28 June 2000

Dodgers v BSI


Another week, another victory, compare us to the Australian test team rather than the Bangladeshis.

The Dodgers team amassed at Chiswick hungry for more success and early on it all went well. On a dampish and slightly overcast evening (I've always fancied myself as a bit of a weatherman) we were keen to field first to make full use of the conditions. Captain Carr cunningly lost the toss but employed his Jedi mind games to ensure that they decided to have a bat.

In the field the game started reasonably well. Paterson and Benn kept things relatively tight in the opening eight overs conceding just twenty-nine runs. This could have probably been four fewer if I had decided against bowling my devious slower ball which turned into a full toss duly despatched for a comfortable four. Somewhat irritated I sent one down a bit quicker and thus the opening partnership was broken.

Pope came on for Paterson with Hilary replacing Benn. Unfortunately for Pope Hyde now had his eye in and was quite frankly seeing the ball like a beach ball. However, after seeing his first two balls dissect strategically placed fielders (on the boundary) and go for four Pope pulled it back conceding just five off his remaining four balls. At the other end Hilary opened with a tight if unspectacular over conceding nine runs, little clue of what was to follow. After Pope's second over went for eleven Hilary kept it tight with just one run of his next including some strong and quite beautiful twirly leg-before appeals. McBarron replaced Pope but found it tough early on, that said his first over only actually produced two scoring shots, unfortunately both of these were fours.

Arguably the next over turned the Dodgers performance in the field round. Hilary had been working up to quite a pace and now bowled an inswinging yorker which Charlston played all round, and was possibly lucky not to see his toe broken Younis style. Replacing him Harland was then trapped plum LBW with Hilary's triple salko receiving a 9.8 from the Russian judge. Unfortunately the deserved hat-trick escaped Hilary by the merest of thick inside edges (middle-of-the bat I'm afraid) but Hilary had turned the game on it's head. After McBarron was unfortunate to see something like sixteen catches go down in his next over Hilary returned to claim another wicket (one which I quite blatantly cannot remember) to finish with McGrath like figures of 3 for 15.

Brown and McBarron finished the Dodgers overs with some tightish bowling. Brown was perhaps unfortunate to see her two overs despatched for thirty two during a quite fascinating psychological battle with Holloway where, despite his hitting her for the odd four and one rather nice six, she continued to give the ball plenty of flight challenging the batsmen to hit her out of the ground. BSI finished on a healthy one hundred and twenty five for four but Dodgers remained confident(ish).

At this point I've realised that this report is getting far too long and if you've read it this far then you probably deserve my congratulations. Anyway onto the batting which opened up with Priest and Bultitude with the latter clearly struggling from a hamstring strain. Bultitude had obviously made up his mind to score only in boundaries (is this new?) and looked set to achieve that with an absolute stormer (Benaud 1997) of a shot. Unfortunately though Bultitude picked out a rather jammy and tall sod who stuck out his right hand and must have been as surprised as anyone to see the ball stick. Replacing him Cooper too hit a fine shot but with real precision picked out Harland who held onto a difficult chance. At the other end Priest must have been concerned but if he was he did not show it. Rather he displayed his full array of shots, looking especially strong off his back foot. If there can be any criticism of Priest's innings it was as he put it later that he "picked the fielder every f**k*ng time". Priest though was running out of partners with Carr clean bowled by the excellent Steadman.

It was Matthews timely entrance that was to change our batting performance and put the Dodgers back in contention. Matthews was clearly strong off his legs consistently playing a fine leg-slide glancy type paddly thing (Benaud Senior 1886). The Priest/ Matthews partnership was ended when Priest was forced to retire having made a timely 31 but his replacement came in the guise of the more than adequate McBarron. Just as it looked like Matthews was set for a big score he was bowled and replaced by Paterson who spent a fair amount of time walking to the wicket and an equal amount of time walking away from it again bowled by a rather unfortunate straight ball which is just not cricket as far as I am concerned.

If Hilary was concerned on his way to the wicket he simply did not show it. Having made an excellent 31 McBarron too was forced to retire having hit the ball to all parts of the park. Using writers licence I feel I must break off here and say that watching McBarron in full flow is simply devastating, his shot selection matching that of all the greats (does this make up for my appearing to be "in a mood with you" during the match Phil?)

