30 November 2001

AGM 2001 Minutes

DODGERS CRICKET CLUB: ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 2001 5:30pm, Friday 16 November 2001
Sir Robin Butler Suite, Chadwick Street Recreation Centre



John Adey
Andrew Crawford
Kim Matthews
Phil McBarron
Darren Bultitude
Jude Brierley
Neil Benn
Guy Westhead
Matt Leach
Sean Birch
Neil Priest

1. Introduction and Apologies

1.1 John Adey welcomed members to the meeting. Apologies had been received from: John Carr (Captain), Sue Adey (Hon. Auditor), John Doyle, Sian Priest, Kevin Roper, Mike Coronno, Terry Hawton, John Cooper, Chris Birch and Richard Godden.

2. Minutes of Last Meeting (9 February 2001)

2.1 It was noted that Kim Matthews and not Kevin Roper had agreed to check the availability of Eltham for a fixture against Buckhurst Hill in 2001. With this amendment the minutes were agreed.

3. Finance

3.1 Copies of the audited accounts for 2000 and the latest position for 2001 are attached. The 2000 accounts were formally adopted and a vote of thanks to the Hon, Auditor and Treasurer was carried unanimously..

3.2 Andrew Crawford reported that the club’s financial position was healthy. This was partly due to an increase in membership and an increase in income from winter nets (no longer subsidised by the club). The current bank balance for 2001 was lower than 2000 as bad weather had reduced income from match fees and the club had purchased more kit. The cost of the 2000 AGM had also fallen in 2001.

4. Election of Officers for 2002

4.1 The following were re-elected unopposed:

John Adey - Chairman
Andrew Crawford - Treasurer
Neil Priest - Vice-Captain
Kim Matthews - Additional Committee Member
Phil McBarron - Additional Committee Member
John Carr - Captain
Neil Priest - Secretary
Sue Adey - Honorary Auditor

5. Subscriptions and Match Fees for 2002

5.1 Matt Leach suggested that the membership fee should be increased to £10 to help pay for more kit. Neil Priest and Andrew Crawford said that it would be fairer if the match fees were increased instead so that those who played more paid more. This was agreed. The following fees for 2002 were therefore agreed:

Membership - £5.00
Evening match fee - £3.50
Afternoon match fee (no tea) - £4.00
Afternoon match fee (tea) - £5.00

6. Selection Policy for 2001

6.1 It was agreed that the same selection policy as in 2001 should be followed. The best eleven should be selected each week but that nobody should have to miss two matches in a row. John Carr would have the final say in selection taking into account of the opposition’s strength when selecting side (ie. the stronger the opposition the stronger the Dodgers side to be selected) and people who repeatedly dropped out at the last minute.

7. Fixtures

7.1 It was agreed that Dodgers should play more new teams if possible and that in May and June there should be some weeks where two games were arranged, particularly where the opposition were “unreliable” (eg. BOCs). It was agreed that if possible there should be up to three afternoon games in August with a maximum of one afternoon game in the other months. Chiswick would continue as the “home” ground. Members were asked to send contact details of potential opposition to Kim Matthews. Kim also agreed to ask other teams for their contact lists.

7.2 Members thanked Kim for his hard work in arranging the fixtures.

8. Tour

8.1 After some discussion it was agreed that Dodgers would try and arrange a weekend tour for 2002. Neil Benn agreed to look into this and prepare a paper looking at the options. (NB. Paper now circulated to members for comment).

9. Closed Season Activities

9.1 Andrew Crawford had booked winter nets at the Oval for the six weeks leading up to the season. He agreed to circulate details nearer the time. It was agreed that the club would not subsidise the cost and that the “senior” players would offer coaching to those who requested it.

9.2 Darren Bultitude agreed to try and arrange some much needed fielding practice.

10. Any Other Business

10.1 Matt Leach said that as the Highways Agency team would no longer receive DOETRA money then Dodgers should apply for a grant. John Adey
explained that the Club had applied before and been turned down. DOETRA money also came with strings attached and the feeling in the past had been that Dodgers would rather remain independent.

10.2 Guy Westhead suggested that there should be penalties imposed on players who arrived late for games. It was agreed that this would probably be impractical.

Dodgers CC December 2001

21 August 2001


21 AUGUST 2001

Dodgers' late-season slump continued and again a weakened team started well and then fell away. We fielded only nine players and the withdrawal of Darren hit us severely. Transec/Superstars' captain Phil McBarron (remember him?) generously agreed to allow our lowest scorer to bat twice, probably in the expectation that it would be me. Unfortunately this didn't compensate for our weakened attack.

As usual in 35 or 40 over games, captain John ('call me Nasser') Carr lost the toss and we had to field first on a hot day. Our opening bowlers, Andrew Crawford and Neil Benn, bowled tightly and we generally fielded in the same vein. Steve Carter was particularly becalmed, taking 19 balls to get off the mark. Barry Gigg was also slow to get into his stride and after 6 overs just 12 runs had been scored. The dismissal of Carter in the 8th over prompted the promotion of Tony Whitrod up the order and an increase in the scoring rate.

We tried hard to keep the run rate down. A memorable piece of fielding by Andrew saw him stop a certain boundary with his foot, then run round the sight-screen and come back to pick up the ball. He reminded me of Pele dummying the Uruguayan goalkeeper in the 1970 World Cup. The bowler John Adey was less impressed, so Andrew threw the ball at him as hard as he could.

Mr Adey bowled accurately and took the wicket of ex-Dodger John Doyle, doing a Quisling for the opposition. Unfortunately, after this our attack consisted of Messrs Carr, Priest, Westhead and myself, which didn't trouble the Transec/Superstars middle order of Hyland, McBarron and Smith. They found a number of gaps on the long boundary and the score mounted steadily.

We felt that a total of 205 off 35 overs might be gettable but it would need several batsmen to contribute. It had been agreed that anyone scoring 35 would retire (50 in the case of Messrs Adey and Westhead) but not many of us were in danger of reaching this. The opposition boasted an opening attack of Smith and Patten and after 7 overs we were 20 for 3. Neil Priest was unlucky to be out to a ball that nipped back a long way.

Andrew led a counter-attack with some fine shots but only he and Neil Benn, with a watchful innings, put up much resistance. Neil's effort was particularly creditable, as he was struck in the face and strained a hamstring. John Carr provided a late flourish, masquerading as ANOther as lowest scorer. I lasted longer at the crease than usual (seven overs) but that was largely because Steve Carter and John Doyle were bowling.

On the whole we were well and truly ambushed and it is to be hoped we do better in our last two games against Superstars and Buckhurst Hill.

Man of the Match : Neil Benn.


