10 December 2008

Annual General Meeting 2008


Those attending

John Carr
John Cooper
Phil McBarron
Kim Matthews
Robert Fox
Neil Priest
Guy Westhead
John Hilary
Simon Cousins
Tawhid Qureshi
Rod Paterson
Mike Dollin
Russell Marr
Matthew Taylor
Jude Matthews
Franca McBarron
Meenu (Westhead)
Amy Cooper

Apologies for Absence

These were received from the following:

Peter Lee
Sian Priest
David Lowe
Damian Radcliffe
David Pope
John Doyle
Brendon Roberts
Natarajah Narasimhan

Minutes of the last AGM

These were made available to all present, & there were no matters arising.

Finance Report

The Treasurer John Cooper gave his report, & as at November 2008 the Dodgers account was in credit by £520. This represented a profit of £90 over the year, after various loan repayments. The Dodgers membership fee will remain at £10 each & there were 19 paid up members in 2008 (=£190).

Election of Officers for 2009

The following were elected unopposed to stand for the posts as indicated:

John Carr (Captain)
Neil Priest (Vice-Captain)
Phil McBarron (Chairman)
John Cooper (Treasurer)
Robert Fox (Secretary)
Kim Matthews (Fixture Secretary)
Peter Lee (Committee Member without Portfolio)

Thanks were given for all their efforts during the past year.

Subscription, Match & Net Fees for 2009

Fees are set as follows:

- Dodgers Membership = £10.00
- Evening Match (No Tea) = £3.50
- Afternoon Match (No Tea) = £4.00
- Afternoon Match (With Tea) = £5.00
- Evening Nets @ The Oval = £5.00.

Away fees are to be the same as those of Home games.

Selection Policy for 2009

It was agreed that nobody should have to miss 2 games in a row that they are available for, except possibly for the few "higher profile" games where the opposition are particularly strong. This will be proportioned to general availability, to try & prevent any last minute withdrawals. A list of Reserves will also be in operation.

New Dodgers Recruitment posters designed by John Cooper will be distributed to Tawhid (LDA), Guy (HMRC), Phil (SS), Simon (TFL), Sian (EH), Mike (GMH) & Rob (RWH) from Jan’09 to display in their respective buildings.
The Dodgers website www.dodgerscricket.org is maintained by John Cooper, who was thanked for his efforts, & the domain name has been paid for into 2009. The website also has the relevant details for anyone interested in joining up.

2008/09 Fixtures

Kim Matthews has taken on the Fixture Secretary role again & thanks were duly given to him for all his sterling work in organising the fixtures. He mentioned that the fixtures for the coming year are likely to be similar to those in 2008, but a couple of new ones are planned. Putting a team together to participate in the CSSC Sports Day in July was also mentioned.

Closed Season Activities & Other Social Events

Various social events were put forward, including the usual indoor nets at the Oval; a Greyhound Racing Day; a day at the Great British Beer Festival 2009 at Earls Court, a day at the Horse Racing, & several Cricket watching days at the Oval & Lords.

2008 Awards

Player of the Season: Phil McBarron
Top Batsman: Neil Priest
Top Bowler: Rod Paterson
Best Fielder: Matthew Taylor
Most Improved Player: Rod Paterson

Any Other Business

No Dodgers Cricket Tour took place in 2008, however, the Superstars team is touring over the early May Bank Holiday weekend in 2009, & anyone interested in going should contact Barry Gigg. A possible tour to Ireland in 2010 was mentioned as a possibility by Rob, & he will report back next year on the costs etc. of it.

Some new equipment was purchased during the year, consisting of a bat, pads & new balls. Peter will obtain some new white balls for 20/20 games & we have up to £250 available to purchase new gear in the coming year.
Guy will look into the purchase of Dodgers Caps in either baseball or baggy style, but due to the high costs involved, a discount will need to be arranged.

Rob Fox (Secretary)
December 2008

26 November 2008

Dodgers 2008 End-of-Season Report

The Committee have asked me to record a few thoughts on the past season. Also provided and back by popular demand after a gap of a few years are some brief (semi light hearted) profiles on each current Dodgers player.
Season 2008

Overall this was a disappointing season both in terms of results and particularly the weather (the 2nd successive summer blighted by rain). Of our 26 scheduled fixtures we won 7, lost 11 and a further 8 were either cancelled or abandoned with no result due to weather or other factors. One of our 11 defeats was against the mighty Science Museum (their first ever win against Dodgers and their first win against anyone for 4 seasons!).

On the plus side we were competitive against most sides and I can only recall a couple of occasions where we were stuffed out of sight. At least five of our defeats were extremely tight encounters which we might have won, thus converting our win stats to a positive. It is also fair to say that the standard of the opposition we are playing has increased significantly in recent years (partly driven by weekend club players wanting to jump on the 20/20 bandwagon having previously turned their noses up at the format).

Under the circumstances, we have done well to remain competitive and people need to be realistic about the impact this will have on personal averages (I’ve heard a few people bemoan their worsening average and suggest this reflects ravages of age, lessening ability etc – in my view its much more to do with the higher standard of opposition - some folks might actually be better players now even though their averages are heading south!).
Two further issues are worthy of mention, albeit with mixed feelings.

First, both of our sides gave a good account of themselves at Sports Day but yet again we fell just short in the final against our old foes Superstars. Hopefully, next year will bring an overdue and deserved win. Second, the poor weather made most of the pitches we played on more conducive to bowling than batting so it was definitely a better year to be a bowler than a batter. It would certainly be nice to see a few ‘shirtfronts’ next year even if some of our bowlers might not agree!

Whatever next season might bring it is important that we remember the ethos of the Club. We are not (and hopefully never will be) a side where a few players do all the batting and bowling and the remainder turn up to field. There is a balance to be struck between being competitive and giving everyone a go and I hope we get it right most of the time. Our games need to be both fun and competitive but in that order of priority.

I should conclude by acknowledging the contributions of two people whom the Club has come to rely on and without whose efforts we would very likely fold. First, our esteemed Fixtures Secretary Kim Matthews continues to work his magic in delivering a balanced portfolio of games and venues. Second, John Cooper works tirelessly to manage all our communications and to ensure we get 11 individuals out on the field of play. Thank you for your efforts chaps.

Have a good winter and see you all next season.

Phil McB
Dodgers Chairman


Many thanks to Phil who has also written updated Player Profiles for our current roster.

