25 December 2003

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all Dodgers worldwide!

20 December 2003

Blimey - at last TQ has rubbed shoulders with some real (ish) cricketers! I assume his international career will start soon. The important thing is, did he sign any of them up to replace him in as 3rd change bowler in the Dodgers attack?


17 December 2003

Dodger on Tour

Tawhid Qureshi - our man in ChittagongTawhid Qureshi writes about his travels in Bangladesh with and to watch the England Cricket Team:

"As the England team head towards Columbo with the hope of another series victory on the Subcontinent, I recently had the pleasure of following their progress in Bangladesh. I was there to watch the three one-dayers that took place after the Test Series and it truly was a memorable experience. As I prepared to fly out from Dhaka to Chittagong for the first game, I was immediately taken aback at the sight of the entire England squad casually milling around in the departure lounge.

I naturally introduced myself to a few of them, as I knew the quick bowlers in particular were struggling on the flat pitches and therefore desperately needed advice on how to vary their bowling. I was only too glad to pass on my experience of how to effortlessly bowl six completely different deliveries in an over. Messrs Flintoff, Anderson and Johnson were all obviously impressed!

Anderson went on to express his worries of being labeled "injury prone", and was amazed to hear how I had successfully managed to avoid any stress fractures. I was able to put this down to my measured 5 step run up and encouraged him to follow suit, whilst reassuring him that most of my wickets were achieved through a deceptive lack of pace.

I also managed to grab a word with Michael Vaughan and urged him to forget about the team and concentrate on his own batting. I explained that although I had no experience of captaincy, playing with the Dodgers had taught me not to trust fellow players as like myself most of them ignore instructions anyway!

The flight itself was a quiet affair, I expect because most of the players were passing on and digesting my views on the game.

Each of the three games produced exactly the same 7 wicket victory margin for England, although the local crowd still seemed to have plenty to shout about. The atmosphere at the grounds was excellent and only back in Dhaka for the second day/night game, did things threaten to turn slightly ugly. As Flintoff was treating the crowd to pyrotechnics in the middle (no doubt still buoyed by our conversation a few days earlier), the crowd decided to light their own fires in the stands! Unsurprisingly with England still needing 30 odd to win from plenty of overs I decided to make a sharp exit.

Indeed the vitriol shown at the end of each game towards the home team and especially the captain, certainly made the withering glances I’d received in the field for all those dropped catches earlier in the year seem inconsequential!

All in all it was a fantastic few days sampling cricket in a small corner of a foreign land, and has whetted my appetite for more cricket watching overseas."

Tawhid Qureshi

Coming soon! The complete photo gallery of Tawhid's Bangladesh pics.

16 December 2003

Bangla Buddies

Coming soon exclusively to Dodgerscricket.org - Tawhid Qureshi's On Tour With The Barmy Army Bangladesh Photo Diary (er, or something like that). Here as a taster is a picture of your intrepid reporter with Andrew "Freddie" Flintoff at the airport as they await the same plane.

Tawhid Qureshi (left) and Andrew 'Freddie' Flintoff at the airport in Bangladesh

01 December 2003

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer

Dodgers were voted Superstars' 'Most Liked Opponents' at their AGM and Social last Friday in the Jugged Hare [reports our man in the pub Andrew Crawford]. Apparently on some occasions we have also won 'Most Disliked Opponents'…

30 November 2003

AGM 2003 Minutes

DODGERS CRICKET CLUB : ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 2003 5:30pm, Friday 7 November 2003
Sir Robin Butler Suite, Chadwick Street Recreation Centre MINUTES OF MEETING


John Adey
Andrew Crawford
John Carr
Kim Matthews
Phil McBarron
Franca McBarron
John Cooper
John Hilary
Will Streatfield
John Doyle
David Pope
Sean Birch
Neil Benn
Guy Westhead
Chris Jacobs
Neil Priest

1. Introduction and Apologies

1.1 Apologies had been received from Sian Priest, Tawhid Quereshi, Mark Cavanagh, Jude Brierly, Amy Cooper and Matt Leach.

2. Minutes of Last Meeting (24 January 2003)

2.1 These were agreed.

3. Finance

Accounts 2002

3.1 Andrew Crawford reported that the Club had carried forward £439.99, which had been higher than expected. This was mainly due to the cost of the 2002 AGM and Social falling in this financial year (as reflected in the accounts for 2003). Other big expenditure items had been pitch costs, new club kit, balls and a donation in memory of Sue Adey. Turnover had been similar to previous years but income from match fees was down due to the poor weather. The nets at the Oval had been a success and made a loss of £45, which had been expected.

Honorary Auditor’s Report

3.2 Franca McBarron reported that she was content with the accounts for 2002 and these had been signed off. The meeting thanked Franca for auditing the accounts.

Treasurer’s Report for 2003

3.3 Andrew reported that approximately £280 would be carried forward. Expenditure on balls had increased. Better weather had led to an increase in match fee income from home games. There had also been some expenditure on the new website.

