08 September 2002


8 September 2002

Dodgers won the toss and elected to bat

Dodgers: 196/8 dec off 48.5 overs (Gundry 67, Priest 29, Carr 26, Ball 3-61)
Buchurst Hill: 156/5 off 47 overs (Anthony 40, Cooper 2-13, Gundry 2-34)


Dodgers Man of the Match: Simon Gundry

The final game of the season petered out into a tame draw. It was however notable for the Captain winning the toss for the first time since about May, although this was academic as he was forced to bat first due to the tardy arrival of several players...

Although the weather forecast for plenty of rain proved incorrect the prediction that we would need to bat second to win did not. For the second year running against BH we posted a good total only to be unable bowl them out. This was not helped by BH making absolutely no attempt to chase the win despite getting 47 overs bowled at them to attacking fields and having wickets in hand, but they were always going to be able to control the game batting second.

Gundry opened the bowling at a lively pace and was well supported by Benn who bowled another tight spell but without picking up his usual quota of wickets. They were ably supported by Leach and Marchant, who bowled tidily without much luck. Cooper also bowled another good spell picking up two good wickets and the aggressive Rockalls comment about getting out to a c*nt like that was a bit over the top. Gundry returned for a second spell that none of the BH batsman fancied much apart from the youngster Beckett, who looked a very good player. Dodgers attempts to win were hampered by our usual case of Dropsy, one disease that unfortunately isnt catching...

Earlier Dodgers had set a good target of 196. The innings saw a reappearance of the Priest-McBarron opening partnership which just failed to put on 50 for the first wicket, Priest falling LBW to Cooper with the score on 47. McBarron dug in to grind out a patient, deliberate, measured and unhurried crease occupying innings, taking roughly 6 overs (some sources say 10 overs) to get off the mark before decelerating rapidly to finish with 18 from 30 overs. At the other end Carr played a quick cameo before Benn was unluckily to play down a rising ball only to see it spin back onto the stumps. This started a mini collapse with three wickets falling with the total on 100. The situation was rescued by a superb effort from Gundry who put the BH bowling to the sword, well supported by Marchant and then Matthews, who finished not out in double figures yet again read it and weep Doylee!

Despite the disappointing result this was an enjoyable game to finish a good season on and it was good to play another timed game which in my view we dont play enough of. Thanks again to Simon, Tony and Jason for turning out for us, and for showing us how to catch, although I still think Tony would have caught the last ball of the game if he hadnt been sat down with his boots off! Roll on next year when hopefully well get to bat second against BH.

Neil Priest

High Road Ground

Toss: Dodgers


Priest lbw b Rockall 29
McBarron c. WK b Ball 18
Carr * c. ? b Janjua 26
Whitrod c. ? b Ball 7
Benn b Janjua 0
Gundry c. ? b Rockall 67
Cooper c&b Ball 0
Marchant Run Out 5
Matthews + Not Out 11
Extras (b12, lb7, w11, Nb3) 33
Total (48.5 overs) 196 for 8 dec

DNB: Leach, Pope

147 (Priest)
287 (Carr)
399 (McBarron)
4100 (Benn)
5100 (Whitrod)
6100 (Cooper)
7127 (Marchant)
8196 (Gundry)

Osborne 13 3 43 0
Rockall 13.5 3 46 2
Ball 13 3 61 3
Janjua 6 1 14 2
Slisz 3 0 13 0


Atkinson b. Cooper 29
Seeberan c. Gundry b. Leach 19
Anthony b. Gundry 40
Rockall c. Marchant b. Cooper 9
Blogg b. Gundry 21
Beckett Not Out 22
Osborne Not Out 3
Extras (b2, lb1, w8, nb2) 13
Total (47 overs) 156 for 5

DNB: Slisz, Janjua, Ball, ?

Gundry 11 2 34 2
Benn 12 4 26 0
Leach 8 1 29 1
Marchant 6 2 11 0
Cooper 4 0 13 2
Pope 3 0 23 0
Whitrod 1 0 4 0
Carr 1 0 2 0
Priest 1 0 10 0

Man of the Match: Simon Gundry

Match Drawn

03 September 2002

Dodgers v DCMS

Thursday 3 September 2002

Dodgers batted first. Ringer Conway opened with Westhead and took advantage of the pace of Towers to score 8 from the first over. Westhead was then left to face the swing and accuracy of Malik. Fortunately he only had to do this for one ball as he was comprehensively bowled by the second (he then proceeded to moan on for an eternity to the hapless scorer that he couldnt see the point and was seriously considering giving up the game we live in hope!). Priest then joined Conway and the score briskly moved to 45 before Conway also deceived by swing, became Maliks 2nd victim in the 10th over with the score on 65. Ringer Whitrod strode to the crease promising to end his recent crap run by smiting the ball to all parts of the ground. Unfortunately he only managed to smite 1 in a stand of 25 with Priest before being stumped. Benn, not bothering to trouble the scorer, fell to the impressive Malik and Cooper, caught for 2 off Palao, soon followed.

