30 November 1999

AGM 1999 Minutes




John Adey
Andrew Crawford
Kim Matthews
Neil Benn
David Pope
Kevin Roper
John Doyle

1. Introduction and Apologies

1.1 Apologies were received from John Carr (Captain), Phil McBarron (Committee Member), Sue Adey (Hon. Auditor), Sian Brown, Chris Jacobs, John Hilary, Henry Hilary, Guy Westhead and Simon Hewitt.

1.2 John Adey reported that the end of season social had been a success. Winners of the "serious" awards were:

Players’ Player: Kevin Roper
Batting: Neil Priest
Bowling: Henry Hilary
Fielding: Chris Jacobs
Most Improved Player: David Pope

2. Minutes of Last Meeting

Kevin Roper Neil Priest Henry Hilary Chris Jacobs David Pope

2.1 It was noted that the Treasurer’s Report was for 1997, not 1998. With this amendment the minutes were agreed.

3. Finance
Treasurer’s Report for 1998

3.1 A copy of the audited accounts is attached at Annex A.

3.2 Andrew Crawford reported that net income was slightly down but the bank balance was still healthy. The main reason for the fall was the reduced subscription.

Honorary Auditor’s Report

3.3 The accounts had been audited. Sue Adey had had no comments to make.

4. Election of Officers for 2000:

4.1 All officers were re-elected. For 2000 they will therefore be:

Chairman - John Adey
Treasurer - Andrew Crawford
Secretary - Neil Priest
Committee Member - Phil McBarron
Committee Member - Kim Matthews
Captain - John Carr
Vice-Captain - Neil Priest
Honorary Auditor - Sue Adey

5. Subscriptions and Match Fees for 2000

5.1 It was agreed that membership should remain at £5 and that match fees would be £3 a game.

6. Selection Policy for 2000

6.1 It was agreed that the best eleven should be selected each week but that nobody should have to miss two matches in a row.
Action: John Carr/Neil Priest. 7. Fixtures:

7.1 It was agreed that there should be no more fixtures against Barnsbury Eagles as they had proved to be too unreliable. John Adey would speak to John Hassall about this. Action: John Adey.

7.2 Medroc M25 wanted to play at least one fixture. Members who knew of other teams who wanted fixtures were asked to e-mail the details to John Adey. Action: Members.

7.3 It was agreed that home games at Regent’s Park should be avoided if possible.

7.4 It was agreed that the same balance of evening, afternoon and weekend games should be kept for 2000.

7.5 It was agreed that teas at Chiswick were a rip-off. If the opposition agreed, players would be responsible for providing their own teas at Chiswick.

7.6 John Adey would send out an e-mail asking for a volunteer to organise the fixtures for 2000. This would include details of what was involved. Action: John Adey.

8. Averages for 2000

8.1 It was agreed that the averages should be circulated after every four games. David Pope proposed that they should include run outs. This was agreed. Action: Phil McBarron.

8.2 Members were reminded of the need to produce match reports in good time – preferably before the next match.

9. Closed Season Activities

Winter Nets

9.1 Nets had been booked at the Oval. Andrew Crawford would circulate details nearer the time. It was agreed that they should no longer be subsidised by the club this year.

Action: Andrew Crawford. Social Events

9.2 The horse racing evening had been a social if not financial success. The end of season social had also been reasonably well attended. However, members were reminded of the need to support any events that were organised.

10. Any Other Business

10.1 Neil Benn agreed to organise availability charts for next season.
Action: Neil Benn.

10.2 Membership fees were to be paid from 1 January 2000.
Action: Andrew Crawford to remind members.

10.3 Kevin Roper agreed to place an advert for members on the Infonet.
Action: Kevin Roper.

10.4 John Adey proposed that John Doyle should become a honorary life member of the club. This was carried.

10.5 It was agreed that the kit bag would be sorted out at the first winter net session. Neil Priest and Sian Brown had bought new wicket-keeping gloves – although they had not yet arrived from Malaysia! Kevin Roper had bought rubbers for the bat handles and would buy inners for the wicket keeping gloves.

Action: Kevin Roper.

11. Date of Next Meeting

11.1 It was agreed that the next AGM should be in March 2000, so that the accounts could be considered closer to the financial year in question.

Dodgers CC December 1999

12 September 1999

Dodgers v Buckhurst Hill


Result: Dodgers won by 2 wickets

Dodgers Man of the Match: Andrew Crawford

This final match of the 1999 season will be remembered for a nail biting finish, two outstanding 10th wicket stands and a broken nose. Buckhurst Hill (BH) won the toss and elected to bat. Under the complicated playing conditions agreed to by the captains the game would start at 1pm and there would be no limit on the number of overs available to the side batting first. The side batting second would receive whatever time was left plus 20 overs starting at 5.30pm.

Dodgers made a perfect start and some high class seam bowling from Kevin and good support from Andrew left BH tottering at 14-4. They recovered to 79-4 as a result of some good hitting from Ishmail and Osborne. Another collapse followed with Simon Gundry picking up 2 deserved wickets in a hostile spell of very fast bowling. John Hilary and Tony Whitrod took some stick but also picked up a wicket apiece (Whitrod removing the dangerous Smith with the one straight ball of his spell). At 101-9 BH look dead and buried but nos 10 and 11 engineered a sterling recovery which ended at 167 and 3.40pm (41 overs) with the run out of Ball. Not only did this leave us with a much bigger target to chase but it had used up a lot of the available time. The BH innings should have ended at 120 but John H put down a simple catch off the unfortunate and displeased Crawford (John was to redeem himself later).

The Dodgers reply started at 4.10pm and it turned out that we would have 41 overs to get the runs (exactly the same as BH). We avoided the early tumble of wickets which afflicted BH. John Adey was unfit to bowl and was promoted to open the batting. He didn't last long before being yorked by Nadeem. According to John this unplayable supercharged delivery swung and seamed prodigously, spun, moved in and away, leapt from a length and then kept low. I noticed that it also waved to the gallery and bought itself a pint before finally arrowing in on middle stump!