4. Election of Officers for 2004

4.1 The following officers were re-elected unopposed:

Chairman - John Adey
Treasurer Andrew Crawford
Fixture Secretary - Kim Matthews
Captain - John Carr
Vice-Captain - Neil Priest
Franca McBarron - Honorary Auditor

4.2 Neil Priest and Phil McBarron stood down from the Committee and the following new officers were appointed unopposed:

Secretary - John Cooper
Additional Member - Neil Benn

4.3 The meeting thanked Neil and Phil for their efforts on behalf of the Club.

5. Subscriptions and Match Fees for 2004

5.1 It was agreed that these should remain the same as in 2003 as follows:


Evening match fee Afternoon (no tea) match fee Afternoon (tea) match fee

6. Selection Policy for 2004
£5.00 £3.50 £4.00 £5.00

6.1 It was agreed that this should remain the same as in 2003. The best eleven would be selected each week by John Carr in consultation with Neil Priest. John would have the final say on selection with the following caveats:

- nobody should have to miss two matches in a row.

- opposition’s strength to be taken into account when selecting side (ie. the stronger the opposition the stronger the Dodgers side to be selected)

- account to be taken of people repeatedly dropping out at the last minute without a good excuse.

6.2 Neil Benn was leaving the Civil Service and would no longer be able to co- ordinate availability for selection. It was agreed that this should be discussed at the next Committee meeting.

6.3 It was agreed that once selected teams should be posted on the website. This would be as well as, rather than instead of, e-mail notification.

7. Membership

7.1 It was agreed that the Committee should devise a “marketing strategy” for the Club to increase membership. Several ideas were mentioned including use of the website, intranets, staff magazines and individual efforts.

8. Website

8.1 The meeting thanked John Cooper and Matt Leach for setting up the website which had been a great success. The Committee would review posting rights in due course.

9. Fixtures

9.1 Kim Matthews reported that the number, type and venues for matches would largely be the same as for 2003. There would usually be one game per week (occasionally two) and some weekend games.

9.2 The possibility of an all day game to commemorate Sue Adey was discussed. Kim agreed to ask Superstars if they would be interested. John Hilary had a cousin who taught at Westminster School and would make enquiries about having the game at Vincent Square.

10. Awards

10.1 After some discussion it was agreed that for future seasons the Players’ Player award would be decided by an aggregate of all the Man of the Match votes cast throughout the season, rather than a total of Man of the Match Awards won.

11. Closed Season Activities

11.1 Andrew Crawford had booked the indoor nets but this had yet to be confirmed by the Oval. They would be on Thursday’s between 6 and 7pm, starting with one net per week but increasing to two for the final few weeks. (Note: see website for further details).

11.2 It was agreed that there should be as many closed season activities as possible and that the horse racing, dog racing and speedway evenings should be repeated. Phil McBarron was trying to organise a drinking binge rail trip to York.

12. Any Other Business

12.1 Andrew Crawford appealed to members to keep old match balls as they were needed for nets. John Adey agreed to check if he had any old club balls in his garage.

12.2 It was agreed that the club kit needed to be better looked after. A kit monitor would be nominated when team selections were announced, as would a money collector. Andrew Crawford would ensure that a supply collection forms was left in the kit bag. Andrew would ensure that the match fees were listed on the forms, along with details of what to charge the opposition.

12.3 It was agreed that a new bat should be bought in the sales (and to be knocked in by the vendor).

12.4 Phil McBarron suggested that batsmen reaching 50 should retire. This would agreed although the Capatain would have the discretion to allow a batsman to stay out if they had a chance of reaching 100 or their retirement meant we might lose.

12.5 Superstars had organised a tour for the early May Bank Holiday next year. Any Dodgers players wishing to attend should let Ken Block know.

12.6 It was suggested that it may now be possible to apply for a SPARTA grant without any of the strings previously attached by them eg. merging with Superstars, changing our Constitution etc. The Committee would investigate this and put proposals to members.
Dodgers CC November 2003

26 November 2003

Free food and beer while the money lasts (!) A message from your friendly neighbourhood captain of Superstars, Barry Gigg: "This is just to remind you that this year's (Superstars) social and awards night is in the Jugged Hare (Vauxhall Bridge Road) starting from 5.30 on Friday - Free food and beer while the money lasts. We have the first floor for our own private use. The Jugged Hare is 300 yards from Victoria Street on the left hand side as you walk down Vauxhall Bridge Road." Map

25 November 2003

Management by Committee So that you all know to ask about official matters, the new Dodgers Committee is:

John Adey - Chairman
John Carr - Captain
Andrew Crawford - Treasurer
Kim Matthews - Fixtures Secretary
John Cooper - Secretary
Neil Benn - Member Without Portfolio

19 November 2003

Nets at the Oval 2004 Thanks to Andrew Crawford (and to The Oval) for confirming our Net dates for next season. They are all on Thursdays as follows: 4, 18 and 25 March, 1 and 15 April. All from 6-7pm at the Ken Barrington Centre, The Oval. Details on how to reserve your place will follow.