Player Profile - Brendon Roberts

Spitting Image famously opined that "they had never met a nice South African". Most of us agreed until we met Brendon (what about Warren "Swinging like a rusty gate" Bass? Ed.) who is a splendid chap and a decent player who we will hopefully see more of next year (er, maybe not. Ed).



M  I  R  NO    Avg  HS  50 100  Ct St
8  7  88  2  17.60  20   0   0   0  0


   O  M    R  W     SR   Avg   Econ
14.2  0  101  3  28.67  33.67  7.05

Brendon Roberts

24 November 2008

Dodgers AGM and Social 2008

This year's AGM and Social will be held in the upstairs function room at the Royal Oak in Tabard St, Borough on Friday 28 November from 6pm onwards and everyone is welcome to come.

As usual we will have the formal AGM followed by the Dodgers Awards and plenty of opportunity for eating and drinking. Drinks will be on the Club whilst the cash lasts. This is an excellent Harveys pub with a great range of beers. Eurofizz is also available. Those who wish to may order and pay for their own food from the excellent menu.

The Royal Oak
44 Tabard St
London, SE1 4JU

16 September 2008

Dodgers Batting and Fielding 2008

             M   I   R  NO    Avg  HS  50 100  Ct St
Priest (N) 15 15 317 7 39.63 72* 1 0 2 0
Dollin 6 6 181 1 36.20 79* 1 0 0 0
Marr 6 6 102 3 34.00 43* 0 0 1 0
McBarron 16 15 300 6 33.33 76* 1 0 3 0
Taylor (M ) 10 10 187 4 31.17 38 0 0 7 0
Fox 12 8 77 5 25.67 26 0 0 1 0
Lee 10 6 74 3 24.67 25* 0 0 3 0
Roberts 8 7 88 2 17.60 20 0 0 0 0
Hilary 7 7 62 3 15.50 32 0 0 3 0
Radcliffe 8 8 92 2 15.33 27* 0 0 2 0
Raj 8 6 48 2 12.00 22 0 0 1 0
Cooper 12 2 18 0 9.00 18 0 0 2 0
Carr 10 6 44 0 7.33 16 0 0 1 0
Qureshi 6 6 41 0 6.83 26 0 0 1 0
Patel (A) 1 1 6 0 6.00 6 0 0 0 0
Lowe 11 7 29 2 5.80 6 0 0 1 0
Harvey 2 2 11 0 5.50 6 0 0 1 0
Westhead 11 9 44 0 4.89 13 0 0 3 0
Pope 5 2 4 1 4.00 4* 0 0 0 0
Paterson 8 2 5 0 2.50 3 0 0 3 0
Streatfeild 3 2 5 0 2.50 5 0 0 0 0
Matthews 18 5 3 3 1.50 1* 0 0 12 1
Cousins 7 3 14 3 -- 7* 0 0 1 0

To end of Season 2008

14 September 2008

Dodgers v Clapham CC photo gallery

At long last here is the photo gallery for the match for Clapham CC at Chiswick on Sunday 27 July 2008.

© Dodgers Cricket Club 2008

© Dodgers Cricket Club 2008

© Dodgers Cricket Club 2008

© Dodgers Cricket Club 2008

© Dodgers Cricket Club 2008

© Dodgers Cricket Club 2008

© Dodgers Cricket Club 2008

© Dodgers Cricket Club 2008

© Dodgers Cricket Club 2008

© Dodgers Cricket Club 2008

12 September 2008

Dodgers Bowling 2008

Name          O    M    R   W     SR   Avg    Econ
Taylor (M) 3.5 0 27 3 7.67 9.00 7.04
Harvey 4 0 21 2 12.00 10.50 5.25
Vadgama 7 0 23 2 21.00 11.50 3.29
Paterson 36 3 143 12 18.00 11.92 3.97
McBarron 45.3 4 226 13 21.00 17.38 4.97
Streatfeild 11 0 79 4 16.50 19.75 7.18
Raj 26.3 1 167 8 19.88 20.88 6.30
Lowe 41.4 0 276 11 22.73 25.09 6.62
Hilary 30 1 152 6 30.00 25.33 5.07
Cousins 28 1 191 7 24.00 27.29 6.82
Lee 25 0 196 7 21.43 28.00 7.84
Fox 52 2 281 9 34.67 31.22 5.40
Cooper 47.4 0 295 9 36.44 33.67 5.54
Roberts 14.2 0 101 3 28.67 33.67 7.05
Patel (A) 4 0 47 1 24.00 47.00 11.75
Pope 18 0 172 3 36.00 57.33 9.56
Carr 9 0 52 0 -- -- 5.78
Sitou 4 0 26 0 -- -- 6.50
Priest (N) 2 0 14 0 -- -- 7.00

To end of Season 2008

Notes: Qualification for averages: 20 overs. Includes estimated figures for 26 June v Science Museum @ South Park because of incomplete scorecard.

09 September 2008

4DAs Sports Day 2008

With trepidation, a hardy half dozen Dodgers set out for Chiswick to take part in the 4DAs 6-A-Side Cricket Tournament on Friday 5 September. Much to everyone's amazement it wasn't already tipping it down when we arrived at the ground. However, at 10:30 play still hadn't started, despite the 10am start time so our first game v Night Riders didn't start until gone 11:30.

Dodgers' batting line-up of Taylor, Hilary, Priest, Fox, Cooper (10*) and Matthews put on 54. I don't know anyone else's scores because apparently only the total runs were being recorded. Rumours that the Science Museum were in the scorer's hut were unfounded.

Given that Agricola also scored around 54 v Night Riders we thought that this was a pretty good score and set out to defend it. Unfortunately it was all over within 2.5 overs as Night Riders overhauled the target with ease, mainly due to some erratic no-balling by Mr Taylor. He was not totally disgraced though and didn't manage to break the 34 in one over conceded by Matt Leach at SPARTA Sports Day in the dim and distant past.

With our total surpassed the umpires decided that as it was raining that the match was complete enough. And that turned out to be the last action of the day. The Tournament was called off for good a couple of hours later.

