30 June 2011

Dodgers v ATOC 29.06.11

Hampstead Heath Extension

Dodgers 128 all out, 19.5 overs (McBarron 26no, Bennett 18, Westhead 15) lost to ATOC 129 for 6, 19.2 overs (a wicket apiece to most of the Dodgers bowlers) by 4 wickets.

Match report by Phil McBarron 

A reasonable batting effort in difficult circumstances.  The batting order was disjointed due to late arrivals and most batters had to strap on their pads immediately on arrival (Damien was also as sick as a dog due to food poisoning).  Although a decent scoring rate was maintained a regular loss of wickets meant that Dodgers were in acute danger of being bowled out inside their allotted overs (in the end we were dismissed with a ball remaining).  Highlights were a sparkling cameo from Westhead including another front foot boundary and two hits for Dollin who was able to bat again as lowest score (a duck).

It never seemed enough runs and so it proved although Dodgers made a good fist of defending the total.  The main difference was that ATOC were able to hit more boundaries including three sixes.  The highlight/lowlight was a truly shambolic Stevie Wonderesque wicketkeeping display from Sergei of such stunning inepitude that the side collectively instructed Dollin to take over after 4 overs (e.g. the solution in the Westhead keeping manual to conceding low bouncing byes to Cousins was to stand even further back thus exaggerating the low bounce and conceding yet more byes!).  To be fair, Guy was also responsible for the blue-riband fielding moment – a quite splendid stop of a full blooded pull at short midwicket (those present will need to decide if this was the product of brilliant athleticism and Brian Close courage or an inability to get out of the way in time – either way it saved a certain boundary).

MoM: McB - 6, Sergei - 2, Cousins - 1


Dodgers innings

Taylor                b Mendleson    8
Dollin                b Mendleson    0
Westhead              b Duncan      15
Shimoga       lbw     b Intwalla    16
Bennett       run out               18
Fox           c wkt   b Intwalla     0
McBarron      not out               28
Radcliffe     lbw     b Jish        10
Cousins       c wkt   b Law J        3
ANO (Dollin)  st wkt  b Elliott      7
Sub-total                           93
Extras                              25
Total (9 wkts, 19.5 overs)         128
Elliott     3.5-0-28-1
Mendleson   4-0-18-2
Intwalla    2-0-8-2
Duncan      2-0-20-1
Saider      2-0-7-0
Mark        2-0-27-0
Jish        2-0-6-1
Law J       2-0-7-1
ATOC innings
Iain      c Shimoga    b Bennett      6
Stephen                b McBarron    12
Jish      lbw          b Cousins      0
Zach      retired not out            25
Saider    retired not out            28
Duncan    retired not out            25
Mark                   b Shimoga      3
Graeme    not out                     9
Kalpesh                b Fox          3
Law J     st Dollin    b Shimoga      0
Sub-total                           111
Extras                               18
Total (6 wkts, 19.2 overs)          129
Dodgers bowling
Cousins   4-1-16-1
Bennett   4-0-30-1
McBarron  2-0-18-1
Taylor    2-0-14-0
Shimoga   4-0-25-2
Fox       3.2-0-19-1

29 June 2011

Dodgers v Carib Beer XI 27.06.11

Wray's Crescent, Finsbury Park
Weather: Cloudy and hot but with none of the promised rain

Dodgers 120 for 8 (Dollin 35no, Radcliffe 26 retd, McBarron 21no) beat Carib Beer XI 119 for 8 (Cousins 4 overs 3 for 8, Hilary 4 overs 1 for 19, Wilkinson 2 overs 1 for 16) by 1 run

Match report by Phil McBarron

Low standard fare but an exciting finish on an artificial wicket as Dodgers edged home by the minimum margin.

Captained by the OBE, Dodgers batted first and got off to a good start with momentum provided by Dollin supported by Qureshi.

The innings rapidly decelerated after the retirement of Mike with just 11 runs coming off overs 8-12 as the middle order axis of Smith, Sergei and Wilkinson struggled somewhat with the slow loopy bounce of the synthetic wicket.