Anyway back to the game. Hilary was knocking the ball all over the place and knocking it a long way too. He clearly wanted to get the game over and done with despite us needing 21 runs from the last three overs. Hilary was joined at the wicket by Benn who, in a break from his normal style of play, was looking to nurdle (new record for consecutive use of this word in relation to Neil's batting achieved) the ball for singles and farm the strike to the swashbuckling Hilary. Benn must have surely been delighted by the fielding side's compliance with his plan as they chose to protect the boundary rather than field close in. As Benn came to the wicket he tells me that Dodgers still needed 40 odd off the last 4 (Paraphrased from J.C's e-mail of 10:18am this morning). However, with Benn's nurdling and Hilary's cavalier style this soon became twenty-one off three. In one final giant push that saw Hilary looking to ensure victory ASAP this became six of two and with relative ease Dodgers coasted home to another victory.

Thanks go to everyone who turned up and my mate Dave who supplied me with the “legal” drugs that made this report possible.

Man-of-the-match – Well no one told me but if it wasn't John “all-rounder” Hilary then I will pick up my ball and go home and sulk.

Boring stats bit yaawwwnnnn!

Innings of BSI

D Steadman b Hilary 13
C.Powell b Paterson 16
D.Hyde Retired 31
J.Terry Retired 25
K.Harland LBW b Hilary 0
D.Charlston b Hilary 3
C.Holloway Not Out 25
D.Michael Not Out 4

O M R Wkts
R.Paterson 4 1 11 1
N.Benn 4 0 18 0
D.Pope 2 0 24 0
J.Hilary 4 0 15 3
P.McBarron 4 0 21 0
S.Brown 2 0 32 0

Innings of Dodgers

Priest Retired 31
Bultitude c.Hyde b.Ward 2
Cooper c.Harland b.Ward 0
Carr b.Steadman 0
Matthews b.Harland 15
McBarron Retired 31
Paterson b.Hyde 1
Hilary Not Out 24
Benn Not Out 3
Pope DNB
Brown DNB

O M R Wkts
Steadman 3 0 7 1
Ward 3 0 15 2
Terry 3 0 20 0
Harland 4 0 18 1
Hyde 4 0 26 1
Charlston 2 0 23 0
Holloway .5 0 2 0

13 June 2000

Dodgers v Highways Agency


Result: Dodgers won by 14 runs
Start: 6.10pm (!!)
Finish: 8.45pm

Dodgers Man of the Match: Darren Bultitude

A dry evening with lots of sunny intervals set the scene for another well deserved but hard fought Dodgers victory. Highways won the toss and put Dodgers in to bat on what looked and proved to be a good batting strip. A strong Dodgers side (lets ensure we get as good a team out against Superstars!) suggested a high scoring game and so it proved. Supported by a lot of noise from the boundary courtesy of George Adey, McBarron and Bultitude opened, with the latter scoring freely to move the total along at around six an over, including some excellent boundaries and surviving at least a couple of dropped catches. McBarron meanwhile remained steady at the other end pushing singles and twos to move the partnership on to 103 off 13 overs – an excellent achievement. However, in the 14th over Bultitude’s luck ran out and he was well caught in the covers for 57. McBarron was joined by a subdued Priest who only managed three singles before being caught behind. By this time McBarron had finally been told he had reached his 50 so he started to play a bit more adventurously, scoring a couple of boundaries. Next to the crease was Samuels who scored six by the end of the innings, which closed on 147 for 3. There were no stars among the Highways’ bowling but Patel surprisingly only bowled two overs much to the relief of our batsmen. A notable absentee, however, was Phil Patten who was apparently suffering from sunburn! I expect he was really just trying to protect his average.

Thanks to Westhead and Paterson for helping Highways make up the numbers in the field.

Dodgers then took to the field looking for an easy victory but some later bowling decisions by captain Priest confirmed it was far from plain sailing. Patterson opened the bowling and turned in the best bowling of the day by far, opening with a maiden (he wished) and ending with what should have been a wicket maiden except for a wide ball. Some disappointing – no, poor – no, crap – bowling from Roper (sorry Kev) set Highways off to a flying start, with Carman moving quickly to forty odd. He was soon replaced by Adey and his deceptive “fliers”, soon taking the first wicket when Siva picked the only Dodgers player who can be relied on to catch the ball, namely Bultitude (just make sure you can live up to this reputation Darren). However, Adey was clearly distracted by the female support because he eventually went for 43 off his four overs. Patterson took the next wicket, bowling quick enough (quote - anon) "to literally break the stumps whereas Adey isn’t even quick enough to break the wicket".