Gigg retired 35
Carter Hit wicket b Benn 5
Whitrod retired 37
Hyland retired 35
Doyle b Adey 1
Trott b Pope 7
McBarron not out 31
Smith retired 37
Marchant run out 6
Patten b Cooper 0
Extras (b4, lb2, w4, nb1) 11
Total 205 for 4


Crawford 6-0-23-0
Benn 6-1-26-1
Cooper 5-0-37-1
Adey 6-0-19-1
Priest 3-0-19-0
Pope 4-0-34-1
Carr 4-0-31-0
Westhead 1-0-8-0


Westhead b Patten 6
Adey ct b Patten 3
Priest lbw b Smith 3
Cooper b Marchant 10
Crawford lbw b Carter 33
Carr b Hyland 0
Benn lbw b Patten 42
Pope b McBarron 3
Matthews b McBarron 4
aNOther (Carr) not out 18
Extras b 2, lb 3, w 14, nb 2 21
Total 143 all out


Smith 4-0-15-1
Doyle 3-0-10-0
Patten 5.5-0-22-3
McBarron 3-0-4-2
Hyland 3-0-15-1
Whitrod 4-1-13-0
Marchant 4-0-30-1
Gigg 3-0-17-0
Carter 3-0-10-1

14 August 2001

Dodgers v DCMS

Tuesday 14 August

DCMS won by 58 runs

The Dodgers' recent poor run of results continued with a comfortable win for DCMS in our second encounter of the season.

In hot and humid conditions on a typical Chiswick batting track, the toss was always going to be important. Unfortunately JC insisted on calling himself and lost for the umpteenth straight time. Opposition skippers have got wind of his unbending dogmatism in this matter and you can hear the sniggers as the doubled-tail coin goes up while their opening bats are getting their pads on.

Dodgers did not have a potent looking side, especially on the bowling front, and veteran medium-pacers Neil Benn and Phil McBarron opened the attack. The pitch was quite slow, though, and DCMS struggled to make headway against tight bowling. After 6 overs they had struggled to 8-1, with Mitchell (4) bowled by McB. The second wicket pair inevitably found their feet and the scoring rate accelerated slightly, but Dodgers fielded surprisingly well on the whole and kept the lid on the situation up to the drinks break.

Darren Bultitude – another rare bowler for us – performed respectably and picked up opener Cooper for 39 to a sharp catch behind by The Cat just when the danger signs were apparent. When star bat Palao only succeeded in hitting David Pope in the air to mid-wicket our hopes were raised. These hopes went even higher when Benn returned to the attack and picked up two (slightly fortuitous) wickets and Matt Leach bowled the DCMS number 6.

But Barry Fitzgerald has been our bogey man before, though not so often with the bat. Despite being unable to run much faster than Adey, he picked up 44 runs from nowhere, principally in collaboration with Scattergood before the latter was bowled by Cap'n Carr for 21, leading DCMS to a competitive but not unassailable 204-7 after their 40 overs.

Dodgers would need to bat well, but Chamberlain was in his usual vein tying down openers Bultitude and McBarron before having Darren caught low down at first slip for 13. Benn was promoted to three in the order but he and McB predictably failed to make much progress against accurate bowling, particularly from That Man Fitzgerald.

Attempting to break the shackles with a swift two, Benn was run out by a direct hit from short third man for 7 and the scoring rate didn't improve much as Carr (10 overs for 12 before attempting an ugly slog across the line) and Whitrod (5) came and went. McB was finally caught behind off Fitzgerald for a good 55 to leave Dodgers 126 for 5 in the 31st over. He had played with increasing fluency but without finding the exceptional form necessary in the circumstances.

The last rites were more interesting than usual as John Cooper played a very promising knock, hitting two fours in his (career best?) 25 before being beautifully deceived by a slower ball from Chamberlain's return over. Matthews had used up one life when caught off a marginal waist-high full toss no ball, a decision umpire Benn regretted deeply as The Cat bored the pants off everyone in a nine-over stay for 5 not out. Matt Leach played an excellent lofted cover drive off his first ball from Chamberlain – the champagne moment for me – but this was short-lived joy as his stumps were re-arranged from the next ball. David Pope was then dismissed twice and we finished well short.

A comprehensive defeat all-in-all, but there was something for Dodgers fans to take away from this game. We were always going to struggle with a badly weakened side against the class of Chamberlain – 7-3-8-3 – and the unvarying accuracy of Fitzgerald, coupled with Palao's batting among others. But we were in the game for a long time and but for Fitzgerald's knock might have got an awful lot closer. The fielding was good and McB's bowling and John Cooper's batting were both encouraging.

If only JC could learn how to say "tails"...

08 August 2001

Dodgers v Superstars

8 AUGUST 2001

Result: Superscum won by 5 wickets

Dodgers Man of the Match: Richard Godden

This was a match that Dodgers should have won. We were given a great start by new boy Richard Godden and simply tossed the advantage away against our sworn enemy. Of the XI who played, apart from Godden, only Cooper and Captain Carr can escape criticism for the batting collapse that led to our demise.

Priest stood in at the toss for the late arriving Carr and duly won (Carr invariably loses). On a slightly damp pitch, which looked as thought it might cut up later, Neil elected to bat. Mr Godden’s reputation had preceded him and having impressed greatly in the warm up, the now arrived Carr had no hesitation in inviting him to open the batting. McBarron was sent out as his runner! Godden proceeded to strike a series of high-class boundaries and the score rattled along to 58-0 off 7 overs, McBarron’s share being a mighty 9. The popular Yorkshireman was dismissed in the next over and replaced by Priest. Godden continued to prosper, completing a rapid 50, and when he was dropped by Steve Carter to great amusement, we were certain it was our night. How wrong we were!

Priest spooned a long hop from Marchant to Taylor and Block held a great return catch to get rid of the impressive Godden. The innings promptly went into freefall. Carr tried to rally things but got little support. Cooper was unluckily run out, Adey hit a 4 and Leach played one good sweep shot, but there were no other highlights worth recording. The innings came to a stuttering halt at 103 all out off 18.5 overs, only the 2nd time we have ever been dismissed in a 20 overs game. It would be churlish not to acknowledge some fine bowling and fielding by the Superscum players. They bowled very straight on a generally helpful pitch and only conceded 3 extras.

With such a small total to defend, it was vital that the Dodgers bowling and fielding were right on the mark. Sadly this was not the case. To nobody’s great surprise Godden bowled a fine and quick opening spell and was unlucky not to take at least one wicket.

Unfortunately, Crawford his opening partner fared less well. Andrew has turned in many good bowling performances for us but this was not one of them. Apart from dismissing the dangerous Conway, he bowled a mixture of leg-side wides and short balls outside off stump that Gigg simply climbed into and the score sped to 50-1 off 8 overs.

