21 June 2006

Dodgers v English Heritage @ Chiswick

Dodgers lost their 3rd straight game – again narrowly as in the previous two cases.

Capt Carr won the toss and elected to bat first in cold and extremely windy conditions on an OK looking deck but with huge side boundaries as seems to be the permanent trait with the ‘A’ pitch. With Priest running late, Lee and Qureshi opened the innings and made a decent start before Lee was adjudged LBW by Umpire Cousins. Qureshi was joined by McB and the pair added 67 in 12 overs before McB was bowled off his pads. Although there were very few dot balls there was also an absence of boundaries and McBs run a ball 32 failed to contain a single boundary.

Qureshi who had been dropped three times (including an absolute dolly) followed a couple of overs late for a useful 33. Priest played some nice shots in a cameo of 19 before being castled by a good one and JC wiped over a straight one to the same bowler and was trapped in front. There was just enough time for new boy Peirce and very old boy Matthews to nurdle a few singles before the innings ended on 118 (extras, especially wides, contributing a very useful 20 to this total).

The consensus was that with the good deck but long boundaries 125 was a par score so Dodgers had come up just short of this. The innings was slightly marred by an over-competitive attitude from some of the EH fielders and the unnecessary exchange of one or two words. The EH ground fielding was generally very good with a number of excellent stops but they also dropped several catches (Tawhid the main beneficiary) which may have blackened their mood.

EH started steadily against some decent bowling from Cousins and Cooper (the former typically impressive and the latter coping well bowling uphill into the gale). Although wickets proved elusive (Cooper snaring one of the openers with an assist from Priest) they kept things tight and EH were slightly behind the clock after 8 overs. Hilary also bowled tightly but Lee and Fox (despite bowling some good balls) were not quite as consistent and the run rate accelerated.

EH had reached 104-1 after 17 overs and with only 15 needed, two well set batters and 9 wickets in hand the game looked over. Hilary then snared opener Slatford for a well made 52 and his replacement for a duck and the score was 107-3 at the end of 18 (13 needed off 2). The 19th over bowled by Lee was remarkable and included three wickets – a good straight one to trap Hashan for 35 and two further wickets courtesy of good catching assists from Hilary and Fox. Unfortunately, the over also contained the shot of the night (an exquisite straight six off a perfectly decent ball) and a beamer that went for 4 wides. With Griffiths also hitting the last ball of the over for a boundary EH had crossed the line by 4 wickets.

Overall a close game between two well matched sides and no need for a major inquest. Dodgers probably needed another 10 runs or one more front line bowler (where are Benn’s pies when you need them?!) and in the final analysis EH were able to hit several more boundaries than we managed.

Let us hope for a return to winning ways against MOD next week but they are likely to prove formidable opposition.

Dodgers Innings

Lee LBW b Memon 10
Qureshi c May b Dawood 33
McBarron b Saeed 32
Priest b Dawood 19
Carr LBW b Dawood 1
Peirce NOT OUT 2
Matthews NOT OUT 1
Sub-total 98
Extras 20
TOTAL 118 for 5

DNB – Hilary, Fox, Cousins, Cooper
FOW – 20 (Lee), 87 (McB), 103 (Qureshi), 116 (Priest), 116 (Carr)

EH Bowling

Dawood 4-0-16-3
Memon 4-0-25-1
Ireson 4-0-23-0
Griffiths 4-0-27-0
Saeed 2-0-11-1
Smith 2-0-10-0

EH Innings

Slatford b Hilary 52
May c Priest b Cooper 12
Hashan LBW b Lee 35
Hindle b Hilary 0
Frankham c Hilary b Lee 6
Smith c Fox b Lee 0
Griffiths NOT OUT 4
Memon NOT OUT 0
Sub-total 109
Extras 13
TOTAL 122 for 6

Dodgers Bowling

Cousins 4-0-16-0
Cooper 4-0-21-1
Hilary 4-0-22-2
Lee 4-0-41-3
Fox 3-0-24-0

FOW – 33, 106, 107, 107, 107, 113


Man of the Match - Qureshi (5)

14 June 2006

Dodgers v Superstars @ Barn Elms


Innings of Superstars

Gigg ct Priest b Patterson 0
Gaught b Lee 30
Davey b Adey 10
Gundry b Lee 15
Dyett b Lee 4
Whitrod not out 10
Taylor not out 3
Sub-total 72
Extras 12
Total 84


Paterson 4-0-7-1
Cooper 4-0-24-0
Adey 2-0-6-1
Fox 4-0-13-0
Lee 4-0-21-3
McBarron 1.3-0-8-0