McBarron and Benn took the score to 47 before falling in quick succession both caught behind. Some beefy blows from Gundry introduced some needed momentum and at 82-3 we were well placed. Following Simon's dismissal to a brilliant catch we suffered a mid-innings wobble. Neil Priest experienced a rare failure and Guy also went cheaply to end a season he will wish to forget. John Carr was run out brilliantly just when he was getting into his stride and suddenly we were 104-7 and a draw looked like the limit of our ambition. Tony Whitrod chipped in with a quick 15 but when he was dismissed the drama really began.

Kevin came in at no10 and was almost immediately poleaxed by a delivery from Ball which he top edged onto his nose. Blood gushed out and in a scene reminiscent of Casualty he was helped from the field with a swollen purple hooter which was almost certainly broken. Crawford replaced our stricken hero and took guard on the blood stained wicket. With little prospect of Kevin returning we were effectively down to our last pair and were still nearly 50 runs short of our target with only 8 overs left. Amazingly, some excellent shots and good running by John H and Andrew kept us in contention and the last over from Ball started with Dodgers needing 13 runs and BH one wicket. A draw seemed the likeliest outcome particularly when only one single came off the first two balls. With 12 needed off 4 balls Andrew launched at a leg side delivery and connected perfectly and the ball sailed over the boundary for six. That changed the equation to 6 from 3 balls. The pressure was clearly getting to Ball and he bowled two successive long hops which Andrew pulverised for boundaries and we were home with one ball to spare. Easy really!

Thanks to Sian and Sue A for all the catering.



Atkinson b Roper 0
Sabini lbw b Roper 8
O'Neil ct Westhead b Roper 0
Anthony b Crawford 0
Osborne ct Benn b Crawford 20
Ishmail b Hilary 38
Nadeem Run Out 0
Smith b Whitrod 23
Lilley ct Adey b Gundry 1
Rose Not Out 28
Ball Run Out 19
Extras 30
TOTAL (41 overs) 167 all out

Dodgers Bowling

K Roper 12 overs 3-31
A Crawford 9 overs 1-32
S Gundry 11 overs 2-26
J Hilary 5 overs 1-35
T Whitrod 2 overs 1-17
J Carr 2 overs 0-10


P McBarron ct Rose b Nadeem 25
J Adey b Nadeem 3
N Benn ct Rose b Ishmail 10
S Gundry ct O'Neil b Ball 24
J Carr Run Out 17
N Priest ct Atkinson b Ball 0
G Westhead ct Anthony b Ishmail 4
T Whitrod b Ishmail 15
John Hilary Not Out 28
Kevin Roper Retired Dead 1
Andrew Crawford Not Out 24
Extras 17
TOTAL (40.5 OVERS) 170 for 8

Buckhurst Hill

Osborne 6 overs 0-16
Nadeem 8 overs 2-32
Ishmail 17 overs 3-52
Ball 9.5 overs 2-60

19 August 1999

Dodgers v Superstars

19 AUGUST 1999

Superstars 220 for 3 off 40 overs, Dodgers 201 for 3 off 40 overs.

Superstars won by 19 runs

Dodgers were looking for another win to make it two on the trot against Superstars - a first in two ways - two victories in a row and two in the same season. But it was not to be, although two wins in a season is still possible if we win on 2 September.

Dodgers won the toss and, on a drying wicket with sunshine interspersed with light clouds, Captain Carr elected to field. Things started well. With the ball swinging all over the place for both opening bowlers, Kevin Roper and Andrew Crawford, the wicket of Matt Conway caught and bowled by Roper for 0 in the first over was just reward, even for a batsman of Conway's standing. The outlook was even more promising when Crawford bowled Barry Gigg for 20, but things then went downhill with the arrival of Conway at the crease again - this time to umpire.

With Tony Whitrod still in single figures he was trapped LBW by Roper but Conway (obviously blinded by the sun shining on his back) didn't see it and gave Whitrod “the benefit of the doubt”. With the wicket doing very little for the bowlers Crawford managed a tight over spell with no further success. Matt Leach, David Pope and Neil Benn, having exchanged wicketkeeping pads for the ball, fared no better and Whitrod and Barraclough built up the total consistently until Priest came on and took Barraclough, caught Leach for 37. A chance to catch Whitrod also went begging because Roper was not standing on boundary as intended. Mike Taylor then came in and scored 25 not out before the end of the innings closed at 220 for 3 off the allotted 40 overs. A large but gettable total, which included a magnificent 108 not out by Whitrod - a fine performance even if he should not have got the opportunity to get it.

After the tea break, Dodgers Neil Benn and Phil McBarron opened the batting and set about getting the Superstars total, which all (bar Phil!) agreed was gettable at 5.5 runs an over; Phil was heard to say we could not get 221 and he was going for his average. As a result his running (or non-running!) between the wickets came in for much flack from one and all. With Benn at the wicket we looked like we could get the runs, his first two scoring shots were 4s, but he soon went for 13. Neil Priest was in next and together he and Phil put on 85 before Phil went for 46 - so still no 50!

From 6 runs an over when Priest went in, this had gone up to 7.5 an over at 114 for 2 making the task a lot more difficult, but still very achievable considering the state of the wicket. However, notwithstanding a steady 20 from John Carr and 21 not out from Kevin Roper we failed by 19 runs to get home.

Dodgers Man of the Match: Neil Priest


Superstars Innings

Gigg b Crawford 20
Conway c&b Roper 0
Whitrod Not out 108
Barraclough c Leach b Priest 37
Taylor Not out 25
Extras 34
Total (40 overs) 220 for 3

Dodgers Bowling

Roper 8 0 34 1
Crawford 8 0 31 1
Leach 7 0 42 0
Pope 2 0 23 0
Benn 4 0 19 0
Priest 5 0 28 1
McBarron 6 0 36 0

Dodgers Innings

Benn Run out 13
McBarron c&b Marchant 46
Priest Not out 74
Carr b Siva 20
Roper Not out 21
Extras 27
Total (off 40 overs) 201 for 3 wickets

Did not bat: Crawford, Brown, Leach, Hewitt, Pope

Superstars bowling

Siva 8 0 38 1
Ledger 8 0 36 0
Taylor 8 0 45 0
Marchant 8 0 38 1
Conway 8 1 42 0

03 August 1999

Dodgers v BSI

Dodgers v BSI
3 August
Lost by nine wickets.