The change bowlers Hawton and Adey met with instant success and 3 quick wickets left Superscum vulnerable on 60-4 (Crawford assisting with a good catch to see off Gigg). Unfortunately, having each bowled 2 accurate overs Terry and John turned their radar off and runs began to flow again. Surprisingly, Adey’s cunning plan of setting an offside field and then bowling lollipops down the leg-side did not fool Smith and Whitrod! The game was up by the time Cooper dismissed Smith and Superscum got home with wickets and overs in hand.

Overall, a very disappointing performance that leaves us 2-1 down in our annual series against Superscum. On the positive side, Richard is clearly quite a find and with him in our side we should win more than we lose. Welcome aboard Richard.

Quote of the week – Ken Block putting a paternalistic arm round Steve Carter after his dropped catch and exclaiming "c.....t".



Godden c&b Block 60
McBarron b Taylor 9
Priest c Taylor b Marchant 1
Carr not out 17
Cooper run out 1
Crawford c Gigg b Block 3
Matthews c&b Block 0
Sandamas c Marchant b Block 0
Adey b Shitrod 5
Leach st Carter b Conway 4
Hawton b Conway 0
Extras 3
TOTAL (18.5 overs) 103 all out

Superscum Bowling

Smith 4 overs 0-33 (ouch!)
Taylor 4 overs 1-24
Block 4 overs 4-14 (c....t!)
Marchant 4 overs 1-14
Conway 1.5 overs 2-7
Shitrod 1 over 1-8 (SHAME ON YOU JOHN ADEY)


Gigg ct Crawford b Adey 32
Conway ct Godden b Crawford 3
Abigail b Hawton 9
Carter S b Hawton 4
Whitrod not out 19 (well done Tony)
Smith ct Leach b Cooper 21
Carter T not out 0
Extras 14
TOTAL (17.4 overs) 106 for 5

Dodgers bowling

Crawford 4 overs 1-35 (wan....r!)
Godden 4 overs 0-12
Hawton 4 overs 2-23
Adey 4 overs 1-24
Cooper 1 over 1-5
Leach 0.4 overs 0-4

31 July 2001

Dodgers v Highways Agency

Due to HA's difficulty in getting a team out it was touch and go whether this game was played at all. In the event they only turned up with 6 for an amended 6 pm start. This would have been bad enough but was made worse by the fact that Dodgers only managed to find 9. Consequently it was decided to make it a non stats match for Dodgers; at which point McBarron magnanimously volunteered to play for the opposition.

HA batted first and through a combination of good batting and some rank bowling, accumulated 158 off 16 overs. Stars for HA were Harding 53 (retired) and Taylor 36 not out. Highlights for Dodgers were Priest – 2 overs 13 for 2, Carr - 2 overs 12 for 1, and the keeping of Westhead who didn’t concede a bye (wait for the quickies to have a go at you Guy!). Captain Carr’s ploy of replacing Matthews behind the stumps in order not to expose Westhead’s bowling backfired as the Cat conceded 24 for 0 from 2.

Dodgers knew a target of 159 from 16 overs would be difficult and impossible after openers Westhead and Priest only managed to clock up 56 from the first 8. Dodgers finished on 99 for 5. Stars were Priest bowled for 49 and Westhead bowled for 31. Shining light for HA was Tailor 3 overs 12 for 4.


20 July 2001

Sports Day 2001 Photo Gallery

04 July 2001

Dodgers v BSI

4 July 2001

BSI won the toss and elected to bat

BSI: 90/4 off 20.0 overs (Pattni 26*, McLean 17*, Crawford 1-9)
Dodgers: 92/3 off 18.2 overs (Priest 25*, Bultitude 24, McLean 3-19)


Dodgers Man of the Match: Andrew Crawford

WHAT A DIFFERENCE A DAY MAKES! After the abysmal performance (see unpublished report by John Adey) of the night before against the Olde Enemie Dodgers turned in a much better performance against an improved BSI side.

Having lost the toss yet again and been asked to bowl on a very hot evening JC unleashed the now familiar opening attack of Paterson and Crawford. Although not quite the BSI nemesis he had proved to be in the first game, possibly because their openers knew what to expect this time, Crawford turned in another fine set of figures picking up 1/9. He also orchestrated the run out of Steadman, which I sure was a great bit of fielding even though I can’t remember it! Paterson again bowled exceptionally well with zero luck and turned in 0/13.

At the fall of the first wicket it was time for BSI to unleash secret weapon Pattni. To say he looked like he had played before would be an understatement and he stroked the ball around beautifully from the start. Benn and Hawton refused to be phased by this and bowled exceptionally well at him, Benn being particularly unfortunate in having him dropped by Westhead at mid-off. It was now that BSI’s rule of retire at 25 won us the game by removing Pattni and saving us from chasing well over 150! The rule was belatedly offered by BSI’s captain, and for once there was no attempt by JC to barter it up to retire at 30. Two other wickets followed, Priest plucking a catch at mid-wicket and another run out that the scorebook credits to Hawton and which I again don’t remember well enough to attempt to describe. Some tight death bowling at the end by guest player Whitrod kept BSI to a gettable 90, despite Priest’s best efforts to feed them a few.

The Dodgers batting performance was again much improved on the previous evening. Bultitude and McBarron put on 43 for the first wicket and saw off the dangerous Pattni, who surprised absolutely nobody by being a decent bowler as well. However, Bultitude played easily the worst shot we are likely to see from an Aussie all summer to be bowled by McLean (whose figures of 3/19 flatter to decieve) for 24. Once again DB failed to reach the required score in a retirement game and will continue to be reminded of this every time he whinges about it!

DB was followed next ball by Westhead who was out to the plumbest LBW I’ve seen in 20+ years of club cricket. McBarron, in company now with Priest (25 retired) ground out a painstaking 18 before hitting a half volley straight to a fielder and it was left to Carr and Matthews to see us safely home with ten balls to spare.

All in all a much better performance.

Quote of the night: "Well batted mate, great knock". Neil Priest and Neil Benn in unison the instant that the ball left Pattni’s bat for his 25th run (both having kept count of his score).



Steadman Run Out (Crawford) 9
Shelly c&b Crawford 6
Pattni RETIRED 26
McLean Not Out 17
Ward c. Priest b Benn 10
Holloway Run Out (Hawton) 0
Charleston Not Out 10
Extras: (b2, lb6, w5, nb0) 13
Total (20.0 overs) 90 for 4 wkts

Paterson 4 1 13 0
Crawford 4 1 9 1
Benn 4 0 21 1
Hawton 4 0 23 0
Whitrod 2 0 5 0
Priest 2 0 11 0


Bultitude b. McLean 24
McBarron c. Charleston b. McLean 18
Priest RETIRED 25
Westhead Lbw b. McLean 0
Carr Not Out 14
Matthews Not Out 7
Extras (b1, lb3, w0, nb0) 4
Total (18.2 overs) 92 for 3 wkts

did not bat: Whitrod, Benn, Crawford, Hawton, Paterson.

