23 August 2004

The 5.30pm departure on 24/08/04 from Chiswick is cancelled...

... due to the Oppo (ATOC Marauders) only being able to field 4 players.

The next Dodgers game is the afternoon finale to the Superstars series. With Dodgers in an unassailable 2-0 lead can they complete the whitewash?

19 August 2004

High standards

Dodgers easily beat a plucky BSI side on Friday night to win the 2004 "series" 2-0. After winning the toss and deciding to bat, BSI were held down to about 20 runs off the first 10 overs due largely to some great work by Waz (3-2-1-0) and Cousins (4-2-9-2).

Read the full report and scorecard here.

Check out the post-BSI bowling, batting and fielding in the Stats section.

12 August 2004


Dodgers' proud unbeaten record at Chiswick finally ended tonight when we were beaten by a team of six men... and three women from the Audit Commission.

Batting first, AC launched a severe attack from the word go. Though John Hilary fared reasonably well and took a wicket, Benn going at 8 an over and Luke going at 12 an over were particularly harshly dealt with, as were the first two overs from Adey. We dragged it back towards the end as the retirements rule again came to our rescue, but 136 was way more than anyone expected. AC had batted very well on a flat pitch, albeit assisted by our worst fielding of the season by some distance.

But, let's be fair, 137 was very gettable against only nine. Actually that's not quite right - they had ten with our loaned player. The first ball was a long hop outside off stump and Tawhid somehow chipped it low to mid-wicket where it was caught by... J Hilary, who promptly jogged off to pad up.

McBarron joined Priest and they embarked on a stand packed with competitive running. Unfortunately, they were competing with each other, which did nobody any favours. Nonetheless, Phil batted very swiftly and retired with us well up with rate. Guy showed traces of his South African side before being run out attempting an ambitious second and Neil made his 30 before also retiring.

The much-vaunted middle order again failed to deliver. Luke attempted a bold upper cut to be easily caught; Hilary tired an uncharacterisitc nurdle and was trapped in front; and Benn's rather more characteristic nurdle was caught off a leading edge. In between Cooper had been comprehensively bowled, and with the Cat's departure it was up to Adey and the returned McBarron with 18 needed off two. Phil cut a dashing figure in C&A's finest having bizarrely got changed, but was soon run out.

12 off the last with Priest at the wicket. A two and a one made it nine off four, then Adey launched a sensational slog over mid-wicket to make it five off three. A dot, then all over as John was bowled in the gloom. As last week, the game ended on a sour note with some totally unneccessary bad sportsmanship from some members of the opposition.

AC thoroughly deserved to win this, having batted really well against a lack-lustre Dodgers side that had fielded abysmally. We should still have won, but the batting just didn't get its act together.

11 August 2004

The Other Side of Wandsworth

There is now an official Warwick Castle's report of last Sunday's narrow defeat courtesy of TQ.

Match: Warwick Castle Cricket Club v Dodgers Cricket Club
Sunday 8th August 2004 at Wandsworth Common
Weather: Hot and Sunny becoming Cloudy later

Warwick Castle Won by 1 Wicket

When this season is over and Warwick regulars assemble over a pint or eight to dissect the summer this game may be one which they’ll look at as typical of a season in which they have contrived to make the game look as difficult as possible while sporadically actually playing quite well.

Read the full report here along with our report by Neil Benn and the scorecard.

10 August 2004

Reports 'n' Stats 'n' Profiles

Reports for Weasels, Ombudsman and Warwick Castle amended/added in Fixtures & Results.

Bowling, Batting and Fielding figures updated in Stats.

A new picture of John Adey added in Profiles.

09 August 2004

Happy Birthday dodgerscricket.org!

It was the first birthday of the website on 7 August. In the first year we have gradually seen the site replace the old style match reports (which took ages to appear), a burgeoning collection of photo galleries, commenting on post (now available to one and all) and plenty of pi$$taking player profiles. We have also filled up our webspace and will need to pay for some extra! New developments will see the launch of a new design and the eventual completion of sections like previous years' stats.

So near...

Dodgers so nearly pulled off their greatest-ever victory yesterday against Warwick Castle but fell just short, losing by one wicket.

McB opened with Warwick reject Qureshi on a pitch that looked distinctly "sporting" and played more so. The first ball from our old friend Mark Cav bounced and jagged back to hit Phil in the stomach; the second he steered to second slip. 0 for 1. Two no balls for head-high bouncers later, Alex Luke's mate Johnny got a grubber. 2 for 2. Then Alex himself was called for a ridiculous run by Tawhid, dithered, then went. They didn't need the direct hit but that was 2 for 3 and humiliation looming with three players not yet at the ground.

Neil Benn joined Tawhid and the recovery began. Avoiding the short ball was key, but both latched on to a few half-volleys and with the odd nurdle and a lot of extras the score had reached 52 before Tawhid was bowled for 16 by one that kept very low. John Hilary was next and he batted in typically positive fashion before being hit in the chest. That seemed to shake him up considerably and he soon perished, also for 16, with the score 82-5.

The score had passed 100 before Benn was out attempting a chip to long-on that sliced to long-off and was pouched. Perhaps his best-ever innings for Dodgers, he had again fallen tantalisingly short of a maiden 50 for the club. The rest of the innings folded rapidly and 119 didn't look anywhere near enough. Extras made a handy 30 and apart from Benn, Qureshi and Hilary no batsman had reached 5.