At this stage the score in the 17th over stood at 71 for 5 with Priest on 37 and, given the perceived quality of the tail, it was generally feared (not least by the tail itself) that Dodgers would be lucky to scrape to 100 in 40 overs. All was not lost however as Ringer Block, whilst only scoring 4 before being stumped, managed to occupy the crease long enough to share in a stand of 40 with Priest. Matthews then strode to the wicket with the score on 111 and Priest on 67. Taking Benns advice not to get out (and also taking advantage of Whitrod not giving him out caught off the toe of his boot) Matthews miraculously shared in a stand of 52 with Priest; during the course of which Priest, having being dropped by Malik on 98, became the first real Dodger to score a century. Overcome with emotion he was of course promptly caught without addition but who cares - with the score on 163. An excellent innings highlighted by 15 boundaries (all 4s). Hawton was then bowled for a 1 and Pope and Matthews remained undefeated. Final score was 168 for 8 from 40 overs.

Dodgers were reasonably optimistic that theyd be able to protect this score. Especially when Malik was out early caught by the sprightly Matthews off Benn for 4. He was soon followed by Scott caught and bowled Block for 0; Vine bowled Hawton for 5, and the helmeted (fearful of Popes pace) Robson, caught Block bowled Cooper for 8, with the score on 50. Dodgers had however been unable to remove opener Cove and this coupled with the arrival of Towers at the wicket and Pedestrian McBarron in the field proved to be the turning point. McBarron announced his arrival by throwing the ball over his head whilst attempting a return to the bowlers end. Cove and Towers then proceeded to tonk the ball all over the place until McBarron, managing to get one ball to pitch in line and on the right length, bowled Towers for 31 with the score on 122. Unfortunately with Palao now joining Cove, this didnt provide the opening that Dodgers had been hoping for and the quick scoring continued. DCMS finally reached their target in the 36th over and Dodgers had lost. Priest reflected that this was the first time hed scored a hundred and been on the losing team but failed to mention how many times hed been on the winning team.

The evening was rounded off by Priest buying jug(s) in the bar and smoking cigars (I dont remember him doing that when he became a father!!) and Terry Hawton having his bag nicked - Ill let him tell you about it. Have they got the Armani thieves yet Terry?

Dodgers Innings

Conway Bowled Malik 24
Westhead Bowled Malik 0
Priest Caught Cove Bowled ? 100
Whitrod Stumped ? Bowled Palao 1
Benn Bowled Malik 0
Cooper Caught ? Bowled Palao 2
Block Stumped ? Bowled Palao 4
Matthews not out 15
Hawton Bowled ? 1
Pope not out 0
McBarron did not bat
Extras (7b,6lb,7w, 2nb) 22
Total (40 overs) 168

DCMS bowling

Towers 8-1-39-0
Malik 8-2-17-3
Palao 8-2-19-3
Fitzgerald 8-0-45-0
Vine 7-0-32-1
Scott 1-0-2-1

DCMS Innings

Cove not out 74
Malik c Matthews b Benn 4
Scott c&b Block 0
Vine b Hawton 5
Robson c Block b Cooper 8
Towers b McBarron 31
Palao not out 28
Extras (1b,1lb,19w) 21
Total (of 35.3 overs) 172

Dodgers bowling

Benn 8-1-17-1
Block 7-1-26-1
Hawton 4-0-20-1
Cooper 3-0-16-1
Pope 3-0-21-0
McBarron 6-0-43-1
Whitrod 4-0-16-0
Conway .3-0-2-0

Man of the match (obviously) Neil Priest

29 August 2002

Dodgers v Parliamentary Ombudsman

29 August 2002
Dodgers won by 43 runs

Man of the Match: Richard Abigail

Captain Benn won the toss and elected to bat. Immediately Abigail, guesting for Dodgers was into his stride and 55 runs came from the first ten overs. Two glorious cover drives stuck in the memory, as well as a mishit six over the short legside boundary. At the other end McBarron gave typically solid support. Abigail retired having made a quickfire 30, and was replaced by Westhead, who was also in big-hitting mood, and hit his first ever competitive six in scoring 15.

After the dismissal of Westhead and McBarron, the innings rather limped to a conclusion, with batsmen somewhat too eager to sacrifice their wickets for quick runs, and a score of 116 was perhaps a little short of what seemed likely at one stage.

Nevertheless it was quickly made to look more difficult as the Ombudsman team lost their first four wickets for just 15. As dusk turned to night, Crawford was particularly effective, his pace scaring his wicketkeeper even more then the batsmen, and his three wickets were well deserved. Mention should also be made of McBarron and Matthews smart work in running out Watson, a rare moment of fielding brilliance on a day when Dodgers failed three times to complete run outs when both batsmen were at the same end.

The Ombudsman team briefly threatened to get back into the game as Patel made use of the short legside boundary, and at 67-5 the game was on again. Benn snuffed out the threat with two wickets in two balls, and Hawton finished the job with two wickets, the first via a Matthews catch at full stretch.