FoW: 1-43 (Bultitude), 2-50 (McBarron), 3–50 (Westhead)

Pattni 4 1 8 0
Holloway 4 0 24 0
Steadman 4 0 24 0
McLean 4 0 19 3
Ward 2.2 0 16 0

Man of the Match: Andrew Crawford

Dodgers won by 7 wickets

28 June 2001

Dodgers v Science Museum

Thursday 28 June
South Park

Dodgers won by 51 runs

Dodgers are totally spoiled by the facilities at Chiswick, but even so the track in South Park was a horror: rutted, bumpy, covered in cinder and sporting a sizeable dog turd. The outfield was also in very poor nick, with more dog turds waiting for the unwary.

It was with some trepidation, then, that Dodgers openers Priest and McBarron strolled out. Phil has been in better form this week: an unbeaten 30 on Tuesday and a fifty for Superstars on Wednesday, but today wasn't his day. First ball up, he got a delivery that lifted quite sharply and only succeeded in steering it to first slip who held a decent low catch. Reports from the sidelines suggested that Phil had complained of "variable bounce". Call me a traditionalist, but when I went to school variance was given by åi(xi-m)²/(n-1), which is, of course, invalid when n=1!

Wise heads suggested we'd get 80 but would win it, and they were partly right. Priest struggled to cope initially with the slow pace and strange bounce but ground on; Carr, dropped from a facile chance on 1, took advantage by making a rapid 19 – including a beautiful straight six – before playing down the wrong line and being bowled. John Cooper departed soon after for 5, but Andrew Crawford and an increasingly assured Priest took toll of some quick but wayward bowling as the score mounted rapidly.

Crawford fell for 23 including four boundaries to be replaced by Mike Coronno. Mike's demotion did not reflect his form or ability, rather the result of a bizarre journey that started at 4pm and ended when he reached the ground... at 7.10pm. Speaking of bizarre, Priest's excellent innings ended in unusual circumstances as he over-rotated trying to hit one of Science's lesser bowlers and trod on his stumps; two balls later Coronno's innings ended when he was stumped off a wide for 16. Neil Benn and Kim Matthews scrambled a few singles and Dodgers ended at 142-6, a fabulous effort in the circumstances.

No one doubted that Dodgers would win and so it proved. Terry Hawton looked out of sorts opening from one end, but John Adey cashed in with two early wickets (courtesy of Messrs Carr and Coronno) while conceding just 14 runs as Science quickly fell behind the required rate.

First change Benn bowled poorly, but also cashed in: his first ball was a long hop that kept ridiculously low and hit middle stump and he also picked up a wicket thanks to a smart catch by Hawton at a short gully. At the other end Matt Leach was extracting a great deal of turn, and though his length wasn't consistent enough he picked up 2 victims – both bowled – for only 20.

With the match well and truly won, Crawford took up the attack... and promptly went for two fours. He had the last laugh though. Bowling to a field with four slips he ripped one through Science's only major contributor (Hopkins) for 46, then with his seventh ball of the 19th over bowled a tail-ender to record a double-wicket maiden as the jeers from the boundary rang around west London. There was also a rare sight for Dodgers aficionados as the Cat shed his flaps and bowled a couple of overs at the death.

This was a comprehensive victory for the Dodgers. Man-of-the-Match Priest's skill and belligerence being the centrepiece for an excellent batting effort with several cameo contributions. The bowlers were never pressured, but made the most of a very poor pitch where extra pace didn't always help. Bring on the Superstars!

26 June 2001

Dodgers v BHP

Tuesday 26 June

Result: Dodgers won by 6 wickets Conditions: Hot, dry and sunny

Matthews, Benn and Cooper all agreed to play for the opposition who were short of players

Special match rules - players to retire at 30 (opposition asked for 25 but captain Carr using his EU negotiating skills successfully negotiated an increase to 30)

Match report

On a glorious summer’s evening with temperatures well into the 80s F after a high of 90F (that’s 32C in new money), Dodgers took to the field late as usual against BHP in a 20-over game. The game started at at 6.25pm. Since we were only a few days past the longest day of the year and cricket was practicable well past 9pm in fair conditions there were none of the usual mutterings about finishing in the dark by Westhead. It was a summer’s evening to die for (well not literally) after another day’s slog in our Whitehall offices.

Carr lost the tost, blaming it on the coin, and Dodgers were asked to field. Paterson opened the bowling from the Chiswick end. Off his arguably ridiculously long run Paterson generated a cracking pace. His direction was consistently outside off-stump but the openers Leslie and Dan, though not visibly flinching, didn’t seem to fancy him much. That said most of Dodgers probably didn’t either. Cousins started tidily from the River End and only 5 came from the first 3 overs. In the second over off Cousins, one of the openers was reinstated after the umpire who had given him out presumably for caught behind took advice from keeper Bultitude (deputising for Matthews and keeping very tidily) that the batsman hadn’t hit it. Then began a period of play lasting for at least 10 overs when the umpires seemed open to debate on whether potential dismissals should count or not.

Slowly but steadily the score progressed but wickets fell steadily largely owing to some excellent catching by Dodgers. Carr took 3 (yes 3) catches, none of them easy and Hilary (J) took a splendid catch diving to his right. Birch C (junior) also took a good caught and bowled. After 12 overs BHP were 51-4. None of the batsmen looked particularly at home until Al arrived at the crease - a slogger but he found the middle of the bat often enough. In the latter part of the innings the scoring rate increased substantially, the last 5 overs producing 49 off the bat. Pope, recovering from a back complaint and short of bowling this season, was hit for 28 off his 2 overs but did at least pick up the wicket of Stewart at long-leg from a pull shot. Benn was in sound form and nurdled his way to 20 not out in the latter stages. The resulting 128/8 was a good score and much more than seemed likely at the halfway stage. Had Dodgers let BHP off the hook?

Bultitude and Mc Barron opened the innings for Dodgers. They were strangely subdued for a number of overs without looking like getting out. The opening bowlers were accurate and the ball was swinging. Bultitude played and missed several times outside the off stump and his timing was awry. But steadily class came through and Bultitude in particular came to the fore. Forced to retire when on 33 Dodgers were by then only slightly behind the asking rate with all wickets intact. At this stage Mc Barron was on 14. After Bultitude departed Mc Barron stepped on the accelerator somewhat but without finding it easy. Although some of their actions were a mite unconventional there were no joke bowlers amongst BHP although Stewart’s figures of 0-33 off 3 overs might imply otherwise. Priest didn’t stay long over his 16 and nudged the scoring rate in the right direction. He was concerned to hear Mc Barron say: Don’t worry about the scoring rate (7 an over were needed by this stage) we can hit the bad ball. Only trouble was bad balls were few and far inbetween. Mc Barron, much more in touch towards the end of his innings, was obliged to retire when on 32 and Carr went lbw for 1.

