31 August 2003

A short history of the Dodgers

The Cat
The Cat

Dodgers Cricket Club came into being in the mid 1990s, formed from "Doyle's Dodgers" a team that emerged from the Personnel section of the old Department of Transport.

Based in Lambeth Bridge House, an office now demolished, but which in its time disfigured further an ugly roundabout halfway along the unfashionable side of the Thames, Dave Sealey, John Doyle and Kim Matthews (the latter two still playing for Dodgers today) sought to kill time between processing sick-leave forms by playing cricket at nearby Archbishops Park.

With two photocopying boxes as the wicket, an old bat and some composite cricket balls bought in a sale at 50p a go, few watching them would have thought that a cricketing dynasty was being founded.

Pretty soon tiring of the photocopying boxes, Dave Sealey thought the time was right to arrange some competitive games. Demonstrating admirable motivational and organisational skills - unmatched ever since by Dodgers - he binned the boxes, bought some proper cricket gear and asked John Doyle to get started on arranging some matches.

Not knowing where to start, but mindful of the need to avoid skilled cricketing opposition, John Doyle arranged the first game against a team styling themselves "Superstars", made up mainly of transport statisticians. History does not record what happened to this ragtag bunch - most likely they have taken up passtimes more suited to their skills - carpet bowling perhaps, or cribbage.

Booking the wicket for the inaugural game at Regents' Park, Doyle was asked for the name of the team. Hearing that it was a new team and no name had been decided upon, the booking clerk suggested "Doyle's Dodgers". The name stuck.

Doyle's Dodgers played two or three matches in 1990 - the first year of its existence. Most likely confused by having to aim at stumps rather than photocopying boxes, they lost them all. One of the matches would have been against BOC (Bunch of C***s) - now sadly disbanded - who were to become one of Dodgers favourite opponents, as they were a good laugh and played cricket almost as badly and slightly more drunkly.

To be fair to those playing in the early days, Doyle's Dodgers had some good players but there were rarely enough players to make up a full eleven. Salvation was at hand when John Adey and Phil McBarron (both to become Dodgers stalwarts joined the team in 1993. Doyle's Dodgers lasted another year, with an increasing fixture list, but continuing problems getting eleven players for a match. And the team continued to lose most of the matches it played.

In 1994, John Doyle, who had been running the organisational side of the team virtually single handedly, decided to take a back seat to pursue drinking and racing interests. Jim Evans took up the reins and it was decided that the team would no longer be based in Personnel, but extend its membership to other Transport civil servants. The team was renamed "Dodgers".

Pretty soon, new players came into the side - notably Henry Hilary (a legendarily drunk fast bowler) and Neil Priest (a proper cricketer). After his first year in charge, Jim Evans decided to take up a teaching post and it looked like Dodgers may fold but, for the first time, a committee was formed to run the club. With the sharing of responsibilities and the extra interest shown from additional new players drawn from across Whitehall and beyond, Dodgers started to resemble a proper team. One with a future to (almost) match its past.

Eight years on, it stands pre-eminent amongst South West London Tuesday evening limited overs clubs. It even has its own website.

Thanks to John Doyle - who was there at the start

29 August 2003

Rare outing for the Dodgers Selection Committee

The team for the match on Wednesday 3 September against the Office of the Rail Regulator is Carr, Priest, Benn, Westhead, McBarron, Cat, Hilary H, Hilary J, Jacobs, Birch and Streatfeild. 12th men are Qureshi, Cooper and Crawford. Please let Neil P know asap if you cannot play. It's a 5pm start at Chiswick as the nights are now rolling in.

27 August 2003

New Dodgers domain - www.dodgerscricket.org is up and running!
Some Dodgers can't contain their excitement at the news...

Ron Savage speaks! Still working in HR, though now with ODPM, Ron looks back with immense fondness on his Dodgers career. Speaking today of those glory days, he recalls - "I got cold, I got cramp, I totally didn't enjoy the experience. And I did field a ball whatever Kim says - I remember running in, picking it up and throwing it in. But that was about it."
The Cat pounces (again)! Have just read the club history. Our first game was played at Regents Park against Superstars (I think). It was wet and was memorable for one Ron Savage turning out for us. He didn't bat, didn't bowl, didn't field a ball, got his hair wet and never played again! One of the wisest decisions he's ever made.

26 August 2003

New Dodgers website address on the way!

Following a Committee meeting today (Tuesday), we have secured www.dodgerscricket.org and will be moving the whole of the website to the new site over the next week or so.