08 September 2008

Player of the Season 2008

Congratulations to Phil McBarron who is Dodgers Player of the Season 2008. The full results (well, full apart from the missing votes v EH) are:

Phil McBarron - 30
Kim Matthews - 21
Raj - 18
Neil Priest - 18
Michael Dollin - 16
Peter Lee - 10
Damian Radcliffe - 10
Simon Cousins - 9
Rod Paterson - 8
Robert Fox - 7
John Cooper - 7
David Lowe - 6
Matthew Taylor - 5
Brendon Roberts - 5
Amit Patel - 4
John Carr - 3
Rajeev Vadgama - 2
Russ Marr - 2
John Hilary - 2
Guy Westhead - 1
Tawhid Qureshi - 1

[To end of 2008 Season]

Notes: does not include 24 June 2008 v EHCC @ Chiswick because MoM votes are missing

Player of the Month
May - Lee (10)
June - Dollin (16)
July - McBarron (22)
August - Cousins (9)
September - Matthews (6)

07 September 2008

Dodgers v Buckhurst Hill

Buckhurst Hill (Roding Lane)

Match cancelled at 10am due to waterlogged pitch.

04 September 2008

Dodgers v Superstars

14:00 (actual start 14:12)
35 overs
No retirement rule
Dodgers won the toss and elected to bat

Superstars (123 for 5, Vadgama 7-0-23-2, Cooper 7-2-8-0) beat Dodgers (122 for 8) Vadgama 34, Taylor 19) by 5 wickets


Innings of Dodgers

Taylor c Gaught b Tate 19
Dollin b Kumar 13
Priest b Kumar 1
McBarron c Walker b Harish 9
Westhead st Walker b Tate 9
Vadgama b Taylor 34
Hilary b Dyett 2
Fox not out 11
Cooper b Mountain 0
Matthews not out 0
Sub-total 98
Extras (3b, 4lb, 18w) 24
Total (for 8 wickets) 122

FoW: 1-23, 2-28, 3-45, 4-55, 5-87,
6-91, 7-115, 8-119

Bowling of Superstars

Kumar 7-4-4-2
Taylor 6-0-29-1
Harish 7-1-15-1
Tate 7-0-31-2
Dyett 6-0-20-1
Mountain 2-0-11-1

Innings of Superstars

Gaught c Cooper b Vadgama 51
Meyler c Matthews b Hilary 0
Walker c Taylor b McBarron 27
Williams c Westhead b Fox 12
Mountain c & b Vadgama 1
Kumar not out 12
Taylor not out 0
Sub-total 103
Extras (3b, 2lb, 14w, 1nb) 20
Total (for 8 wickets) 123

FoW: 1-5, 2-87, 3-93

Bowling of Dodgers

Hilary 7-1-26-1
Cooper 7-2-8-0
Fox 5-0-32-1
Vadgama 7-0-23-2
McBarron 5-0-29-1

03 September 2008

Dodgers End-of-Season Social in Borough 15 September

This year's End of Season Social will be held at a few different pubs in the Borough area on Monday 15 September.

We will kick off in the Charles Dickens in Union St which is close to Southwark Tube. From there it's a short walk to The Royal Oak in Tabard Street. This is a good pub to get a bite to eat in too. We will finish in the Market Porter and possibly The Rake which are both in Borough Market and handy for London Bridge rail and Tube stations.

More details to follow.

The saga of the missing scorecards

Thanks to Dan of the Science Museum (aka TSFKATSM) for providing a copy of the scorecard for our bowling on the occasion of our match on 10 July. I have updated the averages accordingly with slight changes arising for Messrs McBarron, Lowe, Natarajan, Lee, Pope and Carr.

We may never see the scorecard for our 17 June match with GWR but at least the batting and bowling figures have been recorded (unfortunately for pretty much everyone who played in that heavy defeat!).

27 August 2008

Dodgers v Energy Exiles

40 overs
No retirement rule
Weather: Overcast, dry
Umpires: Fox, Pope, Lee
Scorer: Cooper

Dodgers won the toss and elected to field

Energy Exiles 241 all out (Taylor 3.5-0-27-3, Cooper 7-0-20-2) beat Dodgers 172 for 6 (McBarron 76*, Fox 26) by 69 runs

Man of the Match: McBarron - 7, Cooper - 1 (1 vote to come)


Innings of Energy Exiles

Kerrison b Fox 3
Phillips b Cooper 5
Tither c Matthews+ b Fox 3
Peters c Taylor b McBarron 76
Gauntlett c Westhead b Cooper 106
Wingfield c Westhead b Taylor 48
Thomas b Taylor 1
Ling c & b Taylor 7
Patel not out 4
Sub-total 230
Extras (2b, 5w, 4nb) 11
Total 241

FoW: 1-6, 2-12, 3-18, 4-103, 5-205, 6-211

Bowling of Dodgers

Cooper 7-0-20-2
Fox 8-0-34-2
Lee 2-0-32-0
Carr 4-0-30-0
McBarron 8-1-42-1
Pope 5-0-53-0
Taylor 3.5-0-27-3

Innings of Dodgers

Taylor c Peters b Wingfield 6 (22)
Matthews+ b Wingfield 1 (17)
McBarron not out 76 (93)
Lee c ? b Gauntlett 20 (34)
Westhead b Tither 4 (26)
Carr* lbw b Ling 15 (26)
Fox run out 26 (18)
Sub-total 148
Extras (1b, 4lb, 17w, 2nb) 24
Total 172

Dnb: Cooper, Pope


1-9 (Matthews, 17:34, 6.2 overs)
2-12 (Taylor, 17:37, 6.4)
3-56 (Lee, 18:17, 18.6)
4-73 (Westhead, 18:41, 27.1)
5-107 (Carr, 19:06, 34.5)
6-172 (Fox, 19:26, 39.6)

Bowling of Energy Exiles

Wingfield 5-2-5-2
Patel 5-1-7-0
Gauntlett 5-0-20-1
Thomas 6-0-37-0
Ling 8-2-25-1
Tither 5-1-5-1
Phillips 5-0-47-0
Kerrison 1-0-20-0

19 August 2008

Ministry of Justice v Dodgers

17:45 start
20 overs (Wides / No balls 2 runs, no extra run, except in last over)
1st 10 overs bowled from one end, 2nd 10 overs bowled from the other end
Retire at 25
Weather: Gloomy

Dodgers (119 for 6, Priest 25*, Radcliffe 22) beat Ministry of Justice (116 for 6, Hilary 4-0-18-2, Cooper 4-0-21-1) by 3 runs

Man of the Match: Cooper - 5, Carr - 3, Hilary - 1, Priest - 1, Radcliffe - 1


Innings of Dodgers

Priest retired not out 25 (23)
Radcliffe c ? b Connor 22 (30)
Marr b Hallchurch 0 (1)
McBarron c ? b Connor 17 (22)
Cooper c wkt b Mahid 18 (19)
Qureshi b Nixon 2 (5)
Carr b Smith 3 (4)
Lee not out 7 (3)
Hilary not out 6 (2)
Sub-total 100
Extras 19
Total (for 6 wickets) 119