This is probably a game most of us will wish to forget. Our innings started promisingly with one of BSI's opening bowlers being forced to retire after the first over. Unfortunately his replacment was much better, taking four for 18. After Guy's dismissal Phil and Neil Priest proceeded steadily, with the former playing well but the rest of us did not add much. Handy runs from Kevin took us to 117 which we felt might be defensible.

Our illusions were shattered by BSI's opening pair of Lovell and Hyde, who took 50 off the first five overs with some positive shots and hard hitting. Matt Leach sustained three fractures of his forearm in a valiant attempt to stop a boundary off his own bowling but is fit enough to enter Gladiators this weekend. We missed the control of the Hilary brothers and my attempt at a hat trick ball ended up in the vicinity of Windsor.

We never really looked like defending our total but did not help our chances by dropping four catches. It became increasingly difficult to see the ball against the trees as the light deteriorated.

Lovell and Hyde retired after taking the score to 100 but their replacments were just as assertive. We avoided the ignominy of a ten-wicket defeat when Harland heaved once too often and Neil Benn made a sharp stumping.

Man of the match - Phil McBarron (I don't recall the usual survey being taken but I can't see who else it would be, unless we vote for one of the opposition).


McBarron c someone b Lovell 51
Westhead c b Lovell 0
Priest lbw b Bannister 16
Carr c & b Bannister 9
Ring run out 0
Crawford c someone b Bannister 3
Roper c b Harland 19
Benn c & b Lovell 0
Adey not out 0
Pope b Lovell 0
Leach not out 4
Extras (nb 2, wides 10, byes 2) 14
Total 116*

(*the scorebook says 117 but the figures add up to 116).


Lovell retired 42
Hyde 53
Stinchcomb not out 5
Harland st Benn b Pope 10
Terry not out 4
Extras (w6) 6
Total 120 for 1

Crawford 2 0 21 0
Leach 3 0 21 0
Roper 3 0 28 0
Adey 3 0 25 0
Pope 2 0 25 1

I know the bowling figures and extras don't add up but we were reliant on someone from BSI to keep score.

27 July 1999

Dodgers v ORR

Tuesday 27 July 1999
20 overs

Dodgers batted first by virtue of only having 9 players at the start

DODGERS: 123 for 2 (Priest retired 50, McBarron 40, Rose 2-18)
ORR: 118 for 4 (Ringer retired 53, Rose 30 not out, Hilary 1-13, Crawford 1-13)



Our fourth annual match against ORR turned out to be the closest so far and one of the best games this season - despite ORR no longer having the services of Meneer and Murphy to call upon.

We batted first and John Adey promised us that the bowling would be a buffet of lollipops - ha! (there's a quote of the week in there somewhere but I can't quite put my finger on it). ORR's recent new entrants include some very useful cricketers and this year their were only one bowler light. Despite some good line and length swing bowling on a pitch with variable bounce we got off to a solid if slow start, Priest and McBarron eventually putting on 101 for the first wicket before Phil was bowled off his pads by Rose and Priest retired having made 50 (at last!). Westhead will want to forget his first ball which he chipped straight back to Rose but some speedy running from Benn and big swings from Crawford (a couple of which he actually connected with!) took us to a good total of 123.

Henry opened the bowling and quickly ripped out the middle stump of one of the ORR openers. Unfortunately this only served to bring Ringer (surely not his real name...?) to the wicket who proceeded to smash our bowling to all parts of the county before retiring with a quickfire 53. Fielding and Rose continued the battering and we were lucky to hold on to win by 5 runs - mainly due to four very tight overs from Crawford at the death. Some of the other bowlers will wish to forget their figures so I've included them for all to see! Generally, we dropped too many catches (although none were easy - Priest 2, Brown, Roper and Westhead 1 each) and bowled to short - we'll need to be better against BSI next week...

All in all though, the kind of game that makes the trip to Chiswick worth it.


Priest Retired 50
McBarron b. Rose 40
Westhead c&b. Rose 0
Benn NOT OUT 7
Crawford NOT OUT 11
Extras 15
TOTAL (20 overs) 123 for 2 wkts

FoW: 1-101, 2-101

DNB: Roper, Adey, Pope, Brown, Hilary, Sharp

Umer 4 0 18 0
Bryant 4 1 17 0
Brennan 1 0 18 0
Kerrigan 2 0 16 0
Rose 4 0 18 2
Bulmer 4 0 32 0
Nadir 1 0 2 0


Ahmed RUN OUT 17
Hafeez b Hilary 0
Ringer RETIRED 53
Fielding c Priest b Crawford 0
Rose NOT OUT 0
Bullman c Benn b McBarron 9
Kerrigan NOT OUT 0
Extras 3
TOTAL (20 overs) 118 for 4 wkts

FoW: 1-1 2-71 3-74 4-117

DNB: Henderson, Brennan, Stott, Meers

Hilary 4 1 13 1
Roper 4 0 28 0
Adey 4 1 28 0
Sharp 2 0 18 0
Crawford 4 1 13 1
McBarron 2 0 17 1

25 July 1999

Dodgers v Barnesbury Eagles

Sunday 25 July 1999

Yet another non-event against the Eagles. Having struggled to get eleven people to Orpington for the second time in a month it was disappointing not to play a proper game again! Eagles managed to produce 5 - their Asian contingent. We therefore played an 8 a side practice (exhibition...?) match. Dodgers won the toss and batted first getting 107, highlights of which were Adey's 16 opening the batting, 30 not out from Priest and Crawford being run out by a direct hit for the third time in a week. Eagles plus Tony Whitrod, John Hilary and Jason Marchant's mate Mike (who's a bit good) got the runs easily in the end, the highlights being the fielding efforts of John Adey and Matt Leach. It's a story that really needs telling in a bar somewhere for full effect so if you weren't there you'll need to buy a drink for someone who was - let's just say it wasn't pretty!

Next year we'll have to seriously consider whether it's worth trekking all the way to Orpington and pissing off guest players when we don't get a proper game...

23 July 1999

Sports Day 1999

Friday 23 July 1999

We got knocked out in the semi-final for the fourth year running. The first game was against One Ball in a Box, who we narrowly beat two years ago. This year was somewhat different. Knowing that we only needed 42 to qualify as one of the highest scoring losers, we won the toss and batted, before running up the second highest score of the day: 72 for 2 off five overs. This was despite Andrew Crawford being run out without facing off the first ball of the game and mainly due to guest ringer Paul Stimson smashing the required 42 on his own. Paul bats number 10 for Honour Oak in the Surrey Championship - which puts the rest of our efforts into perspective! Not much to say about their innings - 15 all out. A 57 run win in a five over game is always nice!