Advantages should be quicker access for users, more space to store photos, etc, a rather neat new address and, in the longer term, lots of potential for flashy new additions to the site. We may even get that annoying grey border problem sorted... eventually.

We'll let you know when the new site comes online.
Player profiles now complete! Check out the sober assessment of the technical strengths and weaknesses of each of the Dodgers squad here.

We want your Dodgers photos!

The Dodgers Gallery is building into the complete visual reference but we need your help to make it even better. Send us your images in any format including colour / b&w / sepia prints, 35mm slides, newspaper cuttings, sketches, mugshots, jpegs and side panels from milk cartons.

Let us know what you have

21 August 2003

"... a right tonking dished out with potential records galore: earliest evening start time; earliest evening finish time; highest number of retirements; most catches in an innings; most games in a season; most wins in a season. To add to that, Tawhid became the fourteenth man-of-the-match this year." Read the full match report of Dodgers versus Treasury & Cabinet Office on 19 August.
Match reports from 1999 now added to the Report Archive. Slightly updated navigation style rolled out across the site.

20 August 2003

Provisional batting averages for the 2003 Season thus far are here in the Stats section. Read 'em and weep! Includes all appearances for Dodgers this season with the exception of the first couple of games. The rules for qualification for the official version (minimum number of outs, innings, etc) have not been applied (mainly because I'm not sure what they are!)

19 August 2003

I've given the best years of me life to Dodgers

"I've given the best years of me life to Dodgers, practising me technique for cricket" - McB

Well it all came true tonight as Dodgers roared to a glorious win fuelled by fire from bat and ball. Man-of-the-Match Qureshi took 4 catches as Her Majesty's Treasury were skittled out for 51 chasing an impressive total of 141. It wasn't a one man show though as Priest, McB, Guy van der Westhead all got red-inkers under the retire at 25 rule. In the bowling stakes hushed tones were reserved for seldom seen stats with Benn, Cooper, Hilary (J) and TQ in the reckoning. A very deserved win. All that and the website problems appear to have been cured.....

it's the best photo of the evening but unfortunately it show the mighty Jacobs getting out against the Treasury on 19 August

HMT Photo Gallery

Dodgers v Her Majesty's Treasury 19 August 2003

Dodgers v Her Majesty's Treasury 19 August 2003
Chris Jacobs takes strike

Dodgers v Her Majesty's Treasury 19 August 2003
Messrs Hilary, Priest, Pope and Qureshi

Dodgers v Her Majesty's Treasury 19 August 2003
John Hilary considers what he is about to face...

Dodgers v Her Majesty's Treasury 19 August 2003
Jacobs......... , erm, out

Dodgers v Her Majesty's Treasury 19 August 2003
Before the storm...

Dodgers v Her Majesty's Treasury 19 August 2003
McB powers towards another red-inker...

Dodgers v HMT / Cabinet Office

20 Overs
Retire at 25

Dodgers won by 90 (ninety) runs

Dodgers went into this game somewhat apprehensively, many good things having been said about our opponents (mainly by our opponents), and emerged having given them a right good stuffing. There were many incidents and potential records, so read on...

At 5.10pm (yes, 5.10pm) Cap'n Priest won the toss and elected to bat, possibly with a view to limiting the damage, and early progress was painfully slow. The self-styled "Yorkshire Slogger" was very much in evidence - not! - as only 26 runs came in the first eight overs for the loss of Chris Jacobs, despite some good aggressive running.

The follow-up bowlers were not of the same standard, however, and Priest began to break the shackles with a couple of bold shots, including a sumptuous cover drive. Retiring at 25, John Hilary entered the fray sporting his new helmet. He quickly racked up 17 including pulled fours from consecutive balls before holing out. Phil McBarron eventually reached the retirement figure bringing together Neil Benn and Guy van der Westhead, both of whom reached 25 in brisk fashion. Guy ran particularly well in this partnership, although was somewhat quicker downhill than uphill. Tawhid sadly managed only a golden duck.

Dodgers' 141 looked very decent, although the outfield was again ultra fast and Treasury had told us how good their batting was. Oh dear lads, let's hope you can show better judgement in running the country's finances. After seven overs, their innings was in tatters at a sensational 10 for 5, thanks to left arm pacemen Benn and Cooper. John's wickets had all come courtesy of catches from Tawhid Qureshi, the last one of which was a beauty running away to his left.

