27 February 2004

Mystery Solved - missings pads discovered in Audit Commission's kit bag!! Is this irony?


23 February 2004

Mindless snippets #2

Neil P and/or McB: "What time does the next train arrive?"
Andrew: "I don't know, I haven't got to that page yet..."

[thanks to Matt for powers of recall]
Nets 2004 update Thanks to Andrew for all his work thus far. The latest line-up of likely lads is on the Nets 2004 page which is also accessible from the button on the right hand navigation. I will keep this up to date as people sign up and, inevitably, step down. There's also a form on this page for you to send your message to me if you can't remember my email address (which isn't going to be mentioned here lest I get spammed to death).
NETS 2004

Nets are almost upon us - they start next week, on Thursday 4 March. See the attached file for details:

Nets 2004.doc

Sorry I can't post a list on this page, my PC skills are not up to it ! But you've had it by email anyway.

Our Secretary John Cooper will be organising the nets on a weekly basis so please contact him to fill vacant places or notify changed availability. But DON'T do it at the last minute, please.

16 February 2004

Mindless snippets from days gone by [#1 in an occasional series]

McB: "I know I am going to regret asking this but what train would you recommend?"

Crawford: "Why........? I would suggest going for the 16.27 from Vauxhall to allow for delays to the 16.57 but I'm not sure I'll be able to get away that early."

McB: "But if we go to Vauxhall for the 16.57 and earlier trains end up being 30-60 mins late as you predict, won't we end up catching either the late running 1557 or 1627?! Outcome - we get to Chiswick at the desired time."

Matt: "This is like eavesdropping on a conversation between Vulcans. A war between competing forces of pure logic...."

11 February 2004

Want to play cricket?

Want to play cricket? Dodgers play social cricket Apr-Sept
weekday evenings and the odd afternoon
nets Mar-Apr

Join Dodgers

10 February 2004

A reminder to those of you who have not yet reserved your places at this year's nets or want to go to extra ones, please let Andrew Crawford know as soon as possible - see full details and an online form here

Spare places may be offered to S********s.
Fixtures Man says that we already have some fixtures confirmed for the coming season and a few others pencilled in like these:

Sunday 23 May - Buckhurst Hill (Home, Provisional)
Sunday 6 June - St Andrews (Away - Croydon, Confirmed)
Sunday 27 June - Warwick Castle (Home, Provisional)
Tuesday 27 July - New Barbarian Weasels (Away - Berrylands?, Confirmed)
Sunday 8 August - Warwick Castle (Home, Provisional)
Sunday 5 September - Buckhurst Hill (Away, Confirmed)

04 February 2004

Take a minute The minutes of the latest Committee meeting held on 8 January together with those for the last two Annual General Meetings are now in the My Dodgers section.