After 14 overs the score had reached 71 but some useful late blows from Radcliffe, McBarron and the returning Dollin pushed this up to 120 by the close (this was felt to be about 20 below par).

It was important to take early wickets and Cousins and Hilary duly obliged with fine opening spells (the former particularly impressive with 3 clean bowled victims). After 8 overs with only 32 runs on the board and 4 batters back in the hutch Dodgers were firmly in control.

The OBE then opted to bowl occasional bowlers Smith and Wilkinson in tandem and with 41 runs scored Carib were back in pole position with 73 banked after 12 overs. Fox and McBarron then regained the initiative with economical starts and with 3 overs left and 35 runs needed the game seemed in the bag. Unfortunately, a wayward penultimate over from McB with 5 wides went for 10 and, even worse, Fox's final over was despatched for 18 due to good batting rather than poor bowling.

With 8 needed to win (7 to tie) off the last and 2 well set batsmen the momentum was with the Caribs. A mixture of dot balls and 2s of the first 5 balls of the final over bowled by McB meant 4 were needed of the last ball. With the all the fielders on the boundary, McB held his nerve and an accurate final ball was squirted into the covers for a couple to leave the home side tantalisingly short.

Man of the Match was deservedly Cousins but the Carib batsman who scored a 15 ball duck deserves an honourable mention!

Alternative match report by Guy Westhead

Superb bowling from Cousins (as usual), with spot-on last over from McBarron (went for 5 only) allied to earlier quick scoring 35 not out from Dollin (returning retiree), 25 not out (retired) from Radcliffe, 21 not out from McBarron and useful 17 from Qureshi were just enough to beat Carib despite a generally poor fielding display from Dodgers and although the Dodgers managed 3 run outs. Most fielders were guilty of at least one lapse in the field.

Dodgers began well with a good opening partnership between Qureshi, starting slowly but accelerating well and Dollin who hit several boundaries. Dodgers stalledin mid-innings with Smith hit in the groin area, retiring but returning to still register 0, Westhead having lost early season form bowled for 1 and Wilkinson with a fairly (lets not over egg this) painstaking 8. Radcliffe was not on song but was dropped twice and still managed his 25 not out and brought that up with a beautiful 6 (just as in his last game).

McBarron scored quickly and together with a returning Dollin ensured Dodgers had something to bowl at.

When Dodgers took the field Cousins was immediately on song and his 3 dismissals were all bowled – apparently there was a lot of swing in the heavy atmosphere. The acceleration came in the mid 4 overs when Wilkinson and Smith, more occasional bowlers needed on this occasion, took up the mantle. But they were no disasters. A few unfortunate lapses in the field followed (those guilty will remain nameless) and this was counterbalanced with 3 run outs.

40 needed off last 4 overs – Dodgers marginally ahead. 25 in 2. Sadly Fox's last over went for 18 and suddenly Carib were favourites before some great block hole (I think) bowling from McBarron.

Captain: G Westhead and also writer of this brief report.

Carib XI match report


Dodgers innings

Dollin      not out               35
Qureshi     ct ?      b Hague     17
Smith             c & b Willis     0
Westhead              b Willis     1
Radcliffe   retired not out       25
Wilkinson   ct ?      b Hague      8
McBarron    not out               21
Hilary                b Rogerson   5
Fox         c Barry   b Rogerson   0
Cousins     c Dan     b Worthy     0
Sub-total                        112
Extras                             8
Total (7 wkts, 20 overs)         120

DNB: Matthews


Rogerson    4-0-24-2
Worthy      4-0-25-1
Willis      4-0-24-2
Hague       4-0-16-2
Cordey      4-0-27-0

Carib Beer XI innings

Hague               b Hilary      12
Moss                b Cousins      1
Tongue              b Cousins      2
Rogerson  not out                 27
Cordey              b Cousins      0
Bowen     run out                  9
Goochie         c & b Wilkinson    0
Gordon    run out                 19
Laurence  run out                  0
Willis    retired not out         25
Worthy    not out                  0
Sub-total                         95
Extras                            24
Total (8 wkts, 20 overs)         119

Dodgers bowling

Cousins     4-1-8-3
Hilary      4-0-19-1
Wilkinson   2-0-20-1
Smith       2-0-16-0
Fox         4-0-23-0
McBarron    4-0-23-0

25 June 2011

Secret Soviet dossier leaked


Game tomorrow evening vs the Dodgers at South Park is very much on. Let's hope the weather is better than it has been today (forecast is reasonable)

We have 9 players and we probably won't get any more - just a possibility that one more talented Dodger may be able to play for us.