Though Treasury recovered slightly, any hope of a sustained rally was soon snuffed out as John Hilary, Tawhid and David Pope all grabbed wickets to add to their misery. David sensibly kept his infamous Doobler largely concealed for the future, and Tawhid's wicket came from a low caught-and-bowled giving him four catches in the game and man-of-the-match. The only blemishes came from poor drops by Benn off Hilary and Pope off himself.

So, a right tonking dished out with potential records galore: earliest evening start time; earliest evening finish time; highest number of retirements; most catches in an innings; most games in a season; most wins in a season. To add to that, Tawhid became the fourteenth man-of-the-match this year.

And so to the Phil McBarron section of this report. Phil gets a lot of stick, but he was on prime form last night. Let's start with betting, a deplorable activity I would have nothing to do with myself. Treasury had been made clear favourites at 4/9, but even these cramped odds were attractive enough for YS as he risked a "substantial sum".

The Dodgers committee were reported to be suffering from "shock and awe" at his actions, and have asked Lord Justice Hutton to conduct an inquiry when he's free. I understand that two questions will be posed: did McBarron deliberately bat slowly in order to lose and how can anyone be daft enough to take 4/9 on that load of donkeys?

On the first question, McB would appear to be guilty - he only scored a handful of singles in the first eight overs and many shots never left the strip, never mind the square. He is set, however, to ask for 127 similar offences to be taken into account and may therefore escape censure on a technique-ality.

Phil returned to the Dodgers dressing room to make a stunning announcement - "that is the last time I open for Dodgers in a 20 over match - I want to be an all-rounder". About an hour later, when the cheering had subsided, clarification was sought. In one of the most blatant examples of "sexing down" yet seen, McB first retreated to "unless John Carr asks me to" then "I may not be the best person to open in 20 over games". Watch this space for further developments...

Neil Benn

Dodgers Innings

McBarron retired 26
Jacobs b Owen 5
Priest (c) retired 26
Hilary J c Horwill 17
Westhead retired 26
Benn retired 25
Qureshi c Evans 0
Cooper not out 3
Matthews (w) not out 1
Extras (b6, lb3, w2, nb2) 12
Total (20 overs) 141 for 3

dnb: Pope


Maramoto 4 0 10 0
Owen 4 1 12 1
Horwill 4 0 35 1
Krishnan 2 0 22 0
Elsey 2 0 19 0
Evans 2 0 21 1
Hogarth 2 0 19 0

Treasury & Cabinet Office Innings

Horwill c Qureshi b Cooper 1
McGrath c Qureshi b Cooper 3
Evans not out 29
Maramoto c Qureshi b Cooper 1
Elsey c&b Benn 1
Burton b Benn 0
Murphy b Hilary 0
Long b Hilary 1
Krishnan c Hilary b Pope 6
Owen c&b Qureshi 5
Extras (w4 nb1) 5
Total (16.2 overs) 51 all out

Wickets 1-1, 2-4, 3-9, 4-10, 5-10, 6-22, 7-37

Benn 4 1 8 2
Cooper 4 1 14 3
Qureshi 2.2 0 5 1
Hilary 4 0 14 2
Pope 2 0 9 1
Latest odds for tonight: Dodgers 13/8 Tie 16 Treasury 4/9

Dodgers leading scorer: Priest 11/8 McBarron 7/4 J.Hilary 7/2 Jacobs 4 Westhead 12 Benn 12 Cooper 16 Cat 50 Qureshi 50 Pope 500. All in bat or not, E/W 1/5 1,2,3.

15 August 2003

New player profiles and old match reports added. Profiles for Cav, Doylee, Sean Birch and Henry Hilary have now been published. The ever-expanding match report archive has also been augmented with selections from 2000 and 2001.

Dodgers v Ombudsman

Shock injury drama as Dodgers break losing streak. A stronger Dodgers side easily overwhelmed an 8-man Parliamentary Ombudsman team last night in a match filled with drama and excitement. Halfway through his opening over, and already one wicket up (to one of three miraculous catches from occasional fielder Guy Westhead), John Cooper was floored by a returned ball which jumped up off a ridge on a shockingly unprepared Chiswick wicket. Bravely staying to cheer his team to victory, Cooper's attempt to emulate last week's injury hero John Hilary resulted in only partial disfigurement.

Hopefully his other half will allow him to continue to bowl without a helmet...

