18 July 1997

Sports Day 1997


Quarter Final

W. King Six won toss

Dodgers 46 - 2
W. King Six 38 all out

Dodgers won by 8 runs

After being put in to bat we had the best possible start when Neil Priest miss-hit the first ball of the day for 6! From then on we showed an amazing ability to find the fielders which was proved when Priest picked out deep mid-wicket, fielding at least 3 miles away on the boundary, and was caught. Although the umpires showed a severe reluctance to call wides Phil McBarron scored off almost every ball he could reach. Some lusty blows and good running by John Carr saw us to the reasonable total of 46 for 2.

All our bowlers bowled their over well, especially Dave Atkinson who only conceded three runs. Even so, with McBarron going for 13, mainly from the dangerous looking Walsh, W. King Six were left wanting only 12 off the last over with four wickets remaining. However, cometh the hour cometh the very occasional and erratic slow left arm bowling of Priest. With Walsh facing, John Doyle could be heard laying large sums of money on our opposition. Well up yours Doylee! Walsh run out off the first ball, followed by Reardon bowled off the second, soon to be followed by Watson stumped and Highland bowled! St John’s Ambulance were kept busy reviving spectators who had fainted at the sight of Priest taking 3 for 3!

And so to the semis.....

Semi Final

Dodgers won toss

Erotica 47-4
Dodgers 29 all out

Erotica won by 18 runs

Basically, we got thrashed by a much better side! Erotica batted very well and all our bowlers except one (modesty forbids me naming him but the scorecards are attached.....) went for at least nine runs and our fielding, with the exception of a fine catch by John Adey, became a bit ragged as fatigue set in. Henry Hilary, despite plenty of “anaesthetic” throughout the day, managed to pull a muscle in his chest and will miss at least one week of proper cricket - there were rumours that that wasn’t the only thing he tried to pull, telling a young(ish) lady that she was welcome to stay for the night......I bet she was, I bet she was, nudge nudge, wink wink, saaaay no more squire! Just kidding guys!

We started off slowly batting, being nine for one after two overs. Needless to say we never had a hope after that and were left well short at 29 all out. We continued to find the fielders (I’m sure they had more than four fielders!) and didn’t hit a single boundary.

We did as well as last year and had a good day as well as an even better evening! Well done to all who played and thanks to all those who came to cheer us on. Congratulations also go to our old rivals Superstars who lost very narrowly to Erotica in an exciting final. The scorecards follow.

Quote of the Week:

Sian Brown: "If your Goal Shooter can’t shoot straight you’re fucked" (Funny, I don’t remember that rule! Gonna have to to take up Netball and hope the GS is crap!)

Quarter Final


Priest Caught b Walsh 19
McBarron NOT OUT 13
Carr RUN OUT 10
TOTAL: (2 wkts) 46
DNB: Hilary, Atkinson, Adey


Reardon 0-10
Marchant 0-8
Highland 0-10
Walsh 1-5
Watson 0-11

W. KING SIX (TRANSEC operating under cover!)

Durrant b Adey 9
Walsh RUN OUT 15
Watson St Carr b Priest 6
Reardon b Priest 0
Marchant NOT OUT 3
Highland b Priest 0
Total: (5 wkts) 38


Atkinson 0-3
Hilary 0-6
Adey 1-8
McBarron 0-13
Priest 3-3

Dodgers won by 8 runs

Semi Final

EROTICA (Eastern Regional Office in disguise!)

Dunabin Ct Adey b McBarron 7
Wadrup LBW b Adey 12
Elsom NOT OUT 16
Haseman b Priest 1
Owen RUN OUT 4
Total: (3 wkts) 47
DNB: Lecroy


Atkinson 0-13
Adey 1-9
McBarron 1-10
Priest 1-6
Hilary 0-9


Priest RUN OUT 2
McBarron RUN OUT 14
Carr b Wadrup 0
Hilary Caught b Haseman 4
Atkinson NOT OUT 2
Adey RUN OUT 3
TOTAL: (5 wkts) 29


Lecroy 0-7
Wadrup 1-2
Haseman 1-7
Owen 0-6
Dunabin 0-7

Erotica won by 18 runs

16 July 1997

Dodgers v ORR

16 JULY 1997


Dodgers lost the toss and batted.