It is 20:20, start at 6PM, try to be there by 545pm. Some of us may aim for even earlier to have a practice on the outfield

The rough batting order for our 9 is as follows

Mc Barron

With the possible exception of Steve Bennett (for which I apologise I am unable to promote you higher up our batting order despite your recent allrounder potential shown) we are pretty much entirely a team of batsmen and a few of whom can bowl as well.

I am intending to ask Messrs Bennett and Beggs to open the bowling. At the death I will have Lowe and Mc Barron. We will have to fiddle through the middle overs with 2 overs from most of us. (David will probably only bowl 2 because he will be wicketkeeping for most of the time - I will take over the pads when he starts his spell)

Batsmen will need to retire at either 25 or 30 (I will be negotiating that with Dodgers captain Carr). But you can go in again if everyone else has batted.

The Dodgers side is as follows:

Lee Senior
Smith S

A few notes that might be useful:

Cousins is a very good opening bowler with a nagging line just outside off stump. He is not express quick but very difficult to get away. Probably best not to sacrifice too many of our wickets to him. 0-15 would represent a good outcome so try to get singles where you can. None
of the other Dodgers bowlers are anything particularly special. Fox is slowish but accurate, Lee Senior gets wickets but is eminently tonkable if you know what I mean.

On the batting front Priest is a high quality player - average of about 50 for Dodgers - but can be vulnerable early on. Lee is a fine striker of the ball and will hit it a long way if you serve it up too nicely too him. Can be vulnerable to a Yorker though. Mc Dollin - Aussie and likely to be one of the openers - has admitted himself to have made a career out of a legside hoik. Querishi can easily get bogged down with good line and length bowling.

Let's have fun. I will be bringing some beers for consumption before, during and after though we will also go to a pub at Parsons Green afterwards for those that can spare the time.

If you need to contact me urgently tomorrow best to ring on the mobile number below


15 June 2011

Dodgers v MOJ 14.06.11

2 for no ball/wide, no extra ball
Weather: Fine, sunny

Dodgers 78 for 6 (Extras 42, Taylor 10) lost to MOJ 79 for 5 (13.4 overs, Hilary 3-11, McBarron 2-18) by five wickets

MOM: Hilary - 10, McBarron - 1

Extras top-scored. John bowled very well. Nuff said.

Dodgers innings
Taylor      c ?     b Maji     10
Dollin              b Cason     5
Radcliffe   lbw     b Whalley   0
Lee Jnr             b Maji      4
McBarron        c & b Maji      3
Westhead    not out             7
Qureshi     run out             3
Hilary      not out             4
Sub-total                      36
Extras                         42
Total (6 wkts, 20 overs)       78
DNB: Raj, Bennett, Matthews
MOJ bowling

Whalley     4-2-3-1
Cason       4-0-16-1
Hallchurch  4-0-12-0
Umaji       4-0-15-3
Bowman      2-0-9-0
Smith       2-0-14-0
MOJ innings
Cason       retired not out       27
Smith                 b Hilary    10
Hutchinson            b Hilary     3
Woolley               b Hilary     0
Pascoe      lbw       b McBarron   6
Turner                b McBarron   0
Whalley     not out                9
Mebs        not out               13
Sub-total                         68
Extras                            11
Total (5 wkts, 13.4 overs)        79
Dodgers bowling
Hilary      4-0-11-3
Bennett     2-0-19-0
Raj         4-0-21-0
McBarron    3-0-18-2
Qureshi     0.4-0-9-1

Note: Extras in Dodgers innings were greater than the batting total.