On to the quarter final against DSA, who had posted a big score in their first round game. We lost the toss and were put into bat. Paul dragged the first ball onto off stump - 0 for 1. This only set the stage for Andrew and Chris Jacobs to get the biggest score of the day - 73 for 1. Again we cruised through their innings and they could only manage 30 odd. So far so good.

Leaving the field and looking forward to a rest before the semi v Erotics (Bedford) we were told that we had two minutes before we had to start so that the final wouldn't be late. Despite protests that we at least needed to have time for a drink on a very hot and windless day Bedford were set to claim the game if we didn't start straight away (they'd had nearly an hour off). We won the toss, batted and got 49 - again mainly due to Paul, Andrew and Chris. Taking the field for the Bedford innings we stood around in the sun before finding out that Bedford had asked for, and been granted, a ten minute break between innings! We looked understandably jaded in the field and bowled too many wides (four runs apiece) and lost with three balls to go. Bedford were then given another half hour break before the final (which they went on to win).

A disappointing end to a good day's cricket. Although we lost to a better side (including a Bedfordshire Minor Counties player - casual AA...?) Graham Starkey from DOETRA has agreed that we should have been given a rest before the semi and has said he will be looking at the close relationship that Bedford have with the organisers for next year.....

Thanks to all those who came to support us and to the team: Paul Stimson, Chris Jacobs (superb 'keeping and batting all day), Andrew Crawford, John Adey, Phil McBarron, Kevin Roper and Neil Priest.

John Doyle's Old Codgers unfortunately went out in the first round to the Highways Agency by 4 runs. Their score of 40 was just one run short of a highest losers berth in the quarter finals. Superstars lost their first game - tee-hee.

20 July 1999

Dodgers v DTI Stumpless

Dodgers vs DTI Stumpless
20 Overs
Tuesday 20 July

Dodgers 82-6 (17.1) beat DTI Stumpless 81ao (19.5) by 4 wickets

A lacklustre game which we won with ease in the end...... but nerves were stretched along the way.

Acting captain Neil Priest lost the toss and we fielded, DTI having just seven present by 6.20pm. The opening spells contrasted sharply: Henry bowling four very tidy overs taking one for six and Andrew losing all his rhythm in the strong wind and conceding 15 from two. Replacing Andy, Kevin bowled beautifully initially making full use of the wind to assist his inswinger, but his three slightly wayward deliveries were all hit for boundaries to ruin his figures.

DTI's score mounted slowly against more tight bowling from John Hilary and they had reached 58-3 off 16 overs. Over number 17 from Phil McB will live in the memory of those present for a long time. Some indifferent deliveries were dispatched for four, but then Woods - DTI's only batsman of note - drove Phil to David Pope at mid-on. They set off for a single; David raised his right foot; we all got ready to curse another boundary; David lowered his right foot; the ball was trapped; he stooped; he picked it up; he underarmed it at the stumps; it hit them directly; and the batsman was duly run out. No words of mine can describe the Dodgers' reaction so I'll simply leave those not present to guess.

Woods had made a tedious 32 from 56 balls but DTI then lost more wickets - including a first for Matt Leach (thanks for the jugs!) - until That Man Pope bowled the final over. His fourth delivery (an excellent catch by Guy - it really was one of those freak games) and fifth delivery (bang on target) ended the DTI innings. We await his hat-trick ball against BSI next week!

Our innings began badly. After two wides and a four, Priest swung at yet another abysmal delivery and succeeded only in lifting it to mid-wicket. The partnership between Guy and Phil was 19 in seven overs, which was boring but not disastrous; the only highlight being Guy's somewhat eccentric running. At one point he turned down a single to the point boundary and waited until Phil got to within a yard of him to say so. The fact that Phil got back quite comfortably having completed 42 yards tells you something!

With Phil's dismissal to a catch by super sub John Hilary, Andy run out and Kevin being taken with an excellent catch, we were wobbling precariously at 44-5 with 13 overs gone. There was nothing to worry about. Some typically steady batting from Neil Benn and a rapid 20 from John - including 13 runs from his first four balls - saw us to the brink of victory which Henry completed. Bring on Barnsbury Eagles!

DTI Stumpless

Morgan b. H.Hilary 7
Woods run out (Pope) 32
Rosengarten b J Hilary 8
Stuart b Leach 9
Ed c. Westhead b Pope 7
Watson b Priest 1
Davies b Pope 6
Worsley not out 0
Extras (nb1, w8, b1, lb1) 11
Total (19.5 overs) 81 all out

Wickets: 1-19, 2-33, 3-49, 4-68, 5-69, 6-77, 7-77


H.Hilary 4-0-6-1
Crawford 2-0-15-0
Roper 4-1-14-0
Leach 2-0-10-1
J.Hilary 4-1-11-1
McBarron 1-0-12-0
Pope 1.5-0-9-2
Priest 1-0-1-1


Priest* c. Stuart b Watson 4 (5)
McBarron c. sub (J.Hilary) b Morgan 11 (29)
Westhead b Woods 8 (28)
Crawford run out 1 (1)
Benn+ not out 14 (21)
Roper c. b Watson 1 (2)
Hilary J. b Woods 20 (11)
Hilary H. not out 2 (2)
Extras (nb1, w15, b3, lb2) 21
Total (17.1 overs) 82 for 6

Did not bat: Pope, Leach, Brown

Wickets: 1-6, 2-25, 3-26, 4-43, 5-44, 6-80

Man-of-the-match: David Pope

12 July 1999

Dodgers v Superstars

12 JULY 1999


Dodgers: 114-9, 20 Overs (Carr 33, Priest 20, Westhead 16, Mc Barron 13; Whitrod 5-20)
Superstars: 103-6, 20 Overs (Gundry 35 not out, Conway 20; Roper 1-7)

Match Report: Guy Westhead

An excellent win by Dodgers against the "old enemy". This was a fine team performance with the best ground fielding I've ever seen from a Dodgers side (with the exception of the last few deliveries in fading light) and superb clean hitting from captain John Carr. 50 runs in 6 overs between over 11 and 17 made all the difference with John scoring a high proportion.