The score was then 104-2 with 25 needed off 4 overs. A nicely poised finish. In strode Westhead in his first game for 11 months after his wedding and numerous business trips had kept him off the field of play. He wasn’t exactly relishing the task but made a quick fire 11 off 10 balls (or was it 9? - lightning pace for him) before being yorked by opening bowler Dan, a delivery he failed to pick up at all. Hilary hit one good 4 but couldn’t keep up the form of his recent knock of 40. But with 1.3 overs to go only 3 runs were now needed. After a few dot balls Birch C triumphantly drove a 4 over the in-field for the winning boundary and Dodgers won by 6 wickets with 3 balls to spare. A very even game but Dodgers had just that extra bit of class to spare in the end. Must have been a good game for the spectator (what spectator ed?) I mean scorer, Jude, to watch.

The match facts were:


Leslie lbw b Hilary 14
Dan c Carr b Cousins 9
Mike c+b Birch (C) 10
Chris c Hilary b Birch (C) 8
Al Retired 30
Bill c Carr b Hilary 4
Stewart c Paterson b Pope 7
Neil Benn N/O 20
John Cooper c Carr b Birch(S) 5
Kim Matthews RUN OUT 3
Extras (13w, 4b, 1lb) 18
TOTAL 128/8 off 20 overs

FOW: 1/24, 2/38, 3/42, 4/51, 5/56, 6/73, 7/?, 8/128


Paterson 4-0-13-0
Cousins 4-0-20-1
Hilary 3-0-10-2
Birch C 4-0-29-2
Birch S 3-0-21-1
Pope 2-0-28-1


Bultitide Retired 33
Mc Barron Retired 32
Priest c Chris b Cooper 16
Carr lbw b Benn 1
Westhead b Dan 11
Hilary b Dan 6
Paterson NOT OUT 1
C Birch NOT OUT 4
Extras (4 NB, 17 W, 2B, 4LB) 27
TOTAL (off 19.3 overs) 131/4
DNB S Birch, Pope, Cousins

FOW: 1/92, 2/104, 3/121, 4/126


Dan 4-0-20-2
Mike 3.3-0-22-0
Stewart 3-0-33-0
Al 4-0-16-0
Cooper 3-0-18-1
Benn 2-0-16-1

Dodgers won by 6 wickets

06 June 2001

Dodgers v BSI

Dodgers fielded first by mutual agreement.

BSI: 68 All out off 19.3 overs (Michael 41, Crawford 4–13, Adey 4-14)
Dodgers: 69/2 off 13.4 overs (Bultitude Ret’d 29)


Dodgers Man of the Match: Andrew Crawford

With the draw of England’s World Cup qualifier against Greece awaiting at the bar, Captain Neil Priest decided to bowl to try and get the game finished as soon as possible. This could have backfired if BSI had performed as well as in previous years but this did not prove to be the case and Dodgers pulled off an easy victory.

Denied the A pitch booked by BSI by a team from the Home Office who staged an illegal occupation, we all trooped round to the B pitch which proved to be dry and hard and the outfield fast. Opening with Crawford from the pavilion end, Dodgers got off to a perfect start with two wickets falling in the first over to some sharp and accurate bowling, the second to a catch by Priest running forward from slip off a ball which reached the batsman just below shoulder height (I kid you not). A quiet over from Cousins at the other end then Crawford pulled off the same again in his second over, taking a further two wickets clean bowled: his figures were 4 for 3 at that point. Failing to take a fifth wicket, Cousins stepped in at the other end to bowl the left-handed Terry before he could improve on his one boundary.

With BSI at 28 for 5 off eight overs, the game was all but won and Adey and Leach were brought into the attack to finish off the rabbits. Moving to mid-on, Priest promptly took a straightforward catch off Adey in his first over and it was getting rather embarrassing. However, Michael was getting bat onto ball and with the fast outfield was regularly finding the boundary to move the total towards the face-saving 50 mark. Failing to find his touch at the other end, Leach gave way to Benn who bowled tightly and with a fielder on the mid-wicket boundary stemmed the flow of 4s from the bat of Michael. Adey continued to plug away with his straight balls taking a further three wickets (one well caught by Bultitude in the covers), in the process getting very respectable figures of 4-14.

With one wicket left and a lady at one end, BSI’s tactics were clearly to keep Michael on strike. A less than accurate final over saw Adey also miss out on a fifth wicket bowling to her and with Benn and Cooper also failing to make an impact, Michael managed to move on to 41 and the total to 68 before he succumbed to Benn and a catch by McBarron at deep mid-wicket.

Dodgers’ turn to bat. Having got through the overs quickly (it’s amazing what a football match can do!) and with a target of only 69 to win, it looked like McBarron and Bultitude would finish the game off in double-quick time. But McBarron’s catch proved to be his undoing, the ball drawing blood from a badly cut finger, and he was unable to opening the batting and hopefully end his poor run of form. So Matthews joined Bultitude at the crease. Some mediocre bowling saw the runs come freely to both batsmen, with Matthews hitting two 4s before being bowled by Johnson for an excellent 14. This saw Priest join Bultitude at the crease and the total move on rapidly towards the target, with Priest finding form quickly hitting three 4s in his total of 18. Generously retiring on 29 to let others that had not bowled have a bat, Transec guest Berti matched his previous top score with two singles before being bowled by Charleston. With three runs to win, Cooper joined Priest to get the winning runs. Thanks to umpire Benn not giving wides off Michael, the winning run came off the bat of Cooper - just after his wife arrived to watch the match.

Another good Dodgers performance. Well done to all.
Reporter: Andrew Crawford

Quote of the Match: McBarron – "I’ve broken my fingernail" (Sounds best taken out of context).


B Shelley c Priest b Crawford 0
M Johnson b Crawford 0
K McLean b Crawford 0
J Terry b Cousins 4
B Muldoon b Crawford 0
S Wright c Priest b Adey 3
D Michael c McBarron b Benn 41
R Budd b Adey 8
D Charleston b Adey 4
G Strawbridge c Bultitude b Adey 0
Anna Wadsworth Not Out 0
Extras (B2, Lb1, W5, Nb0) 8
Total (19.3 overs) 68 All out

Crawford 4 0 13 4
Cousins 4 1 14 1
Adey 4 0 14 4
Leach 2 0 7 0
Benn 3.3 0 9 1
Cooper 2 0 8 0


D Bultitude Retired 29
K Matthews b Johnson 14
N Priest Not Out 18
S Berti b Charleston 2
J Cooper Not Out 2
Extras (B2, Lb1, W1, Nb0) 4
Total (13.4 overs) 69 for 2 wkts

Did not bat: Crawford, Benn, Leach, Cousins, Adey, McBarron

Johnson 4 0 22 1
McLean 4 0 24 0
Terry 2 1 4 0
Muldoon 2 0 13 0
Charleston 1 0 2 1
Michael 0.4 0 1 0

Man of the Match: Andrew Crawford

Dodgers won by 8 wickets

31 May 2001

Dodgers v Superstars

31 May 2001

Who Can Count to Eleven

Who can count to eleven was all that the captain on the pitch needed to worry about today.