Dodgers v SBCC 09.06.11

Turney Road, West Dulwich
2 for no ball/wide, no extra ball
Weather: Sun with some cloud, cool

Dodgers 118 for 7 (Taylor 25*, Shimoga 18*) lost to SBCC 119 for 3 (McBarron 1-15, Fox 1-22, Taylor 1-27)

MOM: McBarron - 6, Taylor - 3, Radcliffe - 1.

Dodgers scored steadily at nearly a run a ball, but realised this wouldn't be enough against the bombastic batsmen of Southbank. It wasn't - but Dodgers extended the game longer than it might have lasted.


Dodgers innings

Taylor      retired    not out     25
Lindsey                b Sarwant    8
Radcliffe   run out                15
Westhead               b Sarwant    4
Priest        b        b Nabeel     7
McBarron    c Dollin   b Sibley    14
Shimoga     not out                18
Smith                  b Murno      2
Fox                    b Hayes      2
Matthews    not out                 3
Sub-total                          98
Extras                             20
Total (7 wkts, 20 overs)          118

SBCC bowling

Hayes       4-0-15-1
Sibley      4-0-21-1
Nabeel      4-0-21-1
Sarwant     4-0-16-2
Williamson  2-0-11-0
Munro       2-0-14-1
SBCC innings
Thornton    retired not out           25
Brimss      retd                      25
Sarwant     c Priest     b McBarron    0
Nelligan    not out                   25
Johnston    b            b Taylor     17
Monroe      c Westhead   b Fox         0
Williamson  not out                    3
Sub-total                             95
Extras                                24
Total (3 wkts, 18.3 overs)           119
Dodgers bowling
Shimoga     4-0-17-0
Fox         4-0-22-1
McBarron    4-1-15-1
Smith       3-0-19-0
Taylor      3-0-27-1
Westhead    0.3-0-2-0

12 June 2011

Dodgers Mobile

Access to dodgerscricket.org whilst on the move is now fully streamlined because the site will detect you are on a mobile device and reformat to a mobile-friendly layout.

03 June 2011

Dodgers v EHCC 02.06.11

Retire at 25
2 runs for wide and no extra ball
Weather: Dry, sunny

Dodgers 136 for 5 (Taylor 27*, Priest 25*, Westhead 18) beat English Heritage 98 (Shimoga 3 for 18, Hilary 2 for 11, Taylor 2 for 17) by 38 runs

MoM: Taylor - 5, Niranjan - 4, Westhead - 2

Match Report by Guy Westhead

Very satisfying revenge win by the Dodgers compensating for early-season loss. Impressive all-round display with all the team contributing one way or the other.

Taylor and Hatteea started well and quickly. Hatteea got a top edge to the keeper whilst scoring at his usually fast rate (probably has highest Dodgers career strike rate currently) and was out for 11. Taylor was impressive with 5 boundaries but could have been even better with 2 periods of 6 and 7 balls respectively when he was becalmed.

Dodgers' innings faltered somewhat in mid-innings as 37-1 off 5 became 65-3 off 12 until Priest and Westhead came together for a partnership of 37 in under 4 overs. Westhead unusually outscoring Priest, scored at his fastest rate for Dodgers with 18 off 10 balls including 5 boundaries (shurely shome mishtake. Ed). Botha was particularly annoyed at being sliced twice through slips/gully area for 4. (productive shot this season lads, particularly with fast outfields!). Priest went on his usual sublime way to retirement at 25 after Westhead had been bowled. Later on Lee Senior, despite professing to be in no form, struck 14 in 11 balls including one glorious massive 6 over square leg. Par score merchants Priest and McBarron nevertheless thought our score was not enough and needed to be at least 150, if not 170, to have strong chance of victory, on a true wicket with a fast outfield.