McBarron Run Out 27
Abigail Retired 30
Westhead Run Out 13
Gundry c&b Parsons 15
Cousins c&b Patel 6
Benn b Patel 5
Crawford NOT OUT 3
Hawton b King 0
Matthews b King 0
Cooper NOT OUT 3
TOTAL 116-7


Cowling LBW B Crawford 3
Patel T C Crawford B Cooper 0
Watson Run Out (McBarron) 1
Robson B Crawford 18
Monk C Cousins B Crawford 0
Patel J B Benn 21
Corkindale C Matthews B Hawton 13
McDonnell B Benn 0
Copeland B Hawton 5
Parsons Run Out (Gundry) 1
King Not Out 0


Cooper 3-0-17-1
Crawford 3-0-12-3
Benn 3-1-10-2
Hawton 3-0-23-2
Cousins 1.3-0-4-0

22 August 2002


22 AUGUST 2002

Result: Dodgers won by six wickets

The last game of the season against our dearest rivals was played against the background of the sad news of Sue Adeys illness. The eight Dodgers available for the game resolved to play to the best of their ability in these circumstances and responded with one of the best team performances of the season.

It was agreed to limit the game to 35 overs each, as several players had to leave before the end. Superstars generously lent us some fielders and the excellent displays of Messrs Block, Abigail and Conway inspired us. Our fielding was a million miles from the dire show against MoD and I cant recall any misfields costing runs.

We fielded first and after three quiet overs, Gigg and Conway started going for their shots. With some quick and aggressive running between the wickets, the score began to mount. As is usual in these circumstances, the captain turned to John Hilary who promptly removed Conways bails. This brought Steve Carter to the wicket. Captain Priest issued stern instructions not to get him out but this was not heard by Kim Matthews (or so he claimed) who caught him in Johns next over.

At the other end, John Cooper was also bowling efficiently and he quickly accounted for the dangerous Tony Whitrod and followed up by removing Barry Gigg. John had an excellent all-round game with bat and ball and in the field.

After a dodgy start, I picked up my usual three jammy wickets (bowling Richard Abigail was particularly satisfying) and Neil Benn returned to remove Marchant when he looked well set. A total of 171 represented a good effort by Dodgers and we felt it was gettable provided we had a good start.

Our openers Andrew Crawford and John Cooper played well and kept the score going at the required rate. However, both were out without getting the big score threatened. Neil Priest responded superbly with a fine innings. After a quiet start, he attacked the bowlers with some aggressive shots, scoring twelve boundaries. At the other end, Neil Benn concentrated on giving his partner the strike but played some good shots himself. The pair added 103 for the third wicket. Mike Taylor helped by bowling six wides in one over.

After Neil Priest was out with the score on 152, our last recognised batsman John Hilary struck two fine boundaries off Taylor but was then out with us still needing nine. This presented a problem, with John Doyle at the crease and only me to come in, Kim having gone home with a stomach upset. Doyle promptly fell over when facing his first delivery and it was looking dodgy but Neil Benn kept his nerve. With scores level, Doyle launched another wild swing at the bowling. He missed by a mile and so did the field, as we ran a bye to clinch a satisfying victory with eleven balls to spare.


Gigg c Matthews b Cooper 35
Conway b Hilary 36
Carter c Matthews b Hilary 0
Lomas lbw b Hilary 12
Whitrod b Cooper 11
Abigail b Pope 20
Davey b Cooper 8
Marchant b Benn 26
Taylor b Pope 6
Siva not out 1
Block lbw b Pope 1
Extras (b2, lb3, w8, nb2) 15
Total 171 all out


Crawford 7-0-33-0
Benn 7-1-41-1
Hilary 7-0-30-3
Cooper 7-0-28-3
Pope 6.1-0-34-3


Crawford b Block 15
Cooper b Siva 20
Priest ct Conway b Block 80
Benn not out 26
Hilary ct Taylor b Block 10
Doyle not out 0
Extras (b3, lb4, w13, nb1) 21
Total 172 for 4


Taylor 6.1-0-36-0
Block 7-0-23-3
Siva 7-0-26-1
Whitrod 7-0-26-1
Conway 5-0-26-0
Marchant 4-0-27-0

14 August 2002

Dodgers v MOD

Wednesday 14 August

Dodgers lost by 37 runs

Disorientated by the early start (17.45) Captain Carr lost the toss and Dodgers took to the field without "It's impossible for me to catch the early train - or anything else" Pope (who arrived later). MOD's innings started badly when opener Baldry, during a mixed over from Crawford, took a swing at one wide of the off stump and played on for 1. He was quickly followed by Bamber who missed a full toss from Benn and was bowled for a duck. Unfortunately this good start was then offset by some rampant slogging by Messrs. Griffiths, Butlin and Denison. Butlin hit the ball like a howitzer shell (belting the ball out of shape in the process) and twice nearly killed Andy Crawford fielding at mid wicket. On both occasions Andy got his hands to the ball but couldn't hold on. This stand was broken by Crawford who had Griffiths well caught by Carr at cover point for 18. Butlin was then joined by Denison who proceeded to belt the ball in all directions The partnership was broken when Cooper, having taken some punishment, bowled Butlin (off stump) for 29. New man Bailey scored a quick 14 before being run out and Denison finally departed (having survived a dropped catch by yours truly - personally I thought I did well to get to it - off Cooper) to a fine caught and bowled by Carr, having scored 58. The remaining batsmen did little of note except that Williams for 1 and Nichols for 2 both managed to allow themselves to be clean bowled by Pope's speciality grubbers who, not for the first time, finished with Dodgers best bowling analysis. MOD finished their innings on 150 for 8 off 20 overs. Highlights of Dodgers fielding (or lack of it) display were Doyle's stopping the ball at mid off whilst diving onto his nose, and the equivalent of a three line whip where McBarron, not trusting the fielding of either Pope or Leach (backing up) wisely stood behind them to collect a return throw to the bowlers end.