5:45pm Thursday 31 May, in the dressing room, someone yells 'we have to many' so the counting began, 12 was the eventual tally. JC had an instance look of horror on his face as if the barmaid had said we are out of beer, his face soon appeared with a smile as the 4'2" bearded werewolf looking one decided he would be better spending the afternoon sipping a few while keeping score, so the eleven was decided again and away we went.

With a toss of the coin, Dodgers were off to bat first. The skipper taking no chance against a very sorry looking Superstar side, sent the Antipodean specialist in, Bultitude and Coronno. Wham, bam, thank you mam, the cherry standing out better than an Englishman in soxs and sandles on holiday in Europe. Both taking it in turn to hit boundaries at will and showing no respect for a depleted bowling line up. Superstars Capt. Block, in disgust was heard to say, "I'd be better pissing it up against the wall and with that, took a long walk out to square leg and did literally for an eternity, until Bultitude hit one out to square leg to entice him back into the game.

Block was again in the picture, having a mid wicket confrontation this time shouting words like useless, never again, small, weak looking, bastard as he looked down at his tackle and then up at his once star bowler who had cried off injured AGAIN. And was made to take up the attack.

Coronno and Bultitude raced each other for runs, who would get 50 first was their only concern, as the bowling was sub standard from the Superstars with only Block tying up one end. The score was racing along with 12 overs down and 86 runs on the board and a run rate of 7.2. Comments from the sideline from Mr Priest, "I think we better get use to seeing the Aussie's hit them all around the park this summer".

With the score on 94 in the 15 over, Coronno on 46 with 50 in his sight and looking at that keener than the sheep in the next paddock (he must have wanted the 50!!!), turned for a second to back up Bultitude, but the call was NO and as it went to their best fielder, Taylor, he through down the stumps from 25 yards, Coronno was unlucky if it had been any one else picking it up he still would have been there. Well batted Mike, gave the opposition some sporting chances to take his wicket but struck the ball well overall.

Bultitude sporting a few extra kilo's from his summer in OZ was joined by another fan of the "Stick it up your Ass Weight Watchers Club" Neil Priest, also in good form started picking the gaps with easy, (even if one of those gaps was straight through first slip) and moving the score along to 110 in the 18 overs, when Bultitude carelessly played and missed the best ball of the game from that man Block again, 46 he remained on and still no Dodger to hit 50 yet!!!

Replacing Bultitude was his normal opening partner McBarron who is Struggling to find form to say the least and it didn't help when he forgot(when running for a sharp single) that he had Tubthumping Chumba Whooper at the other end instead of Bultitude and was sent back only to be left stranded when the bails hit the deck. Priest when asked at a post mortum interview about the incident said "My version of the McB run out is that, McB ran himself out". A man of few words which continued after the innings on the boundary with not one but two of his batting partners, yes Priest was involved yet again in another run out. McBarron out for 1 and a question running through his head, WHEN ????

To join Priest was Cooper who has not batted on to many occasions this year and had forgotten where he had to run to, when called for an easy 2 he ran 10 yards past the crease looking for flowers that he had seen on the boundary for his new wife, when the throw went wide Priest turned and called for another, Priest home easily past Cooper somewhere near the other end as instead of running the required 20 odd yards, made it into a Marathon run, the bails where off and the umpire had started to relocate them before Cooper had turned up. Run out 1, Priest can't blame himself for this one, as runs are vital in a 20 over match and putting pressure on the fielder by looking for an extra run is half the game.

Joining Tubby for a last minute dash was the skipper they nudged the score to 128, a great total off a 20 over match one would think???? But the President of the DCC (Dodgers Cricket Club) had joined us today in a playing/ Ken Bates role was quoted to say "Our batting to slower bowling was appalling and the feet movement in our top half of the batting order was crap!!!! as the run rate had slowed considerably when the slower bowlers came on". Like Bates the President was unable to show us what he meant as overs were at 20, but did manage to show some excellent turn of speed, (slightly quicker than the QE 2) and some brilliant foot work to match forgetting that today he was playing cricket not football, although made a great strike and had to chase the ball an extra 40 yards to the amusement of his team mates and the reason for many of his man of the match votes.

Change of Innings

Kym was glad for the break as having found the new founded technology in his scoring hut all a little to much having to pull things all over the place to keep the scoring up to date, deciding that this was no job for him, called on the services of chief tugger "Adey" to help him out in the scoring department.

Dodgers haven taken to the field, JC ensiled his trust again on the ever reliable Rod "I'm pleased with my hair colour" Paterson, who is now by far the best and fastest bowler going around in this competition. Paterson didn't let his captain down only the fielding could do this, much to the disgust of Paterson and others alike.

Bounding in from the other end was that man Bates Adey who never thought he would open the bowling and neither did the other 10 on the field with the Capt. making his decision, like the changing of the guard all players turned and started marching to all points of the boundary, until the Capt. yell stop! Let them hit over us, some thought this was a little easy and thought the pale ale had gone to the skips head, but after the first 6 looseners Adey was strolling into the crease landing them on the spot, "they would have turned a mile if it wasn't for the100 mile/hr wind coming from the leg side" he said. With the SICC (Superstar Internal Chucking Committee) there to look at the action which has come under scrutiny when the big man throws the quicker ball down the track passed with nothing for the umpires to say, keeping it nice and tight causing the one armed Gundry to watch carefully and was unable to get him away, it wasn't until he was called from the field and replaced by the wide tempered Talyor who showed no respect for any bowler and started adding runs to the board.

Paterson completed his 4 overs picked up the wicket of Steve Carter, caught Coronno. Crawford replaced Paterson, who for some reason looked more likely to hit the square leg fielder, than the pegs at the other end, keeper McBarron had plenty of choose words on the issue, until he amused us all by bowling a straight one and catching the unaware batsman off guard.

Benn took over from Adey and wished he hadn't as his bowling figures had more hurt that a Vinadloo curry the next morning and will surely be out to rescue his figures next week.

Cooper was to take up the bowling from Crawford and bowled well in his two overs for 8 runs.

To replace Benn was the self praised Sandamas from his earlier emails during the day, promised a Nick that we had never seen before, unlike his twin Crawford he bowled everything on the off stump. He was tempting fate with the umpires a couple of times with his quicker ball, just pushing it a little wide, but overall proved to be a reasonable spell bowling 2 of the last three over for 19 runs, its not easy to come in at the end of the day and keep the scoring down as he did, well done Nick.