When EHCC batted Dodgers’ new boy Niranjan Shimoga immediately took a brilliant overhead catch at mid-off (or was it mid-on?) off Hilary to dismiss Slatford for 0 and Gould nicked one to the Cat in the same over. Hilary starting with a double-wicket maiden over! For the next 6 overs or so the score mounted steadily with Lee Senior disappointingly giving away a number of boundaries although he did bowl Bedford. His analysis of 4-0-31-1 bore all the hallmarks of a typical Adey analysis although at a faster bowling pace. (can say this now that my MoM vote is in the bag from him – Ed). Shimoga bowling sort of fast left arm spin bowled Frankham. Matthews immediately indicated that he wouldn't be standing up to further deliveries. Shimoga's first over still went over 10 and EHCC were arguably handily placed at 46-3 off 8 if their lower-order batsmen could maintain the momentum.

Fortunately for Dodgers some excellent mid-innings bowling followed by Taylor, Shimoga and McBarron taking 6 wickets between them with Taylor's spinners particularly impressive and economical (after being hit for 25 off 1 over in the previous day’s match vs Weasels. Dollin pocketed a good high catch on the square leg boundary and Shimoga took a second. With 8 wickets down and only 1 more to go (EHCC having only 10 players), Quenelle returned to the crease following his earlier retirement at 25. He and Saleri put on in 30 in 4 overs from 67-7 off 16 overs, until with less than 2 overs to go and 39 needed Priest had a masterstroke moving Westhead who had had hitherto had little fielding to do short in on the legside to a position of wide long-on three quarters to the boundary and Quenelle's push for another boundary came right at him – fortunately he was able to hold on and EHCC were all out for 97.


Innings of Dodgers
Taylor     retired not out              27
Hatteea    c wkt          b Smith       11
Dollin                    b Smith        3
Lee P Jr              c & b Griffith     6
Priest*    retired not out              25
Westhead                  b  Griffith   18
Shimoga    NOT OUT                       3
Lee P Sr   c Wkt          b Bedford     14
Hilary     not out                       4
Sub-total                              111
Extras                                  25
Total (for 5 wickets)                  136
FoW: 1-24, 2-39, 3-65, 4-102, 5-?
Memon     4-1-13-0
Smith     4-0-30-2
Saleri    4-0-16-0
Griffith  4-0-21-2
Botha     2-0-23-0
Bedford   2-0-21-1
Innings of EHCC
Slatford    c Shimoga      b Hilary    0
Gould       c Matthews     b Hilary    0
Frankham                   b Shimoga   5
Quenelle    c Westhead     b Shimoga  39
Bedford                    b Lee P Sr  3
Botha       c Shimoga      b Taylor   11
Saleri      not out                   26
Memon       c Dollin       b Taylor    4
Griffith                   b Mc Barron 1
Smith                      b Shimoga   4
Sub-total                             83
Extras                                14
Total (for 9 wickets all out)         97

FoW: 1-0, 2-0, 3-27, 4-35, 5-51
     6-56, 7-58, 8-67, 9-97

Hilary    3-1-11-2
Lee P Sr  4-0-31-1
Shimoga   3.1-0-18-3
Taylor    4-0-17-2
McBarron  4-0-20-1

02 June 2011

Dodgers v Weasels 01.06.11

Police Ground, Imber Ct, Thames Ditton
35 overs

Dodgers 217 for 5 (Priest 89, McBarron 57*) beat Weasels 212 for 6 (Fox 7-0-32-3) by 5 runs

Match Report

Statistics struck from the record again in the case of Dodgers vs. Weasels

Dodgers (217-5, 35 overs) produced an arresting performance yesterday to defeat the Weasels (212-6) at the Met Police ground.

Pre-match talk featured phrases such as "batting on a shirt front", "weak bowling attack" and "record opening partnership last year" – and as skipper Priest won the toss and sent out Dollin and Taylor under blue skies, everything was going to plan.  'Taylor duly played on to the fourth ball of the game; Dollin could reach only 19; and neither Radcliffe nor Lindsay could get in. Thank goodness then for all-time Dodgers top run scorers Priest and McBarron, who with a late cameo from JH, propelled Dodgers to 217 from the allocated 35 overs.

Of the opinion that they had little chance of securing his conviction, Weasels starved Priest of strike, choosing instead to prosecute his partner-in-crime. This was a mistake. The case was duly thrown out of court as McBarron hit an unbeaten 57 from 51 balls. Priest – who scored 89 from 94 balls – left the field to deserved applause in the final over, perishing only in pursuit of a deserved century. The pair's record-breaking 5th wicket partnership of 123 comfortably eclipsed Carr and Crawford's 114 vs. Transec in 1999.