I knew we were up against it when every time Carr passed me he muttered "we've never conceded this many in a 20 over match!" - or words to that effect. Have we?

In an attempt to keep up with the run rate Dodgers opened with McBarron and Crawford. This partnership put on 80 before Crawford, following the advice of Umpire Carr to "not to hang around" was promptly caught next ball having scored 46 from 40 balls. We knew the game was up when new man Priest promptly ran out McBarron for 24 (a mix up following the ball hitting the stumps) with the score on 90 in the 15th over. Cooper was then clean bowled for a duck with the score on 93. Highlight of the remaining overs was Doyle's (desperate to overtake me in the all time batting averages) attempt to take 2 runs whilst Priest impassively stood his ground. How he wasn't run out is known only to the Gods of cricket and those members of the opposition who'd taken a bung. Dodger's innings finished on 113 for 3 and we were well beaten.

This was a curates egg of a performance. Some good bowling (Benn and Crawford) and fielding mixed with some lamentable stuff. Ah well I suppose it's what being a Dodger is all about.


Baldry b Crawford 1
Griffiths Ct Carr b Crawford 18
Bamber b Benn 0
Butlin b Cooper 29
Denison c&b Carr 58
Bailey Run out 14
Williams b Pope 2
Nichols b Pope 1
Fleming not out 1
McDonald not out 2
Extras (b1 lb4 w10 nb1) 16
Total 150

Crawford 4 0 23 2
Benn 4 0 15 1
Cooper 3 0 28 1
Leach 4 0 45 0
Carr 3 0 23 1
Pope 2 0 9 2


Mcbarron Run out 24
Crawford c Griffiths b Nichols 46
Priest Not out 21
Cooper b Mcdonald 0
Doyle Not out 5
Extras (b2 w12 nb6) 20
Total 113

Man of the Match - Andrew Crawford

27 July 2002





This was a very enjoyable game of cricket in wonderfully sunny, warm conditions (27C), against very sporting opponents. Though the margin of victory was large Stage Door were not a bad team but were reliant on a couple of batsmen who did not really come off. Their bowling and fielding was of a decent quality despite our high score which was testament to how well we batted.

Dodgers Captain Carr won the toss (or more precisely Stage Door lost it) and we batted. Mc BARRON and WESTHEAD opened the batting. MC BARRON gave the wise counsel that we should just try to survive for the first few overs and take stock after 5. Unfortunately WESTHEAD was not able to take heed. Facing the less good of the opening bowlers LYNDON he missed out on a leg stump full toss then 2 off-side wides and finally played round a straight one and was bowled for nought.

CARR joined MC BARRON and WESTHEAD took over the umpiring. Aussie left-arm quick DREW was quite a handful. Mc BARRON managed to keep him out but was unable to score much. CARR was in some difficulty and survived two strong LBW appeals which WESTHEAD gave not out for pitching outside the leg stump. Soon after there was a strong appeal for a caught behind off CARR. WESTHEAD at first gave him out but then retracted after CARR had reached half-way back to the boundary deciding that the ball had probably hit the batsmans side or his shirt (to which he had been pointing) rather than his bat as he had at first thought. CARR was not able to take much advantage on this occasion. After one boundary and a score of 8 off 25 balls he looped a ball on to the on side which looked as though it was going for a catch. It fell between the fielders but without calling he set off half-way down the wicket for a quick single which wasnt there and he was run out.

This brought in guest ROGER (one of the oppositions number). At first it looked as though he wouldnt be around long but he gradually grew in confidence. Mc BARRON was in his element with the time and circumstances to build a proper innings which he did very well. This was one of those occasions when the casual Chiswick spectator (well a few wives/girlfriends of team members) would see the best of Mc BARRON. He was at his obdurate best when he needed to be against quality bowling (particularly DREW and initially ALED) but hitting some superb shots against the lesser bowling, in particular his cover drive and punch cut shot through backward point. The score steadily mounted and from the low-point of 21-2 at CARRs dismissal had reached 119 when ROGER was bowled for 33 by BRIAN having hit 5 boundaries. An excellent stand of 98 in 14 overs.

BENN was next in but did not stay long when taking a single which MCBARRON did not acknowledge and BENN was run out for 1. WHITROD was next in but was strangely quiet with only 2 scoring shots (admittedly a 3 and a 4) in his first 14 balls. Mc BARRON was getting a lot of the strike in this period though and to good effect. After making 55 with 8 boundaries JAMES, a quickish accurate bowler with a strange action forced McBARRON to drag the ball onto his stumps. This was an unlucky dismissal. Stand-in Dodger CARTER coming next did not trouble the scorers.