John Cooper's eye

14 August 2003

Dodgers vs. Parliamentary Ombudsman

20 Overs


Dodgers won the toss and opted to bat.

Dodgers: 159/8 off 20 overs (Crawford Ret'd 32, McBarron Ret'd 30)
Ombudsman: 119/6 off 20 overs (McBarron 1-7, Cavanagh 1-17)

Would Neil Priest's winning streak as Captain continue? An auspicious start as he wins the toss and elects to bat. Neil, you need to give JC that doubled-headed coin With a very poor wicket, dry and covered in bumps and pot holes that could only get worse, this looked to be the right decision.

McBarron and Westhead stepped out to the crease. Sending the first ball to the boundary, had McBarron really undertaken to slog and could he do it again? Three boundaries in his first five scoring shots seemed to suggest he could, but then Lamprecht was taken out of the attack and normal service resumed until he reached 30 and retired. Next to the crease was Priest, who moved the score on quickly despite bowler King sending everything to him down leg side. McBarron, worried about the time, proved very generous not giving too many wides. At the other end Westhead made steady progress with the singles, clearly worried about the light as he kept on stressing that sunset was at 20.26. He was first to be out - in the 9th over - swinging wildly at a straight one.

Crawford came in next, promoted up the order due to injury that prevented him from bowling. Undecided about the bat to use, having demolished the decent Gray Nicholls during a recent knock, he chose the lighter plank of wood. A mistake - off to a quick start, he was lucky to get into double figures, dollying up a catch - dropped - to mid-off that didn't go as far as expected. He reached 32 with a couple of solid boundaries, before retiring to watch the rest of the innings. This not before Priest was caught just short of his 30.

At this stage 180 looked on, but an England style collapse followed. With Cav joining Streatfeild at the crease, he started with a boundary before being taken by surprise by a lifting ball which he returned comfortably to the bowler at shoulder height. A newly invigoured Benn slunk out purposefully to join Streatfeild, who in turn did not last long - run out to a direct hit following some confused calling. Blame unattributed. Qureshi was next. You'd think people would learn? Oh, no - he quickly repeated Cav's error sending a simple catch back to Lamprecht. Cooper put up some resistance but he also fell to the now accurate Lamprecht in the last over. With two balls left, Leach decided to give the Cat a bat and allowed himself to be clean bowled. Not to be outdone, the innings closed with Cat plumb LBW. Dodgers closed at 159, a respectable but not unbeatable total.

With the innings closing at 7.26pm - yes it took Ombudsman 1 hour 45 minutes to bowl 20 overs - Dodgers were given an hour of daylight to bowl their 20 overs.

Dodgers' turn to bowl. Opening with Cav from the "north" end, Ombudsman made a quick start sending his short deliveries to the boundary. Benn fared little better and it looked as if the 30 and retire policy might be all that saved us. But much better subsequent overs saw Benn take the important wicket of Johnson - caught at midwicket by an astonished Westhead and the rest of the team. But read on.... Johnson scored 10, but he batted at no.11 for them earlier in the season! Cav then took Jeffrey for 0, with another excellent catch from Cat behind the stumps.

Resistance from Sanders saw him move on to 30, and Ombudsman almost keeping up with the run-rate, before retiring. Lamprecht also made an impressive 31 before retiring, but the rest of the team made little headway against some very good bowling. Our sympathies (and best wishes) must go to Cooper, who took a wicket second ball before being felled by a throw from Cav, which bounced viciously and hit him in the face. Fortunately no blood, but a nasty shiner on the way. Occasional bowler McBarron took over, completing an excellent spell taking 1-7, including another wicket caught by Westhead. What is he on? After a tight over against Warwick Castle, Phil could win best bowler this year if he bowls enough overs to qualify. The only further resistance was put up by King and wickets proceeded to fall regularly. Both Sanders and Lamprecht returned to the crease but in the failed light made little further headway. Wickets were spread evenly with one apiece, including from Leach who has disappointed in recent matches. Ombudsman finished well short in the end, Dodgers winning by 40 runs - 15 minutes after sunset.

Westhead also took a third catch, something of a record, and no-one ran a single to him presumably on the back of his catching performance. Statisticians amongst us, well Mr Benn in fact, have modelled his success rate by a Poisson distribution - sounds fishy. He advises that the chance of someone with 3 catches in 57 games taking 3 in one game is 0.0000231 or 1 in 43,378. As a man who likes a bet, Neil missed an opportunity there.

Our thanks to JC for coming along to umpire - at least that gave us a chance of winning the toss.

