27 July 2011

Dodgers v LSE 27.07.11

Mini match report by Mike Dollin:

Gentleman's agreement for LSE to bat 1st. They started fast but were gradually pegged back - about 100 for 5 at 20. No one let them get away after that and we restricted them to 183. Pick of the bowlers was Fox with 3 including a stunningly improbable caught and bowled. Also Taylor got a fantastic c and b smashing straight drive flicked off boot into hand. Chris Ford also bowled well claiming a wicket, a burst mouth (ret hurt) and an lb that was parlayed into a run out (direct hit Shimoga to end innings).

Dodgers reply stalled (me ct 1st slip 2, Lindsey b same ball as got Westhead last year 7, Taylor ct gully 3 off 30 odd balls, Abbas playing for us ct and b 8. We were 40-5 just like that and no hope but Ford and Carr put on 48 and when JC fell we needed 9.5 an over (an improvement). Ford got 56 off 56 but holed out at mid on going for the win, Cousins got out lb to a very useful ball, Fox played on off his pad to leave us about 50 short.

A cracking game and between Chris buying jugs and 1.99 for a pint at the Berry (beery?) all were quite merry.

LSE innings
Twigg     c Fox     b Cousins    6
Mikshu              b Cousins   10
K Patel             b Fox       32
R Patel         c & b Fox       26
Mitraj              b Fox        8
Harsh     c Taylor  b Taylor     9
Rohit               b Shimoga   22
Chandir             b Ford      34
Das       run out                5
Richard   not out                6
Total (8 wkts, 33.5 overs)     183
Dodgers bowling
Cousins  7-0-38-2
Shimoga  7-0-25-1
Fox      7-0-22-3
Taylor   7-1-48-1
Ford     5.5–0-26-1
Dodgers innings
Taylor      c ?        b Harsh       3
Dollin      c Das      b Chandir     2
Lindsey                b Harsh       7
Abbas              c & b Harsh       8
Shimoga     lbw        b Harsh      14
Carr        c Richard  b Mikshu     13
Ford        c Harsh    b Patel R    56
Fox                    b Patel K    19
Cousins     lbw        b Patel K     2
Matthews    not out                  1
Sub-total                          125
Extras                               7
Total (9 wkts, 32 overs)           132
FoW: 5, 16, 23, 23, 40, 78, 122, 128, 132
LSE bowling
Harsh     7-5-8-4
Chandir   5-2-11-1
Richard   6-0-22-0
Mikshu    6-0-31-1
Patel K   5-0-20-2
Patel R   3-0-25-1

19 July 2011

Dodgers v Nomura 19.07.11

Turney Road
T20 reduced to 18 overs each
Drizzle but otherwise fine

Mini-match report by the OBE: Nomura 90 for 4 off 18 on artificial strip. We passed the score with a couple of overs to go. Shimoga 22, Priest 26, Westhead 12, Carr 8 not out. Earlier David Lowe bowled very tightly.

MOM: Shimoga 7, Lowe 2, Priest 1

Nomura innings


RJ          c Hilary  b Shimoga    12
R Kendall   retd                   26
Sam                   b Lee         7
E Hussain   c Wood    b Lowe        3
Barry                 b Hilary     11
Cousins M   not out                 3
Sub-total                          62
Extras                             28
Total (4 wkts, 18 overs)           90

Dodgers bowling

Cousins S   4-0-19-0
Hilary      4-0-31-1
Lowe        4-0-12-1
Lee         2-0-16-1
Shimoga     4–1-7-1

Dodgers innings

Priest     retd                   26
Wood C               b AC          0
Westhead             b Damian     12
Shimoga    lbw       b Cousins M  22
Carr       not out                 8
Hilary     not out                 4
Sub-total                         72
Extras                            20
Total (3 wkts, 15.3 overs)        92

FoW: 1, 46, 88

DNB: Cousins S, Lowe, Lee Snr, Matthews

Nomura bowling

AC          3-0-18-1
RJ          3-1-10-0
Cousins M   2.3-0-21-1
Damian      4-0-13-1
Hussain     3-0-27-0