We won the toss and batted. A reasonable start was made with 23 off the first 4 overs. Phil Mc Barron was out to an unusual dismissal for him - clean bowled attempting a slog. Guy Westhead alternated periods of obdurate defiance mostly against Gundry with the occasional good shot and was disappointed to see the inaccurate Ledger taken off after 2 overs. After 11 overs the score had slowed to 48. Having been dropped twice by Gigg and Meylor (the first a full-blooded slash to gully) he departed third time unlucky to a good catch by Taylor diving forward at point. This brought together Neil Priest and John Carr. John made a great start and did not look back scoring 4 fours and a six in his 33 inside 5 overs. Neil, in his first innings for several weeks, was content to play a supporting role. When these two departed with 4 overs left the innings went into a slump with only 11 scored off the last 4 overs and 6 wickets lost. The final score of 114 was good against a class side but not good enough... we thought. Whitrod took 5-20 but wickets were in truth sacrified in search of runs.

When Superstars opened their innings Conway began in style and Neil Benn's first 2 overs went for 16. But importantly Neil snapped up the wicket of Barry Gigg to a good catch by Kevin Roper. Wickets then fell steadily against some tight bowling with only 35 runs coming off 12 overs from Hilary, Roper and Adey. Dodgers' ground fielding was for once a revelation with scarcely any errors and good concentration by all. Let's keep it up boys and Cianne! There was a worrying period in mid-innings when it looked as though the weather might save Superstars as the gloom descended and drizzle began to fall. Fortunately this was not to last. After some plodding batting by Lomas and Barraclough in mid-innings Gundry and Carter came together with 14 an over needed off the last 4 overs. For one over they were equal to the task but 'old man'' Terry Carter took too much of the strike and they could not keep it up. Phil Mc Barron put in a cameo bowling appearance putting in a tidy solitary over for 6 runs near the end to seal Superstars' fate. Gundry looked a good prospect for Superstars remaining undefeated on 35 and whipping Cianne Brown and John Hilary to all parts.

All in all a fine victory. Shame we shared a changing room with the opposition and couldn't celebrate in style. This victory will give us valuable confidence for the rest of the season.


Dodgers Innings

McBarron b Taylor 13
Westhead ct Taylor b Marchant 16
Priest ct Gundry b Ledger 20
Carr ct Taylor b Whitrod 33
Roper ct Gundry b Whitrod 5
Benn ct Gundry b Whitrod 6
Hilary J ct Marchant b Whitrod 0
Adey J b Ledger 0
Hilary H b Whitrod 6
Matthews Not Out 3
Brown Not Out 0
Extras (b2, w8, lb1, nb 1) 12
Total 114 for 9

Gundry 4 0 12 0
Ledger 4 0 27 2
Taylor 4 0 18 1
Marchant 4 0 32 1
Whitrod 4 0 20 5

Superstars' Innings

Conway b Hilary (H) 20
Gigg ct Roper b Benn 3
Meyler Run Out 0
Lomas ct Hilary (J) b Roper 6
Barrowclough lbw b Hilary (J) 6
Carter Not Out 16
Taylor b Adey 4
Gundry Not Out 35
Extras (b2, w6, nb 2) 10
Total 103 for 6

Benn 2 0 16 1
Hilary H 4 1 12 1
Roper 4 1 7 1
Adey 4 0 16 1
Hilary J 4 0 27 1
McBarron 1 0 6 0
Brown 1 0 16 0

27 June 1999

Barnesbury Eagles (+Dodger) v Medroc/M25 (+more Dodgers)

Barnesbury Eagles (+Dodger) v Medroc/M25 (+more Dodgers)
27 June 1999

Medroc/M25/Dodgers 100 all out
Barnesbury Eagles (+ Dodger)101-3
Barnesbury Eagles (+Dodger) won by 7 wickets
Batting/bowling stats – unavailable (thankfully)


Extending their current on-field performance to encompass off-field organisation as well, a nadir was reached as 10 Dodgers (Priest, Brown, Roper, Leach, McBarron , Hilary (J)) and guests (Jason Marchant + 1, David Gilbert, Tony Whitrod) travelled through torrential rain to Orpington to find that, somehow, the Barnesbury Eagles were expecting to play Medroc/M25, rather than us. Apparently, we don't appear on their fixture list until 25 July.

After much swearing, it was agreed that John Adey (and child) were wholly to blame for the debacle, and we adjourned to the Colditz-like pavilion for a cup of tea (and in the case of the Eagles, something a little stronger). After a warming drink we reconsidered – it was unfair to burden the child with the sins of his parent: Adey was wholly to blame.

But all was not lost. For some, the afternoon was redeemed by Medroc/M25, who, exhibiting a BOCS-like organisational talent, had turned up with only 6 (beautifully kitted-out) players. Jumping at the opportunity, five Dodgers/guests – Hilary, Roper, Gilbert, Marchant and chum – agreed to play for them. Drawing the short straw, McBarron and Brown offered to umpire. Drawing the shorter straw, Leach was slotted into the Barnesbury team for what turned out to be some 30 overs of close-catching fun.

Priest lit another cigarette in the pavilion and Whitrod disappeared off home. The weather, which had at one stage looked terminal, started to ease, and we started play.

Interrupted by only one nasty rain shower, the usual Barnesbury attack did its usual thing, with Jimbo and Anthony (the younger and older Afro-Caribbean quicks) carving into the Medroc/M25/Dodgers early order. A brief respite was had whilst a new fast bowling prospect bowled a combination of bouncers, beamers and four-run byes and wides, before Naim and Jarnail – quick full pitching balding bloke and slow tubby bearded left arm spinner wrapped things up. No real glory for the dodgers, with both Hilary and Roper going cheaply, although Jason Marchant's mate did well. With a second ball duck against the tubby bearded bloke, David Gilbert revealed that his talents lay other than as a batsman. Medroc/M25 demonstrated that their 6 did not include too many batsmen. Barnesbury demonstrated their sportsmanship by putting your correspondent closer and closer in to the bat until, with Roper flailing at the spinner, he refused to get any nearer to the bat.