Dodgers man of the match - John ("I'm fucking knackered") Carr

In the equivalent fixture last year we lost by 10 wickets, so only losing by 1 was a vast improvement. The result was still a major disappointment because we really should have won.

We batted first and made a slow start. Out of form Priest was bowled when he managed to york himself going down the wicket to crappy donkey drop bowler Brennan. Clarkson still basking in the glory of his early season 70 is now back to his usual technically devoid form playing no stroke to several offside deliveries. He was out to the excellent Chaudhry after a slanging match with McBarron over running between the wickets. Thank God I didn't have to give him out lbw. Our score became respectable due to good innings by McBarron, Carr and Westhead. Dodgers man of the match Carr played especially well despite running out of breath towards the end (give up the fags and booze John).

Once again we couldn’t manage to dismiss Peter Murphy (who plays for Woking in the Surrey League). He was dropped a few times, including twice by Guy Westhead, the first was quite easy, the second a skier on the boundary which hurt his hand (teach him to drop the first one !). In the end we simply tried to get the rest of their team out before Murphy could get the runs. Despite some good accurate bowling from McBarron at the end we just failed to win.

My stint as Captain is now over (thank God you cry !) and Phil McB is in charge for the next game on 28 July (the 23 July fixture against DNS was cancelled ‘cause the arseholes forgot to book a pitch). For those of you who don’t know, we also lost the 8 July fixture due to rain.

Coming events

Pissed Dodgers Day - venue: the Great British Beer Festival at Olympia, Friday 8th August all afternoon (contact McB for details).

Another chance to spot a pissed Dodger is in the Royal Oak on 6th August. This is the last day before the Oak closes for several weeks for refurbishment. Sadly, fellow Dodger, landlord Ian Wadhams and his wonderful partner Val (does this qualify me for a free pint ?) will not be returning when the pub reopens. So all please come along to say farewell and to drink the place dry!

Quote of the week: "I have a bat and I know how to use it" - Sian Brown scaring the Royal Oak Friday night crowd shitless.

MATCH REPORT - by John Adey


N Priest b Brennan 6
P McBarron st Bullman b Kerrigan 33
E Clarkson c& b Chaudhry 8
A Crawford c Murphy b Cooke 3
J Carr c& b Murphy 41
G Westhead not out 15
†K Matthews not out 3
Extras (w 8, nb5, lb 2) 15
Total (for 5 wkts) 124

Chaudhry 4 0 11 1
Brennan 2 0 14 1
Cooke 2 0 19 1
Fielding 2 0 18 0
Kerrigan 3 0 24 1
Murphy 4 0 17 1
Bullman 3 0 19 0


M Chaudhry b Adey 5
*P Murphy not out 68
J Kerrigan b Adey 0
P Smith b Sharp 0
†R Bullman b Atkinson 31
Fielding c Matthews b Brown 1
M Brennan b Atkinson 2
I Cooke b McBarron 8
T Perchard b McBarron 0
Batterbee b McBarron 0
Hewitt not out 0
Extras (w 6, nb 1, lb 1, b 2) 10
Total (for 9 wkts) 125

Sharp 4 1 22 1
Adey 4 0 24 2
Brown 2 0 21 1
Atkinson 4 0 25 2
McBarron 4 0 18 3
Priest 1.1 0 13 0

17 June 1997

Dodgers v BOC

17 JUNE 1997


Dodgers won toss

Dodgers: 97 - 8 (Priest 49 N/O, Adey 15, Brown 2, Sunderland 2-23, Underwood 1-9, Bobb 1-13)
BOC: 100 - 4 (Vivian 50 N/O, Adey 2-29, Hilary 1-7, McBarron 0-9)



Although BOC were stronger than usual, we lost this game because we just didn't play well enough and certainly nowhere near as well as we can, or have done earlier this season.

We won the toss and batted. This was unusual against BOC as they normally only have about five people there at the start and bat first by default.

Despite an opening stand of 31 in just four and a half overs by our extremely hung-over openers we rapidly slumped into England at Lords mode, finishing up on 97 for 8 - never enough without the likes of Sharp, Benn and Atkinson in our bowling line up.

