29 July 2009

Dodgers v Science Museum

Barnes Common
20 overs
No retirement rule
Weather: Light drizzle

Dodgers 119 for 4 (Qureshi 33, McBarron 26*) beat Science Museum 103 for 4 (Cousins 4-1-7-1) by 16 runs

Man of the Match: Cousins - 4, McBarron - 4, Paterson - 1


Innings of Dodgers

Taylor c ? b Edwards 5
Qureshi c ? b Crispin 33
Priest lbw b Robinson 15
Matthews c & b Crispin 2
McBarron not out 26
Paterson not out 13
Sub-total 94
Extras 25
Total 119

DNB: Cooper J, Cousins, Orwell

FoW: 1-20, 2-54, 3-72, 4-72

Bowling of Science Museum


Innings of Science Museum

Humphreys lbw b Cooper 23
Levett b Cousins 0
Baig c Priest b McBarron 16
Martis run out (Paterson/Matthews) 21
Page not out 18
Stoddart not out 14
Sub-total 92
Extras 11
Total 103

DNB: Egan, Proctor, Henman, Robinson, Elliott

Bowling of Dodgers

Orwell 4-0-27-0
Cousins 4-1-7-1
Paterson 4-0-15-0
Cooper J 4-0-24-1
McBarron 4-0-20-1

28 July 2009

Dodgers v Corinthians

Weather: Fair

Corinthians 68 (Lowe 5 for 8) lost to Dodgers - full details to come

Man of the Match: Lowe - 10, Lee (P-PS) - 1

Match Report by Peter Lee
A rare break in the late July storms saw the Dodgers taking on Belair Corinthians, eager to extract revenge for the comprehensive stuffing inflicted upon them earlier in the season.  Captain Priest, having [won/lost] the toss [elected] to field first, giving Corinthians first use of what looked like a placid wicket and Dodgers first use of an outfield strewn with its usual late-season helpings of goose droppings.  
Lowe was given choice of ends and, having been treated for shock, swiftly nominated the top end in order to maximise his raw pace.  The first ball whistled down at a terrifying 40 miles an hour and was dispatched disdainfully for four.  After the second ball nearly suffered the same fate, Lowe apologised and stated that “he hadn’t bowled fast for weeks”.  After briefly wondering in which parallel universe Lowe had ever bowled fast, assorted Dodgers suggested he perhaps aimed for accuracy instead. 
The rest, as they say, is history.  Corinthians batsmen, clearly influenced by the David Koresh-eque Messiah figure that is Mike Dollin, fell over each other to perish off his bowling.  Like depressed lemmings who, following a particularly bad day at the office, come home to find the wife in bed with the octogenarian next-door neighbour, they seemed only to eager to end it as swiftly as possible.    Barker bagged the first quack quack, dollying a simple c&b chance, swiftly followed by Dubey and Mendelsohn for similarly shaped blobs.  Dollin briefly detained the scorers and tested late arrival Fox with one swirling chance before generously offering him to chance for redemption a few balls later which he gobbled up faster than a hungry cricketer confronted by a plate of tea-time scones.  In between the Lowe-inspired carnage, Cooper bowled an excellent spell and was rewarded with the wicket of Thompson, snaffled by specialist short extra cover Westhead (OBE).  
Into Lowe’s last over and the tension rose with the fiver-for within touching distance.  The Corinthian batsmen seemed determined to see him off but with three balls left, he couldn’t resist a swipe which flew straight to Lee at mid-off.  Cue wild celebrations.  No Dodger has ever taken six-for and neither could Lowe as Gant blocked solidly .  Still, 4-1-8-5 was the second best-ever analysis for a Dodger and had firmly placed the home side in control.
The follow up bowling ensured that the boot remained firmly on the throat, Hilary was somewhat profligate, conceding an entire run off his four overs.  Fox probed away and picked a wicket from an excellent Marr catch.  A late flurry off Lee and McBarron made the score somewhat more respectable but left the Dodgers only needing 3 1/2 an over.
Nothing is ever easy for Dodgers though.  Hattea continued his excellent form with an unbeaten 25 but at the other end, there was a wobble as Marr, Priest and Westhead departed for low scores.  At 23-3 Corinthians were considering that the impossible could happen.  However, Hattea’s knock pushed the score along further and then a solid partnership, combining McBarron’s pragmatic nurdles and Lee’s agricultural whacks, rapidly closed things out.  A comfortable win was completed with 3.2 overs left by 7 wickets.  Over Lowe’s excellent post-match jugs, the Dodgers reflected on one of the all-time great bowling spells and some consistently strong fielding and catching.  MoM was a predictable landslide for Dodgers very own Phil Defreitas.