Indeed, a 10-wicket defeat looked on the cards as Warwick started strongly against Hilary and Patel - a guest from Superstars. Then John trapped an opener LBW and wickets began to fall steadily. John Cooper picked a useful two, one from an excellent catch by Johnny, and the second Patel brother began a tremondous spell of spin and guile picking up the other opener as the tension mounted.

Benn took the 7th of the nine wickets needed with more than 20 still required. Could the miracle happen? The 8th wicket proved stubborn, however, with two catches being shelled (one, sadly, a complete dolly) as McB kept one end tight with Benn while mixing the Patels. Eventually the batsmen cracked first, attempting a crazy single and Hilary's good work effected the run out.

13 needed, then 9 and decision time for McB. Should he keep on Benn from whom there were no runs at all but little chance of a wicket, or try to blast them out with a third spell from the pacy Patel? He opted for the latter but disaster struck - a wide went to the boundary quickly followed by a thick edge and it was all over.

What a game! A super effort from the Dodgers from a hopeless position with credit due to all the bowlers and the Cat, whose commitment meant he picked up numerous injuries in the most dangerous fielding position on the park. But let's not play here too often...

Quote of the day: "I saw most of your runs but eventually I just couldn't keep my eyes open" - Neil Benn's girlfirend, obviously inspired beyond belief by his heroic innings

06 August 2004

Swinging like a rusty gate!

Warren 'Waz' Bass enjoys a beer in the bar after the Ombudsman win
Warren 'Waz' Bass enjoys a beer in the bar after the Ombudsman win

Me post-Ombudsman avrij!

Batting, bowling and fielding figures now updated in the Stats section.

Another one down

Dodgers maintained their unbeaten record at Chiswick last night with a narrow, though comfortable, win over the Ombudsmen.

Stand-in, stand-in, stand-in skipper Neil Benn kept up the tradition of his forebears by losing the toss but given that we had only eight at the ground would have batted anyway. New opening pairing Luke and Qureshi began very well with some free hitting and adventurous running, posting 47 at around a run-a-ball before Tawhid nicked one behind for 23. Luke soon followed for 17, playing all round a straight one, and the innings promptly stalled as Cat and Adey struggled.

Cat soon began to break the shackles, however, notching another effective cameo with 18 but it was Warren Bass - having "been at the wicket" during the run out of recently-arrived skipper McB - who provided the real impetus, smashing six, four, four in consecutive balls to take us to 118-5 with 24 not out.

Opening bowlers Benn and Bass were pressured by a big-hitting Ombudsman opener, but Bass in particular was able to keep the runs in check. The introduction of the golden arms Luke and Cooper proved decisive, though, with Alex's first ball being chipped to Adey and John picking up 3 for 20 in a spell of seam bowling that characterised his excellent season.

Matt Southwell continued to show good promise and with 30 needed off 2, McB yielded to pressure and gave Tawhid - who had fielded excellently - a bowl. Well at least it made it interesting... 15 runs flowed to keep the Ombudsmen's hopes alive, but Matt was not phased in the final over and we ran out winners by eight runs.

Sad to say that some blatantly dodgy umpring decisions and a really low piece of bad sportsmanship towards the end left a bitter taste, but it was washed away with victory beer yet again for the Dodgers.

05 August 2004

Dodgers v Warwick Castle Sunday 8 August @ 2pm

The team for this match at Wandsworth Common is (in provisional batting order): McB, Qureshi, Luke, Johnny, Benn, Whitrod, Hilary, Patel, Cooper, Matthews

The match is at Wandsworth Common, a new venue for Dodgers. Directions (courtesy of TQ) are as follows:

Map link

The cricket pitches are just off Dorlcote Road, and the changing rooms are situated away to the east near the cafe / playground. The nearest tube is Balham and the nearest overground stop is Wandsworth Common.

Warwick Castle are aiming for a prompt 2pm start, and they are also happy to supply tea, which along with splitting the pitch hire works out as £45 per team.

04 August 2004

Team for Ombudsman Thu 5 Aug @ 6pm

Tawhid, Adey, Whitrod, McB, Matthews, Cav, Luke, Benn, Southwell,

This is also the provisional batting order.

02 August 2004

Player of the Month - July

There is a 3-way tie for Player of the Month for July. Step forward
Messrs Carr, Matthews and Taylor...

Those votes in full:

7 votes - Carr, Matthews, Taylor
4 votes - Crawford
3 votes - Cousins, McBarron, Southwell
2 votes - Gill
1 vote - Andrews, Bass, Benn, Cooper, Qureshi

Weasels - Man of the Match

Phil McBarron was the Man of the Match in last week's match against New Barbarian Weasels: McB - 3, Gill - 2, Andrews - 1, Bass - 1, Benn - 1, Cooper - 1, Qureshi - 1 (10 votes only)

01 August 2004


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Warwick at Wandsworth

The venue for the match on Sunday 8 June vs The Warwick Castle (or "Tawhid's lot" as they are commonly known) has been changed (again). It is now at Wandsworth Common. That's if we can get enough players...

Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo

Match reports and photos galore:

The win over Weasels
The defeat to Dealers
Those Sports Day pics in full