This must rank as one of our poorest batting performances of the season. Although BOC produced a couple of decent bowlers and for once held their catches, and the wicket wasn’t the greatest we’ve ever played on, we should still have made at least 120. We played bad shots to good balls and bad shots to bad balls, didn’t run well between the wickets and started bickering and heckling from the boundary. The only real highlights of the innings were David Pope dropping his bat going for a single and stopping to pick it up (see scorecard for the result), Sian Brown nearly taking short-leg's head off with a pull shot and John Adey finally realising that he will get more runs hitting the ball as hard in the game as he does in the warm up. Next step John is to realise it is not ungentlemanly to run more than a single at a time...!

Henry Hilary and Phil McBarron gave us a glimmer of hope by only letting BOC get 16 off the first eight overs. Unfortunately, as with the batting, a good start wasn't followed up. John Adey got a couple of wickets but we never had the bowling in depth to keep the pressure on and BOC were able to cruise to victory.

We need to learn from this game and I hope we will. If we start falling out and fighting (almost literally once when we were batting I understand) amongst ourselves our batting, bowling and especially fielding all suffer. It is no good to anyone if some of our more experienced members are sulking and arguing when they should be encouraging the others and stamping out arguments before they start. This is not just aimed at any one or two individuals - there were at least four or five guilty parties including me. Our best results this year have come when we played as a team and that's what we need to do if we are going to beat sides like Superstars.

OK, whinge over. We are up against Superstars next week and we are going to bloody well win or die trying... well, we'll try quite hard anyway......



Priest NOT OUT 49
Doyle c. Vivian b Sunderland 8
Carr c. Johns b Sunderland 2
Phillips b Underwood 3
Clarkson RUN OUT 0
Pope RUN OUT 0
Brown c Jones b Bobb 2
Adey RUN OUT 15
Hilary b Vivian 0
Crawford NOT OUT 4
Extras 14
TOTAL (20 overs) 97 for 8 wkts


Sunderland 4 0 21 2
Bailey 2 0 14 0
Underwood 4 1 9 1
Bobb 4 0 13 1
Vivian 4 0 26 1
Brown 2 0 11 0


Brown c Priest b Adey 10
Bobb b Hilary 0
Johns b Adey 13
Vivian NOT OUT 50
Sunderland b Clarkson 13
Underwood NOT OUT 6
Extras 8
TOTAL (or 4 wkts off 17.3 overs) 100

DID NOT BAT: Fishman, Jones, Bailey, A N Other x 2

Hilary 4 2 7 1
McBarron 4 1 9 0
Adey 4 0 29 2
Crawford 1 0 14 0
Phillips 3.3 0 23 0
Clarkson 1 0 20 0

29 May 1997

Dodgers v ACAS

29 MAY 1997


Dodgers won toss

Dodgers: 105-6 (Priest 20, McBarron 15, Westhead 14, Hilary 14, Farrell 2-9, Bidder 2-16, Bull 2-19) ACAS: 105-9 (Bidder 23, Vernon 18, Bull 18, Nixon 15, Adey 3-29, Sharp 2-29, Hilary 1-12)



Pheew - exciting stuff! Games like this one are not good for the blood pressure - good job John Adey wasn't captain.

We won the toss (again) and batted on a very good wicket. John Doyle fell early on (nothing changes!) but Pete Harry looked like giving us a great start, hitting Jerry Gibson's first ball back over his head for four, until missing a straight one (again!) after raising his head and trying to hit one into the Thames.

ACAS' bowling was very tight with all their bowlers moving it in the air and/or off the wicket. Veteran Dodgers will get an idea of just how well they bowled when I say that the much feared Jerry Gibson was their worst bowler!

A late flourish from our middle order of Westhead, McBarron, Benn and Hilary helped scrape to reasonably respectable 105-5. Briefly, Guy had his best knock of the season and actually hit a leg-stump long-hop for four for the first time in living memory, McBarron was pissed, Neil Benn ran brilliantly between the wickets (unfortunately for him usually when one of the others had hit the ball) and Henry hit the cover off it at the end. Good stuff, shame the top order generally got themselves out to silly shots and didn’t contribute more - especially guilty for the umpteenth time this year was that Priest bloke.....

