29 July 2010

Dodgers v Science Museum @ Barnes Common 29.07.10

2 for wide/no ball - no extra ball
Retire at 30

Dodgers 118 (McBarron 30*, Taylor 20) beat Science Museum 117 (Cooper J 4-0-21-3, Cousins 4-1-11-1) by 1 run

Man of the Match: Cooper J - 10, McBarron - 1

Dodgers Thrill Fans in Night at the Museum - Match Report by Peter Lee Sr

Dodgers and Science Museum arrived at the malarial jungle known as Barnes Common to discover that the pitch curator had decided that it was more than his job was worth to actually prepare or mark out a strip. Undeterred by having paid £30 for the same facilities available in any farmer's field, the two teams opted to play on unprepared pitch that was as patchy as Kamran Akmal’s wicket-keeping. As widely reported in the national media, Captain Carr won the toss and opted to take first use. Science Museum took to the field and specialist cricket ball sniffer dogs were dispatched into the Barnes undergrowth to try and ensure the game finished before midnight.

The fielding side made an early breakthrough when opener Lee, who traded his good batting form for a new son and was clearly questioning the wisdom of the deal, slapped a rank long-hop straight to cover for a duck. When his junior counterpart departed shortly afterwards, Dodgers were 6-2 and looking shaky. An excellent 58 run partnership from the classy Taylor and obdurate McBarron saw Dodgers to a good position at the halfway point. The fact that this was not capitalised upon was due to an intriguing bowling combination of accurate spin from one end and long hops from the other, both of which proved tricky to get away on the dodgy surface and which spared Science Museum from the usual dozen or so trips into the undergrowth to search for lost balls amongst the foliage and dogging couples. When Carr and Cousins scrambled a comedy overthrow off the last ball, it was little remarked upon as the batting side contemplated being 20-30 runs short. It was to prove as crucial as it was amusing.

Science Museum made a solid start with opener Luxford looking particularly dangerous. Lowe got a bit of tap before snaring Levitt, pouched by the ever-reliable Fox at midwicket. Rye was quickly harvested at short third man by Lee Snr off the virtually unplayable Cousins. Lee Snr promptly dropped captain Martis but Taylor showed his usual athleticism, running him out with a direct hit. Luxford continued to bat Science Museum towards a strong position, hitting his final ball for six and retiring. The enigmatic and ever-tardy Raj bowled well to pick up a wicket but the middle-order held firm and defeat for Dodgers looked a racing certainty, despite a great running catch from Taylor and an astonishing second direct hit run out, this time by Lee Snr, the kind of accuracy that would have the England one day side drooling.

With two overs to go, 18 runs were required. With one over to go, 5 runs were required as Fox was agriculturally mown for 13. Hard luck Rob, better luck next time chaps was the general feeling amongst the team. However, onto centre stage strode the phlegmatic Cooper (J) to bowl the last knacker. A couple of singles were comfortably taken, with one curator batsman already celebrating the anticipated win. But then... Cooper chucked one down the legside, the well-set Humphreys' eyes lit up but his big swish only flicked the ball off the leading edge to the Cat who gobbled up the chance. Suddenly, batting bums became squeakier as the Dodgers field closed in claustrophobically. Next ball, Cooper bowled, Wood sliced towards short cover where Lee Snr dived and plucked the cherry as casually as a Spanish waiter at a Club 18-30 resort.

Four runs were taken off the next three balls so, like Hitler, Science Museum were left with only one ball to pursue victory and like the Fuhrer, they failed. Asten mowed nervously, flicking a thick edge behind where it nestled on Cat's gloves, sparking frenzied celebrations from the fielding side.

So, having lost by one run the previous week, that fickle strumpet Fate smiled on the Dodgers, granting them one of the wins of the season. Cooper won the Man of the Match by a landslide for his three wickets in an over with an honourable mention to McB for his excellent 30 on a batting minefield.