Man of the Match Guy van Westhead. See stats section for Neil Benn's ruminations on the probability of it all...

Reporter: Andrew Crawford

Quote of the Match

Opposition batsman, turning the ball behind square on leg side straight to Streatfeild who is 10 yards from the bat, sets off for a run with a big shout of "TWO". Will missfields and they comfortably complete two runs.

Dodgers Innings

Phil McBarron Retired 30
Guy Westhead b Sanders 12
Neil Priest b MacCartney 26
Andrew Crawford Retired 32
Will Streatfeild Run Out 7
Mark Cavanagh c&b King 4
Neil Benn Not Out 14
Tawhid Qureshi c&b Lamprecht 1
John Cooper b Lamprecht 9
Matt Leach b Lamprecht 0
Kim Matthews LBW b Lamprecht 0
Extras (B9, Lb5, W9, Nb0) 23
Total: (for 8 wkts, 20 overs) 159

Lamprecht 4 0 21 4
Johnson 4 0 32 0
Sanders 4 0 22 1
King 4 0 30 1
Maccartney 2 0 12 1
Monk 2 0 17 0

Parliamentary Ombudsman Innings

Johnson c Westhead b Benn 10
Sanders b Leach 34
Jeffrey c Matthews b Cavanagh 0
Lamprecht Not Out 35
MacCartney c Westhead b Cooper 10
Monk G c Westhead b McBarron 1
Stuckey b. Qureshi 7
King Not Out 11
Extras (B2, Lb1, W6, Nb2) 11
Total (for 6 wkts, 20 overs) 119

Cavanagh 4 0 17 1
Benn 4 0 33 1
Cooper 0.2 0 3 1
McBarron 3.4 1 7 1
Qureshi 4 0 19 1
Leach 4 0 37 1
Latest odds for tonight: Dodgers 8/13 Tie 14/1 Ombdsman 6/5

Leading Dodgers run scorer: Priest 7/4; Cav 7/4; McB 5/2; Crawford 3/1; Streatfield 9/1; Westhead 20/1; 33/1 bar. E/W 1/5 1,2,3 - all in bat or not.
Dodgers play the Parliamentary Ombudsman today. Turnaround time for the season or continuation of the five match losing streak? Today's team looks strong, so hopes must be high for getting back to winning ways. Neil Benn is best placed to post the odds - but whatever the price, my money, for once goes on a Dodgers victory.

13 August 2003

1997 What the f@©£ was going on!? Dodgers match report archive update. More to follow.

12 August 2003

New design launched!

Match reports, photo galleries, player profiles, trains and pies...

This photo shows Neil Priest and Rod Paterson at the St Andrews away match in Croydon on 20 May 2001.

Neil waiting to go in - St Andrews, Croydon 20 May 2001

11 August 2003

Team news. The team for the match against the Ombudsman on Thursday 14 August is Priest, Benn, Crawford, Leach, McBarron, Matthews, Jacobs, Qureshi, Cav, Cooper and Streatfeild. Please try to be at the ground by 5.30pm for a prompt start.

09 August 2003

The Cat pounces! Do I get an award for finally managing to crack this? Obviously retirement beckons (not before time I hear you cry). The good news is that Ombudsman only scored 75 in their game on Thursday and their oppo knocked up 76 in 6 overs - so a win may be on the cards. Chins up!


08 August 2003

Match reports for 2003 now (nearly) all posted here. Includes reports on Tuesday's game against BSI and Thursday's disaster against Superstars.
New player profiles posted here. Captain Carr, Neil Benn, Matt Leach, John Cooper, Andrew Crawford - prepare to duck.

Another photo

This time of our loyal support, without whom, etc...

Player Profiles. First player profile posted. Fittingly its of ace batsman and all-round decent Yorkshire bloke Phil McBarron. Read it here.

07 August 2003

Dodgers crash out to Superstars. Despite a heroic comeback by returned former Dodgers favourite Neil Benn, Dodgers lost to a better Superstars team by some 100 runs. Bowling, batting and fielding are all areas Dodgers will have to work on before the final game of the series later in the Summer. Read the report here - should be in place on Saturday.

Dodgers v Superstars

20 overs

Superstars (167-3, 20 overs) bt Dodgers (66 all out, 17.3 overs) by 101 runs

Dodgers were on the receiving end of a thrashing on Thursday as Superstars put behind them the humiliating losses to Dodgers of last season and set themselves up for a series whitewash come the final game of the season later this summer.