16 November 2003

Roll of Honour

Those Dodgers Awards Winners 2003

Chairman John Adey presents the Dodgers Awards 2003 to (left to right) John Hilary (Best Bowler), Phil McBarron (Best Batsman), Kim Matthews (Best Fielder) and Guy van der Westhead (Most Improved Player). Your humble photographer apologises for the piss poor quality of the pics.

13 November 2003

The Dodgers Unofficial Awards 2003

A grand total of eleven (count 'em) people voted in the inaugural unofficial awards through the Dodgers website (you're reading it). A notable mention must go to Dirk Diggler for making the effort to vote. JC read out the awards at the AGM and Social but for those of you who couldn't make it here they are in full.

Champagne Moment of the Season

14 August v Ombudsman. Oppo batsman turning ball behind square straight to Will, 10 yds from bat. Calls "TWO!" and makes it easily

Nominations: Whitrod being hit for 4 consecutive fours by Stage Door Amanda, Creation of Dodgers website, No rain! and "I'm retiring" Neil Benn

Champagne Moment of All Time

The David Pope run out.

Nominations: Sian bowling Barry Gigg, Dave Sealey fielding the ball deep in the outfield and then accidentally throwing it over his shoulder and the boundary for 4 whilst attempting to return it to the keeper, summer without rain and "I'm out of retirement" - Neil Benn

Champagne Moment of All Time excl Pope

Ian Murray (worst cricketer of all time) catching Barry Gigg

Nominations: Tony Whitrod being bowled by Stage Door Amanda first ball, Imran Khan bowling Chris Tavaré - can't remember which one was playing for Dodgers, Picture of Mr. Doyle on his bike, "I'm out of retirement" Neil Benn, going to have to nominate my catch at slip from the 1st ball against BSI (I think). I guess I'm also bound to nominate my bowling Conway en route to 5-11 to beat the Rats a few years back. Sorry I can't think of any non-Benn ones!

Innings of the Year

Neil Priest's 100 vs Science Museum

Nominations: Crawford's unbeaten 70 against Warwick Castle down at Eltham, Cav v St Andrews on an awful wicket

Bowling Spell of the Year

John Hilary on any number of occasions

Nominations: Doylee's five for against Stage Door, John Cooper's 3-1 against MOD, Crawford @ Buckhurst Hill

Catch of the Year

Guy's 3 in a match

Nominations: Tawhid's 4 (!), ummm, all of the Cat's, JC’s in self protection against the Stage Door when it was going to hit him in the face
Those Dodgers Awards 2003 Winners in full

Players' Player - Neil Benn
Batsman - Phil McBarron
Bowler - John Hilary
Fielder - Kim Matthews
Most Improved Player - Guy Westhead

10 November 2003

You're crackers! Geddit!?

Out of retirement The 2003 Dodgers AGM and Social was a great success, being very well attended by players, partners and the occasional Superstar. Full report to come but for the moment let us savour the handing over of the Blue Riband award, Dodgers Player of the Year, to Neil Benn (and one of the few pictures I managed to get in focus!)

06 November 2003

Batting averages up! (Bowling averages up too!!) An extremely unscientific analysis of the 2003 and 2002 seasons shows that the average Dodgers batting average improved from around 22 to nearly 27. However, this admirable apparent improvement was shadowed by a rise of similar proportions in the bowling averages. The average bowling average rise from 15 to nearly 27! Mind you, in 2002, by some freak of nature nearly everybody averaged less than 15 in the bowling stakes...

05 November 2003

News Flash - first game of 2004 Season booked. Don't get too excited - it's away to St Andrews on Sunday 6 June 2004 which, as those of you who've been before will know, generally means a long walk from some obscure Croydon Tramlink stop to the ground. Still worth it for an assured victory I suppose.


03 November 2003

The All Time Dodgers Stats Of All Time Now available for your perusal: complete batting, bowling and fielding stats since records began (and that's a mighty long time). Thanks to McB for curation.

31 October 2003

Dodgers AGM 2003 The AGM will start at 5:30pm on Friday 7 November 2003 in the Sir Robin Butler Suite, Civil Service Recreation Centre, Chadwick Street. Any non-members of the CSSC please let Neil Priest know that you are coming and he'll arrange for your name to be on the door. There will be money behind the bar for free beer while it lasts - so get there early "before the Committee drink it all". See you there!

Neil Priest is still taking votes for Best Fielder and Most Improved Player if anyone hasn't voted yet.

Finally, it's still not too late to vote in the Alternative Dodgers awards.