Innings of Dodgers

Priest b Taylor 1
Taylor c & b Gundry 0
McBarron c sub (M Taylor) b Marchant 25
Lee b Marchant 2
Dunning c & b Marchant 0
Carr lbw b Whitrod 19
Paterson st Gigg b Davy 11
Fox ct ? (Gundry?) b Davy 8
Cooper not out 6
Sub-total 72
Extras 11
Total 83

dnb: Adey

Bowling of Superstars

Taylor 4-3-6-1
Gundry 4-1-9-1
Marchant 4-0-13-3
Dyett 4-0-23-0
Whitrod 2-0-11-1
Davy 2-0-14-2

09 June 2006

Updated fixture list

Here's the revised, revised fixtures list for the rest of the season:


Wed 14 Superstars, 6pm, Barn Elms, Barnes, confirmed
Wed 21 EHCC, 6pm, Chiswick, confirmed
Wed 28 MOD, Chelsea, 2pm, away, confirmed


Thu 6 Superstars 6.00pm - Regents Park / Barn Elms - home - provisional
Sat 8 CSSC - Sports day, Chiswick, details to be confirmed
Tue 11 Mike Dollin's Mob, 6.00pm, Belair Park - West Dulwich, away, provisional
Wed 12 Barbados Cricket Challenge, Chiswick, possible, 6-a-side
Tue 18 OFCOM, Barn Elms, 6.00pm, booked
Fri 21 SPARTA Sports Day, noon, Chiswick
Thu 27 Science Museum, 6.00pm, South Park, Parsons Green, away, confirmed
Sun 30 Warwick Castle, 2pm, Chiswick, confirmed


Thu 3 Ombudsman, 6.00pm, Chiswick, away (but we owe for pitch), confirmed
Wed 9 DCA, 6.00pm Chiswick, away, confirmed
Thu 17 ATOC, 6.00pm Regents Park, away, provisional
Tue 22 ATOC, 6.00pm, Chiswick, home, booked
Thu 31 Superstars, 2.00pm, Chiswick, away, confirmed


Sun 10 Buckhurst Hill, 1.00pm, BH, away, confirmed

07 June 2006

Dodgers v Weasels @ Chiswick

7 June 2006
35 overs
Toss won by Dodgers

Innings of Dodgers

McBarron run out 70
Jacobs b Dyer 2
Priest c ? b Dyer 22
Dollin b Dyer 0
Carr b Dyer 0
Benn lbw b Hughes 8
Hilary (J) c ? b Hughes 8
Matthews b Farod 2
Sub-total 112
Extras 21
Total 134

dnb: Cooper, Fox, Lee


Kirkwood 3.3-0-20-0
Dyer 7-1-20-4
Wellington 7-2-22-0
Lloyd 4-0-14-0
Hughes 7-0-30-2
Farod 1-0-8-0
Imran 5-0-15-1

Innings of Weasels

Michaels not out 86
Imran c Fox b Hilary (J) 1
Lloyd c Matthews b Benn 6
Woodhead lbw b Benn 5
Hughes b Benn
Dyer c Fox b Hilary (J) 0
Kirkwood b Cooper 2
Wellington not out 20
Sub-total 129
Extras 5
Total 134

Bowling of Dodgers

Benn 7-0-42-3
Hilary (J) 7-0-16-2
Cooper 5-1-22-1
Fox 4-0-23-0
Lee 3-0-11-0
Priest 2-0-14-0

Weasels won by 6 wickets

01 June 2006

Dodgers v Science Museum @ South Park, Parsons Green

Dodgers v Science Museum
Thursday 1 June 2006
South Park, Parsons Green
18 overs

Innings of Dodgers

Priest ret'd 31
Taylor run out 1
Jacobs c Dave b Inskip 2
Dollin run out 11
McBarron n/o 11
Marr lbw b Griffith 27
Carr run out 4
Matthews n/o 0
Sub-total 87
Extras 18
Total 105

dnb: Cousins, Cooper, Pope

Bowling of Science Museum

Tomling 4-0-22-0
Inskip 4-0-20-1
Levit 4-0-15-0
Griffith 3-0-25-1
Pickworth 4-1-12-0
Robinson 1-0-7-0

Innings of Science Museum

Pickworth c Taylor b Pope 34
Inskip c Matthews b Cousins 0
Tombling c Marr b Cousins 1
Depledse b Cooper 0
Levett c Taylor b Pope 0
Robinson c & b McBarron 4
Hansson b McBarron 19
Travis c Taylor b Carr 1
Sub-total 59
Extras 14
Total 73

dnb: Griffiths, Crampton, Thomson

Bowling of Dodgers

Cousins 4-0-14-2
Cooper 4-1-13-1
Marr 3-0-18-0
Pope 4-1-17-2
McBarron 3-0-8-2
Carr 1-0-4-1
Taylor 1-1-0-0

Dodgers won by 32 runs

Player of the Month - May 2006

The first month of the season is over and the Player of the Month is Tawhid Qureshi who won one MoM outright and shared another.

The total votes for May were

Qureshi - 9, Fox - 8, Priest - 6, Cooper - 5, Cousins - 5, Adey - 4, Pope - 4, Benn - 1, Lee - 1