CRAWFORD was next in with the score 142-6 in the 30th over. An ideal launch pad for the Dodger one would probably most rely on to make quick runs to win a game. Whilst still taking off his pads Mc BARRON commented that he had probably got out at the right time thus bringing CRAWFORD to the wicket. And so it was for this was a vintage, swashbuckling CRAWFORD innings. He made 52 off only 34 deliveries including 7 boundaries and one six. One masterly pull to leg was for a boundary was probably the shot of the match. CRAWFORD was eventually bowled by DREW for 52 and there was just time for MATTHEWS to be out run out for nought to the last ball of the innings . WHITROD was left not out 18.

Dodgers total of 226-7 was a very good score with 3 excellent contributions from MCBARRON (55), CRAWFORD (52) and ROGER (33). DREW was pick of the Stage Door bowling with 1-17 off 7 overs. Captain JAMES arguably bowled less well but managed 2-17 off 5 overs and Ross 2-21 off 4.

All Dodgers dismissals were either bowled or run out and there were a total of 50 wides (possibly a record for a Dodgers innings)

The opportunity should not pass without commenting on JAMESs captaining skills which were of a type we have not often witnessed at Chiswick. Of the old school brigade and a rather upper class (but not condescending) accent JAMES was prone to shout out in between deliveries with comments such as This is the ball for you bowler Youll get him this time Youve softened him up with the last one .. etc

Stage Door were very slow at getting through their overs. Clearly the heat and the captains never-ending talking cant have helped. 40 overs took 2 hours 55 minutes including a 5 minute drinks break thus working out at a round a measly 14 overs to the hour.

Now it was Stage Doors turn to bat. JAMES started with a cracking boundary off CRAWFORD and then a 2. It looked as thought hey meant business. But in truth after that opening over Dodgers never faltered. BENN was in the zone strangely being able to conjur up through-the-air swing with the new ball in cloudless conditions. He gave a masterly display bowling the threatening JAMES for 7, LYNDON for a duck and BRIAN likewise. His analysis was 3-9 off 5 overs. BENN really has performed very strongly this season with the ball perhaps due to the generally wetter slower conditions. It has to be stressed though that this was not a slow low wicket at all.

After CRAWFORD and BENN had had their stints Stage Door were 34-4 off 10 overs (CRAWFORD picking up the wicket of DREW who had threatened briefly for 14. DOYLE took a good straightforward catch at mid-on). Stage Door did not have the batting depth to recover from this though they had some decent contributions (MICK 28, DAVID 26, ROSS 19). POPE popped up (pun intended) to take yet another wicket to add to his remarkable tally this season. Soon Captain CARR generously turned to his occasional (some might ungenerously say joke)bowlers. We had 4 overs from returned Dodger and now much fitter and slimmer Doyle who took 1-28 off 4 overs and CARTER took 3-17 likewise off 4 overs including some strangely weak dismissals including one catch by Mc BARRON close in on the off side where it looked as though the batsman ALED was doing his level best to give away his wicket. Even very occasional bowler WESTHEAD who had assumed he wouldnt get a bowl again after failing to dismiss the BOCs tailenders at Regents Park two years ago - was allowed a bowl and it fell to him to take his first ever wicket for Dodgers (not counting a disputed 3-11 against DOE Office Services in the early 90s before Dodgers records began) thanks to an easy but neat leg-side catch by MATTHEWS.

A word about the opposition they were very sporting. One of their fielders said to me that they didnt generally appeal for LBWs in friendly games such as this and they did not complain either when I reinstated CARR. They took the comprehensive defeat in very good spirit. The result could and arguably should have been a lot closer. They were a spirited side and hot in the field. Some of their bowling was top drawer and they were a little unlucky. Their batting did let them down but we bowled well, particularly BENN.

Man of the match: CRAWFORD



McBarron b James 55
Westhead b Lyndon 0
Carr Run Out 8
Roger b Brian 33
Benn Run Out 1
Whitrod Not Out 18
Carter b James 0
Crawford b Drew 52
Matthews Run Out 0
Extras (w35, 5nb, 12b, 3lb) 50
TOTAL (40 OVERS) 226-7

Pope/Doyle DID NOT BAT

FOW: 1-3, 2-21, 3-119, 4-122, 5-141, 6-142, 7-226


Drew 7-1-17-1
Lyndon 6-1-34-1
Aled 4-0-22-0
Martin 5-0-48-0
Brian 4-1-21-1
Ross 4-0-21-2
James 5-1-17-2
Dave 5-0-31-0


James b Benn 7
David b Pope 26
Lyndon b Benn 0
Drew c Doyle b Crawford 14
Brian b Benn 0
Mick b Carter 28
Ross c Carter b Doyle 19
Ginger NOT OUT 8
Martin b Carter 4
Aled c Mc Barron b Carter 0
Clive c Matthews b Westhead 6
Extras (w6, Byes 4, No-Balls 1) 11