25 October 2003

Dodgers Averages 2003

2003 Batting Averages
25 October 2003

Name M I NO R Avg 50 100 HS
Mark Cavanagh 5 4 2 142 71.00 1 0 71
Phil McBarron 22 22 11 702 63.82 5 0 69*
Neil Priest 15 15 5 531 53.10 2 1 102*
Kevin Roper 3 3 1 89 44.50 0 0 43
John Hilary 11 11 5 223 37.17 2 0 68*
Andrew Crawford 10 8 3 175 35.00 1 0 70*
Neil Benn 16 13 6 193 27.57 0 0 45
Darren Bultitude 1 1 0 22 22.00 0 0 22
Tony Whitrod 5 5 2 61 20.33 0 0 19*
John Carr 17 15 4 174 15.82 1 0 51*
Guy Westhead 7 6 1 61 12.20 0 0 26*
Chris Jacobs 7 7 1 61 10.17 0 0 32*
Will Streatfeild 9 3 1 18 9.00 0 0 11*
John Adey 3 2 1 8 8.00 0 0 8*
John Cooper 22 15 3 86 7.17 0 0 32*
Matt Conway 1 1 0 7 7.00 0 0 7
Kim Matthews 21 10 5 33 6.60 0 0 18
Matt Leach 10 5 1 26 6.50 0 0 24*
Tawhid Qureshi 16 10 1 28 3.11 0 0 11
Henry Hilary 5 3 2 3 3.00 0 0 2*
Hewish 1 1 0 2 2.00 0 0 2
Sean Birch 3 3 0 5 1.67 0 0 3
David Pope 7 2 0 2 1.00 0 0 2
Barber 1 1 0 1 1.00 0 0 1
Paul (Stage Door) 1 1 0 1 1.00 0 0 1
John Doyle 2 2 1 0 0.00 0 0 0*
Dave (Stage Door) 1 1 0 0 0.00 0 0 0
S Gundry 2 1 1 35 0 0 35*
Terry Hawton 3 1 1 1 0 0 1*
S Cousins 5 2 2 9 0 0 7*
R Abigail 1 1 1 40 0 0 40

Qualification for awards: 5 innings

2003 Bowling Averages
25 October 2003

Name M O R W Avg Econ Best
John Hilary 11 55 211 13 16.23 3.84 2-14
Mark Cavanagh 5 21 101 5 20.20 4.81 2-9
Neil Benn 16 68 366 17 21.53 5.38 3-34
John Cooper 22 78 428 17 25.18 5.49 3-1
Andrew Crawford 10 67 210 8 26.25 3.13 2-7
Will Streatfeild 9 38 195 6 32.50 5.13 2-22
David Pope 7 30 219 6 36.50 7.30 3-32
Tawhid Qureshi 16 51 341 9 37.89 6.69 2-18
Matt Leach 10 28 240 6 40.00 8.57 3-42
Simon Cousins 5 20 92 1 92.00 4.60 1-11

Also bowled

Name M O R W Avg Econ Best
Simon Gundry 2 5 6 4 1.50 1.20 2-2
John Doyle 2 6 23 5 4.60 3.83 5-23
Darren Bultitude 1 2 13 1 13.00 6.50 1-13
Tony Whitrod 5 10 59 4 14.75 5.90 3-13
Phil McBarron 22 11 53 3 17.67 4.82 2-23
Barber 1 4 27 1 27.00 6.75 1-27
John Adey 3 8 56 2 28.00 7.00 1-12
Neil Priest 15 6 39 1 39.00 6.50 1-19
Kevin Roper 3 14 63 1 63.00 4.50 1-13
Dave (Stage Door) 1 4 27 0 6.75 0-27
Paul (Stage Door) 1 4 29 0 7.25 0-29
Guy Westhead 7 2 21 0 10.50 0-21
M Spinks 1 1 4 0 4.00 0-4
Terry Hawton 3 10 74 0 7.40 0-18
John Carr 17 3 19 0 6.33 0-2
Henry Hilary 5 17 73 0 4.29 0-9
Matt Conway 1 4 13 0 3.25 0-13

Qualification for awards: 20 overs

2003 Catching Statistics
25 October 2003
Name Ct
Kim Matthews 15
Tawhid Qureshi 9
Phil McBarron 7
John Hilary 6
Neil Benn 4
Neil Priest 4
Guy Westhead 4
John Carr 3
Kevin Roper 3
Simon Cousins 2
John Cooper 2
Andrew Crawford 1
Simon Gundry 1
Will Streatfeild 1
Henry Hilary 1

2003 Stumping Statistics
25 October 2003

Name St
Richard Abigail 1
Neil Priest 1
On an av'rij day Full updated 2003 batting and bowling averages including fielding figures now in the Stats section. Coming soon - the All-Time Averages, partnerships, biggest beer bellies and most outstanding match reports...

10 October 2003

Those Dodgers Awards Winners in full Time for a small history lesson during which you will learn which Dodgers have had honours bestowed upon them in years gone by.

Batsman Bowler Players' Player
1998 McB Priest Priest
1999 Priest Henry Hilary Roper
2000 McB Rod Paterson Darren Bultitude
2001 Priest John Hilary Crawford
2002 Priest Crawford Priest
2003 McB John Hilary TBC

03 October 2003

The (Official) Dodgers Awards 2003 Voting is now open for these awards which will be presented at the AGM and Social on Friday 7 November at the CSRC in Chadwick Street.

