28 February 2005

Superstar Fixture Joy

Superstar leaders were cock-a-hoop after the Dodgers AGM controversially agreed to grant the club four fixtures next season. Superstars have been in decline for many years and can now only really compete effectively in six-a-side tournaments - and even then only when their prima donna players are given special leave. As a result, many new Dodgers members wanted to reduce the number of fixtures; against them were traditionalists who enjoyed ten-wicket victories. Following a heated debate, a proposal to grant the Rats four fixtures "to provide opportunities for fringe and elderly players" was approved on the casting vote of the Chairman.

25 February 2005

Those Dodgers Awards 2004 in full

Thanks to everyone who turned out for the Dodgers AGM and Social last night at the Marquis of Granby. A fine time was had by all and the beer flowed freely at the bar. A special Dodgers Season Review 2004 by Neil Benn and Phil McBarron was circulated. After the business end of proceedings in the form of the AGM was completed there was then the small matter of the Dodgers Awards. The presentation party comprised our Chairman John Adey and Master of Ceremonies Phil McBarron and the winners were as follows:

Best Batsman

1st - Neil Priest (avg 50.4)
2nd - Phil McBarron (39.6)
3rd - Matt Taylor (27.7)

Best Bowler

1st – Simon Cousins (avg 10.3)
2nd - Warren Bass (10.6)
3rd - John Hilary (14.1)

Player of the Season (based on Man of the Match votes – shown in brackets)

1st – Simon Cousins (32)
2nd - Matt Taylor (26)
3rd equal – John Cooper and Kim Matthews (19)

Winners of awards voted for on dodgerscricket.org (no. of votes and select quotes from voters in brackets)

Best Fielder ("A dubious accolade; like winning 'most intelligent' at a village idiot contest")

1st - Matt Taylor (7)
2nd - Alex Luke (1)
3rd - Kim Matthews (1)

Most Improved Player

1st - John Cooper (4) ("not because he was rubbish before, but because he took more good wickets this season")
2nd - Kim Matthews (3)
3rd - Simon Cousins (2)
Honourable mention: Tawhid Qureshi ("but not for his running")

Champagne Moment of the Season

1st - 3-0 series win over Superstars (3)
2nd – Cat's 100th run of the season (3)
3rd - Popey's wicket from a ball 4 feet outside leg against Buckhurst (1)
Notable runners-up: Kim's catch, Warren Bass's eclectic choice of sledging: "Swinging like a rusty gate!"

Best Innings

1st - Neil Benn v Watwick Castle @ Wandsworth (3)
2nd - Tawhid Qureshi v HMT in the rain (2)
3rd equal – Matt Taylor v Superstars 13 July (1), McB v Weasels (1), Cat v Science Museum (1)

Best Bowling

1st - Simon Cousins v Buckhurst Hill (5) ("scarily accurate")
... and the rest: Bass v Superstars 31 Aug (1), McB v SRA (1), Cooper v Superstars (1)

Best Catch

1st - Matt Taylor getting Godden at Sports Day (4)
2nd - The Cat v MoD (2)
3rd - Alex's mate Johnny v Warwick Castle (1)
Honourable mention: Matt Southwell v Buckhurst Hill in the last game of the season

24 February 2005

Dodgers AGM and Social 2004 Photo Gallery

MC Phil McBarron introduced and Chairman John Adey presented the Dodgers Awards 2004. Photographs courtesy of Tawhid Qureshi.

Dodgers AGM and Social 2004 - Thursday 24 February 2005 - Neil Priest receives the Best Batsman awardDodgers AGM and Social 2004 - Thursday 24 February 2005Neil Priest receives the Best Batsman award

Dodgers AGM and Social 2004 - Thursday 24 February 2005 - Simon Cousins receives one of his two awards (Best Bowler and Player of the Season)Dodgers AGM and Social 2004 - Thursday 24 February 2005 - Simon Cousins receives one of his two awards (Best Bowler and Player of the Season)

Dodgers AGM and Social 2004 - Thursday 24 February 2005 - Matt Taylor receives the Best Fielder awardDodgers AGM and Social 2004 - Thursday 24 February 2005Matt Taylor receives the Best Fielder award

Dodgers AGM and Social 2004 - Thursday 24 February 2005 - John Cooper receives the Most Improved Player awardDodgers AGM and Social 2004 - Thursday 24 February 2005John Cooper receives the Most Improved Player award