Meanwhile Tailor came in and kept the score moving on and with both sides on 75 after ten overs, it looked like anyone’s game. With Priest clearly concerned about a possible lost match, he brought on Bultitude to help bowl the middle spell with Crawford. The run rate slowed a little but with only Bultitude taking the important wicket of Carman for 44 and Tailor pushing the score closer to the target, Priest bottled it and brought on Benn from behind the stumps to bowl two overs. This proved to be a sound move. With Highways only five runs behind Dodgers after 18 overs, the game could have gone either way but Benn bowled tightly and with the sun shining straight in Tailor’s eyes bowled him in the 19th over. This proved decisive and Dodgers came in winners by 14 runs. A good team performance.

Thanks to our supporters – Kim Matthews (who also scored), John Doyle (who also umpired), John Cooper and Sue and George Adey. Is this a record?

Quote of the week: (See above and...)

Priest (having heard coins jangling in someone's pocket on the field): "I know it couldn't be Guy as he doesn't walk in."
Westhead: "You told me not to."
Benn: "Between overs, not balls!"

Dodgers Innings

McBarron Not Out 67
Bultitude c Blasi b Gorringe 57
Priest c Wk b Gorringe 3
Samuels Not Out 6
Extras 14
Total 147 for 2 wkts

Did not bat: Sandamas, Westhead, Benn
Crawford, Patterson, Adey, Roper

Patel 2 0 13 0
Tailor 4 0 24 0
Carman 4 0 29 0
Blasi 2 0 24 0
Raymond 2 0 15 0
Gorringe 4 0 25 2
Nish 2 0 11 0

Highway Agency Innings

Siva c Bultitude b Adey 26
Carman b Bultitude 44
Blasi b Paterson 0
Tailor b Benn 30
Nish Not Out 14
Raymond b Benn 0
Lamprill Not Out 3
Extras 16
Total 133 for 5 wkts

Patterson 4 1 6 1
Roper 2 0 24 0
Adey 4 0 43 1
Crawford 4 0 26 0
Bultitude 4 0 25 1
Benn 2 1 5 2

Dodgers Won by 14 Runs

07 June 2000

Dodgers v DCMS

Dodgers v Department of Culture, Media and Sport
7 June 2000

Dodgers beat DCMS by four wickets

The two teams assembled in the best weather of the year to date for this encounter, thankful at least to be playing on grass rather than the threatened (and lively looking) artificial strip alongside.

DCMS were pegged down early on by the pace of Paterson and Crawford, the latter picking up two helpful lbws. Replacing Rod, John Hilary bowled an admirable spell, mixing away swingers and off spinners/cutters at will and was not flattered by his figures. John Cooper also generated a great deal of swing but tended to drift too many deliveries down the legside. Sian made light work of a catch at mid-on off his bowling, though, to leave DCMS struggling a little at 52-3 at the mid-innings break.

Matt Leach bowled quite fluently and picking up one victim, as did Phil McBarron thanks to a good low catch by stand-in keeper Neil Benn. DCMS opener Sean Cove had batted steadily and was still there when the arrival of Neil Bond at number 8 threatened to de-rail the Dodgers' effort. Bond was particularly savage on David Pope's first over, but had difficulties in the second before being dropped off a difficult chance by Benn.

The drop had little cost, however, as Paterson returned to the attack. Bowling very quickly, he sent Bond's leg stump cart-wheeling back with a yorker – the "champagne moment" for sure - before bowling a hapless tailender and trapping another lbw to finish with fine figures of 3-19.

The target of 157 looked within range and despite losing Westhead early for a duck lbw, veteran grinders Benn and McBarron kept the board ticking nicely against the DCMS second string having been rightly cautious against the openers. 56-1 after 16 overs was a very satisfactory start, but Benn then got out paddling a high full toss to backward square for 17 and John Cooper followed soon after playing a horrid shot across the line of low straight delivery. Cap'n Carr righted the ship with McBarron expertly, taking the score to 114 in the 29th over with some good running and three excellent straight fours. His dismissal was..... err.... controversial, lbw a very long way forward. [Umpiring from square leg, JC was 4 feet down; with the bowler delivering in-skidders, the chances of it striking him in line and still hitting leg stump were about zero.]