Going in to bat in miraculously brilliant sunshine, Barnesbury sought to finish the game off swiftly, and reached their total with some twenty overs to spare. Highlights were some very hostile bowling from Marchant's companion (we really ought to borrow him again if we can); Bertie, the Barnesbury captain, being bowled by a full toss, and complaining that it was a beamer because he ducked down so low that it flew over his shoulder; Stumpy the wicketkeeper/opener hitting Marchant's mate straight back over his head for six; and Medroc/M25 demonstrating that their six didn't include any fielders either, with a succession of misfields and fumbled catches. Roper bowled, but – I think – failed to take any wickets. Hilary didn't contribute to the Medroc/M25/Dodgers attack.

An excellent tea at £2 a head, no mention of a match fee and a very pretty ground made it a worthwhile Sunday (even if playing for the Eagles meant that your correspondent was denied a chance to demonstrate his inspirational batting or bamboozling mastery of the dark arts of spin).

But someone does need to check that fixture list for the rest of the Summer is ok. And if we do play Barnesbury on 25 July, we'll need to put out our best batting line-up –their bowling form looks pretty ominous.

28 June 1999

10 June 1999

Dodgers v Science Museum

Dodgers v Science Museum
20 Overs
Thursday 10 June 1999

Dodgers 110-5 (20) beat Science Museum 99-6 (20) by 11 runs

Our inaugural match against the Science Museum ended in an excellent, and ultimately surprising, victory.

Batting first, Dodgers made an uncharacteristically bright start - taking ten from the first over and seven from the second - largely thanks to Chris Jacobs. After Chris's dismissal in the third over, Phil McBarron and Neil Priest began to put together a substantial partnership. The runs never came easily though as the combination of a slow pitch, movement in the air, a slow outfield and good field placings offset any inexperience in the SM attack. [Let's be honest though - they're not too sharp between the wickets are they?]

After only nine runs had come from five overs, the boys managed a gradual acceleration until Phil was dismissed in the 17th over for 39 including two fours - the stand having added 67 in 13.3 overs. John Carr managed four before missing a heave to leg and with one over remaining the score was 96-3. The last over provided excellent entertainment: Kevin Roper was run out for one off the first ball to bring the two Neils together and there were runs, no balls, byes and leg byes off the first four balls. Off the fifth, an exhausted Priest smashed the ball to long on and started to run. Ten seconds later he had almost been lapped by Benn and, responding to a call for a fourth run with a remark questioning Benn's parentage, was run out for 36. The run out had a happy ending though - off the final ball new batsman Andrew Crawford tonked an impressive four over mid-wicket to leave us on 110-5.

To be honest 110 looked 10 or 15 short of par, but the ball was swinging prodigiously and we felt that steady bowling might well be enough to cause the Museum problems. Steady bowling was not what we got though: both Andy and Henry Hilary looked out of sorts at the start; Matt Leach was punished severely for the odd bad ball; and Kevin struggled to control the swing as the score mounted. Henry took one wicket in his spell but the introduction of his brother John changed the game.

Bowling an excellent line, John first restricted the SM batsman, then removed one, but with four overs to go the target of 18 with eight wickets left still looked an easy one. John produced another tight over to leave it 16 off 3 and then Cap'n Carr made an excellent decision - not one other senior players would have made - to bring back Andy. His response was an impressive one, bowling with much more accuracy and good pace in the gloom he removed SM's top-scorer Millen to a very neat legside catch by stand-in wicket-keeper Benn. He had survived a chance to Henry at long on earlier but otherwise had played very well indeed for his 56. SM now looked like losing for the first time and with their lesser batsmen not remotely up to the task lost two more wickets to John and Andy as we closed out the game in fine style. The last four overs had yielded five runs and three wickets. An excellent win.


McBarron c. b. Cronkshaw 39
Jacobs c. b. Cronkshaw 10
Priest run out 36
Carr* b. Cronkshaw 4
Roper run out 1
Benn+ not out 4
Crawford not out 4
Extras 12
Total (20 overs) 110 for 5

Did not bat: J.Hilary, Pope, Leach, H.Hilary

Wickets: 19, 86, 94, 96, 106


Cronkshaw 4-0-20-3

Science Museum

Gallagher c. Priest b. H.Hilary 8
Millen c. Benn b. Crawford 56
Burnell b. Roper 6
Wilson lbw b. J.Hilary 3
Hopkins not out 9
Jenkins lbw b. J.Hilary 0
Parker b. Crawford 0
Davies not out 0
Extras 17
Total (20 overs) 99 for 6

Did not bat: Woodcock, Montgomery, Cronkshaw


Crawford 4-0-19-2
H.Hilary 4-0-26-1
Roper 4-0-14-1
Leach 4-0-28-0
J.Hilary 4-0-6-2

Man-of-the-match: John Hilary

27 May 1999

Dodgers v DTI

27 MAY 1999


Dodgers: 99-5, 20 Overs (Carr 34 no: Jacobs 20) DTI: 75-5, 20 Overs (Hilary J 2-19)

Match Report: John Carr

An excellent win for a Dodgers team missing one or two "big names" against a DTI team missing one or two players (my thanks to those who fielded for them)!

I won the toss and elected to bat. After a flying start (14 off 2 overs) Phil and Chris almost ground to a halt in the face of some very tight bowling - only 10 more runs came off the next 5 overs and 28 off the next 10. Nevertheless, when the partnership was finally broken in the 12th over we had a useful 42 on the board and 9 wickets in hand for a sustained assault. Unfortunately, while the run rate did then begin to creep up so did the dismissals. At 69 for 4 after 16 we looked to be in trouble. But with some lusty blows from yours truly; some useful runs from Kim and some brilliant running by Graham (who didn't face a ball) we managed to put together another 30 runs off the last 4 overs leaving DTI needing exactly 100 to win.

They never looked like doing it. A very tight opening spell from Kevin and an incisive one from John Hilary who picked up two cheap wickets left DTI with a mountain to climb. And despite Morgan battling away for the whole 20 overs for 45 we won comfortably by 24 runs. Our guest Shaun Birch bowled well and picked up a wicket. And David and Matt reeled off five overs of spin (?!) conceding only 11 runs between them.

A very good all round performance from the Dodgers!