The Players' Player awards is normally decided on the basis of who won the most Man of the Match awards during the season. However, this year there was a so the winner will be decided by the Dodgers vote. You need to vote for one of the following: A. Neil Benn or B. Andrew Crawford.

There are also two formal awards voted for by Dodgers themselves. These are 'Best Fielder' and 'Most Improved Player'. Voting is completely open on these two awards so vote for whoever you believe is the most worthy recipient.

Voting for Player's Player will close at midnight on Monday 13 October. All the other votes are open up to the start of the AGM. Please send your votes to Neil Priest.

You can of course still vote in the other Dodgers Awards here on the website and indeed are positively encouraged to do so!

25 September 2003

Not voted yet in the Dodgers Awards? There is still time to vote for David Pope in his own category, or to vote for the bowling, batting, catching and champagne moments of the season.

Remember that the AGM and Social including the full results of these and other awards is on Friday 7 November at the CSRC.

17 September 2003

Report glitches (which I didn't spot first time round) corrected to reflect accurately, if unhappily, the outcome of the Superstars match

16 September 2003

The (crap) Cat pounces! Ah well I knew it was to good to last. I've just read my match report. The start of which indicates Crawford was playing and that Dodgers won by 40 runs. Clearly neither is true (although Crawford did turn up to offer unhelpful advice). Does anyone know how I amend the report? And can we appoint an editor?

Crap Cat
The (real) Cat pounces! Guess what? Yep not only have I remembered how to do this I've also done the match report for our "narrow" defeat against Superstars in the last game of the season. Apparently it appears elsewhere on this website - so read it. Is this what you wanted Mr Cooper?

The cat pounces! (... oh yes he does) and he brings in the Superstars match report

14 September 2003

We have secured incoming video evidence of last week's draw against Buckhurst Hill at their place. Windows Media Player is required to view the clip in the media gallery which lasts just over a minute and is about 1.8MB in size.

13 September 2003

Me 'end of 2003 season' av'rij! Full batting and bowling averages for the complete season now in the Stats section.

12 September 2003

Vote early! It's the Dodgers End of Season Online Awards Poll. Most of the proper end of season awards are made following a careful assessment by the Committee of this season's scorecards and match reports over 17 pints of mild in the Royal Oak. But the really important awards are those voted for here - click on the fancy blue button on the right to make your vote count. And this year, as part of the online awards spectacular, there is a special category for "all time champagne moment (apart from that David Pope run-out)". Awards, as usual, to be presented, soaked in beer and then lost during the course of the Dodgers AGM and Social on 7 November.

09 September 2003

Superstars Photo Gallery

Dodgers v Superstars 9 September 2003
John Carr

Dodgers v Superstars 9 September 2003
John Carr

Dodgers v Superstars 9 September 2003

Dodgers v Superstars 9 September 2003

Dodgers v Superstars 9 September 2003
In the bar

Dodgers v Superstars 9 September 2003
In the bar

Dodgers v Superstars

Dodgers won the toss and opted to bat (!)

Dodgers 132/9 off 40 overs (McBarron 69 not out)
Superstars 133/2 off 27.4 overs (Benn 2-14)

Superstars won by 7 wickets

Dodgers Man of the Match: Phil McBarron

Spirits were high following our draw against Buckhurst Hill and there was a modicum of optimism in the Dodgers camp that a 2003 season whitewash by the "rats" would be avoided - especially as Master Gundry had made himself unavailable by going on holiday (presumably the only week John Carr would let him take).

Confident that whoever won the toss Dodger's would field first, yours truly wrote Superstars in the scorebook. However Cap'n Carr, obviously unhinged by the sight of some of the Rats sporting either appalling head wounds or awful new red caps, ignored the advice of Benn and Mcbarron and opted to bat first.

Taking advantage McBarron and Westhead opened the batting with their usual panache and against the tight bowling of Taylor and Block smote their way to 15 from the first 7 overs. Then, having played himself in, Westhead opted to unleash the full range of his strokeplay and was promptly bowled by Block for 2 with the score on 16. Priest then joined McBarron and against change bowlers Perrera and Conway, these two pushed the score to 32 before umpire Cooper, obviously conned by the Oscar winning appeal by bowler Conway, controversially gave Priest out lbw. Cue apoplexy from Priest and mirth from assorted "rats". 4th man in Jacobs, not bothering to trouble the scorer, gave Conway an easy c&b for his 2nd. wicket of the over. The prospect of a record mid-order stand between tykes McBarron and Benn raised Dodgers spirits. But sadly this was not to be as Benn, playing all round a ball from the deceptive Marchant, departed the wicket bowled for a meagre 2. With the score on 42 for 4 from 19 overs the prospect of humiliation was in now in sight. Cap'n Carr however had other ideas and together with the pedestrian McBarron took the score to 109 before falling to the wily Block for 27 in the 36th over. Batting up the order Matthews looked set for a big score until, with one over to go, he unwillingly sacrificed his wicket to satisfy McBarron's desire to run him out as many times as possible in the season. Having unwisely taking a single from the first ball of the last over McBarron then had to watch, mesmerised, as Qureshi, Streatfeild and Cooper showed him how to get out without scoring. The innings closed on 132 for 9 with Block taking 5 wickets; all bowled.