Having again lost the toss - "why dont you ever call tails" shouted another senior pro to the Captain, as he again failed to deliver - Dodgers took to the field in searing late afternoon heat. Superstars intentions were clear from the first ball from Crawford, stroked to the boundary by Gigg, with eleven further runs taken off a poor opening over from Crawford.

After 4 overs and on 41 runs, Superstars looked well set for a big total when Benn bowled Gigg with a nasty swinging delivery. The joy was evident on the face of Benn, lured out of retirement by the promise of another go at the old enemy.

The departure of Gigg brought in Matt Conway, still on a roll after his unbeaten retirement against Dodgers two days earlier whilst guesting for BSI. But he could do nothing to prevent comeback kid Benn from snatching a second wicket, bowling Perera with the score on 64.

This brought in Stevie Carter. Needing only 2 runs for his 100 in a season, he swiftly claimed his 20 from Simon Gundry. But with Carter hogging the strike, Dodgers realised they were in with a chance of stalling the Superstars advance, with Cooper and Qureshi sneaking several overs through for very few runs.

But then the hammerblow fell. Ignoring advice from team mates to bowl well outside Carters off-stump, Qureshi showed an uncharacteristic McBarron-esque commitment to average over team. Firing through a nasty seeming off-cutter that knocked Carters stumps out of the ground, the wicket also took with it any chance of Dodgers staying in the match. Carters dismissal brought in Rai whose quickfire 40 not out, alongside an undefeated retirement on 53 for flat-pitch bully Conway and a surprisingly tentative 14 from Gundry, left Superstars with 167 a total Dodgers would have to bat well to achieve.

Unfortunately none of the Dodgers frontline batsmen stayed long enough at the crease to demonstrate whether they were capable of batting well. Priest was quickly dismissed by Gundry for 2; Crawford, in as pinch hitter struggled to 22 with only two boundaries before falling to Taylor in the sixth over. All bar one of the rest of the Dodgers batting failed to make double figures. The exception was McBarron, who faced with a required run rate of some ten an over managed to accelerate his score to 18 off 15 overs whilst running out two batting partners (one of them Carr, who showed his rage by throwing his cap to the ground and kicking it off the square, three feet at a time).

All of which leaves Dodgers on a five game losing streak, with little prospect of getting back to winning ways unless they can turn out rather more penetrative bowling and a batting performance better suited to 20 overs a side cricket. Quite how they will manage this is unclear at the moment. A few easy wins seem vital to rebuilding confidence if they are to stand a chance in the final game of the Dodgers/Superstars series later in the summer.

In the meantime, suggestions that the ICC's Anti-Corruption Unit were intending to launch an investigation into McBarrons contact with Indian bookies or that Singaporean handicap betters had made a mint on Dodgers losing by exactly one run more than the ton may or may not be unfounded.

Superstars innings

Gigg b Benn 21
Perera b Benn 20
Conway retd 53
Carter b Qureshi 5
Rai not out 40
Gundry not out 14
Extras (3b, 10w, 1nb) 14
Total (for 3 wickets, 20 overs) 167

o m r w
Crawford 4 0 27 0
Benn 4 0 35 2
Qureshi 4 1 38 1
Cooper 4 0 19 0
Leach 3 0 36 0
McBarron 1 0 6 0

Dodgers innings

Priest b Gundry 2
Crawford ct Gigg b Taylor 22
McBarron not out 18
Jacobs ct Suggit b Taylor 2
Carr run out 7
Cooper ct Conway b Marchant 0
Benn ct Gigg b Suggit 3
Qureshi ct Taylor b Suggit 0
Leach ct Gundry b Suggit 1
Matthews run out 3
Extras (1lb, 5w, 1nb) 8
Total (all out 17.3 overs) 66

o m r w
Gundry 2 0 8 1
Taylor 4 0 18 2
Raven 4 0 15 0
Marchant 4 1 13 1
Suggit 3 0 8 3
Carter 0.3 0 3 0

Man of the Match: Benn
Site update. Added weather forecast link to the site - see links on right of page. Also fixture list now online.
Dodgers v Superstars tonight. Early start (5:30pm) means that early trains need to be got. In the absence of an online virtual Andrew Crawford I guess people will need to check out here for train details. Probably safe to plan on getting the 4.24 from Waterloo. But only just.
Let's skin those Rats tonight!
Site update. John Carr, Neil Priest, John Cooper, the Cat, Neil Benn and Phil McB all get the right to post to the Dodgers site.