Dodgers Innings

McBarron LBW b Alexander 17
Jacobs b Boin 20
Westhead b Alexander 3
Roper caught WK b Boin 4
Carr not out 34
Matthews run out 7
Turnock not out 0
Extras (b3, w9, lb2) 14
Total 99 for 5

dnb: Birch, Hilary J, Pope, Leach

Stewart 5 1 11 0
Woods 5 0 21 0
Boin 3 0 21 2
Alexander 5 1 31 2
Worsley 2 0 11 0

DTI's Innings

Woods lbw b Hilary 3
Morgan not out 45
Alexander b Hilary 4
Rosengarten lbw b McBarron 1
Stewart c Turnock b Birch 15
Bohane run out 1
Extras (b2, lb2, w2) 6
Total 75 for 5

dnb: Davies, Worsley

Roper 5 0 9 0
Hilary J 5 0 19 2
McBarron 2 0 10 1
Birch 3 0 20 1
Pope 3 0 10 0
Leach 2 1 1 0

20 May 1999

Dodgers v Superstars

20 MAY 1999

Result: Superstars won by 7 wickets

Dodgers Man of the Match: Phil McBarron

4 matches played and 4 defeats!

This was the game that very nearly wasn't. Due to cock ups with the train the game didn't start until 6.45. Heavy rain was also falling and the two captains came within a whisker of abandoning the fixture without a ball being bowled. Being mostly hardy souls and ignoring the odd prophet of doom (you know who you are!) it was agreed to attempt a reduced overs match of 16 overs per side.

Dodgers won the toss and elected to bat. The early exchanges were slightly surreal and bore all the hallmarks of a practice game (people were expecting an abandonment at any moment).

However, after about 6 overs of the Dodgers innings the rain relented and the game took on a more realistic atmosphere.

An out of form so far McBarron and last week's hero Chris Jacobs started fluently enough against the Superstars opening attack of Yogesh and Siva. Following the loss of Jacobs, Priest joined McBarron and the pair put on 59 for the second wicket. Unfortunately, with the ball not coming onto the bat, they found the going extremely tough against the slower and straighter bowling of Steve Dennis and Jason Marchant and got bogged down (quite literally on the heavy wicket!). Superstars also unveiled a new fast bowler, Simon Gundry, who subjected Priest to some hostile short pitch bowling in the poor light (he could prove quite a handful on the quicker pitches of mid-Summer).

Dodgers eventually limped to 92-5; following the loss of Priest, the Dodgers middle order of Westhead and Crawford perished in the pursuit of quick runs. McBarron also holed out late on to avoid accusations of average protection.

Superstars started their reply well. They shrugged of the early loss of Matt Cuntway (bowled neck and crop by Crawford) and used the pace of the ball to accumulate steadily. As with Dodgers, they stalled against the slower straighter stuff of the Dodgers occasional bowlers. Captain Carr was outstanding and was not flattered by his return of 3 overs, 1-8 (crawl, crawl, may I open the batting and bowling, field where I want and be relieved of all kit duties please?!). Sian also bowled steadily and claimed the prize scalp of Barry Gigg bowled middle stump. David Pope's single over was a revelation and displayed a talent previously so well hidden, that a group of Eygptologists were planning an archaeological dig.

We also unveiled a new player, Graham Turner, a friend of Guy's from the Treasury. Graham was obviously very rusty and his single over went for 17 which proved very costly in the context of the game. Graham redeemed things somewhat with a good catch to dismiss Tony Whitrod.

In the end, Superstars reached their target with 2 overs to spare, which was closer than many of us thought at one stage. We were probably 10-15 runs short of an adequate target, which was probably the amount Superstars saved in the field with some super stops, notably by Gigg and Cuntway in the covers (once again Superstars had the edge on us in this critical department).

Lets hope for a change of fortune against DTI on Thursday.

Quotes of the week

Guy Westhead: "I've got a new girlfriend. I met her at a nightclub - she asked me to dance. I like a good boogie." (anyone who has seen Guy's mobility in the field may find it hard to visualise him strutting his stuff like an East Anglian John Travolta).

Andrew Crawford: "Priest and McBarron should not bat together. Their styles are too similar - they score too slowly - we need a slogger at the other end."

Baby Talk

The Adeys have called their new son George Robert. They rejected my suggestion of Lucas (think about it!).

Tip of the week

Don't use your own bat or one of our good bats in wet conditions. When I inspected my bat last night (no puns please) it was full of cracks and splinters caused by last week's wet wicket.


Kevin Roper and Neil Priest still owe their match reports for the previous two games. Incidentally, is Kevin growing his sideburns to try and get the part of Mr Darcy in the next TV adaptation of Pride and Prejudice?



P McBarron ct Siva b Marchant 43
C Jacobs b Yogesh 7
N Priest b Marchant 27
G Westhead st Carter b Taylor 2
A Crawford ct Marchant b Taylor 1
Kevin Roper not out 4
Extras 8
TOTAL (16 OVERS) 92 for 5

Did Not Bat - G Turner, J Carr, D Pope, K Matthews, S Brown

Superstars Bowling

Yogesh 2 overs 1-14
Siva 3 overs 0-15
S Gundry 2 overs 0-6
S Dennis 3 overs 0-14
M Kammelard 2 overs 0-14
M Taylor 2 overs 2-18
J Marchant 2 overs 2-11


B Gigg b Brown 29
M Conway b Crawford 7
T Whitrod ct Turner b Carr 28
T Carter not out 17
S Gundry not out 1
Extras 10
TOTAL (14 overs) 93 for 3


K Roper 3 overs 0-16
A Crawford 3 overs 1-24
J Carr 3 overs 1-8
G Turner 1 over 0-17
S Brown 3 overs 1-22
D Pope 1 over 0-5

13 May 1999

Dodgers v DCMS

13 MAY 1999

Dodgers won the toss.

DCMS: 160 all out (Scott 47, Palloa 40, Priest 4-34)
Dodgers: 131 all out (Jacobs 32, Carr 22, Priest 21, Pallao 3-21)

DCMS won by 29 runs

Dodgers man of the match: Chris Jacobs

Having just read the Perm Sec's new guidance on writing documents I'll keep this brief!

