was then left to face the swing and accuracy of Malik. Fortunately he only had to do this for one ball as he was comprehensively bowled by the second (he then proceeded to moan on for an eternity to the hapless scorer that he couldnt see the point and was seriously considering giving up the game we live in hope!). Priest then joined Conway and the score briskly moved to 45 before Conway also deceived by swing, became Maliks 2nd victim in the 10th over with the score on 65. Ringer Whitrod strode to the crease promising to end his recent crap run by smiting the ball to all parts of the ground. Unfortunately he only managed to smite 1 in a stand of 25 with Priest before being stumped. Benn, not bothering to trouble the scorer, fell to the impressive Malik and Cooper, caught for 2 off Palao, soon followed.

At this stage the score in the 17th over stood at 71 for 5 with Priest on 37 and, given the perceived quality of the tail, it was generally feared (not least by the tail itself) that Dodgers would be lucky to scrape to 100 in 40 overs. All was not lost however as Ringer Block, whilst only scoring 4 before being stumped, managed to occupy the crease long enough to share in a stand of 40 with Priest. Matthews then strode to the wicket with the score on 111 and Priest on 67. Taking Benns advice not to get out (and also taking advantage of Whitrod not giving him out caught off the toe of his boot) Matthews miraculously shared in a stand of 52 with Priest; during the course of which Priest, having being dropped by Malik on 98, became the first real Dodger to score a century. Overcome with emotion he was of course promptly caught without addition but who cares - with the score on 163. An excellent innings highlighted by 15 boundaries (all 4s). Hawton was then bowled for a 1 and Pope and Matthews remained undefeated. Final score was 168 for 8 from 40 overs.

Dodgers were reasonably optimistic that theyd be able to protect this score. Especially when Malik was out early caught by the sprightly Matthews off Benn for 4. He was soon followed by Scott caught and bowled Block for 0; Vine bowled Hawton for 5, and the helmeted (fearful of Popes pace) Robson, caught Block bowled Cooper for 8, with the score on 50. Dodgers had however been unable to remove opener Cove and this coupled with the arrival of Towers at the wicket and Pedestrian McBarron in the field proved to be the turning point. McBarron announced his arrival by throwing the ball over his head whilst attempting a return to the bowlers end. Cove and Towers then proceeded to tonk the ball all over the place until McBarron, managing to get one ball to pitch in line and on the right length, bowled Towers for 31 with the score on 122. Unfortunately with Palao now joining Cove, this didnt provide the opening that Dodgers had been hoping for and the quick scoring continued. DCMS finally reached their target in the 36th over and Dodgers had lost. Priest reflected that this was the first time hed scored a hundred and been on the losing team but failed to mention how many times hed been on the winning team.

The evening was rounded off by Priest buying jug(s) in the bar and smoking cigars (I dont remember him doing that when he became a father!!) and Terry Hawton having his bag nicked - Ill let him tell you about it. Have they got the Armani thieves yet Terry?

Dodgers Innings

Conway Bowled Malik 24
Westhead Bowled Malik 0
Priest Caught Cove Bowled ? 100
Whitrod Stumped ? Bowled Palao 1
Benn Bowled Malik 0
Cooper Caught ? Bowled Palao 2
Block Stumped ? Bowled Palao 4
Matthews not out 15
Hawton Bowled ? 1
Pope not out 0
McBarron did not bat
Extras (7b,6lb,7w, 2nb) 22
Total (40 overs) 168

DCMS bowling

Towers 8-1-39-0
Malik 8-2-17-3
Palao 8-2-19-3
Fitzgerald 8-0-45-0
Vine 7-0-32-1
Scott 1-0-2-1

DCMS Innings

Cove not out 74
Malik c Matthews b Benn 4
Scott c&b Block 0
Vine b Hawton 5
Robson c Block b Cooper 8
Towers b McBarron 31
Palao not out 28
Extras (1b,1lb,19w) 21
Total (of 35.3 overs) 172

Dodgers bowling

Benn 8-1-17-1
Block 7-1-26-1
Hawton 4-0-20-1
Cooper 3-0-16-1
Pope 3-0-21-0
McBarron 6-0-43-1
Whitrod 4-0-16-0
Conway .3-0-2-0

Man of the match (obviously) Neil Priest