Innings of Corinthians

Thompson c Westhead b Cooper R 7
Barker c & b Lowe 0
Dubey b Lowe 0
Mendelsohn b Lowe 0
Dollin c Fox b Lowe 6
Neagle c Marr b Fox 4
Hayes c Lee (PS) b Lowe 0
Gant not out 30
Denetz run out (Hilary/McB) 5
Carter not out 6
Sub-total 58
Extras 11
Total 69

Bowling of Dodgers

Lowe 4-1-8-5
Cooper R 4-0-12-1
Hilary 4-3-1-0
Fox 4-0-10-1
McBarron 2-0-15-0
Lee (P-PS) 2-0-21-0

Note: Lowe's bowling 2nd best ever
analysis for Dodgers

Innings of Dodgers

Hatteea not out 25
Marr c ? b Hayes 0
Priest c Dollin b Carter 1
Westhead run out 2
McBarron not out 12
Lee (P-PS) not out 20
Sub-total 60
Extras 10
Total 70

DNB: Cooper R, Matthews, Lowe, Fox, Hilary

FoW: 1-12, 2-16, 3-23

Bowling of Corinthians

Hayes 4-0-10-1
Carter 4-1-11-1
Mendelsohn 2.4-0-9-0
Parker 3-0-14-0
Jim? 2-0-15-0
Dom? 1-0-7-0

26 July 2009

Dodgers v Tilburg Regions

40 overs
No retirement rule

Dodgers 191/3 (Qureshi 79*, McBarron 65) lost to Tilburg Regions 193 (Dodgers bowling TBC)


Innings of Dodgers

McBarron c wkt b Gall 65
Qureshi not out 79
Lee (P-RAIL) c & b Weston 20
Fitzgerald b Cromwell 1
Orwell not out 1
Sub-total 166
Extras 25
Total 191

FoW: 1-127, 2-172, 3-173

DNB: Cooper J, Lowe, Matthews, Benn, Carr, Cousins

Note: 127 opening partnership 3rd highest in Dodgers history

Bowling of Tilburg Regions

Weston 8-0-28-1
Cromwell 8-0-30-1
Sellers 3-0-21-0
Harris 2-0-9-0
Yates 3-0-24-0
Gauntlett 5-2-27-0
Rennie 7-1-29-0
Gall 4-0-17-1

Innings of Tilburg Regions

Wainwright c Matthews b Orwell 4
Wyatt b Cousins 0
Yates not out 87
Thompson b Cooper J 9
Gauntlett not out 62
Sub-total 174
Extras 19
Total 193

Bowling of Dodgers

Orwell 8-1-26-1
Cousins 8-0-21-1
Cooper J 5-0-30-1
Lowe 5-0-37-0
Fitzgerald 6-0-44-0
Benn 2-0-20-0
Carr 0.1-0-6-0

23 July 2009

Dodgers v Carib Beer XI

Regent's Park
20 overs
Weather: Dry, then torrential rain, then wet

Dodgers 161 for 4 (Radcliffe 28*, Hatteea 27*, Qureshi 27*, Taylor 25*) beat Carib XI 110 for 6 by 51 runs

Man of the Match: Carr - 4, Taylor - 4, Lowe - 1, Hatteea - 1, Cooper R - 1

A solid victory set up by five (count 'em!) retired not outs from a strong Dodgers batting line-up. Unfortunately the match was spoiled by a torrential downpour minutes into the Carib innings which saw the play being moved to the adjacent artificial pitch. The umpire apologised to the Cat for giving him run out when clearly he was in!

Read the Carib Beer XI match report.


Innings of Dodgers

Taylor retired not out 25
Qureshi retired not out 27
Hatteea retired not out 27
Radcliffe retired not out 28
Westhead b Tungate 1
Cooper R retired not out 27
Matthews run out 0
Lowe ct Haight b Rogerson 3
Paterson not out 2
Cooper J ct Weaver b Mandeep 1
Carr not out 0
Sub-total 141
Extras 20
Total 161

Bowling of Carib XI

Rogerson 4-0-35-1
Mandeep 4-0-29-1
Hague 4-0-27-0
White 2-0-13-0
Willis 4-0-27-0
Tungate 1-0-6-1
Moss 1-0-18-0

Innings of Carib XI

Weaver c Matthews b Paterson 3 (8)
Bowen b Paterson 19 (20)
Tungate Not Out 25 (15)
Haigh Not Out 25 (19)
Harris b Lowe 0 (2)
Bailey b Lowe 2 (9)
Rogerson b Carr 9 (13)
White b Carr 1 (4)
Willis Not Out 5 (15)
Moss Not Out 2 (7)
Sub-total 93
Extras 17
Total (for 6) 110