Two more wickets fell in horrific fashion quickly: Crawford wiping across a triple-bouncer for 1 and Paterson (having hit an attractive straight drive for four) wiping across a double bouncer for 8. At 130-6 with 7 overs left the victory seemed in doubt, but ice-man Hilary combined with McBarron sensibly to win the game with 6 balls to spare. The sight of the three musketeers (Pope, Brown and Leach) all padded up simultaneously no doubt providing the spur he needed to stay in. McB's 52no – with no boundaries – was an excellent effort, proving the adage that success sides have someone who bats for a very long time in these 40-over games. Out of touch, Phil had batted resolutely throughout, offering no chances and blocking the better bowlers effectively where necessary.

This was a good performance from the Dodgers, though our batting was unconvincing at times. It was no coincidence that, on a pitch with little bounce, our three straightest batters scored best and there were some horrid dismissals among the big hitters. DCMS had been unable to resist our opening bowlers in the way McBarron, Benn and Carr had done to theirs. Our support bowling – especially John Hilary - was far better, conceding 18 fewer wides. Our fielding was good too, especially John Cooper at long on; an improved performance from David Pope; and one memorable stop from Matt Leach. Benn conceded 10 fewer byes than his DCMS counterpart behind the stumps, and 25 fewer extras overall made a significant difference in the end.

DCMS won the toss and elected to bat.

DCMS Innings

Cove lbw b Paterson 63
Bradshaw lbw b Crawford 6
McGowan lbw b Crawford 0
Paragreen c Brown b Cooper 9
Coster b Hilary 2
Scattergood c Benn b McBarron 9
Fitzgerald D b Leach 8
Bond (c) b Paterson 26
Fitzgerald B not out 12
Jackson b Paterson 0
Dawes not out 2
Extras (w16, b2, lb2) 21
Total (40 overs) 156 for 9

FOW: 20, 22, 52, 54, 85, 104, 137, 141, 141


Paterson 8-1-19-3
Crawford 8-2-20-2
Hilary 8-0-17-1
Cooper 4-0-18-1
Leach 4-0-24-1
McBarron 4-0-22-1
Pope 2-0-19-0
Brown 2-0-13-0

Dodgers Innings

Benn (w) c Scatt'd b Fitz'd D 17
Westhead lbw b Bond 0
McBarron not out 52
Cooper b Bradshaw 1
Carr (c) lbw b Fitz'd B 21
Crawford b Paragreen 1
Paterson b Dawes 8
Hilary not out 11
Extras (nb1, w34, b12) 46
Total (39 0vers) 157 for 6
dnb: Brown, Pope, Leach

FOW: 11, 58, 59, 114, 118, 130


Bond 8-3-13-1
B Fitzgerald 8-1-17-1
Bradshaw 8-1-22-1
D Fitzgerald 3-0-10-1
Jackson 4-0-23-0
Paragreen 3-0-18-1
Dawes 2-0-11-0
McGowan 2-0-11-1
Scattergood 1-0-5-0

02 June 2000

Superstars vs Dodgers

Superstars strike back

Superstars vs Dodgers
Thursday 2 June 2000

Start 2.30pm
Finish 7.45pm
Weather: Dry
Dodgers won toss and elected to field
40 overs

On a glorious day by the standards that have so far preceded it, Superstars, having been put into bat by Carr took to the field at Chiswick for the first rematch of the season.

Good tight opening bowling by Benn and Roper restricted Superstars' first pair to a slow start. Gigg, their captain and some time Transec-er, settled in quickly and confidently. However, Steve Carter at the other end looked slightly less sure of himself and soon succumbed to a dolly catch by Roper off Benn for a duck. The sardonic Dodgers hinted that tactically this may not have been the best of moves but that it would have been imprudent not to take it.

Meyler joined Gigg for a fairly brisk 18. He was dropped by Cooper off Birch Minor, running in from cover who only to "lose the ball at the last minute in the sun". He was caught sharply by Priest at slip fairly shortly afterwards.

Whitrod played cautiously and hit out at the right balls for his well-paced 34 before being bowled comprehensively by Benn. Matthews suffered a recurrence of an old war wound early on and had to be helped off the field. Benn threw on the pads behind the stumps to be replaced later by Priest. Crozier made 9 but was expertly run out by Roper who threw the stumps down from 6 yards up the wicket. Gundry came out and made a quick 16 before he too was clean bowled, this time by debutant Bultitude. Terry Carter was bowled by Benn for only 4 as Superstars looked to up the scoring rate near the end of the game. At one time they looked like making 180 but would have needed an extra over to make this. Taylor and Marchant saw the innings out on 10 and 2 respectively. Superstars were 173 for 7 wickets off their full 40 overs.