Innings of Dodgers

Lee P Sr c (cover) b Humphreys 0
Taylor b Elliott 20
Lee P Jr c & b Humphreys 2
McBarron retired not out 30
Carr not out 11
Lowe c (long off) b Wood 6
Fox b Stoddart 9
Raj c ? b Tomblin 0
Cousins not out 5
Sub-total 83
Extras 35
Total (for 6 wickets) 118

FoW: 1-0 (1-0, 18:16, 0.3)
2-6 (3-2, 18:24, 2.4)
3-64 (2-20, 18:55, 11.1)
4-88 (6-6, 19:06, 14.4)
5-108 (7-9, 19:19, 19.3)
6-109 (8-0, 19:21, 19.3)

DNB: Matthews, Cooper J

Bowling of Science Museum

Humphreys 4-0-11-1
Axton 4-0-24-0
Wood 4-0-22-1
Elliott 2-0-19-1
Tomblin 4-0-27-1
Stoddart 2-0-7-1

Innings of Science Museum

Luxford retired not out 34
Levitt c Fox b Lowe 5
Rye c Lee P Sr b Cousins 0
Martis run out 7
Tomblin run out 18
Stoddart b Raj 2
Humphreys c Matthews b Cooper J 20
Elliott c Taylor b Fox 0
Wood c Lee P Sr b Cooper J 3
Asten c Matthews b Cooper J 0
Elan not out 1
Sub-total 103
Extras 14
Total (for 9 wickets) 117

Bowling of Dodgers

Cousins 4-1-11-1
Lowe 4-0-29-1
Cooper J 4-0-21-3
Raj 4-0-18-1
Fox 4-0-31-1

27 July 2010

Dodgers v Corinthians @ Berrylands 27.07.10

LSE Berrylands
2 runs wide/no ball, no extra ball (except in last over)
Retire at 30

Dodgers 129 for 3 (Radcliffe 30*, Hatteea 27) lost to Corinthians 130 for 2 (Redmayne 3-1-13-1) by 8 wickets.

Man of the Match: Redmayne - 6, Radcliffe - 3, Hatteea - 1, Lindsey - 1

Innings of Dodgers

Radcliffe retired not out 30
Hatteea c (mid-off) b Singh 27
Lindsey c Dollin b Mendelssohn 25
Smith not out 26
Carr c (gully) b Millstein P 2
Fox not out 3
Sub-total 113
Extras (1nb, 14wd, 1b) 16
Total (for 3 wickets) 129

DNB: Lowe, Redmayne, Cooper J, Matthews, Bennett

FoW: 1-59 [2-27, 18:45, 7.1]
2-99 [3-25, 19:11, 14.3]
3-104 [5-2, 19:16, 15.5]

Bowling of Corinthians

Hayes 4-1-19-0
Millstein 4-0-29-0
Millstein P 4-0-36-1
Singh 4-0-17-1
Mendelssohn 4-0-26-1

Innings of Corinthians

Thornton retired not out 31
Sidique retired not out 32
Singh c Redmayne b Fox 13
Mendelssohn retired not out 28
Lane b Redmayne 11
Slim not out 2
Millstein G not out 8
Sub-total 125
Extras (1nb, 14wd, 1b) 5
Total (for 3 wickets) 130

DNB: Hayes, Dollin, Millstein

FoW: 1-73 [3-13], 2-120 [5-11]

Bowling of Dodgers

Bennett 2-0-35-0
Lowe 3-0-28-0
Fox 3-0-26-1
Cooper J 4-0-28-0
Redmayne 3-1-13-1

23 July 2010

Sports Day 2010

Codgers comprising Cooper J, Cousins Dollin, Fox, Hilary, McBarron, Radcliffe lost in the semi-final to Souperstars down at Teddington CC in today's SPARTA Sports Day.

Dodgers meanwhile were unlucky not to qualify from their group following a bye in the first round and then a tight second game.

Various other Dodgers including Rod P, Dave L & P Lee Jr were spotted later engaging in un-Dodgers like activities and we went home happy.


Rob Cooper's disclocated finger x-rayHere is the x-ray of Rob Cooper's finger after he took a stunning catch off Sir Guy Westhead OBE's bowling v Motley Crew.