06 August 2003

Dodgers lose to BSI. Dodgers failed to shine yesterday at Chiswick against a BSI side bolstered by a couple of spare Superstars (whose oppo failed to turn up). Read the match report soon (well by the weekend anyway) here.

First photo published!

And fittingly, its of our captain trying his best to block out news of the latest Dodgers loss...

1996 match reports now online! See reports link on right. More to follow (and better formatting) in next few days!

New Dodgers website

Welcome to the Dodgers Cricket Club website. You'll find latest news here, links to match reports, fixture lists, player profiles and - erm - other stuff. Everything should be online by the end of August. This is by Dodgers for Dodgers - please send comments/suggestions to improve the site here

05 August 2003

BSI v Dodgers

20 overs

BSI (129-2, 17.1 overs) bt Dodgers (126-3 20 overs) by 8 wickets

Dodgers dismal run of form continued on Tuesday at Chiswick with a defeat to a BSI side augmented by Superstars Conway and Patten.

Winning the toss and opting to bat on a flat slow pitch and hard fast outfield, Dodgers failed to take advantage of the conditions, posting 126 on a pitch that was probably worth at least 20 more. Having started brightly, racing to 48 off 7 overs, Dodgers took another 11 overs to reach the century mark, despite good efforts from Priest (40, retd) and Carr (29). Outstanding amongst the bowling were four overs bowled by Patten for only 11 runs. Less outstanding were two overs of donkey drops from BSIer Jay which went for only 9 runs – at least 20 less than they should have done.

Taking the field late in the evening (largely due to BSI’s (and in particular their keeper’s) ability to reset a field every other ball), Dodgers never looked likely to defend the total, particularly after makeshift opening bowler Cooper went for 34 runs, including 16 in his second over, with Conway punishing a lacklustre Dodgers attack. With the game in the bag, BSI cruised to the necessary total in only 17 overs.

This wasn’t an abject performance by Dodgers. Fielding was generally good, with only a few of the usual dreadful lapses and bowling and batting were competent if uninspiring. But taken as a whole, the batsmen lacked fire and the bowlers lacked penetration. Until these are dealt with it is hard to see Dodgers chalking up many more victories this season.

Dodgers innings

McBarron c Shelley b Harrison 16
Jacobs b Hollingsworth 8
Priest retd 40
Carr b Ward 29
Whitrod not out 17
Barber not out 0
Extras (2lb, 8w, 6nb) 16
Total (20 overs) 126

(did not bat: Streatfield, Cooper, Pope, Matthews, Leach)

o m r w
Hollingsworth 4 0 24 1
Harrison 4 0 25 1
Patten 4 1 11 0
Jay 2 0 9 0
Ward 4 0 40 1
Steadman 2 0 15 0

BSI innings

Conway retd 35
Brewer b Cooper 13
Shelley retd 35
Ward Barber 12
Harrison not out 16
Wright not out 4
Extras (2b, 11w, 1nb) 14
Total (all out, 17.1 overs) 129

o m r w
Cooper 4 0 34 1
Streatfield 4 0 20 0
Barber 4 0 27 1
Leach 3 0 21 0
Pope 2.1 0 25 0

Man of the Match: Priest

03 August 2003

Dodgers v Warwick Castle

Eltham CSSG
Sunday 3 August 2003

Warwick Castle won the toss and elected to bat

Warwick Castle 168 all out off 35.0 overs (Cavanagh M 49, Qureshi T 32, Whitrod 3-13, Crawford 1-18)
Dodgers 162/7 off 35.0 overs (Crawford 70*, McBarron 39, Syed 3-9, Cavanagh M 1-29)


A sweltering day in South East London produced a game packed with incident containing blood, sweat, and possibly the odd tear. Prior to the start of the game it appeared that the Dodgers would be happier sitting in the clubhouse all afternoon rather than run around in the unrelenting heat, so it was no surprise that whoever won the toss would elect to bat first, even though the wicket showed the promise of some variable bounce.