Crawford 5-1-16-1
Benn 5-1-9-3
Pope 4-0-23-1
Doyle 4-0-28-1
Carter 4-0-17-3
Westhead 2.5-0-9-1


16 July 2002

ORR Photo Gallery





Dodgers easily won a low scoring game on a slow low pitch mainly due to a decent knock by Mc BARRON (34) and some excellent bowling (again) by BENN (3-19), well backed up by LEACH (3-13) and POPE (2-5)

CARR won the toss and DODGERS batted. Mc BARRON and WESTHEAD opened the batting. Mc BARRON was not at his best (but lets face it his less than best is best than manys best) but ground out a score. WESTHEAD hit one sublime pull but was frustrated at not being able to score for well-hit shots through the off-side that found fielders. In the 9th over after a partnership of 41 WESTHEAD departed when having made 11 to Mc Barrons 21, trying to force the pace, he was run out (not for the first time this season) after having been sent back by Mc BARRON. PRIEST next in was not in his usual form and departed to a catch for 6. COOPER hit one four before departing for 12. CARR was rusty initially but had a late spurt with one glorious straight drive for 4 which went like a rocket. If only he could hit it so hard all the time when he hits it hard my it stays hit! Mc BARRON was out for 34 with the score at 3-67 in the 15TH over. DODGERS finally totalled 102-5 off the 20 overs with CARR 12 not out and HILARY 6 not out. There were a total of 17 extras of which 15 wides. The going had been tough for the batsmen throughout the innings. Would 102 be enough?

When ORR batted it soon became clear that 102 was more than enough. Wickets fell steadily from the off with BENN bowling WARING for a duck and OMAR for one. SIMON bowled EVANS for 4. With the opening bowlers off ORR might have thought they would have some respite but all the other bowlers quickly got in the wickets too. LEACH was particularly impressive with 3-9 off 3 , HAWTIN took 1-4 off 2 and POPE took 2-5 off 2. POPE really has been a revelation this season. Only HILARY remained wicketless but with only a miserly 3 runs off his 3 overs he made a big contribution. For ORR only GILES with 26 got going. ORR were all out after 18 overs and never in the game.



Mc Barron c Man in Blue b Man in Red 34
Westhead Run Out 11
Priest ct ? b Waring 6
Cooper b Man in Blue And White 12
Carr NOT OUT 12
Matthews b Man in Red 2
Hilary NOT OUT 6
Extras (15w, 1lb, 1nb) 17
TOTAL 102-5


Waring 3-0-24-1
Ahmed 4-0-14-0
Giles 4-1-5-0
Roberts 2-0-13-0
Jeremy 1-0-9-0
Man in Red 2-0-9-2

ORR Innings

Giles lbw b Benn 26
Waring b Benn 0
Evans b Cousins 4
Omar c McBarron b Benn 1
Thomas c Cousins b leach 3
Newling b Pope 12
Roberts c Matthews b Leach 0
Furey lbw b Leach 0
Cooch b Hawtin 2
Dude lbw Pope 0
Cooke NOT OUT 1
Extras (1b) 1


Cousins 4-0-17-1
Benn 4-1-16-3
Hilary 3-1-3-0
Leach 3-0-9-3
Hawton 2-0-4-1
Pope 2-0-5-2

04 July 2002


4 JULY 2002


Dodgers: 87-2, 20 Overs (Priest 36 no; McBarron 31) Science Museum: 48 all out, 16.2 Overs (Hilary 3-7; Benn 3-11; Whitrod 2-16)

Match Report: John Carr

Yet another loss of the toss and we were inserted (fortunate as we only had 7 players at the start of the game – later supplemented by Tony Whitrod and Barry Gigg who kindly joined us from an afternoon Superstars match on an adjacent pitch). On a difficult wicket we probably got a par – although potentially beatable – score. But after the opening spells from Neil Benn and John Hilary, the Science Museum innings was in disarray and we secured a very comfortable win.

On another low and slow Chiswick wicket, batting was never an easy proposition. And our opening partnership of Phil McBarron and Neil Priest found it difficult to score freely. Indeed, after 10 overs their partnership had only reached 33. But by the time Phil was dismissed in the 17th over (partnership 70) they had managed to increase the strike rate to more than four. A few lusty blows in the last three overs (and more wides bringing the total to 15!) saw us reach 87. Mooney (4-0-7-0) was the pick of the Science Museum’s attack.

Science Museum’s reply got off to a terrible start with Neil Benn opening up with a double wicket maiden. And, unfortunately for them, things never got much better. After 8 overs, they found themselves 19 for 6 with Neil Benn having the excellent figures of 4-1-11-3 and John Hilary the even better 4-0-7-3. The change bowling of the rusty John Adey and guest Tony Whitrod accelerated the scoring a little but wickets continued to fall and after 16 overs Science Museum had reached 48-9. The game ended when Barry Gigg had Griffiths (the only Museum batsman to reach double figures) caught by Neil Priest (who did an excellent job behind the stumps in Kim’s absence).