DNB: Mandeep

Bowling of Dodgers

Patterson 4-0-23-2
Cooper J 4-0-28-0
Lowe 3-0-21-2
Cooper R 3-0-7-0
Carr 3-0-9-2
Hatteea 3-1-7-0

21 July 2009

Dodgers v Energy Exiles

20 overs
No retirement rule
Weather: Wet and then drying out but overcast

Dodgers 87-5 (McBarron 33, Carr 23*) lost to Energy Exiles 91-1 (Cooper R 4-0-22-0, Cooper J 4-0-23-0)

Man of the Match: The Legend - 6, McB - 2


Innings of Dodgers

Dollin c ? b Thomas M 13
Lee (P-RAIL) b Wingfield 2
Westhead b Wingfield 1
McBarron run out 33
Cooper R c wkt b Thomas G 0
Carr not out 23
Hilary not out 4
Sub-total 76
Extras 11
Total 87

DNB: Cooper J, Matthews, Fox

FoW: 1-10, 2-17, 3-18, 4-20, 5-81

Note: 5th wicket partnership of 61 (McB/Carr)
is 5th highest in Dodgers history

Bowling of Energy Exiles

Wingfield 4-0-11-3
Thomas M 3-0-14-1
Thomas G 3-0-12-1
Gundry 4-1-13-0
Adam 3-0-24-0
Lamprecht 3-1-13-0

Innings of Energy Exiles

Hussain not out 58
Searle J run out 23
Lamprecht not out 0
Sub-total 81
Extras 10
Total 91

DNB: Peters, Thomas M, Gundry, Norlege,
Wingfield, Phillips, Thomas G

FoW: 1-86

Bowling of Dodgers

Cooper R 4-0-22-0
Cooper J 4-0-23-0
Fox 2-0-15-0
Hilary 2-0-12-0
Lee (P-RAIL) 0.5-0-9-0

17 July 2009

Sports Day 2009

Dry and sunny then very wet

Codgers (Matthews, Taylor, Lee PS, Radcliffe, Dollin and Keeka) reached the semi-final before being beaten by Superstars but had two very good wins in the qualifying group. Dodgers' (Priest, Hilary, Fox, Cooper J, Paterson, Cousins) qualifying group was reduced to a sudden-death knockout after one of the teams failed to show up. Dodgers' semi-final against Souperstars was tight until the last over.

The Final between Dodgers and Superstars was a tight affair but Dodgers did very well to restrict Superstars to only 61. The key wicket of Gundry came in the second over off Cooper, a top-edged skier which was well snaffled by Hilary on the short legside boundary.

Dodgers started the chase in tremendous fashion with Priest hitting Taylor for successive sixes. Unfortunately a communication breakdown led to Priest being run out the next ball. Fox in at 3 hit a few lusty blows before he too was run out in mysterious circumstances. Cooper hit Perry for successive fours before being clean bowled 3 balls later. With twenty-odd required off the last two overs it was down to Hilary and Paterson to do the business. Abigail bowled the penultimate over which included 3 wides (which at 4 runs a piece was quite significant). So it came down to Gundry bowling the final over with only 6 runs required. With an aggressive tight line he was hard to hit. However a slack ball was called wide (to great protests). Two balls later another, even wider, delivery was not called wide. A scrambled single off the last ball meant that it finished in a tie. With no provision in the rule book for such a thing, there was no further action and the result was indeed confirmed as a tie.

Dodgers and Superstars collect the trophy

Dodgers celebrate in the pub

14 July 2009

Dodgers v St Anne's Allstars

Barnes Common
15 8-ball overs
Retire at 25

Dodgers 119-3 (McBarron 27*, Hatteea 27*, Dollin 25*) beat St Anne's Allstars 115 (Cooper J 4-1-4-1, McBarron 2.4-0-16-1, Lowe 4-0-26-1) by 7 wickets

Man of the Match: Hatteea - 4, Dollin - 2, Paterson - 2, Cooper J - 1

Innings of Dodgers

Morgan retired not out 25
Fletcher c & b Paterson 2
Hautot retired not out 26
Murray c Paterson b Cooper J 3
Radcliffe lbw b Lowe 6
Creswick run out (Cooper J/McBarron) 4
Begley retired not out 27
Gould not out 1
Seth st Matthews b McBarron 0
Sub-total 94
Extras 21
Total 115