Dnb: Fox, Lowe

FoW (selected): 2-70, 3-84


Goodwin 2-0-15-0
Hallchurch 4-0-16-1
Smith 4-0-19-1
Hoare 1-0-10-0
Connor 4-0-13-2
Mahid 3-0-26-1
Nixon 2-0-15-1

Innings of MoJ

Smith not out 46
Pascoe not out 36
Hoare run out 0
Goodwin c & b Hilary 1
Hallchurch run out 7
Crawforth c Radcliffe b Cooper 0
Connah b Hilary 1
Jeeran run out 2
Sub-total 93
Extras 23
Total (for 6 wickets) 116

Bowling of Dodgers

Lowe 4-0-24-0
Fox 4-0-25-0
Hilary 4-0-18-2
Cooper 4-0-21-1
McBarron 2-0-18-0
Carr 2-0-12-0

12 August 2008

ATOC v Dodgers

Hampstead Heath extension
Start 18:00 (actual start 18:10)
20 overs
2 for wide/no ball no extra ball (except in last over)
Retire at 30

ATOC CC Innings

M Dollin c & b Cousins 4 (10)
P Jain not out 43 (26)
R Joseph b Cooper 0 (5)
A Tolley not out 29 (28)
K De Silva b Fox 24 (22)
P Greensitt c Fox b Roberts 6 (13)
J Law b Roberts 6 (9)
J Sibley run out 2 (7)
Sub-total 114
Extras (w-8, nb-2, b-6, lb-5) 21
Total 135 for 6

DfT Dodgers Bowling

Cousins 4-1-16-1
Cooper 3-0-23-1
Fox 4-1-23-1
Lee 4-0-27-0
Roberts 3-0-29-2
Carr 2-6-0-3

Innings of Dodgers

Priest not out 4
Radcliffe not out 0
Sub-total 4
Extras 0
Total 4

Bowling of ATOC


Match abandoned after the second over of the second innings due to rain, thunder, lightning and hail

05 August 2008

Dodgers v Bel Air Corinthians

18:00 (actual start 18:15, finish 21:00)
20 overs
Retire at 30

Corinthians 109-8 (Raj 4-0-19-2, Harvey 4-0-21-2) beat Dodgers 108-5 (Priest 31 no, Roberts 20) by 1 wicket

MoM: Matthews - 8, Priest - 2, Raj - 1

Full scorecard to follow

29 July 2008

Dodgers v Sir Guy Westhead OBE XI

Retire at 25
Weather: Dry, sunny

Dodgers won the toss and elected to bat

Innings of Dodgers

Taylor c & b McManus 0
Radcliffe retired not out 27
Priest retired not out 25
Marr retired not out 25
McBarron not out 8
Roberts not out 17
Sub-total 102
Extras 28
Total 130

Dnb: Raj, Paterson, Cousins, Cooper, Matthews

FoW: 1-0

Bowling of Westhead XI

McManus 4-0-20-1
Bennett 3-0-17-0
Snook 4-0-18-0
Peacock 2-0-21-0
Hope 3-0-29-0
Fitzgerald 3-0-8-0
Letts 1-0-7-0

Innings of Westhead XI

Sitou c Raj b Paterson 0 (1)
Bennett b Cousins 1
Fitzgerald b Cooper 25 (22)
Qureshi lbw b Paterson 1
Letts lbw b McBarron 20
Lowe c Radcliffe b Cooper 5
Westhead not out 6
Snook 0
Hope 0
McManus run out (Priest/Cooper) 0
Peacock 0
Sub-total 59
Extras 5
Total 64

Bowling of Dodgers

Paterson 4-0-9-2
Cousins 4-0-12-1
Cooper 4-0-18-2
Raj 1-0-17-0
McBarron 2-0-3-4

27 July 2008

Dodgers v Clapham CC

35 overs
Weather: Sunny

Clapham won the toss and elected to bat

Clapham 168 all out. Dodgers 169-7 won by 3 wickets.

Photo Gallery


Innings of Dodgers

Taylor c ? b Newmark 22
Lee lbw b Shirley 11
Westhead b O'Keefe 3
McBarron c ? b Howe 43
Roberts b Moor 19
Lowe run out 6
Paterson c O'Keefe b Nicholls 3
Hilary not out 15
Fox not out 6
Sub-total 128
Extras 40
Total 168

Dnb: Cooper, Matthews

FoW: 1-35, 2-40, 3-55, 4-112, 5-123, 6-141, 7-151

Innings of Clapham

Jamie c McBarron b Paterson 0
Nicholls c Paterson b Hilary 46
Moor b Paterson 10
Howe b Hilary 49
Andy H b McBarron 25
Andy B hit wicket b Hilary 2
O'Keefe c Hilary b McBarron 0
Shirley b Lowe 0
Bird c Matthews b Lowe 0
Newmark not out 1
Sub-total 145
Extras 19
Total 164

FoW: 1-0, 2-15, 4-126, 6-140

Bowling of Dodgers

Paterson 7-0-42-2
Lowe 4.4-0-20-2
Cooper 4-0-28-0
Hilary 4-0-12-3
Roberts 3-0-17-0
McBarron 4-0-14-2
Fox 3-0-30-0

22 July 2008

Dodgers v Energy Exiles

Weather: fine and sunny

Dodgers won the toss and elected to bat

Dodgers 118 for 2 (Taylor 38, Marr 43) lost by 1 wicket to Exiles (121 for 9, Lowe 4-0-17-4). Man of the Match: Dave Lowe (6), Taylor (2), ? - (2)

Match report by Matt Taylor

10-man Dodgers lost a nail-biting last-ball thriller to Energy Exiles at Chiswick, the scene of their strong performances in the six-a-side tournament 5 days earlier.