Superstars never had a chance out there today, with an overwhelming Dodgers side, one can only guess that those that were missing were running scared from their averages, nothing was going to stop this inform side. Although the thing that is hurting Dodgers at the moment is again the lack of respect for the fielding technique, to many runs given away through unbelievable simple mistakes, taking the ball on the run is a hard thing to do and when it is not done well runs are given away, to many times this happens. Dodgers need to get behind and down to the ball, a player to watch in the field is Mike Coronno almost faultless in his technique. Its better to get down to the ball and let them have an extra run, than to balls it up completely and give them 4 runs. If the basics are tried you will at least stop more than you give away.

Man of the Match: Bultitude/Paterson

Toss won by: Dodgers


Bultitude b Block 46
Coronno Run Out 46
Priest Not Out 21
McBarron Run Out 1
Cooper Run Out 1
Carr Not Out 1
Extras 12
Total 128

Y. Patel 4 12 0
M. Taylor 4 19 0
Siva 4 45 0
Gundry 1 10 0
Block 4 19 1
Marchant 3 16 0


Carter Caught Coronno b Paterson 0
Tailor b Crawford 29
Gundry Retired 9
Carter.S Run Out 20
Whitrod Not Out 17
Gareth Not Out 10
Extras 14
Total 99

Paterson 4 10 1
Adey 4 15 0
Crawford 4 21 1
Benn 4 24 0
Cooper 2 8 0
Sandamas 2 19 0

22 May 2001

Dodgers v Highways Agency

22 May 2001

Dodgers won the toss and elected to bowl

Highways Agency: 90/9 off 20.0 overs (Nick H 32, Benn 3 – 16, Crawford 1 - 9)
Dodgers: 91/1 off 16.1 overs (Coronno 39*)


Dodgers Man of the Match: Mike Coronno

The sun continued to shine for Dodgers 2nd game as did our form. Still on a high from our annihilation of St Andrews, we comprehensively stuffed Highways Agency.

Highways fielded some new and some familiar faces and the assumption was that they would provide stiffer batting opposition than St Andrews. This however was not the case as, with the exception of opener Nick H., no-one looked dangerous. Tight bowling from Crawford and new find Cousins and an inspired spell from Benn (4-0-16-3) supported by the always reliable Hilary meant that Highways found runs hard to come by. Only the introduction of Adey eased the pressure. In fact it eased it so much that opener Nick H. had a rush of blood and in attempting to hit the “curry maestro” into Chiswick High Street was clean bowled. Highlights of an excellent Dodgers fielding display were the run out of Paresh (thanks Mr Whitrod) by Carr - although even he admitted he had time for a fag before returning the ball over the stumps - and Coronno’s excellent catch taken 3 inches off the ground whilst falling forward (Mike explained this was due in part to him just having donned his poseur sunglasses and consequently not being exactly sure where the ball was).

The Highways total of 90 looked comfortably achievable and this proved to be the case. In the absence of McBarron, Bultitude and Coronno opened the batting and despite tight bowling by Yogesh and Gareth, looked likely to reach the total without losing either wicket. Unfortunately this was not to be as Bultitude attempting to hit the cover off the ball through mid-wicket and the resident fielder's head, was miraculously caught by Peter (the said fielder) in an act of self preservation (he admitted afterwards that he couldn't feel his hand for the next 3 overs!). Coronno, now partnered by an unusually cautious Priest, eventually dispensed with his helmet and proceeded to punish the bowling with some excellent shots. The required total was reached in 16.1 overs and Coronno ended on 39 not out.

Another enjoyable game. If we play like this for the remainder of the season we'll definitely win more than we lose.

Kim Matthews

Conversation of the game (allegedly and with some poetic licence):

Coronno: "Umpire, can I have middle please."
Adey (for it was he): "Ginger?"
Coronno: "An inch?"
Adey: "Never heard of him."

Thank God they’re not blind as well!

Highways Agency

Nick H. b Adey 32
Brian S. b Crawford 12
Mike W. b Cousins 4
Peter b Benn 13
Paresh Run out (Carr) 6
Tony Whitrod b Hilary 7
Jason Marchant b Benn 0
Martin c Coronno b Benn 2
Matthew b Hilary 1
Gareth Not Out 2
Yogesh Not Out 1
Extras (b1, lb0, w9, nb0) 10
Total (20.0 overs) 90 for 9 wkts

Crawford 4 2 9 1
Cousins 4 1 15 1
Hilary 4 0 20 2
Adey 4 0 29 1
Benn 4 0 16 3


Bultitude c. Peter b. Gareth 14
Coronno Not out 39
Priest Not Out 14
Extras (B7, Lb2, W13, Nb 2) 24
Total (16.1 overs) 91 for 1 wkt

Did not bat: Cooper, Carr, Matthews, Adey, Cousins, Crawford, Benn, Hilary

Yogesh 3 0 9 0
Gareth 3 0 16 1
Paresh 4 0 21 0
Peter 2 0 11 0
Mike 2 0 21 0
Martin 1.1 0 3 0
Brian 1 0 1 0

Man of the Match: Mike Coronno

Dodgers won by 9 wickets

20 May 2001

St Andrews photo gallery

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St Andrews, Croydon, 20 May 2001

Dodgers v St Andrews

20 May 2001

Dodgers won the toss and elected to bowl

St Andrews: 93/9 off 40.0 overs (Bratton 21*, Elston 20, Crawford 2-6, Cousins 2-10) Dodgers: 94/3 off 29.0 overs (Bultitude 36, Coronno 15, Carr J 2-24)


Dodgers Man of the Match: Darren Bultitude

Ah, the English summer! Dodgers finally managed to beat the rain and get a game in. We also managed to beat St Andrews out of sight.

Having heard from Neil Benn how weak St Andrews were, and having fallen for that old trick before, Dodgers took no chances and put St Andrews in to bat. However, Neil was true to his word and an excellent opening spell by Paterson and Crawford had the game won almost from the start – St Andrews 11/3 off 10. As usual in Dodgers games Paterson bowled some beauties that the opposition openers were just not good enough to get a touch on – although Neil Benn will no doubt claim them as "good leaves"! The opening attack was well supported by the change bowlers, especially Simon Cousins who had a brilliant debut turning in figures of 8-3-10-2. Releasing the grip on the jugular slightly we managed to feed St Andrews a few runs and get them up to 93/9 off their full allocation of 40 overs.

The now familiar opening pair of McBarron and Bultitude were both strangely subdued at the start of Dodgers' reply. Phil's early season form remains not so much in a trough as in the Grand Canyon and despite having the same initials and passport as the late Don, Darren looked more Estelle than Bradman. Only 6 runs were accumulated off the first 9 accurate overs from Benn (!) and Elston. The introduction of Clark into the attack saw the required acceleration until Phil hit a four ball straight into square leg's hands – sod's law proving once again that when you're out of form nothing goes right. Equally, class will out and Darren was soon striking the ball as cleanly as ever and looking like the opposition would never get him out.......