17 July 2011

Dodgers v Legal Services Commission 21.06.2011

T20 reduced to 18 overs

Dodgers 116 for 3 (Taylor 25no, Radcliffe 25no, Hatteea 21, Priest 19no) beat Legal Services Commission 112 for 6 (Fox 2 for 25) by 4 runs


Dodgers innings
Hatteea     c ?            b Palmer   21
Taylor      retired not out           25
Radcliffe   retd                      25
Westhead    lbw            b Hamball   2
Priest      not out                   19
Wilkinson                  b Palmer    1
McBarron    not out                    3
Sub-total                             96
Extras                                20
Total (3 wkts, 18 overs)             116
DNB: Fox, Raj, Matthews
LSC bowling
Gray     4-0-21-0
Rowe     2-0-17-0
Palmer   4-0-21-2
Cromer   2-0-23-0
Brown    3-0-20-0
Hamball  3-0-13-1
LSC innings
Panther    b         b Fox         11
Cameron    b         b Fox          8
Tommy      b         b McBarron     9
Martin B   retd                    25
Nige       lbw       b Wilkinson    3
Nick       run out                 19
Martin R             b Taylor      10
Ralph P    not out                 12
Sub-total                          97
Extras                             15
Total (6 wkts, 18 overs)          112
Dodgers bowling
Raj         4-0-18-0
Fox         4-0-25-2
McBarron    4-0-15-1
Taylor      4-0-30-1
Wilkinson   2-0-17-1

Dodgers CC v Legal Services Commission 21 June 2011

16 July 2011

Dodgers v Sir Guy Westhead XI 23.06.2011

South Park

Dodgers 129 for 8 off 20 overs (Dollin 29no, Priest 27no) lost to Sir Guy Westhead XI (Fox 3 for 25) by 3 wkts

Dodgers innings
Dollin      not out                      29
Shimoga     c ?            b Beggs       11
Priest      retired not out              27
Smith                      b Edwards     11
Qureshi     c Radcliffe    b McBarron    15
Hassan      c Shimoga(Sub) b Casey        5
Carr        lbw            b Casey        0
Lee Snr     c Bennett      b McBarron    11
Fox         c ?            b Lowe         2
Cousins     not out                       8
Matthews    run out                       2
Sub-total                               121
Extras                                    8
Total (8 wkts, 20 overs)                129
 Sir Guy Westhead XI bowling
Bennett   4-0-29-0
Beggs     4-0-23-1
Edwards   2-0-19-1
Casey     2-0-12-2
Lowe      4-0-25-1
McBarron  4-0-21-2
Sir Guy Westhead XI innings
Lowe                c & b Fox        12
Hall       not out                   29
Radcliffe  retired not out           25
Edwards    retired not out           27
McBarron            c & b Cousins     4
Beggs      run out Shimoga            0
Hatteea    not out                   10
Westhead   lbw          b Shimoga     0
Casey      lbw          b Fox         1
Bennett    c Smith      b Fox         1
James                   b Carr        0
Sub-total                           108
Extras                               22
Total (7 wkts, 19 overs)            130
Dodgers bowling
Cousins     4-1-19-1
Lee Snr     2-0-19-0
Fox         4-0-25-3
Hassan      4-0-28-0
Shimoga     4-0-21-1
Carr        1-0-8-1

15 July 2011

Dodgers v South Bank CC 12.07.11

Turney Road

Dodgers (Priest 25no, Shimoga 23) lost by 5 wkts to South Bank CC (Shimoga 4-0-14-1, Fox 3.2-0-26-2)