On a hot and sunny evening, Captain Carr won the toss and elected to bat. Openers Taylor and Radcliffe, playing for the Weekenders on Sunday, had been allowed to bat twice for their weakened side by a sporting opposition skipper, but knew that they would receive no such charity from the Energy Exiles. They set about business with some lusty blows but Radcliffe soon skied a leading edge to the legside and Marr came to the crease. Taylor settled in and cleared the infield with expansive cover drives that drew chunks of willow from his ancient Kookaburra, as Marr was pinned down by an excellent spell of left-arm round from Wingfield. With 30 off 6 overs Dodgers ticked along well, but despite a straight six from Taylor and 7 wides in one over from the Exiles' only weak bowler, the total only reached 65 from 14 overs and acceleration was required. Cue Marr finding his form with a series of great cricket shots, and Dodgers had 99 from 17, with Taylor run out for 38 having wandered too far from his crease in threat of a second run to third man.

The return of the opening bowlers made life difficult for new batsman McBarron, but with a sweetly-timed pull to the boundary from the final ball Dodgers reached 118, with Marr left unbeaten on 43. A defendable total, but was it ten runs short against a strong Exiles side?

It seemed so as the opening batsmen took singles and struck boundaries early on. However Dodgers knew they had to take wickets and in the fourth over they did as Phillips tried one uppish drive too many and hit straight down Taylor's throat at cover. A strong finish from Paterson (maiden, wicket maiden) slowed the run-rate and removed Johnstone, then Dave Lowe entered the fray, trapping the remaining opener. At the other end Thody tried to smash Lee through the covers and was dropped by Taylor diving full length to his right, but the Lowe Show continued where it had left off and Thody's second life was his last as another straight delivery thudded into the pads and cheers went up from the Dodgers.

Exiles were keeping up with the run-rate and still had their best batsmen to come in, but when Lowe removed 5 and 6 with solid catches from Paterson and McBarron, they realised they were in with a chance. The Exiles' wicket-keeper has taken apart Dodger's attacks in the past, but this time he looked nervous, and when he was bowled swinging at a straight one from Lee, the Dodgers were suddenly favourites. The Exiles had 90 off 17 overs with new batsmen at the crease, but they were able to accelerate, despite losing another wicket as Cousins amazing throw from third man hit the stumps with Gauntlett realising he hadn't run fast enough. Lee was disappointed with his 19th over, but really it was the manpower shortage in the field that saw 2 boundaries made from shots that would have been stopped.

Now it was impossible to call. Exiles 110-9 needing 9 to win from 6 balls, with McBarron bowling. A single from the first ball and 3 from the second made the pendulum of fate swing into Exile, but two dot balls followed and it was 5 off 2. A wicket would win it for the Dodgers, a boundary would level the scores. McBarron floated a good delivery outside off stump, but a great shot from the number 11 beat the covers and Taylor threw his cap to the floor in frustration as he failed in a sprint across the boundary from long-off. It was the last ball of the game. The field closed in, knowing they had to prevent a single for the tie, but the batsman worked the ball off his hips for four and the Exiles claimed victory.

Disappointment for the Dodgers, but a rip-roaring rollercoaster of a tie, the late evening sunshine and an iridescent salmon sunset made the post-match beer taste sweet and cold.

Dodgers Innings

Taylor Run Out 38 (46)
Radcliffe c Farrington-Douglas b Gauntlet 6 (3)
Marr Not Out 43 (58)
McBarron Not Out 10 (9)
Sub-total 97
Extras 21
Total 118/2

116 balls

dnb: Lee, Carr, Paterson, Cousins, Lowe, Matthews

Bowling of Exiles

1 4-0-10-0
2 4-0-35-1
3 4-1-18-0
4 4-0-17-0
5 3-0-19-0
6 1-0-14-0

Innings of Exiles

Almond lbw b Lowe 16 (25)
Phillips c Taylor b Cousins 14 (13)
Johnstone b Paterson 1 (8)
Thody lbw b Lowe 19 (22)
Lamarecht c Paterson b Lowe 9 (8)
F-Douglas c McBarron b Lowe 10 (12)
Peters b Lee 8 (9)
Gauntlett Run Out (Cousins) 1 (1)
Wingfield Not Out 19 (13)
Chamberlain b McBarron 2 (2)
Thomas M Not Out 11 (7)
Sub-total 110
Extras 11
Total 121

120 balls

Bowling of Dodgers

Paterson 4-2-10-1
Cousins 4-0-22-1
Lowe 4-0-17-4
Lee 4-0-38-1
McBarron 4-0-30-1

17 July 2008

Dodgers v ATOC

Regent's Park

Dodgers won by six wickets. More details soon.

10 July 2008

Dodgers v Science Museum

South Park
20 overs

Dodgers (Priest 43*, Qureshi 26) lost to Science Museum (bowling figures missing). Details and scorecard to follow.

01 July 2008

KAI Dragons v Dodgers

Retire at 25 rule

Dodgers Batting

Priest ct ? b Miller 18 (36 balls)
Radcliffe ct ? b Dhami 7 (14)
McBarron Ret Not Out 25 (25)
Carr b Mayo 5 (19)
Westhead b Lovell 2 (2)
Roberts Not Out 16 (20)
Raj ct ? b Pearson 0 (1)
Fox Not Out 2 (1)
Sub-total 75
Extras 9
Total 84/5

dnb - Lowe, Paterson , Matthews

KAI Batting

Johal lbw b Paterson 9
Mayo Ret Not Out 25
Radford Not Out 16
Miller Not Out 25
Sub-total 75
Extras 10
Total 85/1 (15 overs)

Dodgers Bowling

Paterson 4-20-1
Fox 4-22-0
Lowe 4-21-0
Raj 3-21-0

Result - KAI won by 9 wickets

26 June 2008

Science Museum v Dodgers

South Park

Match report by Mike Dollin

Dodgers won the toss and chose to bat on what was a traditional "sporting" wicket at South Park. This mix of shooters and poppers undid Tawhid (lbw 1), Priest (ct fine leg from a bouncer 4) and Westhead (ct and bowled from a mistimed pull 0). Dollin survived the odd scare to help rebuild the innings with Carr, Jc playing on manfully after a horrible beamer struck him on the forearm. At the half way point Dodgers were just hanging on at 34-3.

First change bowlers offered some relief but it was plain that Science had recruited well in the off season as the bowling remained tight* and the fielding disciplined. And they reaped their rewards as attempted acceleration saw off Carr (bowled trying to off drive 5), and Hillary (bowled from an absolute grubber 5). Dollin and Fox carried Dodgers towards 100, helped as ever by the generous spirit of Science museum's skipper who started with pace, but when one shot past the batsman's head from a length, switched to offspin. Dollin was bowled trying to work a good length ball to third man (missing the only top of off stump ball all game 35), which left the conclusion of the innings to the power hitting of Fox (16 n.o) and Lowe which carried Dodgers to 107, with Lowe unluckily run out from a direct hit off the last ball (6).