Dodgers AGM and Social 2004 - Thursday 24 February 2005 - Master of Ceremonies Phil McBarron introduces the Dodgers Awards 2004Dodgers AGM and Social 2004 - Thursday 24 February 2005Master of Ceremonies Phil McBarron introduces the Dodgers Awards 2004

Minutes of Annual General Meeting 2004

Dodgers Cricket Club: Annual General Meeting 2004
Thursday 24 February 2005, The Marquis of Granby

Present: John Adey (JA), Neil Benn (NB), Jude Brierley (JB), John Cooper (JC2), Simon Cousins (SC), John Hilary (JH), Matt Leach, Kim Matthews (KM), Phil McBarron (PM), Neil Priest (NP), Tawhid Qureshi (TQ), Matt Taylor (MT), Guy Westhead (GW)

Chair: JA

1. Apologies

1.1 Apologies had been received from Andrew Crawford (AC), John Carr (JC), Alex Luke (AL), David Pope (DP).

2. Minutes of 2004 AGM (07/11/03)

2.2 The minutes from the last AGM were formally agreed without comment.

3. Finance

3.1 JC2 reported that £278 had been carried forward from the 2003 accounts (31/12/03 year end). Franca McBarron (FM) had verified the 2003 accounts, and these had been signed off. The meeting thanked Franca for auditing the accounts, as well as thanking AC as outgoing treasurer.

3.2 JC2 reported that the 2004 accounts had shown a net income of £38, and said that loans from members had helped to maintain a positive account balance. It was noted that NB had provided a loan to the Club of £50. Payment in advance for Chiswick pitch fees had not helped cashflow.

3.3 The meeting thanked AC for his services as outgoing treasurer, and it was acknowledged that he took over the role in difficult circumstances.

4. Election of Officers for 2005

4.1 The following officers were re-elected unopposed:

Chairman: JA
Fixture Secretary: KM
Captain: JC
Vice-Captain: NP
Honorary Auditor: FM
Additional Member: NB

4.2 AC had previously stood down as Treasurer, and the following new officers were appointed unopposed:

Treasurer: JC2
Secretary: TQ

5. Subscriptions and Match fees for 2005

5.1 It was agreed that membership subscription should be increased to £10, and this would take effect immediately. This measure would aid a positive account balance at the start of the 2006 season.

5.2 It was agreed that match fees should remain the same as 2004:

Evening match fee: £3.50
Afternoon (no tea) match fee: £4.00
Afternoon (with tea) match fee: £5.00

6. Selection Policy for 2005

6.1 It was agreed that this should remain the same as in 2004. The best eleven would be selected each week by John Carr in consultation with Neil Priest. John would have the final say on selection with the following caveats:

a) Nobody should have to miss two matches in a row.
b) Opposition’s strength to be taken into account when selected the side (ie. The stronger the opposition the stronger the Dodgers side to be selected).
c) Account to be taken of people repeatedly dropping out at the last minute without a good excuse.

6.2 It was agreed that once selected teams would continue to be posted on the website, as well as e-mail notification.

7. Recruitment

7.1 JC2 reported that few new members had been recruited through the website and internal publicity from last year

7.2 It was agreed that posters should be placed in Eland House and Caxton house. GW confirmed that he would be putting posters up in the Treasury.

7.3 PM encouraged everyone to make an effort in recruiting new members by asking colleagues.

8. Fixtures 2005

8.1 It was agreed that the spread of games had been correct in 2004, with normally one game per week (occasionally two) and some weekend games.

8.2 KM reminded the meeting that with block bookings at Chiswick, refunds were not available for games that were canceled due to bad weather.

9. Closed Season Activties

9.1 None were reported, and JA requested any ideas to be forwarded to the committee.

9.2 JC2 informed the meeting that places on pre-season nets had not been fully taken up, although he anticipated that with further reminders sent out, all places would be taken up.

10. Any Other Business

10.1 The issue of applying for SPARTA funding was discussed, and it was agreed that too many conditions were attached to funding applications. Previous attempts at procuring SPARTA funding had failed, and last year it was decided not to try as there were not enough SPARTA members within the Club.

10.2 JC2 requested that any prospective website contributors should contact him, and he would provide them with blogging access.

10.3 The meeting was reminded that all Dodgers were invited to the Superstars AGM on 01/04/05.

Tawhid Qureshi