Mike Coronno gave us a taste of things to come later in the season smashing a quick 15 before dancing down the track once too often and finding himself stranded and giving Sian one of her easier stumping decisions. It was then left to your humble reporter to do what St Andrews could not and run Darren out for 36. This is not something I would recommend as I still have the bruises from the after match post mortem of the incident. Despite this hiccup we never looked like losing by this time and a quick cameo from Paterson at the end saw us home easily.

Despite the ease of the victory this was an enjoyable game and hopefully we can repeat the fixture next season. Highways and DCMS should prove tougher this week but if we play as well as this we will be very hard to beat.

Thanks to everyone who dragged themselves to Croydon for the game, including the supporters, and especially David Pope who played for the opposition.

Neil Priest

Quote of the week, or the benefits of a decent education:
Jude: "Rod, so if I said to you Ragazzi! Come state? How would you respond?"
Andrew: "I didn't know you were learning Spanish Rod....."

20 May 2001
John Ruskin Ground, Croydon
Toss: Dodgers


Burridge b Crawford 1
Benn b Hilary 3
Clark M b Crawford 2
Elston c&b Cousins 20
Betts b Hilary 6
Nutman b Cousins 1
Clark J c. Coronno b Leach 2
Simons c&b Cooper 8
Pope c. Priest b Leach 0
Bratton Not Out 25
Segal Not Out 11
Extras (b2, lb0, w12, nb1) 15
Total (40.0 overs) 93 for 9 wkts

1-2 (Burridge)
2-9 (Benn)
3-10 (Clark M)
4-17 (Betts)
5-22 (Nutman)
6-39 (Elston)
7-42 (Clark J)
8-42 (Pope)
9 - 63 (Simons)

Paterson 4 1 3 0
Crawford 6 1 6 2 (2 wides, 1 no ball)
Hilary 6 1 27 2
Cousins 8 3 10 2 (1 wide)
Leach 8 1 25 2 (3 wides)
Cooper 8 1 20 1 (6 wides)


McBarron c. Simons b. Carter J 8
Bultitude Run Out 36
Coronno st. Clark M b. Clark J 15
Priest Not Out 17
Paterson Not Out 8
Extras (b3, lb0, w6, nb1) 10
Total (29.0 overs) 94 for 3 wkts

Did not bat: Cooper, Hilary, Matthews, Leach, Cousins, Crawford

1-26 (McBarron)
2-42 (Coronno)
3-75 (Bultitude)

Benn 6 1 8 0
Elston 4 3 2 0
Clark J 6 1 24 2 (1 wide)
Betts 4 1 16 0
Segal 4 0 20 0 (3 wides)
Nutman 4 0 16 0 (2 wides, 1 no ball)
Pope 1 0 4 0

Man of the Match: Darren Bultitude

Dodgers won by 7 wickets

28 February 2001

AGM 2000 Minutes

DODGERS CRICKET CLUB : ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 2000 5:30pm, Friday 9 February 2001
Whitehall Suite, Chadwick Street Recreation Centre


John Adey
Andrew Crawford
Phil McBarron
Kim Matthews
Neil Priest
Sian Priest
Jude Brierley
John Doyle
Nick Sandamas
Darren Bultitude
Kevin Roper
Guy Westhead
Matt Leach
John Cooper


1. Introduction and Apologies

1.1 John Adey welcomed members to the belated AGM for 2000. The club had had a very successful year and had been undefeated in evening games. The selection policy had also worked well.

2.2 Apologies had been received from Neil Benn, Sean Birch, Christopher Birch, David Pope, Jon-Paul Samuels, Rod Paterson, John Hilary and Simon Hewitt.

2. Minutes of Last Meeting

2.1 These were agreed.

3. Finance

3.1 The accounts for 1999 had been agreed by Sue Adey and a copy is attached. The meeting thanked Andrew Crawford and Sue for their work.

3.2 The accounts for 2000 had been prepared and would be agreed at the next AGM in the Autumn. Copies were available from Andrew Crawford. Andrew reported that the club was currently £565.25 in credit, although we had yet to receive an invoice from Chiswick for pitches booked over and above last year’s block booking.

3.3 It was agreed that the club should spend slightly more money on match balls to improve the quality.

4. Election of Officers for 2001:
4.1 All officers were re-elected unopposed as follows:

Chairman - John Adey
Treasurer - Andrew Crawford
Secretary - Neil Priest
Committee Member - Phil McBarron
Committee Member - Kim Matthews
Captain - John Carr
Vice-Captain - Neil Priest
Honorary Auditor - Sue Adey

5. Subscriptions and Match Fees for 2001

5.1 It was agreed that membership should be £5.00. The match fees would be £3.00 for evening games and £3.50 for afternoon games (with an additional charge where teas were provided.

6. Selection Policy for 2001

6.1 It was agreed that the same selection policy as in 2000 should be followed. The best eleven should be selected each week but that nobody should have to miss two matches in a row, but that John Carr and Neil Priest should take account of the opposition’s strength when selecting side (ie. the stronger the opposition the stronger the Dodgers side to be selected).

7. Fixtures:

7.1 It was noted that Kim Matthews had started to arrange the fixtures for the coming season.

7.2 It was agreed that Kim should try and arrange two games in weeks where we would be
playing weak opposition such as BOCs and that in week’s where an afternoon game had been arranged an evening game should also be arranged. Members also asked if a couple of Sunday matches could be arranged early and late in the season.

7.3 It was noted that “proper” teams arranged their fixtures much earlier than most of our opposition. For example, Buckhust Hill would need to be contacted in September/October to arrange the fixtures for the following season. Kevin Roper agreed to look into the availability of Eltham for the home fixture against Buckhurst Hill.

8. Changes to the Laws

8.1 It was noted that most of the Laws had been changed. Sian Priest had agreed to prepare a list of the changes and distribute this to members. (Note: now done).

8.2 It was agreed that the effects of the changes would need to be carefully considered.

9. Any Other Business

9.1 Nets: Darren Bultitude and Kevin Roper asked if the Oval nets could be “streamed” by ability. This would have been difficult to achieve given the availability of different players for different nets. It was also agreed that it would be better to mix the abilities of players in the nets so that the weaker players could have the chance to improve. It was also noted that members should make more of an effort to arrive at the Oval on time.

9.2 Awards: The following awards for 2000 were presented:

Players' Player - Darren Bultitude
Batting - Phil McBarron
Bowling - Rod Paterson
Fielding - Kim Matthews
Most Improved Player - Matt Leach

10.1 It was agreed that the next AGM would be in October/November 2001.
Dodgers CC February 2001

10. Date of Next Meeting