The weather turned for the reply- grey clouds closed out the sun, and the first stabs of the rain appeared, but Science got off to a solid start and were doing all they could do on that pitch- dig in for the good balls, punish the odd bad one and put the inside edges, leading edges into space and wicked variations in bounce out of their minds. After the strike bowlers of Fox and Hillary had been seen off wicketless, Science were handily placed- up with the rate and wickets in hand.

Lowe was unable to force the breakthrough off his inital two, nor Streatfield. But when Roberts came on and induced Science's skipper to edge to Cat (he walked straight away as gentlemen do- 15) Science started to lose their way. Next over Will was struck over cover for an imposing 4, but Humphries tried to repeat it next ball off a faster flatter delivery and was bowled through the gate (36). Vic "Wally" hustled to a fast paced and well timed 15, but was given out in mysterious circumstances - perhaps ct behind (though Kim hadn't held it) perhaps lbw. In any event he left shaking his head and despite offers of recall he did not return.

But while Will picked up another wicket to finish with a very useful 3, Science were still well placed going into the last 4 overs needing just under a run a ball. They kept in touching distance -17 off 3, and then 11 from 2. Brendan bowled a fantastic penultimate over conceding just 2, leaving David to bowl the last defending 9. A nerveless last over was going about honours even when, needing 5 from 2 balls-Tombling hit a skier to cover and Brendan never looked like missing it. Though somehow he did and it left Science a good chance with 2 for the tie and a 3 for the win off the last ball. With nerves finally kicking in, as Dave confessed afterwards, Mr Lowe bowled another good block hole ball, Tombling could only force to cover and he was run out- Dodgers home by 2.

A great encounter with a very decent oppo, and I'm sure they'll be looking forward to the return encounter in a few weeks to try again for the victory they should have had last night. For ourselves it was a hard fought scrape that arrests the recent run of defeats, and is perhaps all the more pleasing as for almost the entire game it looked as if we would were heading for another defeat, but clung on and managed to nick it.

If bowling stats seem a tad light in the above report, it's because SM strengths don't stretch to full scoring - as last year there will need to be some run allocation emails amongst the bowlers to arrive at figures.

* When on the wicket. SM conceded 30 extras in the innings and then were very generous with their calls of wides at the start of our defence. This was possibly the difference between the sides.

Dodgers Batting

Dollin b Tomlin 35 (44 balls)
Qureshi lbw b Wooley 1 (7)
Priest ct ? b Sanderson 4 (8)
Westhead ct ? b Sanderson 0 (4)
Carr b Nolan 5 (15)
Roberts b Travis 4 (4)
Hilary b Nolan 5 (8)
Fox Not Out 16 (16)
Lowe Run Out 6 (7)
Sub-total 76
Extras 31
Total 107/8

dnb Streatfield, Matthews

Science Batting - 105/5 (Levett 36, Dodgers bowling figures not available but 3 wickets for Streatfield and 1 each for Lowe and Roberts). 2 catches for Matthews, 1 for Hilary.

Dodgers bowling*

Streatfeild 4-0-21-3
Lowe 4-0-21-1
Fox 4-0-21-0
Roberts 4-0-21-1
Hilary 4-0-21-0

* - estimated runs (total runs scored divided by 5 for each bowler)

Result - Dodgers won by 2 runs

24 June 2008

English Heritage v Dodgers

Venue: Chiswick
Start: 6pm
Format: 20/20
Notes: Retire at 50 rule

Result - EH won by 55 runs

EH Batting
Cowburn Ret NO 52
Vernon b Cousins 6
Hashmi Ret NO 51
Cormack Not Out 11
Gould b Lowe 0
Griffiths c Harvey b Raj 1
Memon Not Out 0
Sub-total 124
Extras 10
Total 134/3
Dodgers bowling
Cousins 4-14-1
Hilary 4-23-0
Pope 3-34-0
Streatfield 3-30-0
Lowe 3-17-1
Raj 3-15-1
Dodgers Batting
Priest b Dawood 4 (24 balls)
Harvey b Dawood 5 (9)
Roberts b Dawood 0 (2)
McBarron c Ireson b Hudswell 31 (34)
Hilary b Ireson 1 (4)
Raj lbw b Ireson 8 (8)
Lowe st wicky b Griffiths 1 (4)
Streatfield Run Out 5 (12)
Cousins Not Out 5 (8)
Matthews b Hudswell 0 (7)
Pope b Hudswell 0 (3)
Sub-total 60
Extras 19
Total 79 all out

19 June 2008

Dodgers v Bel Air Corinthians

Venue: Bel Air Park, West Dulwich
Start: 6pm
Format: 20/20

Dodgers lost by 11 runs

Bel Air - 158/6 (Hayes 59, Featherstone 36)

Dodgers Bowling
Paterson 4-14-3
Hilary 2-19-0
Lowe 4-35-0
Streatfield 4-28-1
Pope 4-35-2
McBarron 3-15-0

Dodgers Batting
Taylor Retired Hurt 33 (28 balls)
Hilary ct ? b Hayes 32 (16)
McBarron ct ? b Peretz 30 (26)
Westhead Run Out 1 (1)
Carr lbw b Barker 16 (29)
Radcliffe lbw b Peretz 0 (1)
Lowe b Barker 3 (5)
Streatfield b Barker 0 (1)
Paterson c ? b Barker 2 (7)
Matthews Not Out 1 (3)
Pope Not Out 4 (1) - boundary!
Sub-total 122
Extras 25
Total 147-8

17 June 2008

Dodgers v GWRCC

Venue: Trailfinders Sports Club, Castle Bar Park
Start: 6pm
Format: 20/20

Dodgers lost a very one-sided encounter. Full scorecard as yet unavailable.

16 June 2008

Dodgers v GWRCC: ground information

The address of the ground is:

Trailfinders Sports Club
Vallis Way
West Ealing
W13 0DD

Tel: 020 8998 7928

Directions to the ground

Trains Times: 20 minute journey;
from Paddington: to Castle Bar Station on our doorstep
Monday-Saturday: 00.01 past the hour & 00.31 past the hour.
to Paddington: from Castle Bar Station Monday-Saturday: 00.09 past the
hour & 00.39 past the hour.
There is no train service on Sunday.