22 July 2010

Dodgers v Exiles @ Chiswick 22.07.10

6pm (delayed start due to broken down train)

Dodgers 88 for 5 (Westhead 26*, Qureshi 19) lost to Exiles 89 for 9 (Raj 4-0-20-3, Redmayne 4-0-18-3)

Man of the Match: Redmayne - 4, Westhead - 3, Dollin - 2, Cousins - 1, Raj - 1

Innings of Dodgers

Westhead retired not out 26
Lee P Jr c ? b Thomas 10
Taylor c ? b Mavis 5
Dollin c ? b Mavis 6
Lindsey run out 8
Qureshi b Thomas 19
Carr not out 5
Raj not out 1
Sub-total 80
Extras (5wd, 1b, 2lb) 8
Total (for 5 wickets) 88

DNB: Redmayne, Cousins, Bennett

FoW: 2-37, 3-50, 5-85

Bowling of Exiles

Wingfield 2-0-6-0
Arthur 4-0-16-0
Thomas 3-1-10-2
Blyth 3-0-11-0
Mavis 3-0-11-2
Lort-Phillips 3-0-9-0
Gandy 2-0-12-0

Innings of Exiles

Tither st Dollin b Bennett 8
Searle run out 6
Bradshaw b Bennett 4
Sowrey c Lindsey b Raj 12
Wingfield st Dollin b Raj 3
Gandy c Lee P Jr b Redmayne 4
Blyth b Raj 1
Thomas c Taylor b Redmayne 1
Lort-Phillips b Redmayne 12
Akhtar not out 19
Mavis not out 7
Sub-total 77
Extras (4nb, 6wd, 21b) 12
Total (for 9 wickets) 89

FoW: 1-7, 2-18, 3-21, 4-34, 5-39, 6-42, 7-43, 8-43, 9-61

Bowling of Dodgers

Cousins 4-2-6-0
Bennett 4-0-15-2
Raj 4-0-20-3
Redmayne 4-0-18-3
Taylor 2-0-15-0
Carr 2-0-14-0

15 July 2010

Dodgers v Legal Commission @ Barnes Common 15.07.10


Dodgers: Hilary, McBarron, Radcliffe, Qureshi, Cousins, Redmayne, Lee P Sr, Westhead, Fox, Hatteea, Matthews

Despite a valiant run-chase spearheaded by Sacha Hatteea, Dodgers lost to Legal Services Commission amid the virulent mosquito clouds of deepest Barnes Common.

Innings of Legal Services Commission

Brown        c Hatteea       b Hilary      5
Shimoga (NJ)                 b Cousins     6
Tom H        retired not out              26
Nige         c Westhead      b Hilary      3
Panther      c Matthews      b Hilary      8
Martin       retired not out              25
Jack         retired not out              25
San          lbw             b Fox         8
Ralon        c & b           b Lee P Sr    3
John         not out                      10
Peter        run out (Lee)                 3
Sub-total                                124
Extras  (6nb, 4wd, 1b)                    11
Total                                    135

Bowling of Dodgers

Cousins    4-0-26-1
Hilary     4-0-28-3
Lee P Sr   4-0-28-1
Fox        4-0-28-1
McBarron   4-0-21-0

Innings of Dodgers

Qureshi     c ?            b Rowe         14
Redmayne    lbw            b Rowe          2
Westhead    run out        r Shimoga (NJ)  2
Hatteea     not out                       39
Radcliffe   run out                        0
McBarron               c & b Brown        13
Lee P Sr    c ?            b Brown         4
Hilary      run out        r Shimoga (NJ) 11
Fox         not out                        9
Cousins                    b Shimoga (NJ)  6
Matthews                   b Salabanga     0
Sub-total                                100
Extras (18wd, 4b, 6lb)                    28
Total (for 9 wickets)                    128

FoW: 1-27 (2), 2-32 (3), 3-45 (1), 4-59 (5)
6-93 (6), 7-98 (8), 9-118 (11)

Bowling of Legal Services Commission

Palmer        2-0-13-0
Gray          4-1-13-0
Rowe          4-0-9-2
Brown         4-0-32-2
Jones         1-0-14-0
Shimoga (NJ)  3-0-21-1
Salabanga     2-0-16-1