ACAS started slowly in reply and we did well to keep the snail-like Nixon on strike. That is until yours truly ran him out, two balls after telling McBarron off for trying to do so! Henry bowled as tightly as usual and Phil McBarron turned in excellent figures of 0-7 off 4 overs. Who knows, if he has five pints before the game instead of four he might get a wicket next time! These figures were despite being viciously head-butted by Kim Matthews for no apparent reason. Kim said it was an accident as they both went to field the same ball - most of the rest of us thought Kim just likes to grab life’s golden opportunities...

Unfortunately, Bull and Bidder dragged ACAS back into the game, managing to get after Benn, Adey, and most surprisingly of all, the usually miserly (in terms of runs conceded.....) Sharp. However, despite a few lapses under pressure at the end we fielded well and bowled straight - John Adey hitting the stumps three times in four overs - is this a record for a Dodgers' bowler.....?

With three overs to go they needed 30 to win and the game was in the bag. With one over to go they needed eight to win and those of us who played in the final game of last season against Superstars had a horrible feeling of deja vu. However, cometh the hour, cometh the man. Up stepped Sharp, shined the ball, checked his look in the mirror and bowled an excellent final over that went for only seven to leave the scores tied.

We walked off with something of a sense of relief that we hadn't lost to find the ACAS skipper graciously offering to concede defeat because we lost fewer wickets. Naturally, we graciously accepted!

Once again, a good performance against a good side. We got a little ragged in the field under pressure at the end but that was to be expected and I was pleased with the way that, once again we played as a team. It is amazing how trying to score five an over can seem like a lot when you are batting but bugger all when you are trying to defend it in the field!

And finally, a reminder for John Adey: FOR FUCK’S SAKE PICK THE BLOODY BALL UP!!!

Quotes of the week

"I'm back!" (Guy Westhead after scoring 14 signalled his return to form with the bat).

"Oh bad luck old chap, head up and don’t worry about it" (Neil Priest to Andrew Crawford on the occasion of Andrew letting a ball through for 4. NB, this may have been mis-heard...)



Doyle c. Dickinson b Bull 2
Harry b Bull 9
Priest b Farrell 20
Crawford b Farrell 6
Westhead c. Farrell b Bidder 14
McBarron b Bidder 15
Benn NOT OUT 10
Hilary NOT OUT 14
Extras 15
TOTAL ((20 overs) 105 for 6 wkts

DID NOT BAT: Matthews, Adey, Sharp

Bull 4 0 19 2
Gibson 3 0 17 0
Farrell 3 0 9 2
Bradshaw 3 0 12 0
Bidder 4 0 16 2
Sambrook 3 0 23 0


Nixon RUN OUT 15
Cook b Hilary 0
Vernon c McBarron b Benn 18
Barrack b Adey 6
Bull c Matthews b Sharp 18
Bidder b Adey 23
Dickson b Adey 0
Farrell c. Hilary b Sharp 2
Sambrook RUN OUT 10
Bradshaw NOT OUT 4
Extras 9
For 9 wkts (20 overs)


Hilary 4 0 12 1
McBarron 4 1 7 0
Benn 4 0 25 1
Adey 4 0 29 3
Sharp 4 0 29 2

21 May 1997

Dodgers v DST

21 MAY 1997

Dodgers won toss

Dodgers: 112 all out, 32 overs (McBarron 31no, J. Hilary 23, Benn 3-13, Siva 2-26)
DST: 80 all out, 34.3 overs (Clancy 25, J. Hilary 4-16, H. Hilary 2-10, Crawford 2-8)



After winning the toss and electing to bat it was somewhat disappointing to find ourselves 30 for 5 after 10 overs. However, what promised to be the worst possible start to my stint as captain turned out to be the most satisfying Dodgers come back I have played in.

We started strongly: 3 for 0 off 4 balls. Unfortunately, we were 3 for 2 off 6 balls (John Doyle and Guy Westhead both out first ball - both to very good deliveries from Siva). Pete Harry soon followed for 5, despite having been dropped off the second easiest chance of the season (see below for the easiest chance!) and despite some resistance from Andrew Crawford (13) we were really in the shit. There was much talk of two twenty over games.