Tube: Ealing Broadway - 5 minute taxi journey

Buses: Bus stop is on opposite side of Ealing Broadway tube station.
E7, E2, E9, E10, 297

11 June 2008

Dodgers v LSE Staff

Match cancelled because the opposition could not raise a team.

05 June 2008

Batting Strike Rates 2008

Name Balls R SR

Lee 18 25 138.89
Hilary 1 1 100.00
Priest (N) 122 112 91.80*
Dollin 121 110 90.91*
Taylor (M) 53 44 83.02*
Lowe 5 4 80.00*
Marr 47 34 72.34
Raj 47 31 65.96*
Cousins 11 7 63.64*
Roberts 19 12 63.16*
McBarron  53 32 60.38
Qureshi 14 7 50.00
Matthews 3 1 33.33*
Fox 1 0 0.00

* - includes estimated figures from 21 May match v EHCC for which insufficient scorecard information exists

To 4 June 2008

04 June 2008

Dodgers v New Barbarian Weasels

30 overs
Weather: dry, sunny

Weasels 163 for 5 (Michaels 76, Paterson 6-0-25-2), Dodgers 164 for 1 (Dollin 79*, Priest 72*)

Dodgers won by 9 wickets


Innings of Weasels
Michaels c Paterson b Fox 76
Hurley b Paterson 3
Woodhead b Paterson 9
McCourt not out 55
Sampson run out (Westhead) 1
Dyer run out (Matthews) 3
Owen not out 3
Sub-total 150
Extras 13
Total (for 5) 163
Paterson 6-0-25-2
Fox 6-0-33-1
Cooper 6-0-30-0
Sitou 4-0-26-0
McBarron 6-0-25-0
Priest 2-0-14-0
Innings of Dodgers
McBarron b Dyer 4 (20)
Dollin not out 79 (94)
Priest not out 72 (60)
Sub-total 155
Extras 9
Total (for 1) 164
dnb: Westhead, Carr, Fox, Paterson,
Sitou, Matthews, Cooper, Fox
Owen 6-2-12-0
Dyer 6-0-39-1
Alam 5-0-42-0
McCourt 6-0-37-0
Hagan 4-0-25-0
Patel 1-0-6-0
Duff 0.5-0-3-0

Notes: 145 partnership for the second wicket (Dollin/Priest) is #2 on the All-Time list.

Man of the Match: Dollin - 6, Paterson - 2, Priest - 2

27 May 2008

Dodgers v Motley Crew

20 overs
Retire at 25

Dodgers 94-3 (Marr 27 ret not out, Priest 20)
Motley Crew 95-6 (Fox 4-1-8-2, Raj 3.3-0-21-2)

Motley Crew won by 4 wickets

MoM: Fox (6), Taylor (3), Marr (2)

21 May 2008

Dodgers v English Heritage

Weather: Dry, sunny
20 overs
Retire at 25
English Heritage won the toss and elected to bat

EH - 199 for 1
Dodgers - 106 for 7

MoM - Raj

07 May 2008

Dodgers v Ministry of Justice

Weather: Dry, sunny
20 overs
Retire at 25
MoJ won the toss and elected to field

Match report

On an unfeasibly sunny spring evening, a strong Dodgers team finally took the field for the belated first game of the season, Superstars having avoided their inevitable and richly deserved thrashing the previous week by dint of the miserable weather. No such worries this time round though, as the Dodgers players slapped on sun block, borrowed head gear to cover their modestly hirsute heads and prepared to face down the might of MoJ.

Justice did indeed prove blind when their captain, fresh from a victorious toss, chose to offer Dodgers first use of a decent pitch, a firm outfield and rapidly vanishing daylight. His judgement was almost immediately called into question as Dollin set about MoJ’s religiously monikered Hallchurch with gusto, unleashing firm drives and withering cuts to good effect. At the other end, Taylor, the lesser-spotted Dodgers cack-hander, bedded in and watched the carnage.

Sadly, it was short-lived as Dollin went for one expansive, lofted drive too many and was snaffled athletically at long off. Qureshi came to the crease and was immediately into his stride, involving himself in a couple of early run out chances that reminded us all about the need to exercise care when entering the TQ zone. Hallchurch, who by this time had switched from donkey-droppers to a variety of slow leg breaks, picked up his second victim when Qureshi went for an expansive drive was bowled.

In came Priest to complete a delightful nomenclature pas-de-deux with the lanky opening bowler. He immediately was granted a life when the keeper missed a straight-forward chance low to his left, and cashed in with some spanking shots. The run rate was a pleasing 6 an over, and the received wisdom was that 120 would be a handy score.

A change of bowling bought a change of fortune as Priest went for one drive too many and was bowled by Murray. Taylor completed his 27 and retired, having batted solidly for 30 odd balls. This bought the 2007 winner of the player, batsman, bowler, fielder, pipe-smoker, PFA Young Player, rear and train operating company of the year awards to the crease. However, clearly intent on giving the rest of the team a chance this year, Fox began the 2008 season by bunting a slow full toss straight to midwicket for a golden blob. Suddenly, at 4 down, Justice could sense momentum shifting back to them.

The big Mo was rapidly snatched back via a feisty partnership between McBarron and Lee. With McB staying solid at one end, Lee put last season’s batting disappointments behind him by thrashing the MoJ attack to all parts (well, the agriculturally-named ones anyway). McB completed yet another red inker 25 in the last over, and Lee spanked the last ball of the innings for 4 to finish 25 not out. With five batters getting to double figures, this was a solid team innings of 133, a total that most observers felt would present a challenge.

The glacial pace of MoJ’s bowling of their overs meant that that sun was already setting when Dodgers took the field. The Cat, positively sprightly in his 86th season for the club and resplendent in his new gloves (their antique predecessors having being flogged for £250 on Cash in the Attic) took his place behind the stumps and was immediately in business as Paterson charged in from the top end and beat the bat. At the other end, Hilary took some early season tap as the MoJ top order began the task of chasing a tough target at 6.5 an over.

Justice was not what the openers got as chances went begging and wickets failed to fall. Paterson was replaced by Cooper who bowled a solid initial spell. However, with the MoJ’s Steve McManaman look-a-like playing some particularly expansive shots, the scoring rate climbed up to 6 an over and stayed there.

Hilary completed his spell and was replaced by Lee, who proceeded to entertain the crowd with one of his more variable spells that was such a feature of his early Dodgers career. The top three were soon retired with 25 each to their names and things looking good for keepers of the constitution.