Match report still needed


Dodgers innings

Shimoga    b   Sarangi      23
Dollin     b   Lord         13
Priest     not out          25
McBarron   not out          18
Lee Snr    c&b  Barker       2
Fox        not out          19
Sub-total                  100
Extras                      23
Total (3 wkts, 20 overs)   123
DNB: Cousins, Bennett, Matthews, Carr
SBCC innings
Thornton     rtd                      26
Gant         rtd                      28
Alexander                 b Shimoga    4
Williamson   st Matthews  b Fox       12
Bahia        c Carr       b McBarron  14
Barker       b            b Fox        1
Lord         b            b Bennett    1
Mendelso     not out                   5
Sarangi      not out                  16
Total                                ???
Dodgers bowling
Cousins     4-0-21-0
Bennett     4-0-36-1
Shimoga     4-0-14-1
McBarron    4-0-23-1
Fox         3.2-0-26-2

Dodgers v Superstars 05.07.2011

T20 reduced to 15 overs a side
Weather: wet wet wet

Dodgers 66 for 7 (Howe 14, Qureshi 11) lost to Superstars (Hilary 3-1-7-0, Raj 3-0-15-0, Howe 3-0-16-0) by 10 wickets

Match report by John Hilary

Opinions are divided among Dodgers as to exactly how enjoyable it was to play in driving rain against age-old rivals the Rats and lose by an entire innings. While most felt they had had better evenings, a dedicated hard core confessed to taking a perverse enjoyment from the experience. The fact that one of the latter was Neil Priest, and that he had been given out lbw by co-worker Steve Howe, shows the innate capacity of the human spirit to triumph over adversity.

Dodgers batted first under glowering skies. Facing a full toss first ball, Taylor swung courageously but succeeded in holing out straight to mid-off. Thus started a sorry procession of top order batsmen Dollin, Radcliffe, Priest, McBarron and Lee Snr, none of whom troubled the scorers long enough to register double figures. The mixture of boggy pitch and verdant outfield was enough to restrict scoring to ones and twos, and it was not until Howe came it at no 7 that we hit our first boundary. Spirited running between Howe and Qureshi hurried the score on a bit until Tawhid ran himself out in selfless fashion, while the second boundary of the game, this time from Hilary, pushed the total up to a woeful 66. Extras top scored with 16.

Superstars seemed to find the going equally heavy at first, Hilary's initial over going for a maiden and Raj bowling with similar control. All might have been different had our guest fielder, the sometime Superstars captain Barry Gigg, not dropped the straightforward chance that Gaught offered off Hilary while still on a duck. Barry's impeccable honesty absolves him of any suspicion of foul play, but the Dodgers fines committee will be meeting in closed session shortly to decide his fate. Tight bowling from Howe, McBarron and Taylor could not prevent the inevitable, and the two Superstars openers passed the Dodgers total with more than an over to spare.

No report would be complete without mention of the extraordinary conduct of Simon Cousins in deserting his fellow Dodgers from the vantage point of Victoria Station before the game had even started, on the spurious grounds that the weather looked iffy. Simon apologised profusely afterwards and, as penance, has taken on the job of coordinating team selections for the rest of the season. However, the misdemeanour has convinced Her Majesty's finest to uphold the sentence already handed down to him for previous offences, and he will indeed be transported to Australia for an undisclosed number of years' hard labour at the end of the season.

Man of the match votes: Howe 7, Qureshi 2, Hilary 1

Dodgers innings
Taylor      ct ?     b Keats      0
Dollin      ct ?     b Haresh     2
Radcliffe   lbw      b Plume      8
Priest      lbw      b Haresh     7
McBarron             b Plume      1
Lee Snr              b Kumar S    2
Howe        not out              14
Qureshi     run out              11
Hilary      not out               5
Sub-total                        50
Extras                           16
Total (7 wkts, 15 overs)         66
DNB: Raj
Keats    3-0-13-1
Haresh   3-0-12-2
Plume    3-0-7-2
S Kumar  3-0-7-1
Mountain 1-0-9-0
Conway   2-0-10-0
Superstars innings
Gaught        not out        17
Spencer       not out        43
Sub-total                    60
Extras                        7
Total (0 wkts, 13.1 overs)   67
Hilary   3-1-7-0
Raj      3-0-15-0
McBarron 3-0-22-0
Howe     3-0-16-0
Taylor   1.1-0-4-0

14 July 2011

Dodgers vs Tilberg 14.07.11

14th July - Dodgers vs Tilberg
Belair Park

2 for no ball/wide, no extra ball
Weather: Fine, thin cloud

Dodgers 130 for 2 (McBarron 28 ret. Lindsay 25 ret. Shimoga 21 not out) beat Tilberg 115 for 9 (Hilary 4-17, Shimoga 2-22, Howe 1-9) by 15 runs.