Bowling of Dodgers

Paterson 4-0-28-1
Cousins 4-0-21-0
Cooper J 4-1-4-1
Lowe 4-0-26-1
McBarron 2.4-0-16-1
Carr 1.2-0-11-0
[note: 8-balls overs bowled but converted
to 6-ball overs in this scorecard]

Innings of Dodgers

Dollin retired not out 25 (27m, 20b)
Hatteea retired not out 27 (15m, 13b)
Lee (P-RAIL) c ? b Hautot 0 (2m, 2b)
Marr c ? b Fletcher 13 (23m, 21b)
McBarron not out 27 (30b)
Matthews c wkt 2 (9m, 4b)
Carr not out 2 (3b)
Sub-total 96
Extras 23
Total 119

DNB: Lowe, Paterson, Cooper J, Cousins
FoW: 1-54, 2-96, 3-109

Bowling of St Anne's Allstars

Seth 4-0-38-0
Hautot 4-0-30-1
Morgan 4-0-12-0
Fletcher 4-0-25-2
Murray 1.2-0-10-0
[note: 8-balls overs bowled but converted
to 6-ball overs in this scorecard]

09 July 2009

Dodgers v Superstars

Barnes Common
20 overs

Dodgers 161 for 7 (Hatteea 39*, Radcliffe 30) beat Superstars 132 for 7 (Hatteea 4-0-26-2, Lee (P-PS) 2-0-10-1) by 29 runs

Man of the Match: Hatteea - 10, Radcliffe - 1

Innings of Dodgers

Taylor b Mountain 22
Dollin c Gaught b Mountain 8
Lee (Pete-RAIL) c & b Brambatt 28
Radcliffe c Taylor b Conway 30
McBarron run out 6
Westhead b Brambatt 8
Hatteea not out 39
Lee (Peter-PS) b Conway 6
Fox not out 2
Sub-total 149
Extras 12
Total 161

DNB: Paterson, Cousins

Bowling of Superstars

Taylor 4-0-39-0
Mountain 4-0-29-2
Robb 4-0-19-0
Brambatt 4-0-24-2
Conway 4-0-41-2

Innings of Superstars

Gaught c Lee (P-RAIL) b Cousins 22
Meyler run out 14
Williams b Hatteea 12
Davey b Hatteea 9
Conway c Dollin b Fox 29
Mountain run out 12
Brambatt c Dollin b Lee (PS) 18
Taylor not out 2
Robb not out 2
Sub-total 120
Extras 12
Total 132

Bowling of Dodgers

Paterson 4-0-22-0
Cousins 4-0-24-1
Hatteea 4-0-26-2
Fox 4-0-48-1
Lee (P-PS) 2-0-10-1
McBarron 2-0-11-0

02 July 2009

Dodgers v Corinthians

Belair Park, West Dulwich
20 overs
Retire at 25
Weather: Hot and Sunny
Scorer: Cooper J

Corinthians 179 for 5 (Keeka 4-0-44-3) beat Dodgers 146 for 4 (McBarron 26*, Qureshi 25*, Hilary 23) by 33 runs

Man of the Match: Hilary - 3, McBarron - 3, Keeka - 2, Paterson - 1 [1 vote to come]

Innings of Corinthians

Thornton not out 29
Dollin retired not out 25
Bentham lbw b Keeka 16
Gant retired not out 25
Safiulla c Paterson b Keeka 4
Sibley b Fox 22
Alexander c Taylor b Paterson 12
Hayes b Keeka 20
Dubey not out 4
Sub-total 156
Extras 23
Total 179

Bowling of Dodgers

Hilary 4-0-27-0
Cooper J 4-0-31-0
Paterson 4-0-40-1
Keeka 4-0-44-3
Fox 4-0-33-1

Innings of Dodgers

Taylor b Alexander 7
Qureshi retired not out 25
Hilary b Alexander 23
McBarron retired not out 26
Lee (Peter-PS) c wkt b Gant 0
Paterson c Gant b Bentham 19
Fox not out 21
Matthews not out 8
Sub-total 129
Extras 17
Total 146

FoW: 1-12, 2-36, 3-74, 4-109

DNB: Cooper, Keeka

Bowling of Corinthians

Hayes 3-0-6-0
Alexander 4-0-35-2
Gant 3-0-20-1
Sibley 3-0-28-0
Dugay 3-0-18-0
Bentham 2-0-10-1
Thornton 2-0-25-0

Dog on pitch after 5.2 overs

01 July 2009

The Legend of JC

Congratulations to JC who has finally qualified for the All-Time bowling averages with his 2-0-19-1 last night v Motley Crew.

John Carr's All-Time Bowling

O R W SR Avg Best

50 308 13 23.08 23.69 2-6