Against accurate bowling form Benn and Henry Hilary Superstars openers Meyler and Whitrod got off to a slow start. Indeed Whitrod was so slow that he could nearly have been mistaken for McBarron. Dropped without scoring after some 20 odd balls, he scored 4 from the next and was promptly caught by Qureshi off Benn the ball after (if only we could have kept him in). Lomas didn't stay long before, mistiming an elegant off side prod, he became Benn's 2nd victim - bowled for 4. The ever popular Conway then joined Meyler at the wicket and was promptly dropped twice in the first over he faced. Being dropped twice more and refusing to reply when McBarron asked if he'd been sensible enough to buy a lottery ticket, he went on to make 52 before retiring with the game virtually won. Meyler and Davey remained unbeaten and Superstars strolled to victory; their innings ending on 133 for 2 in the 27th over.

Dodgers were left to consider what could have been (if we'd got Conway out at least we'd have lost smiling) and to look forward to a long winter of catching practice, deep study of the laws relating to lbw and lessons on how to accept dodgy decisions gracefully.




McBarron not out 69
Westhead b Block 2
Priest lbw b Conway 9
Jacobs c&b Conway 0
Benn b Marchant 2
Carr* b Block 27
Matthews+ run out 6
Qureshi b. Block 0
Streatfeild b. Block 0
Cooper b. Block 0
Hilary H. not out 0
Extras 18
TOTAL (40.0 overs) 132 for 9

Taylor 8 1 28 0
Block 8 0 19 5
Perrera 4 1 13 0
Conway 7 1 11 2
Marchant 8 1 28 1
Billy 5 0 12 0
Meyler 2 0 12 0


Meyler not out 49
Whitrod+ c Qureshi b Benn 4
Lomas b Benn 4
Conway (retired) not out 52
Davey+ not out 10
Extras 13
TOTAL (27.4 overs) 133 for 2

DNB: Gigg*, Perrera, Tailor, Marchant, Block, Billy

Benn 8 5 14 2
Hilary H 5 0 14 0
Streatfeild 3 0 26 0
Cooper 5 0 23 0
Priest 3 0 20 0
Carr 1 0 11 0
Qureshi 2.4 0 17 0

08 September 2003

Dodgers v Buckhurst Hill

Dodgers grind out traditional end of season Buckhurst Hill draw. Dodgers sealed the traditional end of season draw at Buckhurst Hill as predicted rain came and went and McB blocked for Britain. In an innings that recalled Trevor Bailey's legendary 357 minute half-century back in 1958-59, whilst Dodgers wickets fell around him, "Barnacle" McBarron kept his average in sight and Dodgers in the game, rarely raising his rate above a run an over and seeing Dodgers through some 50 overs to safety. Report to follow soon.
Me av'rij! 2003 bowling and batting averages with one game to go (and a couple of missing scorecards) now in the Stats section
Full multimedia gallery for Buckhurst Hill v Dodgers coming soon but in the meantime here is a taster...

Buckhurst Hill controversy abounds

Controversy abounds this morning following our failure to beat Buckhurst Hill yesterday. The selectors have sensationally failed to drop Carr or Matthews (for turning up late), McB (for sensationally slow scoring) or Westhead (for naff weather forecasting) but have axed MoM Crawford, all-rounder Whitrod and top umpire Pope instead (and err... "golden boy" Leach too).

Details: Buckhurst 191-5 dec (49) Dodgers 142-7 (50) match drawn.

07 September 2003

Buckhurst Hill Photo Gallery

Buckhurst Hill v Dodgers 7 September 2003

Buckhurst Hill v Dodgers 7 September 2003

Video highlights [1 min 5 secs, 320x240 px, 1.8MB approx]

Buckhurst Hill v Dodgers 7 September 2003
John Carr

Buckhurst Hill v Dodgers 7 September 2003
John Carr

Buckhurst Hill v Dodgers 7 September 2003
John Carr

Buckhurst Hill v Dodgers 7 September 2003
The Cat

Buckhurst Hill v Dodgers 7 September 2003
Cat, Neil B and Henry

Buckhurst Hill v Dodgers 7 September 2003

Buckhurst Hill v Dodgers 7 September 2003

Buckhurst Hill v Dodgers 7 September 2003

Buckhurst Hill v Dodgers 7 September 2003
Andrew Crawford

Buckhurst Hill v Dodgers 7 September 2003
Andrew Crawford

Buckhurst Hill v Dodgers 7 September 2003
In the field

Buckhurst Hill v Dodgers 7 September 2003
Guy van der Westhead

Buckhurst Hill v Dodgers 7 September 2003
Guy van der Westhead

Buckhurst Hill v Dodgers 7 September 2003
Guy and Matt

Buckhurst Hill v Dodgers 7 September 2003
Henry Hilary

Buckhurst Hill v Dodgers 7 September 2003
Henry Hilary

Buckhurst Hill v Dodgers 7 September 2003
Henry Hilary - in action (1 of 4)