Yet again it was Phil McBarron who came to the rescue with a cautious and well grafted 31 not out off 26 overs - just what the doctor, or at least the captain, ordered. Phil was ably supported by deserving Man of the Match John Hilary (Henry’s brother) who hit a very useful looking, not to mention desperately needed, 23. Membership is £20 John...

Some hard hitting from Henry Hilary (13) at the end dragged us kicking and screaming to 112 all out, which, even on a bad wicket, never looked like being enough. The stage was set for an easy Stats win, but nobody had bothered to show Dodgers the script!

Stats got off to a solid but painfully slow start but everyone bowled and fielded magnificently. Phil McBarron bowled 6 full-tosses in his first over (so much for "hitting the wicket hard") and was lucky to go for only 5 runs. Henry bowled as tight as ever and Phil redeemed himself by bowling a maiden second over. They were well supported by Pete Harry and Andrew Crawford bowled very tightly at the end. It was time then to unleash our secret weapon John Hilary who ripped out Stats middle order in double quick time to finish with 4-16. Stats folded and it was left to Phil McBarron to finish it off by bowling Steve Dennis to give us a comfortable 32 run victory.

I feel I should mention our fielding. Apart from John Hilary letting one through that cost us a single (he is human after all) and John Doyle and Pete Harry dropping Lyndon Frances off successive balls, we were brilliant. I think it's fair to say that Pete's was the easiest chance of the season! We fielded and caught well and never let them in the game. Contact Sian Brown for lessons on how to catch a ball without actually using either hand.....

Apart from our early batting this was a very good performance by everyone and it shows what we can do when we play as a team. Stats were gutted and when I went into their dressing room after the game they were all sat around in silence looking at the floor. YEEESSSSSSS!!!!!

Phil McBarron’s Match Reports

I have been asked to point out two errors: Pete Harry took the unattributed catch in the OSD game (and a good one it was too - but also see above!) and in the report on the BOC game Phil said "we" experimented with the batting order. This of course should be "I" experimented. Thank you to all ten of the other players that night for pointing this out.


Please note that the Inter-club match on 4 June is cancelled. However, there will be nets/fielding practice at Archbishop's park on 3 June. Please contact the new (improved?) slimline John Adey for details (0171 271 5259).

Quote of the week

"John Carr has got the best body in Dodgers....." (John Doyle after a huge amount of Young's Ordinary - hmmmm.....)



Priest lbw b Benn 7
Doyle b Siva 0
Westhead b Siva 0
Crawford b Benn 13
Harry b Benn 5
McBarron NOT OUT 31
J. Hilary c Niblett b Dennis 23
Brown b Alex? 0
Matthews c Benn b Clancy 0
H. Hilary c Siva b Niblett 13
A. N. Other (Doyle again!) b Broadley 2
Extras 18
TOTAL (32 overs) 112 all out

Siva 8 1 26 2
Benn 6 2 13 3
Dennis 5 0 20 1
Alex? 5 1 16 1
Clancy 4 1 14 1
Niblett 3 0 11 1
Broadley 1 0 5 1


Taylor c J. Hilary b H. Hilary 5
Benn lbw b H. Hilary 15
Clancy lbw b J. Hilary 25
Frances c Priest b Harry 3
Whitrod c Matthews b J. Hilary 7
Siva b J. Hilary 5
Wadham lbw b J. Hilary 1
Arulandunam c. Brown b Crawford 0
Broadley b Crawford 1
Niblett NOT OUT 4
Dennis b McBarron 1
Extras 13
TOTAL (34.3 overs) 80 All out

H. Hilary 8 2 10 2
McBarron 5.3 1 13 1
Harry 8 0 31 1
J. Hilary 8 2 16 4
Crawford 5 0 8 2

NB. If these scorecards don't add up, and I have not checked them, blame the scorer (who shall remain nameless but is sometimes known as "The Cat"). I understand that some sad bastards have been stood in the Royal Oak adding them up after previous match reports. Get a life!