23 March 2004

Due to, ahem, popular demand, the Superstars' 2004 fixtures are now available for your perusal.

16 March 2004

Fixtures man We now have 18 (count 'em) fully confirmed fixtures for the new season. New additions include FSA on 29 June, Treasury on 22 June and ORR on 19 May. Thanks to the Cat for his continued efforts including the battle to agree venues for 2 prospective games against "Tawhid's lot" (Warwick Castle).

11 March 2004

A cricket teaser courtesy of McB.

Q. Who has scored the most test match ducks for England?

[ Answer ]

Now try this one...

Q. Who has scored the second most test match ducks for England?

[ Answer ]

07 March 2004

Fixtures man This season's fixtures list has been updated. The Cat told me the early season home fixture against Buckhurst Hill is a big doubt because of the lack of a pitch.

Going back to nets, as Andrew pointed out, the changing rooms are now downstairs. They are also less than half the size of the old changing facilities and there are only two showers!

05 March 2004

Can we have our balls back please! At nets last night we only had about 6 used cricket balls - not really enough when we run two nets later on. Please can you all check kit bags and see if any of our used balls from last season's games are tucked away and bring them along. John Adey's stash got destroyed in the floods - or at least that's what he says.

By the way, changing at the Oval is now downstairs behind the nets.