Buckhurst Hill v Dodgers 7 September 2003
Henry Hilary - in action (2 of 4)

Buckhurst Hill v Dodgers 7 September 2003
Henry Hilary - in action (3 of 4)

Buckhurst Hill v Dodgers 7 September 2003
Henry Hilary - in action (4 of 4)

Buckhurst Hill v Dodgers 7 September 2003

Buckhurst Hill v Dodgers 7 September 2003

Buckhurst Hill v Dodgers 7 September 2003

Buckhurst Hill v Dodgers 7 September 2003

Buckhurst Hill v Dodgers 7 September 2003

Buckhurst Hill v Dodgers 7 September 2003
Buckhurst Hill

Buckhurst Hill v Dodgers 7 September 2003

06 September 2003

AGM and Social confirmed for Friday 7 November (not 31 October!)at the Civil Service Recreation Centre, Chadwick Street - more details soon

05 September 2003

Latest weather forecast for Sunday "It's gonna rain" - Guy

Update - "no its not" - forecast now rather good.

04 September 2003

The line-up for the last game of the season vs Superrats is Carr, Priest, McB, Cat, Westhead, Jacobs, Hilary (H), Qureshi, Cooper, Streatfeild, Benn. The match is on Tuesday 9 September at Chiswick and starts at 2pm.
The team for Sunday's match away against Buckhurst Hill at their High Road ground [map] is Carr, Benn, McB, Cat, Cooper, Leach, Crawford, Westhead, Pope and Whitrod. The match starts at 1pm. Tea is provided. Buckhurst Hill Underground Station is on the Central Line and in Zone 5.
The selectors have announced the teams for the remaining two games of the season - beginning with five changes from the side that demolished T&CO. Fingers crossed for the weather.

Latest odds for Tuesday's game: Dodgers 5/1 Tie 25/1 Superstars 1/12

02 September 2003

Sadly, neither ORR or Superrats were able to raise a team for tomorrow, so the game is canceled. We have 8 definites so far for Sunday, so you're all playing: Carr, Benn, McB, Cat, Cooper, Leach, Crawford, Westhead. Details to follow.

Latest odds for Sunday: Dodgers 10/11 Draw 13/8 Buckhurst 5/2 Tie 33/1

01 September 2003

Office of the Rail Regulator game on Wednesday 3 September cancelled

The oppo can only field an extremely disappointing (and totally inadequate for cricketing purposes) two players so unfortunately this game has been called off.

31 August 2003

A short history of the Dodgers

The Cat
The Cat

Dodgers Cricket Club came into being in the mid 1990s, formed from "Doyle's Dodgers" a team that emerged from the Personnel section of the old Department of Transport.

Based in Lambeth Bridge House, an office now demolished, but which in its time disfigured further an ugly roundabout halfway along the unfashionable side of the Thames, Dave Sealey, John Doyle and Kim Matthews (the latter two still playing for Dodgers today) sought to kill time between processing sick-leave forms by playing cricket at nearby Archbishops Park.

With two photocopying boxes as the wicket, an old bat and some composite cricket balls bought in a sale at 50p a go, few watching them would have thought that a cricketing dynasty was being founded.

Pretty soon tiring of the photocopying boxes, Dave Sealey thought the time was right to arrange some competitive games. Demonstrating admirable motivational and organisational skills - unmatched ever since by Dodgers - he binned the boxes, bought some proper cricket gear and asked John Doyle to get started on arranging some matches.

Not knowing where to start, but mindful of the need to avoid skilled cricketing opposition, John Doyle arranged the first game against a team styling themselves "Superstars", made up mainly of transport statisticians. History does not record what happened to this ragtag bunch - most likely they have taken up passtimes more suited to their skills - carpet bowling perhaps, or cribbage.

Booking the wicket for the inaugural game at Regents' Park, Doyle was asked for the name of the team. Hearing that it was a new team and no name had been decided upon, the booking clerk suggested "Doyle's Dodgers". The name stuck.

Doyle's Dodgers played two or three matches in 1990 - the first year of its existence. Most likely confused by having to aim at stumps rather than photocopying boxes, they lost them all. One of the matches would have been against BOC (Bunch of C***s) - now sadly disbanded - who were to become one of Dodgers favourite opponents, as they were a good laugh and played cricket almost as badly and slightly more drunkly.

To be fair to those playing in the early days, Doyle's Dodgers had some good players but there were rarely enough players to make up a full eleven. Salvation was at hand when John Adey and Phil McBarron (both to become Dodgers stalwarts joined the team in 1993. Doyle's Dodgers lasted another year, with an increasing fixture list, but continuing problems getting eleven players for a match. And the team continued to lose most of the matches it played.