When the going gets tough for Dodgers, there is only one man they can call upon. Fresh from his first ball quack quack and his pre-bowling bout of pilates, Fox quickly got back into the groove, bowling the appropriately named Flury and cutting Bigham down to size. Paterson weighed in with a wicket, doing Hutchinson for pace and completing an excellent spell of 4-0-14-1. With the remainder of MoJ’s tail-end looking encouragingly floppy-eared, the game appeared to be slipping away from them, a view reinforced when Bowman was run out by half a pitch via Taylor’s quick work in the covers.

With MoJ running out of batsmen, and their opening trio slavering hungrily on the boundary rope, Priest was faced with a tricky conundrum. He opted to re-introduce Lee in the hope that his wild inaccuracy would see the game out. Sadly, whilst the inaccuracy remained, the ability of the Justice batsmen to succumb to it was a whole new factor. Hallchurch, after a spectacularly hooked four off a head-high full toss, fell to a catch from Cooper and Connah to McBarron. In between, the run out of Hoare ensured a tricky finish. With 2 overs left, 22 were needed.

Some sparky running and hitting garnered 11 from Fox’s last over, and by some dint of creative maths, this left Dodgers needing to defend ten off the last over. Lee (3 overs for 23) was tasked with closing it out in the gathering gloom. He immediately snared Pascoe caught behind, and with three balls left the equation was 7 runs or one wicket. Nerves got the better of him and he dropped his delivery short and on the leg stump. Smith swivelled and pulled and looked towards the boundary. However, Priest snaffled a stunning catch at short midwicket to win the match and the champagne moment.

So a close fought victory for Dodgers, played in an excellent spirit by two strong teams. Lee was man of the match for his good batting and stupendously jammy bowling.


Innings of Dodgers

Dollin c (mid off) b Hallchurch 16
Taylor not out 27
Qureshi b Hallchurch 4
Priest b Murray 16
McBarron not out 25
Fox c ? b Murray 0
Lee not out 25
Hilary not out 1
Sub-total 114
Extras (2b, 1lb, 14w, 2nb) 19
Total 133

dnb: Paterson, Cooper, Matthews


Olsen 4-0-14-0
Hallchurch 4-0-28-2
Connah 4-0-26-0
Murray 3-0-29-2
Smith 4-0-18-0
Hoare 1-0-15-0

Innings of MoJ

Smith c Priest b Lee 26
Pascoe c Matthews b Lee 36
Olsen not out 29
Flury b Fox 4
Bigham b Fox 6
Hutchinson b Paterson 0
Bowman run out 2
Hallchurch c Cooper b Lee 12
Hoare run out 0
Connah c McBarron b Lee 4
Sub-total 119
Extras 8
Total 127


Paterson 4-0-14-1
Hilary 4-0-27-0
Cooper 4-0-26-0
Lee 4-0-26-4
Fox 4-0-26-2


Umpires: Fox, Hilary, Dollin
Scorer: Cooper
Taylor retired on 27 at 19:09
1 run short (Lee) 14.4 ovs
McBarron retired 25 at 19:31

Man of the Match: Lee (10), McBarron (1)

23 April 2008

2008 Dodgers Fixtures List


Tue 29 - Superstars - Chiswick - 6pm - away - CANCELLED


Friday to Monday 2-5 Superstars Tour Rickmansworth
Wednesday 7, Ministry of Justice, Chiswick, 6pm - WON
Wednesday 21, EHCC, Chiswick, 6pm, confirmed - LOST
Sunday 25, Buckhurst Hill, Roding Lane/High Road, 2pm - CANCELLED
Tuesday 27, Motley Crew, Chiswick, 6pm, LOST
Thursday 29, Treasury, Chiswick, 6pm, CANCELLED


Wed 4, Weasels, Chiswick, 2pm, WON
Wed 11, LSE, Berrylands, 2pm, CANCELLED
Tue 17, GWRCC, Trailfinders Sports Ground, 6pm - LOST
Thu 19, Corinthians, Belair, 6pm, LOST
Tue 24, EHCC, Chiswick, 6pm, LOST
Thu 26, Science Museum, South Park, 6pm, WON


Tue 1 - KAI Dragons - Chiswick - 6pm - away - LOST
Thu 3 - Carib Beer XI - Regents Park - CANCELLED
Tue 8 - Superstars - Wandsworth Common (£53.50) - 6pm - home - N/A
Thu 10 - Science Museum - South Park - 6pm - away - LOST
Thu 17 - ATOC - Regents Park - 6pm - away - WON
Fri 18 - Sparta Sports Day - Chiswick 6 a-side - all day - LOST IN FINAL
Tue 22 - Energy Exiles - Chiswick - 6pm - away - LOST
Sun 27 - Clapham CC - Chiswick - 2pm - home - WON
Tue 29 - Sir Guy Westhead OBE XI - Chiswick - 6pm - home - WON


Tue 5 Bel Air Corinthians Chiswick 6pm - LOST
Tue 12 ATOC Hampstead Heath 6.00pm - ABANDONED
Tue 19 Ministry of Justice Chiswick 6.00pm - WON
Wed 27 Energy Exiles Chiswick 2 or 6pm - LOST
Sun 31 Clapham CC Chiswick 2pm - CANCELLED


Thu 4 Superstars Chiswick 2.00pm - LOST
Fri 5 4DA's Chiswick all day - ABANDONED (Played 1, Lost 1)
Sun 7 Buckhurst Hill Roding Lane/High Road 1.00pm - CANCELLED

23 January 2008

Dodgers nets: update

Due to unprecendented demand we have now booked extra nets. The complete list is as follows:

Wed 12/03 (1 net)
Tue 25/03 (1 net)
Wed 26/03 (1 net)
Tue 08/04 (1 net)
Wed 09/04 (1 net)
Tue 22/04 (2 nets)

Venue: Ken Barrington Cricket Centre, The Oval

[all sessions cost £5 each payable in advance and start at 6pm]

11 January 2008

Dodgers Nets 2008

Nets at the Oval have been confirmed for the following dates:

Wed 12/03 (1 net)
Tue 25/03 (1 net)
Tue 08/04 (1 net)
Tue 22/04 (2 nets)

Venue: Ken Barrington Cricket Centre, The Oval

[all sessions cost £5 each payable in advance and start at 6pm]

Numbers are limited and available on a first come, first served basis to Dodgers members. As with last year, each session shall be open to 6 batsmen/bowlers and 1 bowler-only (i.e. 7 in total per net).