Dodgers snatched victory from the jaws of defeat in a closely-fought encounter.

Taylor won the toss and chose to bat. When the skipper departed after a couple of boundaries, Lindsay was joined by McBarron and the hordes of midges stopped and watched in awe as the pair raced at a dizzying pace to 43 at the ten-over point. A decorater in a house overlooking the ground cursed the hot weather that had made that final coat dry so quickly.

Like the best Civil Servants however, Phil and David could smell lucrative retirement a mile off and both accelerated towards 25. Westhead arrived at the game fashionably late and left the crease unfashionably early. Wilkinson was then effective if not fluent for unbeaten 20 and Naranjan launched a few late blows to drag Dodgers to a defendable 130 (stattos will note that 87 came in the last ten).

Bennett and Hilary took the first few but couldn't restrain the Tilberg openers until the latter had No.1 caught on the (short) long leg boundary by Howe. 48 off six and the introduction of Naranjan hadn't yet stemmed the flow.

Dodgers needed something. It came from their finest Executive Director, who decided to leave charity firmly back in the office by taking three wickets in his final over, including the Tilberg skipper, rightly given lbw first ball by a team-mate. Howe then picked up the baton, looking quick and unplayable.

What followed was said by some to be a lapse and by others to be genius. Ten overs bowled from one end to save time, the switch came and with it, some confusion over the order of bowlers (in Taylor's head). In the maths department of a University somewhere in England, a degree certificate was quietly burned.

The skipper brought himself into the attack and (cleverly - Ed) allowed himself to be smacked for a couple of sixes before recalling the more reliable McBarron.

With 33 to get from the last five, Tilberg had fallen hook line and sinker for the old "false sense of security" tactic. But Phil bounced back from a dropped dolly off Bennett and kept the score down, finishing with a wicket.

Naranjan returned and hit good form. Howe joined him. Suddenly the equation was 22 from 12 balls but the retired opener was back at the crease. Now more difficult, but surely still a chance for Tilberg?

"No" said Howe, closing out his four overs for a miserly nine runs and prising the nickname "The Youth Policy" from the hands of his resentful captain. Dodgers now had the game metaphorically in their grasp, with 17 required from six deliveries. Minutes later and the last ball was - literally - in the grasp of bowler Naranjan, a skied shot by the returning opener heralding a Dodgers win.

A great team performance led by Hilary, Naranjan and Howe, who all turned in man-of-the-match performances.

MOM: Hilary - 6, Shimog - 4

Dodgers innings
Taylor               b Weston     11
Lindsey      retired not out      25
McBarron     retired not out      28
Wilkinson    not out              20
Westhead     ct ?    b Weston      1
Shimoga      not out              21
Sub-total                         96
Extras                            24
Total (2 wkts, 20 overs)         130
DNB: Howe, Hilary, Bennett, Matthews
Ward M

Tilberg innings
Yates             c & b Shimoga   30
Thompson     c Howe   b Hilary     8
Ward T                b Howe      12
Rennie                b Hilary     0
Sowrey       lbw      b Hilary     0
Wainwright            b Hilary     2
Sellers               b Bennett    1
Coleman               not out     26
Weston       c Taylor b McBarron  13
Ward M                b Shimoga    0
Pauley       not out               2
Total (9 wkts, 20 overs)         115
Dodgers bowling
Bennett   4-0-34-1
Hilary    4-0-17-4
Shimoga   4-0-22-2
Howe      4-0-9-1
McBarron  3-0-11-1
Taylor    1-0-14-0
(Shimoga = Niranjan)

03 July 2011