In 1994, John Doyle, who had been running the organisational side of the team virtually single handedly, decided to take a back seat to pursue drinking and racing interests. Jim Evans took up the reins and it was decided that the team would no longer be based in Personnel, but extend its membership to other Transport civil servants. The team was renamed "Dodgers".

Pretty soon, new players came into the side - notably Henry Hilary (a legendarily drunk fast bowler) and Neil Priest (a proper cricketer). After his first year in charge, Jim Evans decided to take up a teaching post and it looked like Dodgers may fold but, for the first time, a committee was formed to run the club. With the sharing of responsibilities and the extra interest shown from additional new players drawn from across Whitehall and beyond, Dodgers started to resemble a proper team. One with a future to (almost) match its past.

Eight years on, it stands pre-eminent amongst South West London Tuesday evening limited overs clubs. It even has its own website.

Thanks to John Doyle - who was there at the start

29 August 2003

Rare outing for the Dodgers Selection Committee

The team for the match on Wednesday 3 September against the Office of the Rail Regulator is Carr, Priest, Benn, Westhead, McBarron, Cat, Hilary H, Hilary J, Jacobs, Birch and Streatfeild. 12th men are Qureshi, Cooper and Crawford. Please let Neil P know asap if you cannot play. It's a 5pm start at Chiswick as the nights are now rolling in.

27 August 2003

New Dodgers domain - www.dodgerscricket.org is up and running!
Some Dodgers can't contain their excitement at the news...

Ron Savage speaks! Still working in HR, though now with ODPM, Ron looks back with immense fondness on his Dodgers career. Speaking today of those glory days, he recalls - "I got cold, I got cramp, I totally didn't enjoy the experience. And I did field a ball whatever Kim says - I remember running in, picking it up and throwing it in. But that was about it."
The Cat pounces (again)! Have just read the club history. Our first game was played at Regents Park against Superstars (I think). It was wet and was memorable for one Ron Savage turning out for us. He didn't bat, didn't bowl, didn't field a ball, got his hair wet and never played again! One of the wisest decisions he's ever made.

26 August 2003

New Dodgers website address on the way!

Following a Committee meeting today (Tuesday), we have secured www.dodgerscricket.org and will be moving the whole of the website to the new site over the next week or so.

Advantages should be quicker access for users, more space to store photos, etc, a rather neat new address and, in the longer term, lots of potential for flashy new additions to the site. We may even get that annoying grey border problem sorted... eventually.

We'll let you know when the new site comes online.
Player profiles now complete! Check out the sober assessment of the technical strengths and weaknesses of each of the Dodgers squad here.

We want your Dodgers photos!

The Dodgers Gallery is building into the complete visual reference but we need your help to make it even better. Send us your images in any format including colour / b&w / sepia prints, 35mm slides, newspaper cuttings, sketches, mugshots, jpegs and side panels from milk cartons.

Let us know what you have

21 August 2003

"... a right tonking dished out with potential records galore: earliest evening start time; earliest evening finish time; highest number of retirements; most catches in an innings; most games in a season; most wins in a season. To add to that, Tawhid became the fourteenth man-of-the-match this year." Read the full match report of Dodgers versus Treasury & Cabinet Office on 19 August.
Match reports from 1999 now added to the Report Archive. Slightly updated navigation style rolled out across the site.

20 August 2003

Provisional batting averages for the 2003 Season thus far are here in the Stats section. Read 'em and weep! Includes all appearances for Dodgers this season with the exception of the first couple of games. The rules for qualification for the official version (minimum number of outs, innings, etc) have not been applied (mainly because I'm not sure what they are!)

19 August 2003

I've given the best years of me life to Dodgers

"I've given the best years of me life to Dodgers, practising me technique for cricket" - McB

Well it all came true tonight as Dodgers roared to a glorious win fuelled by fire from bat and ball. Man-of-the-Match Qureshi took 4 catches as Her Majesty's Treasury were skittled out for 51 chasing an impressive total of 141. It wasn't a one man show though as Priest, McB, Guy van der Westhead all got red-inkers under the retire at 25 rule. In the bowling stakes hushed tones were reserved for seldom seen stats with Benn, Cooper, Hilary (J) and TQ in the reckoning. A very deserved win. All that and the website problems appear to have been cured.....

it's the best photo of the evening but unfortunately it show the mighty Jacobs getting out against the Treasury on 19 August

HMT Photo Gallery

Dodgers v Her Majesty's Treasury 19 August 2003

Dodgers v Her Majesty's Treasury 19 August 2003
Chris Jacobs takes strike

Dodgers v Her Majesty's Treasury 19 August 2003
Messrs Hilary, Priest, Pope and Qureshi

Dodgers v Her Majesty's Treasury 19 August 2003
John Hilary considers what he is about to face...

Dodgers v Her Majesty's Treasury 19 August 2003
Jacobs......... , erm, out

Dodgers v Her Majesty's Treasury 19 August 2003
Before the storm...

Dodgers v Her Majesty's Treasury 19 August 2003
McB powers towards another red-inker...