After the "tea" interval Dodgers set about what was considered to be a fairly modest total. And they set off like a rocket. With Benn consolidating at one end, the merciless Bultitude set about Gundry like a man possessed. To the distant sound of great cheers from the bench he pasted the ball to all quarters. At the end of 3 overs Dodgers had reached an impressive 26 runs. Inevitably it was too good to last and he Bultitude succumbed to a catch by Perera off Patton having made 22 including 4 fours.

Cooper, now established as the number three in matches where Dodgers play Superstars, joined Benn. Dicing with death at every turn, a streaky one flew over slip. A high one to mid-on was dropped by Perera. A miraculous run-out escape! The deceptive Taylor drew another hoick (sic) which lofted to the ubiquitous Gundry who is clearly Cooper's nemesis.

Benn continued to nurdle (a word heard to be uttered by the Channel 4 Test Match team) proficiently gathering important singles and twos. Most importantly he stayed around to anchor the innings.

Priest, batting at four strode in and after taking a single tried to cut a rising one but Gigg plucked it out of the air at point. It was a good catch but as Priest commented on returning to the bench it was "a shit shot" (editorial licence invoked here).

Sandamas, in next, did not fare much better, being clean bowled by the increasingly accurate Taylor without troubling the scorer. Worse was yet to happen as Roper following at number six joined the Golden Club (inaugurated this season by Cooper against Transec). Dodgers had gone from 48 for 2 to 50 for 5 in short order.

Carr brought some much-needed stability and runs to the middle order and with Benn they pushed the score on before towards one hundred. An unfortunate mix-up led to Carr being stranded.

Birch Minor got in and then after having warned by the 'keeper got out for 6, thereby avoiding having to bat with his dad, Birch Major. The reliable Gigg took the catch off Marchant. The aforesaid Major took a direct hit from Perera for 1 who was producing a very tidy spell.

Leach, coming in with Dodgers on 106 for 8 and facing an uphill task produced stoic resistance but fell foul of an unscheduled meeting in the centre of the wicket with Benn who noticing the urgency of the situation had accelerated (slightly) his scoring rate. The ball made it's way to the stumps and the run-out curse had hit Dodgers again.

With Matthews otherwise indisposed Dodgers brought on Brierley who had conveniently arrived not long before to bat. However, with the score on 108 for 9 and still needing 64 win, things weren't looking rosy. Some slipshod and slapstick fielding resulted in one for the collectors - a five. But with Superstars toying with the tail end the bitter end loomed. With one final pounce Marchant took Brierley's dolly off Crozier. The defiant Benn carried his bat but ran out of partners and Dodgers were 121 all out slumping to their first defeat of the season.

Result: Superstars won by 52 runs

Man of the Match: Darren Bultitude


Gigg* ct Roper b Birch S 52
Carter S ct Roper b Benn 0
Meyler ct Priest b Birch C 18
Whitrod b Benn 34
Crozier run out (Roper) 9
Gundry b Bultitude 16
Carter T b Benn 4
Taylor not out 10
Marchant not out 2
Extras 26
Total 173 for 7 wickets

did not bat: Perera, Patton

O M R W Av
Benn 8 0 34 3 11.3
Roper 5 2 13 0 -
Birch C 8 0 29 1 29
Leach 8 0 33 0 -
Birch S 4 0 27 1 27
Bultitude 7 0 34 1 34


Benn not out 34
Bultitude ct Perera b Patton 22
Cooper b Taylor 14
Priest b Taylor 1
Sandamas b Taylor 0
Roper (Golden) b Marchant 0
Carr* run out (Taylor) 19
Birch C b Marchant 5
Birch S b Perera 1
Leach run out (?) 1
Brierley c Marchant b Crozier 7
Extras 17
Total 121 all out

(Matthews dnb)

O M R W Av
Gundry 4 0 23 0 -
Patton 4 0 16 1 16
Taylor 8 3 13 3 4.3
Marchant 8 0 33 2 16.5
Perera 7 0 18 2 9
Crozier 1.4 0 3 1 3
Carter S 1 0 7 0 -

Fall of wicket: 1-27, 2-48, 3-49, 4-49, 5-50
6-91, 7-105, 8-106, 9-108, 10-121

Superstars won by 52 runs