08 July 2010

Dodgers v Superstars @ Chiswick 08.07.10

40 overs
No retirement rule

Dodgers 189 for 2 (Dollin 44, Hatteea 43*, Taylor 42, Lindsey 38*) beat Superstars 187 all out (Cooper J 8-0-46-4) by 8 wickets

Man of the Match: Cooper J - 7.5, Hatteea - 2.5, Cousins - 1

Dodgers lost the toss and were sent into the scorched earth of Chiswick. At the halfway point Superstars were cruising with no wickets down and a hundred runs on the board. However, a well-timed drinks break and the return of McBarron from the Pavilion End saw the demise of Conway thanks to the sharp reflexes of the standing-up Hatteea (in for the Cat behind the stumps). A fierce rising drive by Conway had previously been dropped by Cooper J at cover so it was a relief that this mistake was not too costly.

Change bowlers John Cooper and Rob Fox took up the challenge and it wasn't long until the next wicket fell. JC2 made amends for his earlier drop by neatly taking a low straight caught and bowled to get Gaught for 53. Then, after accidentally slinging one down the leg side to the incoming Crabtree, JC2 was surprised to see it dollied up to Simon Cousins at square leg. Walker at four proved to slightly more dangerous and was scoring freely when he fell to the old legside longhop trick by JC2 and was snagged by a marvellous deep mid-wicket boundary catch by the ever-reliable Radcliffe. Davey at five was then caught by Lindsey at point, again off JC2 and suddenly Superstars weren't looking so good at 148 for 4. Steve Meyler and the behelmeted Mountain were then both run out thanks to good work by Radcliffe and keeper Hatteea (the second one being a direct hit). JC2 was denied a five-for by a JC drop on the long-off boundary but returned a season best 8-0-46-4. Mike Taylor defended stoutly whilst Hughes was lbw to Fox (thank you Umpire Gaught) and a final run-out of Kumar by Hilary/McBarron sealed the deal and the old enemy was all out for 186. A remarkable fielding effort and some generous umpiring on wides meant that there were zero extras in the innings, which is probably the first time this has ever happened in a Dodgers game.

In reply, the in-form Taylor and Dollin opening partnership reply put on 95 before Mike D was neatly stumped for 44 as he charged and missed. Taylor followed soon after (caught Taylor) for 42 soon after but the foundations had been laid. Lindsey (38*) and Hatteea (43*) saw Dodgers home in style for a convincing victory with loads of time to spare.

Innings of Superstars

Gaught c & b Cooper J 53
Conway c Hatteea b McBarron 66
Crabtree c Cousins b Cooper J 0
Walker c Radcliffe b Cooper J 30
Davey c Lindsey b Cooper J 7
Meyler run out (DR/SH) 13
Mountain run out (SH) 0
Taylor not out 4
Hughes lbw b Fox 4
Kumar H run out (JH/McB) 6
Sub-total 186
Extras 0
Total (all out - 9 wkts) 186

FoW: 1-108 [2], 2-113 [3], 3-136 [1], 4-148 [5]
5-162 [4], 5-166 [7], 7-173 [6], 8-180 [9]
9-186 [10]

Note: Zero extras!

Bowling of Dodgers

Cousins 8-2-28-0
Hilary 8-1-37-0
Fox 6-0-40-1
Cooper J 8-0-46-4
McBarron 6.4-0-35-1

Innings of Dodgers

Taylor c Taylor b Hughes 42 (61m, 52b)
Dollin st Walker b Meyler 44 (71m, 54b)
Lindsey not out 38 (62m, 56b)
Hatteea not out 43 (48m, 30b)
Sub-total 167
Extras (13wd, 6b, 3lb) 22
Total 189

DNB: Radcliffe, McBarron, Carr, Fox, Hilary, Cousins, Cooper J

FoW: 1-95 [1-42, 18:00, 16.4 ovs]
2-104 [2-44, 18:10, 19.3 ovs]

Bowling of Superstars

Mountain 7-0-49-0
Kumar 6-0-41-0
Taylor 5.2-0-35-0
Hughes 8-2-18-1
Meyler 4-0-21-1
Conway 2-0-16-0