Hilary bowled superbly in opening the case for the defence with Bennett, conceding only 19 in his seven overs. However, Weasels had sent out their robotic opener

Michaels1000 to interrogate the Dodgers' attack and as usual he asked some searching questions in a plummy and mechanical monotone. He looked set for the day.  'No wonder, then, that a couple of Dodgers watching from the public gallery (covers) celebrated loudly and prematurely as they thought he'd nicked it behind –  'evidence from "snicko" was ruled inadmissible.  'By the time McBarron removed the other opener, caught Radcliffe at cover, Weasels already looked well set. And unknown to them, Dodgers were soon to be forced into employing a part-timer to make up the overs.

Things didn't look good. But Taylor surprised everyone (including himself) by bowling 6-0-40-1 and with great work from Rob Fox – who snared Dyer caught brilliant over his shoulder by Bennett – the case started to swing in the favour of Dodgers. The return of Bennett to the attack then appeared decisive as Michaels1000 was dismissed for 80, departing briefly from his programming to play all round a straight one.

Lusty blows from Gladwin aside, things were looking comfortable with 35 needed from the last two – and Weasels almost lost their next witness before he even took the stand as Michaels1000, now umpiring, looked at his watch and said without hint of jest: "He's got 40 seconds. I'd LOVE to give someone timed out."

The incoming old biffer, though, had other ideas for Taylor's seventh over and despatched huge straight sixes from his first three balls. Four from the next, off the foot of a diving Bennett, was followed by a dot and a scrambled leg bye. Taylor found himself in the all-to-familiar position of having rank bowling figures and a shell-shocked Dodgers found themselves defending 12 off the last over.

Like Priest and McBarron before him, however, our death-bowler proved to be the man for the moment and too wily by half for the opposition. Nine from three and it was still on –  'but by cramping the old biffer and bowling Omar, Rob "the finisher" Fox put paid to Weasels' chances and consigned them to the most harsh of cricketing sentences: defeat.



Dodgers Innings
Taylor             b Dyer     0 (5b)
Dollin      ct ?   b Iqbal   19 (24b)
Priest             b Pagan   89 (94b)
Radcliffe   ct ?   b Alam     9 (14b)
Lindsey     ct ?   b Alam     4 (8b)
McBarron    Not Out          57 (51b)
Hilary      Not Out           9 (4b)
Sub-total                   187
Extras                       30
Total (for 5 wkts, 35 ovs)  217
DNB: Bennett, Fox, Matthews
FOW 1, 41, 70, 80, 203 (5th wicket partnership 123)
Dyer      6-1-35-1
Stringer  7-0-23-0
Iqbal     7-0-22-1
Alam      7-0-37-2
Gladwin   2-0-34-0
Pagan     5-0-44-1
Lloyd     1-0-13-0
Weasels Innings
Michaels                 b Bennett  80
Lloyd      c Radcliffe   b McBarron 30
Triggs                   b Taylor   29
Gladwin                  b Fox      21
Dyer       c Bennett     b Fox      12
Omar                     b Fox       2
Stringer    Not Out                 26 (7b)*
Harley      Not Out                  1
Sub-total                          202
Extras                              10
212 (for 6 wkts, 35 overs)         212
Bennett   7-0-45-1
Hilary    7-0-19-0
Fox       7-0-32-3
McBarron  7-0-46-1
Taylor    7-0-63-1


Note: The total balls faced in the Dodgers innings should add up to 210 but only total 200.

Dodgers CC v Weasels 1 June 2011 at Met Police Ground, Imber Court

Dodgers CC v Weasels 1 June 2011 at Met Police Ground, Imber Court

Dodgers CC v Weasels 1 June 2011 at Met Police Ground, Imber Court

Dodgers CC v Weasels 1 June 2011 at Met Police Ground, Imber Court

Dodgers CC v Weasels 1 June 2011 at Met Police Ground, Imber Court