Man of the Match: John Hilary


Dodgers Innings

McBarron b Tomlin 31
Priest not out 36
Carr b Fearon 5
Benn not out 0
Extras (w15) 15
Total 87 for 2
dnb: Hilary, Adey, Whitrod, Gigg

Mooney 4 0 7 0
Conn 4 0 19 1
Jones 2 0 15 0
Woodhouse 3 1 8 0
Morley 2 0 14 0
Fearon 3 0 16 1
Tomlin 2 0 11 1

Science Museum Innings

Barker lbw b Benn 0
Butler b Hilary 5
Fearon c&b Benn 0
Morley b Benn 6
Tomlin b Hilary 4
Woodhouse b Hilary 0
Mooney b Whitrod 5
Griffiths c Priest b Gigg 14
Conn c McBarron b Adey 9
Jones c&b Whitrod 1
Crampton D not out 0
Extras (b1, lb1, w2) 4
Total 48 all out

Benn 4 1 11 3
Hilary 4 0 7 3
Adey 4 1 14 1
Whitrod 4 1 16 2
Gigg 0.2 0 0 1

09 June 2002

Dodgers v St Andrews

Sunday 9 June

Dodgers won by 19 runs

This was a game played in some of the worst conditions Dodgers have encountered. It rained for almost the entire match, some of it heavy, causing the ball to go out of shape and batsmen, bowlers (especially) and fielders all had tremendous difficulty keeping their footing. The grass was long and clinging, reducing the value of so many shots. Nonetheless, Dodgers adapted well and won in more comfort than the score might suggest.

Phil McBarron called tails and opened the innings with Neil Benn. Neither played fluently on a sloping, spongy pitch where the occasional ball kept very low, but both hung on well and ran confidently. With only eight players and on such a pitch, circumspection was the order of the day and their ability to play straight was well rewarded. Benn was eventually out for 43 out of 84 mistiming an off drive, having hit three fours from his 84 balls.

John Hilary was run about by a 30 yard direct hit having made just 1 and Richard Caethoven (Neil's "brother-in-law") was smartly stumped for just 2. There was no crisis though, as Phil soon reached yet another half-century, hitting three fours in 61 not out from 98 balls as he and Andrew Crawford saw us to a highly-competitive 126-3 from the 35 overs.

On the resumption, St. Andrews got off to a shaky start, with Burbridge needlessly run out for 8 after some good work by Caethoven and Elston taken by Hilary at mid-wicket for a single after a fearsome pull shot. The other opener, Clark, was caught and bowled by Benn during a tidy if unspectacular spell and Dodgers were well on top.

This brought another Clark and Betts together and they began to add runs at a fair rate against Hilary and Leach. With the score on 59 however, Betts mistimed a cut off Leach and Caethoven took an excellent tumbling catch at backward point. Matt ended with 1 for 14 from 6 - easily his most tidy spell.

St. Andrews were always struggling then, with Clark having to shepherd a long tail. Crawford returned to bowl him with a fast shooter to end any meaningful resistance, which just left David Pope to produce another of Those Spells picking up three wickets in three bursts totalling 5.3 overs.

Phil was named Man-of-the-Match for his excellent knock and astute captaincy.

29 May 2002

Dodgers v Broken Hill Proprietary

Wednesday 29 May
Dodgers lost by 44 runs

Despite much pre-match moaning about the weather, the game was played in good conditions on the driest, flattest and fastest pitch we've seen this year. BHP won the toss and batted (several men short, initially) and in the history of the Dodgers I don't think we've seen a stranger innings.

The first ball from Crawford set the tone. The batsman stepped away and flashed through the covers and the ball went straight to John Cooper - who dropped it. The Kamikaze shots and running continued as Benn grabbed two wickets and Crawford one despite both picking up some stick along the way.

At this point the Leader of Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition (Mr McBarron) suggested that skipper Priest bring on joke bowlers (presumably himself?) to avoid the match turning into a fiasco. John Hilary's first over suggested he might be right as an astonishing three wickets fell, and when Hawton picked up another immediately afterwards BHP were reeling at about 40 for 7. The next few overs proved him hopelessly wrong, though, as two latecomers from BHP launched a fearsome attack. Early-season golden arms Pope, Leach and Cooper were particularly harshly treated, although John did pick up a late wicket, as did the returning Crawford.

128 looked a tough but gettable target, though the Dodgers batting line-up clearly relied on a few batsmen reaching the 30 for retirement. Two of the hopefuls were the new opening combo of McBarron and Hilary. Neither looked totally at ease, and Phil soon succumbed to an uncharacteristically loose shot outside off stump, having survived a confident appeal for caught behind moments earlier. Other Dodgers take careful note on this: McB thought he had probably hit it but wasn't sure so he stayed put; umpire Pope wasn't sure so he said not out. Both actions are 100% correct. Although John did hit two fours, facing an innocuous ball he seemed caught in two minds and ended up giving a tame catch to leave us at 20-2.