I could almost send out last year's match report for this one as it was a very similar game. DCMS set off at a cracking pace before losing a couple of quick wickets and being pegged back to a gettable (for most teams anyway) 160. We bowled well and the fielding showed some improvement - although Daddy Adey might disagree, four dropped catches off his bowling helping him lose his Golden Arm status.

Our batting was the all too familiar story when chasing reasonable scores. After McBarron and Matthews had done a good job of seeing off the opening quickies Jacobs, Carr and Priest all got a start before getting out - a 50 by any of them should have seen us home. Aussie ringer Shaun Feast hit some good shots at the end and John Adey was set to win it before running out of partners.....

Another loss, but I predict a win against DTI next week with John Carr man of the match. Fiver Doylee.....?



Scott b. Priest 47
Fitzgerald LBW b. J Hilary 19
Pallao c. Adey b. Priest 40
Mitcham c. Matthews b. Feast 34
Jackson b. Priest 2
Chamberlain b. Priest 0
Gillam c. McBarron b. Roper 7
Williamson LBW b. Feast 0
Chamberlain (again) NOT OUT 6
Jackson c. McBarron b. Roper 0
TOTAL (32.5 overs) 160

FoW: 1/25 2/106 3/118 4/136 5/136 6/153 7/153 8/159 9/160

Feast 6 1 21 2
Roper 5.5 0 26 2
Hilary J 4 1 21 1
Adey 7 0 46 0
Priest 7 1 34 4
Leach 3 0 9 0


McBarron c. Fitzgerald b. Chamberlain 8
Jacobs c. Chamberlain b. Gillam 32
Matthews LBW b. Gillam 3
Carr c. Scott b. Pallao 22
Priest LBW b. Fitzgerald 21
Roper b. Pallao 8
Hilary J c. ? b. Fitzgerald 4
Feast c. Scott b. Pallao 12
Leach b. Chamberlain 2
Adey NOT OUT 3
TOTAL (33.2 overs) 131

FoW: 1/25 2/46 3/53 4/94 5/99 6/110 7/113 8/126 9/131

Chamberlain 6 1 23 2
Williamson 4 0 16 0
Gillam 7 0 31 2
Mitcham 5 2 13 0
Fitzgerald 6 1 20 2
Pallao 5.2 0 21 3

28 April 1999

Dodgers v Superstars

DODGERS v Superstars
28th April 1999

Dodgers lose by 47 runs

Man of the Match - Kevin Roper

Quote of the week "I've only lost one cricket boot which is better than losing both of them" (G Westhead)

Well a new cricket season is underway. The weather was very good (dry and sunny) which is not typical and Dodgers were easily beaten by Superstars which is.

Lets get the excuses out of the way - it's the first game of the season, we were one fielder short, there was nothing in the pitch for the bowlers, Henry injured himself so could only bowl four overs......... basically we were crap in the field! Gigg and the beloved Conway put on over a hundred for the first wicket before Conway retired injured (unfortunately not seriously). To rub salt into the wound Gigg retired on reaching fifty to give some of their other players batting practice.

After that the scoring rate went down, the luckless Crawford finally made a breakthrough and bowled Lomas, unfortunately yours truly then dropped the impressive looking Ward (a new superstar) off the same bowler much to the disgust of my team mates. However, it didn't matter much as Lynton Sharp wearing his new outfit from that well known sports shop, Next (he had forgotten what day it was, so left his kit at home) had Ward caught by our best fielder - Barry Gigg on as substitute for Henry Hilary who had injured himself diving for a catch (too early in the season for throwing yourself around Hen ) ! After that wonder bowler Adey came back to pick up three wickets by lulling the batsmen into a false sense of security with a succession of rank deliveres ! That nice man Conway came back with a runner right at the end and how we all cheered when he reached his fifty - not. I've not mentioned all the dropped catches or fielding ‘mishaps' there isn't space ! Needless to say anyone could see the difference between the two sides when they fielded.

After tea it was our turn to bat. McBarron (I forgot to mention, our stand in wicketkeeper - come back Kim all is forgiven) hit Taylor for six in the first over before running himself out shortly afterwards. Interviewed by the Umpire, yours truly, immediately afterwards, the non striker, Guy Westhead commented "he has run me out the last two times, it wasn't going to happen again"!

After some more uninspired cricket we found ourselves 49-4 and facing a large defeat - but, captain for day Priest then inspired the troops onto greater things by his Churchillian rhetoric "I don't care so long as we lose by less than a hundred". Suitably wound up, Kevin Roper played the innings of his life and scored a brilliant 64, his first fifty - this should secure his elevation up the batting order for the rest of the season - to number eight ! Andrew Crawford also batted well for a typically hard hit 24. At one stage it looked as though we might win until Gigg realised we were up with the scoring rate and took off joke bowler Whitrod after only two overs. Unfortunately the rest of the tail didn't contribute much, including the wretched Adey who lasted only three balls for nought, although he did manage to have a polite conversation with the blessed Conway who fully recovered from his injury managed to keep wicket, the lad has such an appealing nature, it's hard not to hit him ! A final word goes to Mr ‘Next' Sharp who selflessly run himself out after a mix up so Kevin could continue batting.

Overall, not a bad start compared with previous seasons, but we must improve the fielding.

Match Reporter - John Adey


Gigg retired 51
Conway run out 52
Lomas b Crawford 17
Ward c sub b Sharp 19
Meyler retired 22
Ledger c J Hilary b Adey 14
Whitrod b Sharp 23
Marchant b Adey 0
Taylor not out 0
Wilson c Benn b Adey
Extras (w 10 b 1 lb 3) 14
Total 212


H Hilary 4-1-17-0
N Benn 3-0-21-0
L Sharp 7-0-53-3
J Adey 6-1-31-3
A Crawford 7-0-43-1
K Roper 5-0-29-0
J Hilary 3-0-14-0


P McBarron run out 8
G Westhead b Ledger 2
N Priest c Gigg b Wilson 17
N Benn c Marchant b Ledger 22
J Hilary b Ward 7
K Roper b Ward 64
A Crawford b Taylor 24
J Adey b Ward 0
L Sharp run out 4
S Brown not out 0
Extras 17
Total 165

dnb H Hilary (absent injured)


Taylor 7-0-31-1
Ledger 7-0-32-2
Ward 5.3-0-12-3
Wilson 7-0-51-1
Marchant 4-0-21-0
Whitrod 2-0-10-0