Fredricks, sporting his usual warm weather attire of a fleece-like jumper, called correctly and promptly consigned the Dodgers to the field. More than at least one eyebrow was raised (and a few chuckles heard!) from the fielders as Qureshi T strolled to the wicket to face Crawford's first ball. However the makeshift opener managed to compile a decent 32 before being undone by a typically nagging length and line by Cooper. Qureshi M at the other end was unlucky to fall to a Hilary delivery that shot along the ground off a good length. Syed again played an all too familiar brief innings, which threatened to be destructive, but a lack of concentration led to Hilary bowling him through the gate. One feels that more application at the crease is bound to produce results for this promising yet at times infuriating young player. It was once again put upon Cavanagh M's shoulders to hold the Warwick Castle middle order together, and in recognition of the lack of batting to come after him, he played a diligent innings even though it lacked some fluency. In partnership with Cavanagh D (Mark's nephew) Warwick Castle threatened to post a total in excess of 200. The acceleration never really came and despite a couple of good hits from Fredricks batting down the order, the end total was perhaps a good 30 runs short of reasonable expectation. This was due to some accurate bowling from the Dodgers in the final third of the innings, Whitrod managing to pick up three useful wickets, backed up by good catching from Hilary in particular. However this does not excuse some of the poor shot selection and general unwillingness to graft for runs, which has undermined the Warwick Castle's efforts in recent seasons.

Chasing close to 5 runs an over, the Dodgers must have been fairly confident of reaching their target, as long as a couple of their frontline batsmen could build a partnership. Despite being one genuine bowler short, the Warwick Castle attack always looked capable of taking wickets and apart from Crawford none of the Dodgers batsmen looked entirely comfortable. McBarron played yet another trademark McBarron knock, painstakingly accumulating runs, before being victim to a stunning caught and bowled by Fredricks late on in the innings. Good spells from Cavanagh M and Cavanagh D, who finally seems to be running into some late season form, kept the Dodgers batsmen in check early on. But the outstanding bowling of the day came from Syed who pitched the ball well up to the bat and with good pace, and fully deserved his figures of 3-9. The second of Syed's victims, Priest, certainly seemed slightly miffed at being given leg before, which in most first class games would have invoked the full wrath of the match referee! Carr was unfortunate to be out with Syed's next ball as he played on. Next man in Crawford came close to winning the game for the Dodgers, with some powerful hitting all around the ground, particularly taking a liking to the occasional off spin of Fredricks. Indeed the Warwick Castle skipper may well have allowed himself to bowl at least one over too many after being buoyed by his earlier caught and bowled. An unfortunate incident took place towards the end of Spud's spell when an unintentional beamer hit Hilary just above the eye via an edge, extraordinarily the ball travelled a fair distance to square leg where it was reliably dropped by O'Donnell, fortunately for O'Donnell it was called a no-ball anyway. Although Hilary's face and whites were covered in blood, I understand he was well enough to drive himself home. The very next ball from Spud was also a beamer, which led Whitrod at the non-strikers end and Spud to politely exchange a difference of views. The game reached a tense climax as Warwick Castle appeared to be haemorrhaging runs, and to the almost audible relief of the Dodgers, Qureshi T was left to bowl the last over. With 16 runs required Qureshi T managed to restrict danger man Crawford to just the one boundary, as the Dodgers fell short of the target.

All in all it was a thoroughly entertaining game played in good spirit, and hopefully the first of many fixtures between the two teams.

Warwick Castle

Qureshi T b. Cooper 32
Qureshi M+ b. Hilary 10
Syed b. Hilary 8
Cavanagh c. Hilary b. Whitrod 49
Beech (1) b. Crawford 0
Cavanagh D c. Hilary b. Priest 27
Fredricks* b.Whitrod 14
O'Donnell c. McBarron b. Whitrod 4
Spud Run Out 5
Beech (2) Not Out 1
Extras 18
TOTAL (35 overs) 168 all out

Crawford 7 1 18 1
Hilary 7 2 24 2
Hall 4 0 29 0
Cooper 7 0 32 1
Dave 4 0 27 0
Whitrod 3 0 13 3
Priest 3 0 19 1


McBarron c.&b. Fredricks 39
Jacobs b. Syed 13
Priest lbw b. Syed 8
Carr* b. Syed 0
Crawford Not Out 70
Dave c. Cavanagh M b. Spud 0
Hilary Retired Hurt 0
Whitrod c. Qureshi M b. Cavanagh M 11
Hall Run Out 1
Extras 20
TOTAL (35.3 overs) 162 for 7

DNB: Cooper, Matthews+

Cavanagh M 7 0 29 1
Cavanagh D 7 0 27 0
Syed 7 1 9 3
Spud 7 0 38 1
Fredricks 5 0 35 1
Qureshi T 2 0 14 0