This brought the two Neils together, and they began reasonably well, Man-of-the-match Priest in rather better form but both running well and keeping the board ticking over. Alas BHP declined to bowl their only non-bowler so runs were never easy. Priest was forced to retire at 31 and Benn's dismissal soon afterwards for 21 sparked an England-style (and, regrettably, Yorkshire-style) collapse. Cooper struggled before missing a heave; Crawford made only four before being squared up; Hawton fell to a good catch at backward point; and Leach was horribly bamboozled by a slower one. Matthews and Pope both survived the remaining overs without ever looking like getting a run (someone should have told the Cat to block - he plays more attacking shots then!) and we finished 44 short.

BHP's strange batting order contributed to our difficulties, but several of our bowlers conceded double figures in an over. Our batting lacked depth and when Hilary and McBarron failed we were struggling. A telling statistic is that the last four batsmen took 30 deliveries amassing just two runs.

12 May 2002


12 May 2002

Dodgers won the toss and elected to bowl

Haud Magnum: 177/3 dec off 46.5 overs (Boyce 97, Nixon 57, Cooper 3-20)
Dodgers: 158/7 off 39.0 overs (McBarron 55, Bannis 6-36)


Dodgers Man of the Match: John Cooper

After the cancellation of the first two games and the Superstars tour the season finally got underway with a whimper rather than a bang, Dodgers playing out what proved to be a tame draw with Haud Magnum. Despite some creaking muscles, general rustiness and ever expanding waste lines for some of us (Dodgers? Salad Dodgers more like!) we managed to turn in a good performance.

This was the first time we had played HM and the sides were evenly matched. In fact, if we had a Bultitude at the top of the innings or a Crawford with his eye in lower down the order we could easily have won. Set a target of 178 in about two hours on a pitch that was easy to stay in on but difficult to score quickly we needed a solid start. This was supplied by McBarron (55) and Benn (18) who put on a steady 44 for the first wicket. HM then introduced medium pacer Bannis who gave them their only realistic chance of bowling us out, taking 6/36, albeit with some help from our umpires! (Probably or might have is not enough, you have to be 100% certain it would have hit...). McBarron anchored the innings well but contributions by Priest (17), Gundry (13) and John Hilary (17*) werent quite enough to get us home, but we never really looked like being bowled out.

Earlier HM had been asked to bat and their openers put on one of the highest (170), and definitely the most tedious, stands ever against Dodgers. Everybody bowled well with Gundry (0/14), Benn (0/6) and John Hilary (0/18) being especially miserly, restricting HM to less than two an over for what seemed like the first three weeks of the match. Henry Hilary was also impressive, bowling an 11 over spell (0/44) in his first game for two years. Leach (0/37) was unlucky to come on just as Boyce (97) started to hit out (where is Golden Bollocks Adey when the Captain needs him...) and Pope (0/26) was especially unlucky, two possible catches not going to hand in the same over. The bowling was backed up by good fielding with nobody losing concentration despite the lack of wickets. Lack of wickets until the last 15 minutes that is when cometh the hour, cometh the man. An inspired bit of Captaincy saw John Cooper brought on to bowl and take 3/30 in under 4 overs, and rob Boyce of a century in the process (thanks to an extremely posey one handed catch by Gundry). How I let myself be talked out of opening the bowling with him Ill never understand.....

This was an enjoyable game against a good bunch who we should perhaps try and play twice next year. The only real blot was the Tony Whitrod saga, and we all need to be apologetic and nice to him. Arriving late thanks to the trains he was asked to play for the opposition to even up the numbers. They didnt give him a bat or a bowl which is inexcusable. Next time the opposition ask for a player we will make sure the deal is negotiated properly.

Neil Priest

Civil Service Ground, Chiswick

Toss: Dodgers


Nixon c&b Cooper 57
Boyce b Cooper 97
Bhattia Not Out 1
Warner c Gundry b Cooper 0
Extras (b6, lb4, w11, nb1) 22
Total (46.5 overs) 177 for 3

1-170 (Boyce)
2-177 (Nixon)
3177 (Warner)

Gundry 9 3 14 0 (3 wides)
Benn 6 1 8 0
Hilary J 7 0 18 0 (2 wides)
Hilary H 11 0 44 0 (3 wides, 1 no ball)
Leach 5 0 37 0 (1 wide)
Pope 3 0 26 0 (1 wide)
Cooper 3.5 0 20 3 (1 wide)


McBarron c&b Bannis 55
Benn lbw b Bannis 18
Cooper lbw b Bannis 1
Priest lbw b Bannis 17
Gundry b Warner 13
Hilary J Not Out 17
Pope b Bannis 0 (1 ball)
Matthews c Boyce b Bannis 2
Leach Not Out 3
Extras (b14, lb6, w8, nb9) 37
Total (39.0 overs) 158 for 7

Did not bat: Hilary H

1 44 (Benn)
2 55 (Cooper)
3 84 (Priest)
4 123 (Gundry)
5 ?? (McBarron)
6 - ?? (Pope)
7 - ?? (Matthews)

Warner 12 2 26 1 (5nb)
Singh 7 0 26 0 (2w)
Collier 5 0 29 0
Bannis 12 2 36 6
Bhattia 3 0 20 0

Man of the Match: John Cooper

Match Drawn